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Her Lil' Fantasy

Tags: love
In her words, a fantasy she wishes to come true
We rent a car and head to Daytona Beach for the week. The drive there is great. We talk and get to know each other better, holding hands as you drive, occasionally resting your hand on my knee.
Always the gentleman, you open doors for me. As we check into our motel with the beach side view, we check the place out. It is a wonderful place with a king size pillow top bed and jacuzzi tub that would hold up to 6 people! There is a nice little balcony with a table and 2 chairs.

Not being able to resist one another, our first kiss sent fireworks shooting off in one another minds. Our hands roaming over one another bodies. We break away and gaze deeply into each others eyes, just mesmerized.

You touch my face, softly, lovingly and tell me that you love me. I declare my love for you, softly stroking your cheek, touching your lips with my fingers. We kiss, softly, our lips just grazing one another. It becomes deeper more affectionate.

Your hands travel from my hair and neck over my neck and shoulder, down my spine to my plump round ass in my cute tan little shorts. My hand travels down your chest, our kisses becoming intense.

You gently push me towards the bed and lay me back. You lay beside me, both of us rolling to look at one another. Our kisses are magic. Just from them alone, I'm so wet - my clit pure throbbing awaiting to feel your touch.

Your hands travel over my white tank top to my small but firm breasts. Your tongue travels over my lips to my ear, whispering how desirable I am to you. You blow in my ear, nibble gently on my earlobe. Kissing and sucking on my neck to my collar bone.

You raise up my top, revealing my white lacy bra. Your hands expertly undo the front clasp as you begin kneading my left breast, then my right. Your lips move to take my hard pink nipple in your mouth, sucking on it softly, biting it gently. I moan in pleasure.

Your hand roams down my stomach to the button of my shorts. Before I even realize what happened, my shorts are gone: scattered on the floor. I'm exposed in my black lace thong, you can see my wetness thru the lace. You can feel the heat as you place your hand near my pussy.

We kiss, your hand moves my panties to the side and find my hot moisture. You moan in appreciation, that you were able to get me that turned on. Your fingers spread me open, rubbing my hot swollen clit. I moan in ecstacy. As you rub my clit with your thumb, you slide a finger into my tightness.

Slowly at first working up some rhythm. It feels wonderful. Your lips kiss my belly down to my mound of sweetness. You move between my legs, pulling me to the edge of the bed, snatching my panties off, licking me slowly, teasing me. I'm so hot and bothered by this time, I'm begging you to eat my pussy!

You lick me and finger fuck me til I squirt my sweet juices all over your face. When I recover from my amazing orgasm, I get up and start to undress you. Your cock is begging for attention. I kiss you tasting my cum on your lips. The sweet taste....mmmmm.

I stroke your half hard cock to make rise to the occasion. I kiss down your chest, licking your nipples, nibbling on them. Down to your hard cock, licking up and down and around your head. Taking my tongue up and down the shaft.

Your hands in my hair gently pushing me forward. I take your cock in my mouth, sliding up and down with my tongue and lips. I deep throat you to an almost climax, I pull away. You rise and get me on the bed on all fours, my ass in the air. You touch my pussy again, checking it's wetness, it's drenched ready for you to drive your hard cock into me deep.
It feels so good as you slowly move in and out of me. Slowly, then faster, deeper and harder.

Your hands on my hips and over my ass. It doesn't take many strokes and I feel my major orgasm rock my body. As I cum you cum with me, filling my pussy with your sweet juices. We collapse on the bed in each others arms, resting from our love making.
(to be continued in tub ;)

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