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Her hunger

She walks to the bathroom looking back at him as she walks away. Telling him to follow her with just a single look. Once in the bathroom she turns to face him and she lifts her arms in the air so he can remove her top. Once he has she then removes his. She reaches out and begins to tug at his pants and then he removes hers. She begins to kiss him passionately while moving her hands over his body. She wants him very desperately and she doesn’t know if she can wait. She wants sex now – she needs sex now.

She reaches in and turns on the shower and sets it to the right temperature. Getting impatient that it’s taking so long to heat up. Once the water reaches the right temperature she gets in the shower and pulls him in behind her.   He hardly has time to enter the shower before her lips are once again on his. She runs her hands over his body in a rapid motion. She is so eager for him right now. She can’t wait much longer she needs his cock now. She moves down his body trying to not move to fast but her need is overwhelming her.

She licks her way down his body until she is on her knees in front of him. She sucks and licks at his thighs trying to tease him a little. She takes his incredibly hard cock in her hands and she begins to lick the tip. Moving her hands a little along his cock she licks hungrily at his cock. Licking the tip and then down the underside of his cock and then along the top of his cock. She is enjoying this so much and she can feel herself starting to get wet already. Licking his cock feels great and she is really into it but she needs to feel all of him.

  She opens her mouth and covers his cock. Covering the tip of his cock with her small, wet mouth. She then takes more of him and more of him until her mouth is covering his cock completely.   She begins to move her mouth up and down. Sucking his cock slowly at first but she cannot contain herself and soon she is sucking him fast. Her head moving at incredible speed sucking his cock. She feels him getting close and she stops. She wants him to cum tonight but not yet.

  She stands up and kisses him passionately. She reaches down between her legs and inserts a finger into her now very wet pussy. She then lifts her finger covered in her juices up to his lips and runs it along his lips urging him to open his mouth. He sucks at her finger a little and this turns her on even more. She places her hands on his shoulders and pushes him down her body spreading her legs wider as she does. She tells him to lick her and he does eagerly.

He starts licking her pussy fast and his tongue is hard against her. He moves his concentration to her clit and begins to flick it with his tongue. Sucking it and licking it. He moves faster and faster and her screams fill the room. She starts to climax and he moves even faster. Sticking a finger in her and starting to finger fuck her. She cums all over his face and he continues to lick her. She pulls him up and kisses him tasting herself on his lips.

She turns off the shower and steps out. He grabs a towel to dry himself but she tells him not to worry. She leads him to the bedroom and she throws him down on the bed. She is hungry for him and she sits on his body as she begins to kiss him again. She has left all the lights on and he loves when she does this. She positions herself so that her pussy is sitting on the length of his cock and she starts to rock back and forth.

The tip of his cock hitting her clit sending pleasure through her body. She wants to fuck him. She wants that cock of his in her pussy. She is trying to draw it out as long as possible trying to delay the process but she knows she can wait no longer. She moves so that his cock enters her and she begins to fuck him fast. She moves back and forth over and over. Fucking him as fast as she can. Alternating between rocking back and forth and bouncing on his cock. She is moaning loudly now and she knows he likes this.

Her breasts right in front of him moving as her body does. He loves to watch her breasts move as she fucks him. He sits up a little and begins to suck her breasts and lick her nipples. She leans back and sighs loudly. She can feel herself getting closer and closer to a climax. She moves faster and tells him to suck her harder. With one nipple in his mouth and the other getting squeezed by his fingers and her pussy filled with his cock, she begins to climax. Shuddering as she does and her pussy pulsates over his cock.

She moves off him and bends over on her hands and knees in front of her. She tells him to fuck her. He moves in behind her and grabs her hips thrusting is cock into her as he does. Her head falls to the bed but he grabs her hair and pulls her face close to his. He kisses her passionately and then lets her head fall back down. He starts to fuck her fast and hard. Grabbing at her hips and pulling her into him as she does. It is not long before his body starts climaxing. She senses he is close and so she makes her self tighter for him. He cums in her warm wet pussy and she can feel his juices escaping her pussy and running down her leg. He leans against her back as he tries to catch his breath. Once his breathing has slowed a little he moves off her and lays next to her. She turns over and lies on her back.

He is watching her and this excites her again. She spreads her legs far apart and moves her hand so that it is now between her legs. She starts to rub the length of her pussy which is now soaking from him and from her. Her strokes start off slow and tender but it isn’t long before she is moving her hand fast over her pussy.   She stops stroking and lightly taps at her pussy making sure she taps over her clit. She needs to cum again. She is not done yet.

She looks at him and in a soft voice in-between moans she asks him “well aren’t you going to help me?”   He reaches down next to the bed and he grabs a dildo. He moves between her legs once more but this time he starts easing the dildo into her pussy. She rubs her clit fast as she raises her hips allowing him to push the dildo into her. The dildo enters her and he starts to pump it in and out. She plays with her clit faster and faster. Every once in awhile he bends down and licks her clit.

He is pumping her hard with the dildo and her rubbing her clit has almost brought her to the edge. He can tell she is close so while pumping her he leans in and licks her clit. This brings her over the edge and she climaxes loudly. He removes the dildo and hungrily starts licking her pussy. Licking all her juices up. She writhes and moans in pleasure. Once he is done he moves up to her face and they kiss passionately.  

They lay there next to each other both feeling rather spent. She leans in and places her mouth at his ear and whispers to him that she still wants him. She is still horny and they can’t rest until she is satisfied. She moves down his body and begins to play with his cock. She strokes it and licks it until she feels it start to become hard again.

Once it is hard again she places it in her mouth and begins to suck him. She sucks him fast and hard. She can feel him getting really into this. She loves to suck his cock. She loves the feeling of his hardness filling her mouth and she is getting rather excited by it. She rubs her hands over his thighs and continues to suck him. When she feels him starting to get closer she places her hands at the base of his cock and strokes him as she sucks. Mouth and hands working in unison together.

She pumps him hard with her hands and mouth and then takes one hand and grabs his balls. With his balls in one hand getting massaged and his cock being stroked and sucked it isn’t long before she feels him starting to climax. She doesn’t stop she just goes faster and soon she feels his warm wet juices flowing into her mouth. She swallows it and continues sucking until she is sure he is done. When she stops sucking she licks at his cock to make sure she has cleaned all of his wetness up.  

They kiss again. Tongues dancing with each other and their hands moving over each other’s bodies. Finally she lies next to him and they just lay there awhile. Eventually she curls up next to him and they embrace.  

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