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Her Boyfriend's Cousin

Being nearly naked with Tommy was fun, even more so when Bill was there too.
Kara had slept in one of her father's old shirts and some barely there panties. She had slipped on a pair of jeans before meeting her father for breakfast, but now he was gone and she was thinking more in terms of something that might attract her neighbor Tommy's attention. She walked slowly back to her room, debating what it would be.

It wasn't like she was concerned over Tommy seeing too much, they had after all spent a good bit of the previous day exploring each other's naked body, but she would be outside and somebody other than Tommy might see her. Thinking about that possibility set up a tingling between her legs.

In her bedroom she stripped off the jeans and undid an extra button on the shirt. She toyed with the idea of ditching the panties too, but since they were so thin and ragged, she decided it would be more fun to leave them on. She went back through the kitchen and out to the backyard.

As she sat down she looked up at the house next door and thought she saw some movement at Tommy's window.

Oh my God!” Bill exclaimed.

What? What are you looking at?” Tommy asked.

“The girl next door. She is beautiful.”

“That's Kara... the girl I was telling you about.”

“Around 18? Long brown hair? Cute face. Great tits and legs - oh my God - legs to die for.”

“Sounds right. Told you she was cute.”

“Yeah, but you didn't tell me how hot she was. Does she always dress like that?”

“What do you mean? Dress like how?”

Bill peered through the glasses. “Looks like a man's shirt, you know, long front and back, scooped out on the sides, got a couple of the buttons undone, doesn't look like she's wearing a bra, maybe no panties either - oops, wrong. I just got a shot of the panties.

“Give me those glasses.”

“No way. I've got 'em and you're not getting them.”

“Okay, have it your way. Probably nothing unusual. She dresses like that most mornings. Has her second cup of coffee outside.”

“She dresses like that most mornings? God, that is really sexy. How come you didn't tell me about her?”

“I did - the girl next door - remember?” Tommy grabbed for the glasses, “Now, give me the binoculars.”

“Alright,” Bill said, turning them loose, “But I get 'em back in a minute or two. Okay?”

Tommy took the glasses and aimed them out the window in Kara's direction. “I see what you mean. She's not wearing a whole lot.” He decided his cousin didn't need to know about the two previous mornings. “No, she doesn't dress like that ev ery morning,” Tommy commented, still looking through the binoculars, “Always looks good, but this is a bit hotter than usual.” He could tell Bill was chomping at the bit to see more. He held the glasses away from his cousin. “I bet if I called her I could get us invited for coffee.”

Bill went wide-eyed. “You mean like right now, with her dressed like that?”

“Probably, but you got to promise to behave. No smart remarks.”

“Oh, no. You get us invited. I'll be good as gold. Promise.”

Tommy wasn't really too sure Bill would behave as Tommy thought he should, but decided to take the chance anyway. “Alright, I'll try. Hand me the phone,” he said.

Tommy speed dialed Kara's number. He put the glasses to his eyes, watching as she looked up. Seeing his silhouette at the window, she picked up the phone. “Uh huh,” she said as she clicked it on.

“I'm watching you.”

“Do you like what you see?”

“Uh huh. And so does Bill.”

Kara hesitated, then asked, “Bill? Who's Bill? You mean that's not you at the window?”

“It is now, but I had to pry the glasses away from him. Bill - he's my cousin.”

'Oh Shit,' she thought. It was for real. Tommy wasn't the only one seeing her in next to nothing. “Oh great! I dressed this way for you, but instead I've been putting on a show for your cousin?”

“Uh yeah. But he has been enjoying it.”

Kara was not about to let on how much she liked this turn of events. She shaded the truth. “Well, it isn't like I did it on purpose. I watched your parents leave. I thought it was just you.”

“Sorry. But Bill does think you're really hot.”

“He does huh?” Tommy had never mentioned a cousin. Kara wanted to know more. “How old is he?”

“Eighteen, same as us.”

“And he's been watching me?”

“Uh huh. Want to meet him?”

“Yeah, sure. When were you thinking?”

“You got any more coffee? We could come over now.”

Now? The way I'm dressed?” Kara's mind raced. 'This isn't France and these aren't strangers, well at least Tommy isn't.' Kara looked down at herself. She wasn't wearing a bra and the shirt-tail just barely covered her panties. She spoke hurriedly into her cell-phone. “I mean like I've hardly got on any clothes at all. Are you sure you want your cousin seeing me like this?” Kara held her breath, hoping Tommy wouldn't ask her to change.

Tommy's cock hardened as he studied Kara through the field glasses. He spoke slowly and deliberately. “I am pretty sure we would like it very much if you just stay the way you are.”

Kara let the air out of her lungs. It was okay with Tommy. Now to keep from sounding too anxious. “Well, you said he'd been looking, so it isn't like he'll be seeing anything he hasn't already seen. If you're sure it's okay.”

Tommy suddenly had butterflies. 'Did I just tell Kara it was okay for her to sit around half naked with me and my cousin, and did she just agree to it?' Tommy's cock throbbed at the thought of what was about to take place, butterflies or no. “Gu... great,” he said, “We'll be right over.”

'No turning back now,' she thought. “And I'll get some more coffee for us.”

“In a minute, then,” Tommy said as he clicked off. He knew he shouldn't want his cousin to see his girl-friend nearly naked, but strangely, he didn't mind. Actually, if the stirring in his pants was any indication, he was somewhat excited at the thought of it. “Bill!” he hollered to get his cousin's attention, “Kara wants us to come over.”

“For real? Now?”

Tommy was concerned. “Yeah, now. Just remember, you promised to behave yourself.”

Bill broke into a wide grin. “As long as she doesn't mind me looking.”

“Yeah, well, she might try to pretend otherwise, but I think she'll be okay with that... As long as you don't get too lecherous, okay?”

“Sure thing cus.” Bill bolted for the door. Tommy chased after him.


Tommy and Bill showed up in Kara's backyard a few minutes later. When they got there, Kara had already returned with the coffee and was sitting at a lawn table near one end of the pool, her bare legs and panties hidden under the table.

Bill sat down in the chair closest to Kara, Tommy across the table. Kara pushed a cup of coffee toward each. She looked at Bill, “Black okay, or do you take something in it?”

Bill wanted to see those bare legs up close. He looked around the table and seeing no condiments said, “If you don't mind too terribly, I'd like to have some sugar.”

Tommy quickly fathomed his cousin's intentions, but decided he had to ignore the situation. Kara also guessed it was a ploy but wasn't about to let him get away with it. She addressed Tommy, “Would you please run in the kitchen and get some sugar for your cousin.”

As he got up, Tommy looked at Bill and mouthed, “Nice try, dummy”, then turned toward the house.

Bill studied Kara. He couldn't tell for sure whether or not she was wearing a bra, but he thought not. Kara was initially content just to let him look, but eventually broke the silence, “Well, Tommy's cousin, how are you?”

Bill was caught staring at Kara's chest. He looked up, “Uh, its Bill... Bill Jordan, and I'm fine.”

“Tommy never mentioned a cousin.”

Kara's top two buttons were undone, a fact that Bill had not missed. “Yeah, well, we haven't seen each other since grade school. I live in Denver.”

“Denver, you are a long way from home. Why?”

Kara's breasts jiggled a little as she spoke and Bill once again fixated on them, thinking he could see her nipples. Without looking up he replied, “I came with my parents.”

Kara could feel his eyes on her breasts. Her nipples hardened. “Tommy said you were eighteen but you look older. I bet you got a bunch of girlfriends.”

Bill tore his eyes away from Kara's breasts and said, “Yeah, nothing steady though. And none as good looking as you.”

As Tommy returned with the sugar, Kara said, “Did you hear that, Tommy. Your cousin thinks I'm better looking than all his girl-friends.”

“I'm sure you are,” replied Tommy, “And from what he says, they're pretty good looking.”

“That's quite a complement - from both of you,” Kara acknowledged.

Now that Tommy had returned, Kara decided to push her boundaries a bit. “I came out here to get some sun on my legs but I thought I would be alone. You guys aren't going to be embarrassed if I turn my chair toward the sun, are you?”

“Not me, and I don't think Bill will complain either.” Tommy noticed that the business with the sugar didn't mean that Kara wasn't going to tease, she was just going to do it on her own timetable.

Kara turned her chair and stretched her legs in the direction of the sun, which was also in the direction of where Bill was sitting. She didn't really need the sun on her already tanned legs but she was confident Bill wouldn't mind her pretending. Tommy knew how much Kara loved to tease. He chuckled to himself over the teasing his cousin was about to experience.

Kara parted her legs a few inches. She acted as if she wasn't aware that Bill was studying her legs, especially the spot just beneath her shirt bottom where they came together. Sipping coffee, while looking across the top of her cup at Tommy, she slid down until her butt was perched at the edge of the chair with her legs outstretched.

By doing so, Kara let the shirt ride up her legs, affording Bill an unobstructed view of her panties. Tommy could see where Bill was looking. He wasn't so sure Kara might not be taking things a little too far. Attempting to disguise his discomfort, he smiled at her as he said, “You might want to be careful about what you are exposing.”

Kara was getting excited, exposing her panties to Bill, and she sensed that, notwithstanding what he had just said, Tommy was enjoying it too. Still, she wanted to pretend it wasn't intentional. Her head snapped down, toward her waist. “Oh, my God,” she said as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it down. “I'm so sorry, I had no idea.”

Bill wasn't buying it. He was sure Kara was well aware of what she was doing and had only covered up because of what Tommy had said. He turned to Tommy with a disgruntled look and mouthed, “Thanks a lot cousin.”

Kara attempted to maintain the illusion of innocence. “You said you were down here from Denver, but you didn't tell me why.” Kara squirmed a little in her chair, offering a glimpse of her panties which were beginning to show a trace of moisture.

Seeing that brief bit of dampness, Bill gulped, but remembering that he had promised to be polite, he raised his eyes to Kara's and replied, “I came down with my parents. I was going to go to the beach with them and Tommy's parents.”

The tent in Bill's shorts was partially hidden by the placement of his hands. “How come you didn't?” Kara asked, staring into his lap.

Bill saw where Kara was looking and moved his hands to the arms of the chair, affording her an unobstructed view of the growing bulge in his pants. “I really just wanted to hang out with Tommy. I convinced my parents they would have more fun without me.”

Kara looked up. “Well, if it had been me, I would have rather gone to the beach. This town is really not all that exciting.”

“Yeah, but Tommy wasn't going. He told me he'd rather stay here with you and I kinda hoped you might have a sister or girl-friend I could meet.” To himself he added, 'Like maybe one as good-looking as you with a similar attitude about showing off her body.'

“No. No sister. And your cousin really is my best friend.” Kara looked in Tommy's direction.

“No girl-friends?” Bill asked, still hoping there might be another one with an attitude like Kara's.

“Well, sort of. But I don't think you'd like them. Besides, I don't see them much anyway.”

“Well, I'd still rather be here than at the beach.”

“Why so?”

Bill's eyes dropped to Kara's bare thighs. Continuing to look at that spot covered by her shirttail, he replied, “Well... its more fun hanging out with you and Tommy, more fun than anything I can think of at the beach, anyway.”

Kara could tell where Bill was looking. She inched her legs apart a bit and said, “Yeah... I think I know what you mean.” She winked at Tommy. Looking in Tommy's direction but still talking to Bill she added, ”By the way, that business with the panties. That was an accident. I hope you believe that.”

Bill was pretty sure that wasn't really the case but he played along. He raised his eyes to Kara's and said, “Oh, yes, ma'am. I believe you. And besides, I shouldn't have been looking anyway.”

“I'm okay with you looking. At least I was wearing panties, and I'm sure you've seen lots of girls in their panties.”

Bill didn't really want to admit he was all that inexperienced. He hesitated. Then allowed, “Truthfully... You were the first.”

“What? Your girl-friends don't wear panties? And stop calling me ma'am. For chrisakes, I'm the same age as you.”

“Sorry. Actually I'm pretty sure they do wear panties. I have just never seen them.”

“My God! You mean this really is the first time you've seen a girl's underwear?”

“I've seen lots of pictures, but yeah, I guess this is the first time in person.”

“Oh, wow. You must think I'm some kind of slut then, sitting here with you guys, dressed like I am.”

“No ma'am. I mean just no. Forget the ma'am part. I wasn't thinking anything of the sort. Actually, I was thinking Tommy is awfully lucky to have a girl as beautiful as you living right next door.”

“Tommy, did you hear that? He's still calling me ma'am, and thinks I'm beautiful.”

“Well,” Tommy replied, “I don't know about the ma'am part, but like I said before, you are beautiful.”

Kara beamed on hearing the word 'beautiful'. “You, don't think he's just saying that because of how I'm dressed?”

“Well...” Tommy gave Kara a pretty thorough once-over. “I'm sure he likes it that you're wearing so little. And...” He paused and licked his lips. “I guess I like it too. But its not why we think you're beautiful.”

Now that something had been said about her lack of clothing, Kara wanted to talk more about it. It excited her. “Bill. It is Bill, right?”

“Yes. It is Bill.”

Kara acted as if Bill might actually be offended by how little she was wearing. “Is it bothering you? Me sitting here dressed the way I am?”

'She might be wearing too much,' he thought to himself, but knew better than to voice it. “Nooo...” he said, “You're just fine the way you are. No, not bothering me at all.”

“I could go inside, put on something more decent, something not so revealing.”

“No, please don't. You look beautiful, just the way you are.”

“Beautiful again, huh. You think I look beautiful like this? I haven't even brushed my hair yet today.”

“Well you're still really good looking. Beautiful is the only word that fits, except maybe gorgeous.”

Kara was eating it up. “How about Sexy? Does that work too?” she asked.

“Oh, Lord yes.”

She beamed and her face became a little flushed. “So, what are you going to say to your friends when you get back home?”

“Uh... nothing.”

“You're not going to tell them about your cousin's slutty girl-friend, running around in her panties and an old shirt?”

“I don't think there's anything slutty about it. I think its beautiful.”

“Tell that to your cousin. He thinks I'm being a slut, don't you Tommy.”

“I do not,” snapped Tommy. “I think you're dressed just fine.”

Kara folded her arms across her chest and looked from one to the other. “Well, what if I wanted to be a slut. What would I have to do to make you believe I was a slut?”

“I don't think you could,” offered Bill. “You're just not the slut type.”

“Even if I took my panties off?” She looked quickly at Tommy and thought she detected displeasure. “Not that I would of course, but...”

Bill became emboldened by Kara's challenge. “Well I sure would like it if you did. Not sure what Tommy would think, but I'd fo r sure l ike it.” He looked nervously at Tommy and remembered his promise to behave. “But no, that still wouldn't change my mind. Like I said, you're just not the slut type.”

“Not even if I took off all my clothes?”

“Hey,” Tommy said, “You're not going to do that anyway, so quite talking like you might. Besides, he already said you're not the slut type and I agree with him.”

“So I can do anything I want and you guys are still not going to think I'm being slutty?”

“Yeah, I think that's about it,” Tommy agreed.

Kara sensed she was being dared. She stood up and put her hands on her hips. “Anything, huh. We'll see. Got to go pee.” Kara turned and strode off toward the house.

“Jesus,” Bill said when she was out of earshot, “She sounded like she might take it all off. That would be awesome. You wouldn't care, would you?”

“Well I guess not, at least not if that's what she really wanted to do.” Tommy choked. He wasn't sure he wanted his cousin to see Kara naked. “But she's not going to do it anyway. She was just teasing.” He thought that was right, but there was a little part of him that kind of hoped it wasn't.

A few minutes later, Kara came out the door from the house. A small breeze caught the hem of her shirt and flipped it up a little. Nothing got exposed but Tommy and Bill could tell she wasn't wearing panties anymore. Kara was shaking. She had actually talked herself into it. She was wearing just the shirt – no panties.

“Did you forget something,” Tommy asked as Kara walked across the deck. The big head was hoping she'd turn and run back into the house, but the little head was screaming, 'Yes, yes.'

Kara bit her lip. She wasn't backing out now. “No, I don't think so,” she said, “Did you want something?” Then, as if she had just realized Tommy's meaning, “Oh... the panties, yeah, they ripped. Had to leave 'em in the bathroom. But how did you know? Nothing's showing is it?” Kara stopped and smoothed the shirt down, checking to make sure it was still covering her.

Tommy knew now that Kara intended to remain the way she was. “No, nothing showing. We just caught a glimpse of skin where the panties should have been.” Tommy's concerns evaporated as his excitement grew. “Thats all, you're okay, but tell me again why you're not wearing them.”

Kara held the shirt in place as she sat down. She did stretch her legs out in front of her again, but she held the shirt in place with her hand to make sure she wasn't giving Bill a show.

“Like I said,” Kara started, “When I pulled my panties down in the bathroom, they ripped. You guys had been so insistent that you wouldn't think me a slut, even if I weren't wearing panties, that I skipped going to my room to get another pair. Truthfully, I didn't think you'd even know.”

'Nice story,' Tommy thought. He noticed too that Kara had a couple more buttons undone on her shirt, four now instead of two. 'Yeah,' he thought, 'If the panties got ripped, she did it on purpose.' He was definitely warming up to the idea though.

Bill was speechless. Kara was sitting right in front of him with an old shirt she held in place to keep from exposing herself. And she had the shirt unbuttoned so far that he could see bare skin almost to her belly-button. 'Maybe she is going to get totally naked,' he thought. If this was still teasing, he was all for it.

Kara gained confidence with her situation. She lifted her hand from between her legs. “Tommy,” she began, taking the risk that even a tiny gust of wind could expose her to Bill's steady gaze, “How come you didn't go to the beach?”

As Kara waited for Tommy's response, she slid her arms backward along the chair arms, until her shirt was open almost to the nipples. Tommy's mouth went dry as he pretended indifference to the spectacle of his girl-friend exposing herself to his cousin. “I uh... thought I'd rather be alone with you.”

A small breeze flipped the bottom of Kara's shirt up. “Yeah, but what about your cousin. We're not exactly alone.” Without looking away from Tommy, Kara put the shirt back in place, but not before Bill had gotten a nice look at her cleanly shaved pussy.

“I still think I'd rather be here than at the beach.” Tommy had felt the breeze and saw Kara's hand drop to her lap. Although the table was blocking his view, he knew the reason for Bill's wide-eyed look.

Kara looked at Bill and knew he had seen. “It was nice of you to bring Bill along. I think he's enjoying himself.”

“Oh, yes ma'am, er Kara I mean. I am enjoying myself. I'm just sorry if I'm spoiling the fun for you and Tommy.”

The 'fun' had certainly not been spoiled for Kara, and Tommy was beginning to act as if he might be enjoying her antics as well. “I don't think you're spoiling it,” she countered. She took hold of Bill's arm and looked at his watch. “I am sorry, please forgive me but the lawn guys will be here in a few minutes and I really do need to get dressed.” Kara got up from the table. “Stay, finish your coffee, I'll see you both later.”

Kara turned and walked toward the house. The stillness of the morning was all but gone and a light breeze caught and lifted her shirt-tail. However, she did nothing to tame its unruliness, or hide her exposed butt from the astonished view of her guests.

As she walked, she undid the rest of the buttons on her shirt. At the door she stopped and turned. The shirt was still covering her nipples and a bent leg kept her pussy hidden. “Come back around one,” she taunted, “We can go swimming.” She paused momentarily, making certain Tommy and Bill got a good look, then turned and went into the house.

When the door closed, Kara dropped the shirt from her shoulders. She couldn't believe she had actually done it. She had gotten almost naked in front of Tommy and his cousin. ' What a turn on ,' she thought. ' Swimming with them this afternoon... how am I ever going to control myself... or them either .' She put her hand between her legs. With her juices soaking her hand, Kara couldn't get to her room fast enough.

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