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He's the One

She always gets her man.
She walked in through the door of the bar, thinking to herself that she would definitely find the right one tonight. Standing there in her tight black jeans and white tank top, Clare felt super confident. She knew she looked sexy; her body was hard in all the right places and soft only where it should be. She worked hard at keeping her body this way. Her silky, long black hair was almost to her waist, and she knew that it turned men on in a way nothing else could. Her 36 D breasts sat unfettered in the tank top, Clare rarely wore a bra, her breasts were firm and perky and she hated the confining feeling of a bra.

She stopped after three or four steps and looked around. The perfect man had to be here, there was an abundance of men in the bar and she would find him if it took her all night. She did this on a regular basis, looking for the perfect man to satisfy her needs as they occurred. Today she wanted tall, dark and mysterious. The need consumed her and she stepped further into the room looking around.

She saw him a minute later, standing with his back to the room, not even seeming to notice the noise of the bar, or the woman sizing him up. She started walking towards him, doing a survey of his assets, as they were, as she approached from behind. His tight blue jeans hugged an ass that Clare couldn’t wait to get her hands on. He had brown hair that was cut close to his head on the back and sides and had just enough to hold onto if you so desired on the top.

When she reached the bar she sidled up next to him and motioned to the bartender to bring her a beer. When her drink arrived she turned slightly towards her target for the evening.

“Hello there,” she started, “I haven’t seen you here before, is this first visit?”

The man turned to look at her, and almost as quickly turned away again.

Clare was amazed. She had never been turned down, especially not after only one question that hadn’t even been answered. She leaned closer and tried again.

“How are you enjoying the ambiance?”

The man stood up from the stool, turned and looked her up and down.

Clare almost came in her pants just from looking at the sheer size of him as he stood in front of her. He had to be at least 6’6” and 250 pounds of solid muscle. His chest tapered down into a V at his waist and he looked like a man who had never shied away from manual labour. She felt her pussy throbbing at the thought of wrapping herself around him and having her way with him. Her nipples hardened and poked out through the tank top and she had to consciously stop herself from reaching up and playing with her breasts. Her whole body ached with the need to have him.

He smiled down at her and his eyes once again raked her up and down, stopping at her breasts and the juncture of her thighs. Finally he spoke.

“Where are we going to do this?” he asked, “Here, in the bathroom or are we going to your place?”

Clare wasn’t sure what to say to him. She was used to being the one who set the ground rules for these encounters.

“I don’t think we will be going anywhere until I know your name,” she said somewhat breathlessly at the thought of him so much as touching her.

He chuckled quietly and turned towards the door, catching her hand as he walked towards the exit. Clare thought about pulling back and refusing to go, but this was why she had come out tonight. She was turned on, and ready for whatever may happen.

“You still haven’t told me your name,” she stated firmly as he dragged her along behind him. “My name is Cl-“

“We won’t be needing names,” he interrupted her.

The audacity of his statement burned at Clare’s pride and she decided that she wasn’t going to go tamely with this man.

“No names, no action buddy,” she said with what she hoped was authority.

He turned quickly and hauled her up against the full length of him, and the height difference between them had her staring directly at his solid chest. He pulled her closer with one arm while the other hand came up and tilted her head up towards his face. His head descended towards hers and his mouth took hers in a kiss that had her melting in his arms. There was no resistance in her as she leaned completely into him and kissed back with everything in her. She reached up to put her arms around his neck and he used the opportunity to put both hands on her round ass cheeks and lift her up. She immediately wrapped her legs around his lean hips and started rubbing herself up and down on his stomach. Her actions had his shirt riding up and she could feel the muscles in his abdomen. The friction she created had her panting in his arms. He placed his hand on the small of her back and pressed her body into his, trying to hold her still. He was breathing hard and he ripped his mouth from hers.

“Where are we going?” he rasped out.

“Here, I need you now; I can’t wait until we get somewhere else.” Clare panted, reaching for his lips again.

He strode around the corner of the building and pushed her up against the wall, kissing her and rubbing his hands all over her, wherever he could reach. Her hands were sliding all over him, and she was trying to get her hands between them to reach the bulge that she could feel through his jeans. Oh how she wanted to get her hands on that bulge.

She pushed back on his chest and unwrapped her legs, hoping he would take the hint and let her down. His reaction was to hold tighter and move her up and down across the denim that was stretched taut over his erection. Her response was to moan and push herself against the ridge. She managed to get her own jeans undone but couldn’t get them pushed down. She was working on getting his jeans unfastened when he suddenly set her down on the ground and put his hands inside the back of her jeans. In one swift movement he had her jeans and thong pushed down around her ankles, and his hand moved up her leg until he was cupping her mound.

She was so wet and turned on that just the feel of him touching her had her cumming in his hand.

“Ohhhhhh god, oh god, ahhhhhh.” She moaned so loudly she was sure everyone in the area heard her. She also didn’t care. She pushed her wet pussy into his hand and started pumping her hips, trying to get closer.

He pushed his own jeans far enough down on his hips that his erection came free of the confining material. Clare gasped and reached for his penis, wrapping her hand around it and squeezing lightly. He moaned deeply and thrust his hips forward. She leaned forward and took the tip of his penis into her mouth. He thrust his hips further forward and threw his head back. Clare looked up at him and opened her mouth wide and took as much of his 8 inch rod that would go in her throat. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her away.

“No, not like that,” he groaned, and picked her up and impaled her on his rod and drove himself into her over and over again.

“Harder,” Clare cried, “harder, faster, more”

He pumped for all he was worth pushing her up against the wall and holding her motionless with his hands on her back.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and started lifting herself up and down to increase the friction. He looked her in the eyes and leaned in and took her mouth in a kiss that could melt glass. His hand went between them and started tweaking her clit as he continued to pump in and out mercilessly. The sensations he was giving her were sending her into fits. Clare started to cum again and grabbed his biceps to use as leverage.

“You too,” she growled as her pussy started contracting around him. She reached down and wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft twisting her wrist to jerk at him while he continued thrusting deeper and harder.

“UHHHH!!!” the sound that came from him was garbled by the fact that his whole body was jerking as he shot his load into her pussy. Clare pushed her pelvis into him to take all of his cock into her and ground her clit with the fist that was gripped around him. They both came so hard it was amazing that they could still stand.

Finally Clare felt her whole body relax, and she pushed on his chest to let him know that she wanted loose.

He set her down and reached for her, intending to get more from her. Clare stepped back out of his reach and straightened her clothes.

“Thanks for a good time,” she said as she started walking away.

“Hey,” he called out, “where do you think you are going?”

Clare turned and looked him in the eye.

“I’m done here,” she said. “It was great; you were just what I needed.”

With a smile she turned and walked away, making sure not to look back.

When she got in her car, she put her head back on the seat and let out her breath. Her whole body was still tingling from the intensity of the orgasms she had. That had been the single most intense encounter she had ever had, and she had had many. She tucked the memory back into the recesses of her mind and started the car. As she drove out of the parking lot she didn’t notice the dark shape standing off to the side of the parking lot, nor did she notice that he was writing down her licence plate number. She might have been finished, but he sure wasn’t.

To be continued....

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