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Her Blue Eyed Guy Part 5

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The next morning…

Sarah was bent over picking up something which had landed on the floor when Daniel came up behind her and slapped her on the arse. She squealed and turned round to see who had done it. When she saw Daniel standing there laughing she smiled and put the papers on her desk.

“You finished then, I take it?!” she asked.

Daniel nodded and reached for Sarah’s hand. Sarah took it. Daniel pulled her to him and kissed her passionately.

“I can’t wait to get you home. I am just so fucking horny it’s not real,” Daniel said kissing her again this time with more force than before.

They practically ran to the car and took the quickest route home. Luckily for them the paps weren’t about at this time in the morning, so they weren’t followed. Daniel pulled up outside his home and was out of the car faster than a bolt of lightening. He had the door open before Sarah had even a chance to take her seatbelt off. Daniel grabbed her hand and they ran up the path to the house. Panting slightly, they were in the house and kissing each other with so much passion and need that they didn’t have time to undress each other the way they usually do.

Daniel undid Sarah’s jeans swiftly, before attending to his own. In a flash Sarah saw Daniel hadn’t been wrong. “Little Daniel” was definitely standing to attention and ready for action. Daniel took Sarah in his arms and kissed her face and neck working his way down her until he was kissing her thighs, before ending up kissing the outer lips of Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah felt her knees get weak. She grabbed the door post for support as they hadn’t yet left the hallway. Daniel stood up again and led Sarah to the lounge and told her to lie down on the shag pile rug. Sarah did as instructed. Daniel smiled down at her and then knelt down between her legs.

He rubbed his cock gently up and down the outside of Sarah’s pussy causing Sarah to squirm with pleasure. He stopped and started kissing each of Sarah’s breasts, sucking each nipple and biting slightly, this left Sarah speechless. Daniel again worked his way down Sarah’s body, before again ending up kissing Sarah’s pussy. This time however he lingered longer and began sucking it gently to begin with, but gradually with more force. He flicked his tongue against Sarah’s clit. By now Sarah was about past herself, she had never had anyone do this to her before.

Daniel sensed that Sarah was close to orgasm so he increased the pressure on her clit. Sarah couldn’t control herself any longer; she let the orgasm course through her. Just as her orgasm was subsiding Daniel slid his cock in Sarah’s streaming pussy causing Sarah to gasp and grab hold of the rug with both hands.

Daniel rammed his cock in and out of Sarah’s pussy. Sarah was screaming with pleasure. Her orgasm hadn’t yet stopped and she wasn’t sure how much long her she was going to be able to keep going. Then Daniel suddenly give one last slam into her filled her pussy with the contents of his cock. Daniel groaned with pleasure, before collapsing on top of Sarah panting.

To be continued…

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