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He's been away too long

You've been away for a week and I've thought about you every second. The door opens and as you walk through I throw myself into your arms. You look a bit surprised but you catch on quick and you push me against the wall. Your hands are all over me, your lips on mine. Your hot wet tongue invades my mouth and I welcome it in.

Your hands start to undo the buttons holding my dress together. First you reveal my bra and undo it from the front exposing my breasts, your fingers pinching my already erect nipples. I moan, you know how much I love you playing with my nipples but you're eager to move on and continue undoing my buttons.

You kneel on the floor to finish unfastening the bottom ones and you pull down my panties. Your mouth is so close to my sex that I can feel your warm breath. Your tongue finds my clit and gently you run your tongue in circles around it. I feel your hand slide up my leg and you slip a finger inside me, I'm already so wet it slides in easily. My hips buck forward and you know this won't take long.

You increase the pressure of your tongue and the one finger inside me is joined by another.

I can feel my orgasm building. My hands are in your hair and I try to tell you not to stop but I can't get the words out. All I can do is moan louder and move my hips in time with you.

You know how close I am and reach up with your other hand to pinch my nipple. You roll it around between your finger and thumb and squeeze it. That tips me over the edge and I feel my orgasm wash over me. You keep your movements going slowly until I stop moving.

You stand up with a smile on your face and kiss me passionately. I turn us around so you are the one against the wall. It's your turn now.

I unbutton your shirt, kissing down your chest as I go. I undo your belt and trousers and free your hard on. I take it in my hand and stroke it up and down. My eyes widen and I smile a little. I am always impressed by the size of your cock no matter how many times I see it.

I let my tongue run over the head before I wrap my lips around you and slide my mouth down, taking as much of you as I can. You groan and move your hips forward slightly. I move my hands to hold your hips to keep you still. I want to be in control but you have other ideas and suddenly your hands are on the back of my head gripping my hair.

You move my head back and forward, slowly at first. All I can do is hold your hips at bay as you fuck my mouth. I know you're really enjoying this as your movements speed up and so does your breathing. You are close but I don't want you to cum yet. I move your hands off my head and stand up. You're not pleased but you know what I want. I'm already hot and wet again. We kiss and finish taking off each others' clothes.

Naked now you lay me down on the bed, your hands run over me while you kiss my neck. You start to suck hard. You know it will leave a mark but you love the way it has me squirming and moaning beneath you.

I know now that you won't be gentle but it only makes me want you more. You stop and kiss your way down to my breasts you suck them hard, making me call out.

Your fingers find my pussy and you push two fingers in, your thumb rubbing circles round my clit. It's almost enough to make me forget but not quite.

"I want you inside me," I manage to say and it doesn't take more than that.

Your fingers leave me and are replaced by the head of your cock. You push it in just a little then plunge in to me all the way. I scream out at the feeling of you filling me up, stretching me to fit you.

"God you're always so tight," you breath in my ear. You pull out almost all the way and ram back in again.

I meet your every thrust with my hips. I wrap my legs around your back to pull you closer to me: my hands on your back, my nails digging in.

You move and pin my hands above my head. You suck my nipples as you continue to thrust deep into me. I can feel another orgasm building fast but I want it faster. I know you haven't cum yet and you must be closer than me.

I look up at you. You're watching me.

I lock my eyes with yours and tell you, "Fuck me harder."

I don't often talk like that and I can see you are a little surprised but you do what I ask. Your thrusts get harder and faster. I try to keep my eyes on yours but it's to much. You have one hand above my head keeping my arms where they are, the other is on my hip gripping me hard holding me in place as you fuck me hard and fast.

With a few more thrusts you start to groan and your body tenses as you start to cum. I can feel you pulse inside me and it pushes me over the edge. Another orgasm washes over me and wave after wave of pleasure runs through me.

Our breathing slows and you let go of my hands. I wrap my arms around you and nibble on your neck and you know I'm happy that you are home.

This is the first story I've written in a while and it's the first one anyone will be reading so let me know what you all think.
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