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Hesitated Heartbeats

Two first time lovers and their experiences together.
    I was only 16 at the time, curious and confused, about boys and hormones and a little thing called sex. It was a whole new world to me. My boyfriend, a year older than me was almost as clueless as I was and just as curious. We'd been dating for a while and decided to take our relationship to the next level...

    We told out parents we were going to dinner and a movie explained that we'd be home by 11, but we both knew something else was about to go down.. We left for dinner at about 7, went out to a nice restaurant, he was always so good to me. I myself was in a cute little red dress, that came up to about mid thigh and was showing just enough cleavage to still be able to get out of the house. We had a nice dinner but the dessert was what I was really looking forward too.

    Leaving the restaurant my heart started to beat faster and faster, I knew what was to come, and so did he.. It was early fall so by 8:30 it was already dark, we drove down past the movie theater to Sherwood Point, where everyone at school knew was "the place to go." It was chilly outside and you could tell because my tits were hard, any idiot could see.

    We both climbed into the back seat of his SUV and sat there together, not making eye contact. I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest.. We were both so nervous, so him being the gentleman made the first move.. he put his hand on my thigh and leaned in to kiss me, it was very passionate. He then slid is hand up a little so it was just under the edge of my dress. I brought my hand up and softly ran my fingers through his hair. Our kiss deepened as we opened our mouths and let our tongues in on the excitement. After a minute or so we broke the kiss and I trailed my fingers down his neck and chest to the button on his pants and started to undo it. As I unzipped his pants he shivered a little either from the cold or from excitement.

    I slid them down and as I did that he took his shirt off and he was left there with nothing but his boxers on. He was hard with an erection that seemed like it was going to burst out of his pants. Seeing this I could feel a tingle between my legs as I was getting very aroused.

    Now it was my turn, I slid the straps off my shoulders and slowly pulled down my dress revealing my hot pink lace strapless bra and matching underwear. Might I add that my underwear were quite wet, and my boyfriend noticed so he ran his hand up my leg over the big wet spot and I breathed in sharply. He then ran his fingers up my stomach to my bra and played around with the lace till he reached the back of it and undid it with one quick motion. I watched as it fell to the floor and exposed my pert breasts. They weren't the biggest of the bunch but they were lively and "just the right size."

    He cupped them both in his hands rubbing them gently, teasing the nipples until they were rock hard. He then moved his mouth over to one licking and sucking it then the same to the other until I couldn't stand it. I was so turned on, so I pushed him back and motioned to pull down his boxers which he willingly helped with. His erect cock stuck up ready for action, I stroked it delicately with my fingers and then wrapped my hand around it rubbing up and down the shaft. I then got my mouth into it, licking around the head and sucking it. I was going up and down as far as I could go, almost all 7 inches in my throat. He started to moan, I could tell he was getting close so I was going faster and he started to rock his hips with the motion of my mouth.

    "Come on baby, oh yes, oh, oh!" He yelled. Then he couldn't hold it in any longer and started to cum all in my mouth. I lapped up every last bit of it, savoring his sweet nectar.

    Now it was my turn.. He got down on the floor and slowly slid down my panties, while kissing the inside of my thighs. My gleaming wet pussy shown wide open, first he moved in with his mouth licking my cunt, sucking my juices. Then he slid a finger down my slit into my tight virgin hole, first one then two fingers pumping in and out. Moan after moan I could feel myself slowly getting closer to an orgasm. I was so wet and ready for cock.

    He was getting ready to shove it in and asked "Are you sure your ready?" and without saying anything I gave him a look and he got the message... The next thing I knew he was gently sliding his dick inside me. With every inward motion he was sliding in deeper and deeper. It felt so good I thought I would cum right then.

    "Oh yes, mmm baby, harder, deeper!" I shouted. He started to go faster getting in as deep as possible. I was so tight it almost hurt, but I was to horny to notice, it just felt so good. I was getting closer and closer and so was he.

    He then shoved it in so far I thought I was going to explode. "OH MY GOSH, yes! yes! yessss!" I screamed. I was cumming so hard and then he started to as well, our love juices mixing together. The best orgasm of my life.

    He then collapsed next to me, our breaths were heavy. I scooted closer to him as he wrapped his arms around me and told me how much he loved me. "I love you too" I exclaimed, "for real babe." I smiled at him and he smiled back. I then said "so.. you want to go to another movie next weekend?" He just laughed and held me until it was time to leave. It was a night I'd never forget.

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