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Her desire is mine (Part III)

Our passion explodes...
I licked her way down to her navel. Her taut flat stomach was trembling with desire again.

“Oh please,” she breathed.

I stood up again and kissed her and she squealed softly I picked her up under her ass and carried her over to the table. I sat her down on the table and kissed her neck as I placed one hand behind her head and slowly lowered her down on to the timber table top, her legs either side of me.

Man, she was so beautiful. I just looked at her – beautiful face with lust written all over it and desire shooting from her eyes, firm stomach, beautiful perky breasts with hard dark nipples and tight muscular legs leading to a perfect pussy that was glistening at me.

“You are so fucking hot.” I blurted out to her. She looked up at me.

“Right back at you Garry. You still keep yourself in – uuunnnnnnnn…” she broke off as I gently slid a finger inside her again.

“Sorry?” I teased. ”You were saying something?” She just rolled her eyes at me and smiled and then bit down on her lip and arched her back as I wiggled my finger inside her.

I sat down on the chair at the table and pulled myself up to this delicious feast in front of me. Pulling her towards me, I hooked both legs over my shoulders and reached up with my hands to roll her nipples between my fingers. She just closed her eyes and almost purred in satisfaction.

I bent over and kissed the insides of her thigh, working my way up to where her juices were still collected on her legs. I cleaned her gently with my tongue, getting closer and closer to her honey pot but not quite getting there, swapping from one leg to another and breathing out on to her pussy as I passed over it, causing her to shiver every time I did so.

She looked down at me. “Come on….”

“Come on what?” I responded, letting my lips get so close to her vulva that she started to twitch.

“Come on, lick me! Please!”

So I did. I placed my tongue at the bottom of her dripping slit and gently licked all the way to the top, just circling her clit but not quite touching. I did this a few times and she responded with a small buck of her hips each time and a gasp.

I decided to really explore her, I pushed further in, licking and exploring every crevice and fold with my lips and tongue, getting firmer and firmer. Her clit was really protruding now, begging for some attention and she was starting to shake all over and moan softly to herself.

I bent her legs up to give me better access, putting her feet on my shoulders now. I could see the little rosebud that was her ass winking at me and I trailed my tongue down and brushed over it. She almost leapt off the table and gave a small yelp.

“Oh, whoa, did you just… that was….” She stammered, looking down at me.

“I did. Did you not like that?”

“Oh, that’s not it. I just…well…” she paused.

“Say it. What’s wrong?” I asked. She looked at me and paused again.

She continued. “It’s just that I’m really sensitive back there. I used to love….you know… anal sex and stuff but since Mark and I have been together he’s told me that like most guys, he is really turned off by that and that it’s only for “sluts” so I banished it from my thoughts for years. You just…surprised me with that…”

I sat up and looked at her. “Did he really say that? That guys are turned off by it and only sluts like it?” She nodded. I shook my head and went on. ”Wow. That’s a shame. I can assure you that is not the case and if enjoying sex in all its forms makes you a “slut”, well then I guess we would both be “sluts” wouldn't we?” I grinned at her.

She smiled at me. “Really? I never... Well, I thought….”

“Its OK.” I said. “Relax. Let’s just let things flow. You don’t have to do anything you aren't comfortable with.”

“OK.” She said, putting her head back on the table. “But…I want to make you happy, so….”

“Shhhhh.” I responded, and turned my attention back to her dripping pussy. I smiled to myself. That vibrator was definitely a good idea. I wasn't sure initially whether or not she might be up for anything like that, but it looked like I might be able to bring back some good memories for her if I eased her into it.

I licked her folds again and after around 30 seconds when she resumed with her moaning I flicked her protruding clit with my tongue, which made her grab my hair and groan loudly. I flicked it a few more times, keeping my tongue rigid. She started to gasp. “Oh..Oh…oh fuck…yes…oh yes, that’s so fucking good Garry, lick my pussy! Fucking lick it!”

I brought my thumb down and gently caressed her clit while I licked downwards again. She was getting closer and closer to another orgasm and I started pushing my tongue in and out of her sopping hole. Her hands clenched in my hair, trying to pull my head in harder. I pushed on arm up underneath her knees, pushing her knees back onto her chest. She had to let go of my hair for this, which I think both of us were disappointed with, but that soon faded as I directed my tongue straight at her ass again.

I ran my tongue around and around her puckered hole as my thumb continued to run up and down her slit and massage her clit, and her hands started to claw at the table next to her.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuuuuuuuck” she started to climax and as she did I pressed gently on her clit with my thumb and brought my mouth back to her pussy and pushed my tongue into her pussy as far as I could get it. She arched quickly, her body in spasms and she lifted her back off the table. I went with her as just her shoulders and head remained on the table and her chest flushed and she exploded again, this time a smaller stream - but a stream never the less – of cum flooding my tongue as she granted and grunted, her head lolling from side to side as she came 3 times in a row as she humped my face.

I licked up all of her cum and she panted and looked at me with hooded eyes, unable to speak.

When I was finished I simply stood up and dropped my pants and freed my aching member. She was still perfectly at the edge of the table so I rubbed my knob up and down her slit and positioned it at her entrance.

“You ready girl?” I asked, not caring about the answer but waiting for one anyway.

She could only nod as she sat up on her elbows and looked at my shaft between her legs. I slid in. Oh man, was she wet and hot. We both moaned and she arched her back and climaxed again straight away. I had never known a woman to climax so many times so quickly and I was loving it.

I slammed into her over and over and she just grunted and moaned at me. Pulled her ankles up on to my shoulders and pinched her nipples as I slammed into her in over and over again as she swore and cursed at me in a low voice through her gritted teeth. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh yes, fucking fuck me!”

Just as I thought I might be getting close to the point of no return she climaxed again, contracting around my cock and breathing heavily, collapsing back. I slowed down and just looked down at her and she just started giggling and looking up at me.

I smiled and pulled out of her. The smile from her face vanished and she seemed a little disappointed. “Stand up.” I said, pulling her up. She stood up and I took her hand and pulled her over to the small bit of grassed area off the deck, grabbing the bag with her vibrator in it off the table on the way.

“Wait.” she said, ducking over and grabbing a blanket out of the storage cupboard on the edge of the deck and quickly spreading it on the lawn while I removed my shorts. Her dress had fallen back down to cover her again and she stood and looked at me. “Tell me what to do.” She said simply, reaching out to caress my cock again.

I stepped in and put my hand behind her neck and pulled her to me, kissing her. She continued to stroke me while I did this and I knew I needed to cum soon. I stepped back a touch and said “Take your dress off. I want to see your magnificent body fully naked for the first time”.

She smiled at me and stepped back, holding my gaze. Slowly, she peeled her dress up over her shoulders and tossed it on the blanket and looked at me. “Turn around for me babe.” I said.

I drank her in as she spun around slowly. Those tanned athletic legs led to a magnificent ass, pert and firm, a narrow waist with the hint of pelvic bone jutting at the front, taut stomach and proud breasts with dark hard nipples point out. With perfectly manicured fingernails and her blonde hair slightly tussled from our fun so far, she made for a magnificent site and if possible, my cock hardened even further.

“You are one magnificent creature.” I said to her, looking at her. She was staring at my cock again hungrily.

“Thank you. You know just what to say, I can’t believe I need your cock again. Please fuck me again Garry, I……I want to feel your cum inside me.” she finished almost shyly. Grrrrr….man did that get me going.

“Ride me.” I said as I lay down. I wanted to try everything with her. Quickly she got into position, squatting above me with her hands on my chest and she looked down at me as she grasped my cock and placed it at her entrance. She slid down my shaft slowly, drinking me in with her eyes as she did so, her mouth gaping opening at the sensation. Fuck she felt so wet.

Those thighs of hers started pumping her up and down on top of me. She took me all the way, slamming our pubic bones together each time as she grunted. Jesus, I wouldn't last long like this and I knew it. After a few more strokes her mouth was open and she had her eyes closed again, she was almost in a trance as sweat broke out on her brow as she pumped herself with my cock over and over, harder and harder.

So trance-like was she that she didn't even notice when some saliva fell from her gaping mouth in a string onto my neck, connecting us briefly as she grunted and pumped and I tried desperately to cling to the edge of the cliff that was my orgasm.

I quickly rolled her over and she gasped and looked up at me, shocked at the sudden cease to her pumping. “Wha….” She stammered.

“Turn over.” I said, “On your knees”. She did so quickly, so eager for me to be inside her again. She lay forward, her chest on the ground and ass pointed up in the sky, her pussy gaping and glistening, begging for me. I got into position behind her and slid in, grasping her hips.

“Hummmmmmm…..” we both said in unison. As I pumped her slowly the little puckered hole of her ass winked up at me and drew me in. I spat on my fingers and slowly rubbed it over her anus, causing small gasps from her each time I touched it.

She started to push back harder and so with my thumb well lubricated I gently applied more and more pressure to her ass as she pushed back more and more onto my cock. My thumb popped into her ass and she groaned, shivering as I slowly pushed it in and out, going a little further each time.

“Grab your vibrator honey.” I said. She reached out blindly and grasped the bag and handed it back to me as I kept my thumb and cock pumping slowly inside her. She was so eager for it but so afraid to ask, I mused to myself.

The vibrator turned out to be almost the same size as my cock and had a clit tickler on the front of it. Even better. I spat on it also and then pulled my cock out of her pussy and replaced it with the vibrator in one swift motion, working it gently in and out while my thumb kept moving in her ass.

She looked back at me, her eyes pleading. “What about you?” She asked, her breathing ragged.

“What about me?” I responded.

“I need you. Inside me.”

“But the vibrator is there now babe, doesn't that feel good?” I said, drawing her in.

“No…well, yes but….I…. couldn't you….I mean….” She paused.

“Say it.” I said sharply.

She looked back at me again, her eyes so hungry but still unsure. I flicked the switch on her vibrator and it hummed into life and she muffled a moan on her arm as I pushed it in harder, jamming the tickler against her clit.

“Fucking say it.” I said again.

“Please…could you fuck my….”

“Could I fuck your what?” I said, driving my thumb a little deeper and wiggling it in her ass. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again they were burning.

“Fuck my ass. Please. Fuck it hard. I really need to feel you in my ass. I want you to pump it and cum deep inside my ass Garry. Right fucking now.” She said through gritted teeth, pushing back as hard as she could. She reached around with her hands and took hold of her cheeks, pulling them apart. “Get your cock in there. Please.”

“Good girl.” I responded and immediately withdrew my thumb. I moved in closer behind her, laying my cock up the crack of her ass, sliding it slowly up and down. “Take hold off the vibrator. Do not let it go. Keep it inside you.”

She reached between her legs with one hand and grasped it, pulling it into herself. I smeared some more saliva on my cock and placed it at her entrance.

“Do it!” She prompted.

I pushed forward, pushing against the muscle of her sphincter. Gripping her hips tightly, I eased my knob past the muscular ring as she let out a long guttural groan. I eased back slightly and then pushed forward again a little further, repeating this over and over until soon I was buried up to the hilt in her hot tight rear tunnel. Fuck, it was so tight. I held there for a moment, letting her get used to it. She started pumping her vibrator in and out of her pussy slowly.

“Fuck my ass babe, I want it…..I …..NEED it.”

Pulling almost all the way out, I slammed back in again and she grunted and pushed back. I starting pumping her ass over and over with long smooth stroked, building up speed. So fucking tight. So hot as I looked down and grunted appreciation at the site of her sprawled in front of me, pushing back to match my every stroke, wanting me deep every time.

“Yes….yes….ooooohhhh fucking fuck yes so good, fuck my ass. Fuck it…. Harder….. HARDER” she groaned, starting her build up to her orgasm as she felt the twin presence of my cock and the vibrator inside her, her clit being stimulated as it buzzed. I could feel the vibrations too and as she continued to grunt at me my own animalistic grunts started as I felt the cliff approaching again.

Harder and harder I fucked her, her pelvis slamming into mine. My balls started to churn again and as she came up on one elbow I reached forward and took hold of a handful of her hair and pulled her into my harder and harder as her face looked skywards.

“You fucking love it don’t you? Fucking love my cock in your ass. I’m gonna cum deep inside you baby, deep inside.” At my words she started her own orgasm, her shoulders convulsing, her legs shaking as she released one long groan.

“Oooohhhhh unnnnGGGGGGGGG yeeeeeessssssssssss.” She moaned as she let go of the vibrator and flayed her arms sideways grasping the blanket. The vibrator flew out of her pussy as she contracted around it and it struck my legs and was followed by a hard burst of her cum juice again, squirting all over my legs with a hot rush.

That sent me finally over the edge as I buried myself again fully in her ass and released the full force of my cum, jetting inside her as another stream of her cum splashed my legs.

“Arrrrggghhh, fuck….fuuucckkkkkkkkkkk.” I said as she contracted around me, groaning my name over and over as I filled her ass with my cum. My head was exploding and I lent forward, pushing her head down and fully leaned into her, collapsing her down and owning her as the last jets of my orgasm seeped into her.

“Fucking hell.” I said, just propped up on my arms above her, our sweaty bodied sliding against each other. I breathed out raggedly and she just lay motionless, her chest heaving as she sucked in air.

Eventually I rolled off her and collapsed down on my back next to her, breathing. Looking at her I said “Christ Jess that was beyond any fantasy I’d even had about you. That was un-fucking-believable. You are so fucking hot girl.”

She looked at me and smiled, sweat smearing her face. “That. Was. The. Best. Fuck…..EVER!” she said, leaning over and kissing me gently. We made out for a couple of minutes and then we got up and put our clothes back on and Jess packed her things away and went to the bathroom and tidied herself up.

10 minutes later, as we were cleaning up the table from our mess and the bottles and plates, Mark scared the life out of us by stumbling out the back. We froze.

“Shit, what happened….” He slurred, looking at me. “I’m so fucking sorry, I fell asleep, can’t handle my grog like I used to!”

He stumbled over and offered me a handshake and I responded “No worries at all, I was just going now, it’s pretty late - you should head back to bed.”

He stared down at my legs. “Jeshush man, what happened to your shorts, you piss yourself?” He laughed. I looked down where Jess’ cum was still staining my shorts and my legs.

“Spilled a drink on myself Marko – guess I can’t handle my grog either anymore, can I Jess?” I said, winking at her as Mark glanced her way.

“Nope, I guess you’re both hopeless.” she responded with a laugh.

“I’ll make it up to you next time mate, I promise. Won’t we Jess?” he said, looking at her.

“We sure will.” She smiled at me.

The end……

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