Her Favorites

By Dontholien

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My first story after some time away from writing so all feedback will be welcomed :)

It had been a few days since they had last had a chance to have sex and it had only been a quicky and as much as she loved any sex with him she was really feeling the need to climax. He would be at work for another few hours yet so she went to the bedroom and got a few toys out of her top draw and settled down on the sofa with just a silk dressing gown on, her laptop opened on her favorite porn website and her toys next to her on the sofa. She didn't often use her toys much but sometimes when she wanted to spice up her session she would use the dildo.

She clicked on the title "Favorites" and she smiled as her favorite list of videos appeared on the screen, there were a few in there, some lesbian, some group and some double penetration but the ones there were the most of were the creampie videos, those were the ones that turned her on the most. She loved watching girls getting fucked and then filled with cum until it dribbled out, ohhh, it was making her tingle just thinking about it!

She picked a video and started playing it then lay back, opened up her dressing gown so her generous breasts and stiff nipples were released and spread her legs wide so she could access her pussy with her hands. She started off stroking up and down her smooth hairless pussy lips, just rubbing herself with her hand, slowly and gently, applying a little extra pressure when she rubbed over where her clit was hidden. She watched the video and used her spare hand to start stroking her own nipples as she watched the girl stopped sucking the guy off and bend over so he could fuck her from behind.

That tingly feeling washed over her again as she watched the fucking and she felt her juices really start to flow. She now parted her pussy lips, dipped her finger tips into the warm, slick moisture and rubbed it over her clit. She started flicking at her clit softly with her finger tips, rubbing harder and faster then slower again as she pinched and twisted her nipples. It was feeling so good and the porn was turning her on so much but she really wanted to see the money shot, she was desperate to see that pussy full of cum so she skipped the video to near the end. She wished so much that he could be home to fuck her and cum inside her, maybe she would try seduce him later in bed but for now the dildo would do. She picked it up and carried on rubbing in slow circles all over her wet pussy with her other hand. She licked the tip of the dildo and gave it a little suck to make it nice and wet and just as she took it out of her mouth and was about to plunge it into herself the front door opened wide and he walked in.

"Hiya, got sent home early today, we were really........ OH MY GOD!"

They were both frozen on the spot, him in the doorway, staring at her, mouth hanging open in shock and her more or less naked, legs wide open with a hand on her obviously wet pussy and a dildo in the other hand. There would have been silence if it wasn't for the sound coming from the laptop.

"Oh my god, erm, I wasn't doing anything!" she spluttered as the groaning from the laptop got louder and the guy grunted "take my cum you dirty bitch". For the first time his eyes left her now bright red face and he looked at the laptop.

"It doesn't look like you were doing nothing! What are you watching?!"

She blushed brighter red then she had ever blushed before in her life as he walked over and looked at the screen properly, she looked at it too just in time to see the guy slowly pulling out of the girl, the girl reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips open so you could see the cum dribble out properly then to top her embarrassment off nicely the girl scooped up some cum with one hand and then licked it all off her fingers before it finished. Oh god, she could just die on the spot!!

"So is this what you do everyday while I'm at work?"

"No, no course not!" She felt so shamed to be caught out like this

"Really? You must do it often for it to be on your favorites page. Ive never seen you watch porn properly before, is this what turns you on?"

"No, erm... I just.. erm..." She didn't even know what to say to him, she was starting to stumble over her words. He turned to look at her again but it wasn't the face she was expecting, he wasn't angry or annoyed, he had lust in his eyes and he was bitting his bottom lip. He was loving this!

He pulled open her dressing gown, which she had pulled round herself when he came in, he tweaked her hard nipples then moved his hand down to her pussy and slid his finger easily inside her.

"Hard nipples? Very wet pussy? Seems to me like this is what turns you on. Looks like I walked in just on time if you were about to use this" he said as he picked up the dildo she had hoped he hadn't noticed. "I guess you wont have to use it now" and he stood up and stripped all his clothes off in front of her so his long, hard cock was right at her eye level. She still hadn't dared to move but she couldn't help quiver as she saw him in all his glory.

He got down on his knees in front of the sofa, grabbed her hips and dragged her to the edge so her bum was just hanging off. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her pussy just the once and then plunged his cock deep inside her and started slowly sliding himself in and out of her. "You like that?" he asked but a groan was all she could manage to reply with. He pulled her up so she was sat upright and held her tight against him as he quickened his pace, he started kissing her face, his lips searching out hers, his tongue parting her lips and thrusting into her mouth to play with hers as his throbbing cock thrust into her tight wet pussy. He grabbed at her tits, pinching her nipples, kissing down her chest. He roughly pushed her back and lent down to kiss all over her tits, licking her nipples, sucking them and biting them. He quickened his pace again now so he was slamming into her, his cock thrusting deep and his balls slapping against her ass. She moved her hands down to start playing with her clit as he fucked her but he grabbed her hands and held both of them above her head. Her eyes snapped open and she groaned as he did it, him restraining her turned her on so much and made her want to play with herself even more! He just smiled at her and told her it wasn't time yet.

"So how much did that porn turn you on?" he asked as he was fucking her with all his strength. His question caught her off guard and his hard fucking was making her breathless,

"Err, yeah... I err, I liked it yeah" she managed to gasp in between his thrusts. He slowed his pace right down and she groaned in protest. He gripped her hands tighter and lowered his face down to hers, "I asked how much it turned you on, I want a proper answer" he said firmly

"It turned me on so much, its one of my favorites" she whispered shyly

"Do you want me to do it to you?"

"Oh please"

"Not good enough" He replied, his voice sounding so sexy, "How much do you want me to cum inside of you right now?" He had stopped thrusting into her now, she felt too shy to talk

"Tell me, do you want my cum?" She realised now that if she didn't answer him he wouldn't carry on. She knew he was in charge now.

"Please cum in me, please" she begged, "i want to feel you fuck me, I want you to fill me up with your hot load, please, I want to feel it dribble out of my pussy and over my ass"

He let go of her hands and grabbed her hips and started to fuck her again, he was slamming into her as hard as he could manage, she knew he was getting closer so she begged again "cum in me, please, I need to feel it". That was all he needed to tip him over the edge, he was careful not to thrust too deep like he normally did but he still came really hard, ropes of hot, creamy cum spewing out of him, shooting up inside her wet pussy, filling her up with his spunk. He opened his eyes as his climax finished and smiled at her "that what you wanted?". She smiled back at him, "I felt that one, I felt you fill me up. That was so sexy".

He started to slowly pull his cock back out of her and he sat back on his heels so he could look at the mess he had made of her, so he could see his hot cum dribbling out of her swollen, pink pussy. As he did she reached down and rubbed her hand over herself, rubbing the cum all over her pussy. She started to rub at her clit with her cummy fingers and then she plunged them inside herself, feeling it all inside her, all slick and hot.

"Taste it" He commanded, she looked at him in surprise and shock, "I said taste it" he repeated.

She pushed her fingers inside herself again to make sure she had plenty on her fingers and then she slowly sucked them, savoring the taste of his cum mingled with her own juices. She closed her eyes and sucked harder at her fingers, really enjoying the naughtiness of it all when something cool and smooth touched her pussy.

Her eyes shot open and she looked to see him there between her legs with her dildo in his hand, rubbing the tip of it between her lips, she moaned loudly as he slid the toy deep into her pussy and started to slowly slide it in and out of her. She groaned more as he grabbed her hand and placed it on her pussy as he slow fucked her with her toy. "Now you can play" he told her. She was so horny now that she just wanted to cum so she started rubbing and flicking her clit really hard and fast, he knew that she needed her release now and started fucking faster and faster, the dildo sliding in and out of her slippery pussy. She started to groan more and he could see the tell tale signs of her orgasm, he reached for her nipple with his spare hand and started squeezing it, it was too much and it tipped her over the edge. With one big groan she came. Her back arched and her body shuddered, her groans turned to whimpers as her orgasm faded and left her gasping on the sofa.

He slipped the dildo out of her, it was covered in a mix of both of their cum, she smiled at him as he lent up to kiss her and then held the dildo close to her lips for her to suck.

"You dirty little minx" he laughed at her as she sucked the dildo, "I'll have to come home early more often".