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Her Blue Eyed Guy Part 8

The next morning…

Daniel was pacing around the hotel room. He had been up for almost two hours and it wasn’t even half past seven yet. He wandered into the bathroom and turned the shower on. He had to look and smell his best for Sarah. He stood under the shower, feeling the hot water cascade over his body, wishing that Sarah was there to enjoy it with him.

He spent around twenty minutes in the shower, before coming out and looking at himself in the mirror. He really needed to shave, running his hand over his face, so he went and found his razor in the bag which had all his things in. He was rummaging through the things and came across Sarah’s things. He paused and held her silk dressing gown in his hands for a few minutes, before putting it down with a sigh and heading back to the bathroom to shave.


Meanwhile, at Daniel’s house Sarah rolled over onto her back in bed and thought about the events of the day before. She still couldn’t believe she had walked out on Daniel. She threw back the bedcovers and made her way to the bathroom to shower. She showered quickly and went back to choose what she would wear to go to see Daniel.

In the end she chose a black silk blouse that made the most of her breasts, with her dressy jeans and her cute sparkly black heels. She brushed her hair and put on a touch of makeup and was ready. She stood in front of the floor length mirror and studied herself. She was happy with the way she looked. Sarah had a glance at the time. She had five minutes before the car was due to arrive. She went downstairs and waited in the lounge.

The car arrived and Sarah hurried out to it. Eager to see Daniel.

“Can you take the quickest route please?” Sarah asked.

The driver nodded and sped off down the street. When they arrived at the hotel there was a huge mob of press outside the front of the hotel.

“Shall I go round the back to the underground car park, Mrs Hayler?” The driver asked, looking into his mirror at Sarah.

“Yes, I think that might be the best thing to do. I really can’t face that lot right now,” Sarah replied, never noticing that the driver had called her Mrs Hayler.

At the entrance to the underground car park there was another ten paps. They shoved their cameras onto the windows at the back of the car, trying to get a picture of Sarah. Sarah bowed her head and put her sunglasses on. Never before had Sarah experienced this when she was in the car alone when it was being mobbed. Once they were safely in the car park, Sarah thanked the driver and got out of the car and ran to the lift. She pressed the number of their suite floor and she couldn’t stop smiling at the thought, of seeing Daniel again.

The lift came to a stop, and that door opened revealing Daniel standing waiting for her. Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. She came out of the lift and ran her hands down his naked body, drinking in every morsel of him.

“I have missed you so much, Daniel.” she said kissing him hungrily.

Daniel didn’t say anything. He took Sarah’s hand and led her to their suite, closing the door behind them.

With the door safely closed behind them, Daniel turned and looked at Sarah. He smiled and kissed her with such ferocity that she nearly lost her balance, but he held onto her so tightly that she was finding it hard to breath. Sarah could feel Daniel’s cock on her thigh. He was clearly very happy to see her. She smiled and gazed into Daniel’s blue eyes. She could lose herself in them, all day given half the chance.

“Sarah…I can’t put into words, how much I have missed you. Last night was the hardest night of my life…I never want to lose you like that again…I...”

Sarah put her finger to his lips and silenced him.

“You don’t have to say anything Daniel. It’s me that should be explaining, but that can be done later. We have a press conference to get ready for. But first…” She stopped and kissed Daniel with such passion that she left Daniel completely aware of what she had in mind.

Daniel slowly unbuttoned Sarah’s blouse, revealing her perfect breasts which she had left free, no bra holding them in. He slipped it over her shoulders, kissing each one lightly. He threw the blouse to the floor, before concentrating on Sarah’s breasts, taking each nipple in turn and sucking them gently. He was pleased to see them responding to his touch. Once he had them to a satisfactory hardness he moved down her stomach and licking round her belly button, before stopping and kissing Sarah on the mouth again. His hands meanwhile undid her jeans and gave them a gentle tug to reveal her black silk thong.

Sarah slipped off her shoes, which took a good couple of inches off her height and let Daniel pull her jeans off her more than willing body. With that Daniel lifted Sarah up into his strong arms and laid her on the bed gently. Sarah sighed and stared at Daniel’s gorgeous body. He smiled down at her before joining her on the bed. He kissed and licked his way down her body again, paying particular attention to her breasts, playing with each of her nipples, causing Sarah to moan and gasp.

He moved down slowly, wanting to ensure that he made Sarah feel her best. Daniel kissed the inside of Sarah’s thighs, before working his way up to her pussy. He removed Sarah’s thong and threw it to the floor, before he parted her lips gently and blew against her clit. This caused Sarah to squirm and moan at the same time. He smiled, knowing that she was enjoying it, made him feel so happy. He ran his tongue up and down her slit slowly, savoring the taste of Sarah’s juices. He probed Sarah’s pussy with his tongue, lapping up her juices eagerly.

Sarah was almost beside herself with pleasure. This was the best ever. She could barely talk. She ran her hands down Daniel’s back and caressed his ass. This caused Daniel to stop what he was doing and come back up to look at Sarah. He kissed her lightly and Sarah could taste her juices on his lips. She looked him in the eye and gave a small nod to tell him that she was desperate to feel him inside her. With that Daniel slid his rock hard cock into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah let out a long and happy moan. She felt complete again. In this one act of love, Sarah felt all the memories of the day before wash away, like the sea washes away footprints in the sand.

Daniel thrust gently into Sarah, savoring this moment. Sarah wrapped her legs around his body to allow him to go deeper into her. It felt so good. Daniel kissed her lovingly as his hand found her clit and began to work it. He knew that this was a sure way to get her to pop. Sure enough after a few minutes of Daniel working her clit he could feel the walls of Sarah’s pussy start to contract against his cock. It felt as though he was being milked. Sarah started to moan and shake uncontrollably. Daniel felt his balls contract and his load fill Sarah’s heavily contracting pussy. Daniel let out a groan and collapsed on top of Sarah kissing her and whispering into her ear that he loved her.

Daniel rolled off her and sighed contentedly to himself. He turned to look at Sarah who was smiling at him. He wiped a strand of hair off her face and kissed her again. Sarah sat up and took Daniel’s hand and led him to the bathroom.

“I love you Daniel. I never want to lose you. Now which would you prefer to share a shower or a bath?” She added saucily at the end.

“I love you too. You will never lose me; I was so scared that I was going to lose you too! Shower, because then I can have my way with you again easily,” he replied kissing her on the tip of her nose.

Sarah laughed and turned on the shower. They got into the shower and lathered one another up with the soap. Sarah made sure she paid particular attention to Daniel’s cock and balls. It made her smile to see him respond so readily to her touch after their tender loving just moments before. She crouched in the shower and made sure that all the soap was washed off Daniel’s cock, before taking it in her mouth and deep throating him. She caressed his balls lightly, knowing that this would send him over the edge and sure enough, he pulled himself from her mouth and turned her round and buried his cock deep into her still soaking pussy. Again they were both brought to an earth shattering climax. Sarah turned to face Daniel and held him to her, letting the water run over their bodies. They washed again and got out of the shower and helped each other to dry, before they went to get ready for the press conference.

That afternoon…

Daniel and Sarah were sitting in the back of a black BMW on their way to the press conference which was taking place on the bank of the Thames. First stop was to drop Daniel off with the lovely Marine boys who were going to transport Daniel across the Thames on a speedboat. Sarah was going to be waiting backstage at the press conference to give Daniel a moral boost, before and after the press conference.

Sarah glanced at Daniel. He looked gorgeous. He had on a navy suit with a pale blue shirt and a wine coloured tie. His hair slightly long and flopping onto his forehead a little. Daniel couldn’t believe how pretty Sarah looked. She was wearing a black dress which came to her knees and the sparkly black heels she had wore earlier. Her hair was brushed back into a loose ponytail with a few strands hanging round her face. She had gone for quite plain make-up which enhanced her eyes and lips.

He desperately wanted to kiss her, but he felt uncomfortable being intimate with her as they were being filmed for a documentary, so they both had to keep their hands off each other. Sarah noticed that Daniel looked nervous. She squeezed his hand and smiled at him. He did the same back. Daniel was relieved that he had Sarah with him for this. This press conference was going to turn their whole world upside down, and Daniel couldn’t think of a better person to share this experience with. He sighed and looked out the window again.

They arrived at the site where Daniel was meeting the Marine guys. At this point the camera guys left, so that Daniel and Sarah could share a private moment before Daniel left.

“I love you so much Daniel. You will be fine. I will be waiting for you when you get there. Standing in the crowd,” Sarah said taking Daniel’s face into her hands.

Daniel kissed Sarah deeply, his lips lingering after the kiss.

“Thank you for coming with me. Without you, I don’t think I would have ever got this far,” Daniel said, kissing Sarah again, before getting out of the car.

Sarah turned round in the car and looked through the back window at Daniel who was watching the car disappear round the corner. She waved, even though she knew that he wouldn’t be able to see her. Sarah sat back in the car and looked down at her hands. They were shaking.

Daniel arrived in true style, on the boat and managed to keep himself relatively composed while he stood and posed for pictures on his own and with Sandra and also the director of the film, Martin Williams, all of whom Daniel had got to know when he was still in the States.

The afternoon went by quickly and the press conference went really well. Or, so Daniel and Sarah thought.

The next morning…

Daniel woke up with a thumping hangover. He squinted to let his eyes adjust to the sunlight pouring into the hotel room. He looked at Sarah who was still sleeping soundly. He got out of bed quietly and went to the phone to order breakfast for them. He then made his way to the bathroom where he knew the aspirins were and took a couple, before going back to bed a cuddling up to Sarah, waiting for breakfast to arrive.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. It was room service. Daniel got out of bed and wrapped a towel round his waist before going to answer the door. Sarah stirred and woke up. She turned and saw Daniel taking the trolley with the breakfast into the room.

“Morning, beautiful. How’s your head this morning?” Daniel asked, smiling at Sarah.

“Like I have been hit in the head with a very large object. What time did we get back from Sandy's last night?” Sarah asked rubbing her head gently.

“The early hours. It was a good night though, but maybe too much drinking done in a small space of time. Will I get you a couple of aspirins, baby?” Daniel asked.

Sarah merely nodded and sat up in bed, wincing at the sharp stab of pain that rushed through her head. Daniel laughed and went to get the aspirins. He left the towel in the bathroom and wandered back to the bed stark naked and handed the pills to Sarah. She made a face when she took them and accepted the mug of coffee that Daniel handed to her. He placed the breakfast tray onto the bed and got back into it, taking a piece of toast and ripping it in half, giving the other half to Sarah. They both sighed in unison and took a bite of their toast.

Once they had finished breakfast they went and shared a leisurely shower together and were in the process of getting dressed when Daniel’s phone rang. It was his PR lady. At this point Daniel and Sarah had not seen any of the daily papers, so they had no idea how the press had reacted.

“Hey Sally. How are you?” Daniel answered.

“I’m fine Dan thanks. Listen, I think you should sit down or something. It’s about the press and public reaction about you becoming the new Collar.” Sally said.

“What is it Sally? Come on tell me,” Daniel said, sounding worried.

Sarah glanced at Daniel who had a confused frown on his face. She straightened up and went over to him.

“Can I put this onto speaker phone so that Sarah can hear too, Sally?” Daniel asked, putting his arm around Sarah’s waist.

“Sure. I have no problem with that. She is your partner after all,” Sally replied.

“Right, I have done it. So, what’s going on Sally? What is the reaction like?” Daniel said a few seconds later.

“I hate to be the messenger, Daniel. Some of the press is quite negative about you becoming Collar. They are picking on tiny things, so I believe they are picking just for the sake of making headlines. Then rest is mainly positive. It was to be expected Daniel that some people wouldn’t be happy. You can never please some people. I’ll be in touch okay,” Sally said and hung up.

Daniel looked at Sarah who looked worried.

“What does she mean by some is quite negative? How negative?” Sarah asked looking at Daniel.

“I honestly don’t know. The only way we can gauge what she means is by reading it ourselves. Come on let’s get home,” Daniel said picking up their overnight bag and headed for the door.

They got to the reception of the hotel and was handing back the key card when the doorman came up to Sarah and Daniel.

“Excuse me, Mr Hayler, but I would advise you to use a different exit as the front of the hotel is mobbed with press. They have been camped out all night, hoping to catch a glimpse of you,” he said, looking rather sheepish.

Daniel looked towards the door and saw what the man meant.

“Thank you very much. I will. It was very kind of you to tell us. Many wouldn’t bother and just let us go out to that,” Daniel replied and handed the man a twenty pound note.

“I can’t accept this sir. I am merely doing my job. Please, I can’t take this from you sir,” the man said trying to give the money back.

Daniel shook his head and turn to go the underground car park, where he had, had his car taken to the day before.

“I can’t believe the amount of attention we are getting. We are going to have to be really careful, when we go out now,” Sarah said, taking Daniel’s outstretched hand.

“We will. I think I might have to up my security. I mean I have them for red carpet events, but for everyday life I believe I will need them, not just for myself, but for my family too. It was the one thing I never wanted to have to do, but it looks like I’m going to have to,” Daniel said with a sigh.


Daniel and Sarah drove home followed by a trail of press. Sarah could tell that Daniel was getting pissed off by it and she knew that there was nothing she could do to make it better. Daniel turned into his road and glanced into his mirror and saw that he was still being trailed. He cursed under his breath and pulled up outside his house. He grabbed the bag from the backseat and went to the door of the house. Sarah was just behind him. The press however managed to get a picture of Sarah, before she had a chance to get into the house.

Daniel dumped the bag at the bottom of the stairs and went to put the kettle on, so that they could have a cup of coffee.

“Put the laptop on will you Sarah. Let’s see what these bastards have been saying about me,” Daniel called from the kitchen.

“Will do Daniel,” Sarah replied and went into the lounge to find the laptop.

She eventually found it under a pile of magazines and papers on the coffee table. She switched it on and sat down on the sofa waiting for it to load. She had just logged in when Daniel came into the lounge carrying two mugs of coffee and a plate piled high with toast. He set the plate and mugs down on the table and flopped down next to Sarah on the sofa.

“What will I search? New Collar actor, or Daniel Hayler?” Sarah asked, once she was on the internet.

“Just search for new Collar actor and we will see what Sally was going on about. If nothing comes up then we will search my name,” Daniel said taking a sip of his coffee.

Sarah typed it into Google and a huge list of sites appeared for them to look through. They decided to look through what the newspapers had said first, before looking at Collar fan reactions. Daniel was shocked by some of the headlines. This wasn’t what he had expected, so he wasn’t prepared for any of this backlash or negative comments about him. He couldn’t believe that in under twenty four hours there was already at least half a dozen websites about how he wasn’t Collar and never would be no matter what. Daniel was shocked. There was no other way to describe how reading all these things about himself, made him feel.

“Well, I honestly don’t know what to say Dan. It seems to me that they are picking an tiny insignificant details to me. I mean the colour of your hair has got fuck all to do with Collar, and how they are assuming because you wore a life jacket that means that you can’t swim. What a load of bollocks!!” Sarah said vehemently.

Sarah looked at Daniel and saw that he had been affected by what they had read. Sally had been right though. The majority of the reports had been positive and complimentary to Daniel about him becoming Collar. Sarah took his hand and kissed it lightly.

“Dan, it doesn’t matter what some dicks say online. Sandra has clearly got the confidence that you have what it takes to pull this off, otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen you. All you can do is prove these doubters wrong. Make the best film that you possibly can. I will stand by you throughout this. I promise,” Sarah said looking Daniel in the eye.

He smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Your right. I will just have to go out there and make the best film that I possibly can. I guess I just never expected this kind of thing to happen. Then again Collar is part of British history, people get very protective about it,” Daniel said with a sigh.

Sarah took Daniel in her arms and held him close. Something which she would be doing on a regular basis from now on.

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