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Her Blue Eyed Guy Part 6

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A few months later…

Daniel was standing in front of the floor length mirror in the bedroom doing the last little finishing touches to his outfit. It was the premier of the film he had been working on when he and Sarah had met. They had gone from strength to strength together and Daniel couldn’t imagine life without her. He gave the sleeve of his shirt a nervous tug, before turning away from the mirror.

Tonight was the first time Sarah had attended anything with him. Luckily for them both, with it being a small film it wasn’t going to be a huge premier, so the amount of press that would be there wouldn’t be anything to write home about. The doorbell went. It would be the car to take them to the premier. 

“Darling that’s the car here! I’ll get the door!” Daniel shouted as he made his way down the stairs. 

Sarah was just adding the final touches to her make-up, which she had kept minimal. She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had gone for a casual/smart summer dress. She grabbed her clutch bag and left to go downstairs. She made her way down the stairs and heard Daniel laughing with his PR lady about something in the hallway. 

Daniel turned when he heard Sarah’s footsteps on the wooden flooring of the hallway. He gasped. Sarah looked beautiful. Sarah gave a shy smile and a twirl to show off the dress to him. 

“Will it be oka?” Sarah asked uncertainly. 

“It’s more than okay, baby. You look absolutely stunning. That dress is lovely on you. Come on we better shake a leg, or we are going to be late!” Daniel said smiling at Sarah. 

Sarah took Daniel’s outstretched hand and they left the house. 

In the car Sarah felt so nervous; she had never done anything like this before with Daniel. She would have been attending anyway, but not walking down the red carpet, because she and Daniel were together, they had decided to go together. 

Daniel gave Sarah’s hand a squeeze; he could tell that she was nervous about this whole red carpet thing. Sarah smiled at Daniel and squeezed his hand in return. The car pulled up outside the cinema and one of the security men opened the door for Daniel to get out. Sarah slid across the seat and stepped out after him. Daniel held out his hand for her to take as she got out of the car. Sarah looked up and was dazzled by the flash of hundreds of cameras. Sarah glanced at Daniel who seemed to be taken aback at the amount of press that was there. 

“Just follow my lead baby. We only have to pose for a few, and then we will be able to go inside,” Daniel whispered, grasping Sarah’s hand tightly. 

Sarah took a deep breath and followed Daniel up the red carpet. They paused for pictures. Daniel made sure that Sarah knew where and how to stand and then once they were in place he made sure that he had his arm around her tightly. Sarah didn’t know which way to look there was so many people shouting their names. Finally they were free to go inside to the safety of the cinema foyer. 

“Well that was about the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. There were so many of them. I thought you said this was gonna be a small premier!” Sarah said breathing a sigh of relief. 

“So did I baby. I wasn’t expecting all those press to be there. I am so proud of you babe. You made it look easy!” Daniel replied, kissing Sarah’s hand. 

Daniel led Sarah over to where the rest of the cast were standing around waiting to go into the screening of the film. Daniel introduced Sarah to everyone, as she had never got a proper chance to when they were filming. She felt slightly uncomfortable about the way in which Michael Jacobs ogled at her, but apart from that everyone was really kind to her. Daniel and Sarah were led into the room first as Daniel had to give a small speech. Daniel went up onto the stage while Sarah was led to their seats. One or two members of the public had been lucky enough to win tickets to attend this first screening of the film. Sarah turned round in her seat to see how many people there was.

The theatre was almost three quarters full. Behind her were clearly fans of Daniel as they were clutching at pictures of him. She gave them a quick smile and turned back to face the front as the lights dimmed slightly and Daniel stood up to make his speech. Daniel didn’t beat about the bush and made his speech very short and sweet. He thanked everyone for coming tonight and how making the film was a great privilege for him. 

“I would also like to dedicate this film to my gorgeous girlfriend, Sarah. She has made this evening much easier for me. So enjoy the film everyone!” He finished and got off the stage to a huge round of applause. 

Daniel flopped down next to Sarah and kissed her hand. Behind them Sarah could hear the girls practically hyperventilating because of Daniel. She smiled to herself. 

“I would turn round Daniel. There are a couple of girl’s right behind us, who I think would like to meet you,” Sarah whispered into Daniel’s ear. 

Daniel looked at her and smiled. He turned round to see three girls almost beside themselves with excitement. Daniel gave them one of his trademark smiles that made his eyes twinkle. The girls all found it hard to breath. 

“Hello. I hope you girls enjoy the film. Would you like me to sign those for you?” Daniel asked pointing to the pictures that they were clutching of him. 

All too stunned to speak, they nodded. Sarah handed Daniel a pen from her clutch and Daniel took each picture and personalized each one. Sarah watched Daniel doing this and saw that he really did care about his fans. The girls all managed to mumble a thank you, before the film began and Daniel turned round to face the front. 


The credits began and Daniel and Sarah stood to make their way out of the theatre. Sarah couldn’t believe how good the film was. As she had had nothing to do with the actual filming, so she had no real idea what the film was really about. She was incredibly proud of Daniel and his performance was just brilliant. They got back into the car that would take them onto the after party, which they would only stay for a couple of hours at the most. 

“Well that wasn’t too bad. It could have gone worse. Tell you what though; I’m fucking gasping for a drink!” Daniel said with a laugh.

A few days later…

Sarah stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. It was about half past nine and Daniel had been away on set for almost three hours. Sarah had given up her job as an assistant and was now Daniel’s full-time girlfriend. He wanted her to travel with him everywhere, and the only way she could do that would be by giving up her job. To begin with this made Sarah angry that Daniel just expected her to give up everything and just be with him all the time. After a while, however, she realized that she didn’t want to be parted from Daniel for more than a day. So she gave her job up before the premier of Daniel’s film. She had to admit that she enjoyed not having to get up at damn stupid hours to be on set. 

Daniel and Sarah were now in America where Daniel was filming with Nicole Jones. Daniel had already been over before the premier, filming some scenes, but Sarah had been unable to go with him as she had to do some last minute changes to things for the film that she had met Daniel on. Sarah missed Daniel like mad and she felt slightly uncomfortable being in Daniel’s London home without him. Nevertheless she coped and was delighted when the film’s director was finished with her, so that she could get the first flight out to America. 

Sarah’s phone rang. She ran to the bed to grab it before the person on the other end rang off. 


“Hey baby, it’s me. I was wondering what time are you coming down to the set today?” 

“Oh, hey darling. I was thinking about half ten. Why?” 

“Could you bring a bacon sandwich with you? The fuckers here don’t have any bacon, and I could murder one right now.” 

Sarah laughed down the phone. “Sure. Just give me half an hour then. I will get dressed and make a bacon sandwich and be right with you. You want ketchup or Daddies' sauce on it?” 

Daniel smiled at the other end of the phone. She knew him to a tee. 

“Daddies, I think. Haven’t had it on a sandwich for ages. Thank you sweetheart. I love you,” he said before hanging up. 

Sarah quickly dried herself off and pulled on a pair of jeans and white cami top, before heading to the kitchen in their apartment to make Daniel his bacon sandwich. It was the one thing he couldn’t live without. Bacon sandwiches, sex, Guinness, and red wine. She made one for herself too and left the apartment and hopped into the Audi that they had hired during their stay.

On set…

Sarah showed the security guard at the gate her id card and was flagged through. She pulled up outside Daniel’s trailer and went up the steps and went in without knocking. Daniel was sitting reading through the script. He looked up and saw Sarah and smiled. 

“Baby, you’re a lifesaver!! How are you?” Daniel said kissing Sarah, before taking a huge bite out of the sandwich. 

“Well, I couldn’t let you starve, could I? I’m good darling,” Sarah replied, laughing at the look of ecstasy on Daniel’s face. 

Daniel couldn’t say anything as his mouth was full. He just shook his head and smiled, his eyes twinkling. Sarah flopped down next to Daniel and took a bite of her own bacon sandwich. It was lovely. 

“We have to go food shopping once you have finished on set today, Dan. We have no food left in the apartment. I used the last of the bacon and bread to make our sandwiches. What time are you finished?” Sarah said after they had both finished their sandwiches. 

Daniel looked at his watch. It was quarter to eleven. “I’m finished here at twelve. So you will only have to hang around for an hour and fifteen minutes. How did you get on driving the car here on your own?” 

“It wasn’t too bad. It was a bit queer driving on the wrong side of the road to what I’m used to, but I got here fine. It’s a really nice car though,” Sarah replied. 

Daniel smiled and kissed Sarah’s head. There was a knock on the trailer door and then it opened. It was James Hirschbiegel the director of the film. 

“We’re ready for you Daniel. Hello Sarah. Do you want to come and watch?” Oliver said. 

Daniel stood up and looked at Sarah who looked stunned to be asked. She looked at Daniel who shrugged. 

“Sure. I would love to,” she answered. 

“Great. Let’s go,” Oliver said smiling. 

Daniel took Sarah’s hand and led her in the direction of where they were going to be filming. It was only a short distance from Daniel’s trailer. Daniel left Sarah with Oliver who gave her a headset so that she would be able to hear what Daniel and Nicole where saying. Sarah sat watching Daniel. She was completely in awe. He went from being the Daniel she knew at home, to being Daniel, the serious actor. All he did it seemed to do was take a deep breath and look at the ground of a minute or so and he was in character.

She had no idea how he did it. Watching Daniel and Nicole being so lovely in the car was making Sarah feel uncomfortable. It seemed to Sarah that Nicole wasn’t doing it the way Oliver wanted her to do it, just so that she had to kiss Daniel again. Sarah could tell that Daniel was getting annoyed by this because his mouth was set in a straight line and his eyes had that pissed off look in them. Finally, it was time for Daniel to leave. He came up to Sarah and smiled. He had, had enough of being on set and of being with Nicole. She had really got on his nerves today; it was unlike her to be like that. 

“So, ready to go shopping?” Daniel asked as they made their way back to his trailer where he could change back into his own clothes. 

Sarah nodded. She didn’t know whether or not to tell Daniel how it made her feel seeing Nicole being like that with him or not. She thought he might think that she was just overreacting. She went and sat in the car and waited for Daniel to come out. She didn’t have to wait long and he was sitting in the car with her.

Daniel was driving as he was a more confident driver in America than Sarah was. Just as they pulled away from set two paps appeared from nowhere and took a photo of Daniel and Sarah in the car before jumping out of the Audi’s way. Daniel cursed under his breath at them and put his foot down and sped away before they could follow him. 

“Daniel? You can tell me I’m being paranoid if you want, but I just felt that the way Nicole was being with you today was a bit…I dunno, it just made me feel uncomfortable. She seemed to be all over you, constantly mucking up her lines and things. Am I just being stupid?” Sarah asked once they were safely away from set. 

Daniel turned and looked at Sarah. He could see that she was upset by this, and this made his heart bleed. 

"Your not being stupid at all baby. Nicole was being exactly like that. She wasn’t like that earlier on in the day though. She asked me who the pretty girl that I had come back with was and I told her that you were my girlfriend. It seemed to displease her, but I thought nothing else about it. Then once we were filming she fucked up her lines and was really touchy feely with me. I was so uncomfortable with her and I could see that she was doing it to see if she could get a reaction out of you. I think that’s why James moved on to the next scene because she wasn’t doing it properly. All I wanted to do was come over to you and make sure you were okay,” Daniel said and turned into the car park of the supermarket. 

Sarah remained silent. So she hadn’t been seeing things. She looked at Daniel, she knew he was telling the truth, but she couldn’t help wonder why he hadn’t said anything to Nicole about it. Then again he wouldn’t admit to Nicole being like that if there had been anything else going on. She gave herself a shake and got out of the car.

Later that day…

Sarah lay soaking in the bath that evening, musing over what had happened today on set. She knew that she was taking this all far too seriously, but she had never felt jealous towards another woman before. She took a deep breath of the scented air around her. The door of the bathroom opened and Daniel walked in. She smiled at him and sat up slightly in the bath, exposing her boobs more for him. Daniel smiled his wicked smile and closed the door of the bathroom and looked at Sarah with pure lust. 

“Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to join me in here?” Sarah asked cheekily. 

Daniel didn’t need to be asked twice. He stripped and got into the bath with Sarah. He lay back opposite her, with his legs trapping her on either side. They looked at each other for a moment, before Daniel pulled Sarah towards him. She moved in his arms and they kissed passionately. 

His hands were sliding over her body, caressing her boobs and gradually moving further down, slipping between her legs and teasing her. In turn Sarah ran her hands down his back, before moving further down. Daniel groaned in pleasure as she caressed him. 

They were fighting for room to move, water spilling out of the bath and drenching the stone floor. Daniel took Sarah’s hand and pulled her up. Not caring that they were still soaking wet, they fell onto the bed, where Daniel continued his exploration on her body, kissing her boobs and caressing her. This sent ripples of pleasure though Sarah as he moved down her body, kissing her stomach, her thighs and ending up between her legs. As his tongue circled her, Sarah moaned, conscious of nothing but the feel of his tongue against her. Her orgasm was close, but she wanted to taste him, feel him. 

“Come here,” she said huskily, pulling Daniel up the bed. 

Once she had him where she wanted him she began her exploration of his body. She showered his skin with kisses, moving down his body, until she gently took his now throbbing cock in her mouth. 

Daniel groaned with pleasure and closed his eyes, savoring the moment. After a few minutes Daniel told Sarah to stop and pulled her up beside him. They gazed at each other, both flushed with desire, only for a moment. Daniel kissed Sarah and then he was on top of her, pressing his body against hers. Sarah arched her back, pressing against him, wanting only to feel him inside her. Just when she thought she would go mad if he didn’t give her what she wanted, he slid into her. 

It felt so good; she lost herself in it, forgetting all about Nicole. She wrapped her legs around his body and kissed him deeply. Daniel groaned, thrusting forcefully into her. Then they switched, so that Sarah was in top and his hands where caressing her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Eventually Sarah surrendered to the feeling building up inside her. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side. 

“Yes,” she screamed as the orgasm ripped though her body. 

“Oh, God, yes,” Daniel echoed as he reached his own. 

Breathless, Sarah collapsed on top of Daniel in a sweaty heap. 

“That was the best ever,” Daniel whispered, playing with a strand of Sarah’s hair. 

Sarah nodded and cuddled into Daniel and fell asleep, instantly.

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