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High School: My Teacher Moves In Next Door

My sexy english teacher rents the next door apartment.
Hello everyone, my name is Brian. I'm a senior who lives in Holyoke, Colorado. I live in a decent apartment complex near the edge of town. My dad divorced my mom after she went through some destructive habits when I was just 3 years old. I've lived with him and my 2 younger sister in this small but cozy apartment for 14 years now. I've never really had any neighbors to brag about, just a few older women and a young couple that were getting settled before they bought a house.

My life has been pretty uneventful and ordinary. I have gotten good grades throughout my school years and I was headed to UCLA in the fall. I was never really that active in sports. I'm on my school's cross country team just to stay in some sort of shape. I'm a lean guy at 6 feet tall with very few muscles except some sinewy muscles in my chest and stomach. In high school I've never been one of the popular kids. I usually just keep to myself, but I have some good friends that I hang out with after school and on weekends. I was ready to take a break from Holyoke and go on to college.

I was looking forward to independence, parties, and the girls. I've never been much of a ladies man although I was told that I was decently attractive. I had short brown hair that stopped at my studious glasses. I've been comfortable around girls and I've had a couple girlfriends in high school. Both weren't what you'd call models but they were definitely attractive. But enough about me...

The second most eventful day of my short life happened during 3rd quarter of my senior year. Our AP Literature teacher was droning through one of his trademark, black and white power points. I was doodling nothing particular in my notebook when I heard a couple gasps and looked up in time to see the large mass that was Mr. Henson dropping to the floor. The next couple minutes were a blur. A girl freaking out in the corner. My friend Jared barking out orders to some of the students who were actually trying to be helpful and me just sitting there with a dumb look on my face. A few minutes later the ambulance came and with a struggle Mr. Henson was loaded into the back of it. He had a heart attack, but luckily he lived through it and was going to need a few weeks in the hospital and at home to recover.

The incident was the talk of the school for about a day. Classes were canceled and we got to go home. It would have lasted longer but we had a new thing to gossip about the next day. The temporary teacher. I hadn't even gotten to school yet and I was already receiving texts from my friends. None of them gave any clues on what he or she might be like. In my mind I was thinking of someone even worse than Mr. Henson. I just hoped they weren't as boring. I walked into my English class and sat down in my desk in the middle of the class.

The bell rang and in walked the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was about 5' 5" with long brown hair down to her waist. Her eyes were a dark brown that I could stare into forever. She had a slender body but was curvy in all the right places. With extremely shapely boobs that had to at least be D cups paired with an ass to die for. It swayed back and forth when she walked in her pencil thin skirt. Now I knew what everyone was talking about. She was radiant!

"Hello class my name is Ms. Peterson," she announced, "And I'll be teaching until Mr. Henson is well enough to return."

I couldn't take my eyes off of her body. It was perfect. She was perfect and I wanted her. And from a quick glance so did all the other males in the room. The girls were all looking very annoyed at the reactions from the guys and for good reason. They would place second to Ms. Peterson in this class.

She was a very nice teacher and she kept the whole class, including the girls, interested in the lesson. But overall that class and the next few weeks went by uneventfully. She tried in vain to hide her body from everyone else except for the occasional tight skirt. The news came a few weeks later.

"Class, Mr. Henson has decided to go into early retirement because of his health issues, I'll be your teacher for the rest of the year," Ms. Peterson said.

You could hear little shouts of joy from the guys and eye rolls from the girls in reaction to their reaction. The whole school was lively the rest of the day. Everyone was excited to have a young, sexy, and smart teacher in the school. But for me it just got better.

I was working on a history project on Saturday when I heard a door open and pairs of boots walking on the woodwork outside. I looked outside our window and there was a U-Haul outside with some boxes and furniture in it. Oh a new neighbor I thought. This should be interesting. I stayed inside to avoid the movers because shyness still gets to better of me. An hour or so later the U-Haul rumbled away and I ventured a look outside.

There was nothing to see, so I just closed the door and went back to my project. A few hours later I was heading out for my run. I told my dad, put my iPod in and headed out the door. Coming up the stairs was a very familiar body. I couldn't see the face because she was wearing a visor and was looking down. It was Ms. Peterson.

She looked up, startled and said, "Oh hi Brian! Do you live here?"

I was a still a bit shook up seeing her, "Y-y-yeah I do. Right here," I pointed to the door I just came out of. "Are you the one that just moved in?"

"Yes I live next door to you now, I guess that makes us neighbors."

"That's great!" I said a bit too enthusiastically. "Well I'm headed out for a run, I'll see you around." I was ready to get out of there, she had me really nervous.

She just smiled and said bye. I walked past her as she was walking through her door. Gone were the conservative dresses and shirts. She was wearing a tight top with leggings. They accentuated every inch of her curvy body and her flat stomach. She was the definition of beauty. After my run I was definitely going to jack off to that sight.

The next day my dad had the "brilliant" idea of inviting her over for dinner. I tried to urge him against it, but he would have nothing of it. Sometimes he was just too nice. She came over at 5 in some jeans that hugged her thighs and butt and the lowest cut top I had seen her wear (which still wasn't all that low).

We had ribs and the conversation was a little awkward at first but eventually we were having a good time. She was very nice to my sisters Gabriella and Kim. I learned more about her like she grew up in Denver and went to school at Colorado. Her first name was Emily and she enjoyed running and reading. It really was a good time and she was an extremely nice and talkative woman.

After dinner my dad told me to walk Ms. Peterson back to her apartment. She didn't think it was necessary because it was only a few feet away but my dad insisted. So I walked her back and we chatted about our favorite books for a few minutes outside her door. "Well I better get inside," she said.

"OK Ms. Peterson have a good night."

"You can call me Emily outside of school, I hate going by Ms. Peterson," she said with a brilliant smile on her face.

"Alright, good night Emily." I was beaming inside. That's awesome! I can call her by her first name I was thinking. I was overly excited over a very little thing.

The next week was uneventful although Emily did smile at me more often and we chatted a bit more than usual. My friends were jealous and we all felt like we were back in third grade again.

That weekend made me the happiest boy of my life though. My dad had gone to watch my sisters in a volleyball tournament in some town about 2 hours away. It was early in the morning and I was ready for my run. I put on my shorts and shirt and went out. As an act of God, Emily was going out for a run at the same time as me.

"Hi Brian! Want to join me?"


We didn't say much after that. We just ran in sync. I had to slow down a bit but she was very fast. Luckily she was focused because I got to stare quite a bit at her chest bouncing up and down with each step. I got a hard-on running and it made it uncomfortable to run correctly but I struggled through it so she wouldn't notice. We got back to the apartments a good 40 minutes later and we did a stretching exercise to cool down. She looked so good bending down to touch her toes. I walked her up to her room and thanked her for running with me. But she had different plans.

"Hey Brian, since you're home alone why don't you come over so we can keep each other company?"

I hesitated, "Are you sure?"

She just smiled and replied, "Yes of course. It'll be fun!"

I got some homework from our apartment and went back over to her apartment. It was very tidy and definitely had a "good to be home" feel. She gave me a Gatorade and plopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V. Emily got up to go to the bathroom but accidentally tripped over a bump in the rug and fell right into my lap. She was so embarrassed as she was sprawled across me and had her head on my chest. In her rush to get up she put her hand on my rock-hard cock and just froze. I was so aroused with her laying on me and with a hand on top of my man hood. She just stared at me for a few seconds looking scared and then got up and quickly walked to the bathroom.

I was petrified. That was awesome but I felt bad for Emily because it had all been an accident and she was so embarrassed. She had been in the bathroom for quite a long time and I was worried about her. I went up to the door and knocked and asked, "Emily are you alright?"

I heard a muffled, "Yeah I'm fine Brian, don't worry."

I walked away assured but froze in my tracks when I heard a little sound. I thought it was crying but when I listened closer I could tell it was a moan. Emily was masturbating in her bathroom with me in her apartment! This was awesome but I didn't know what to do. I opted for going to sit on the couch where I was. I formulated a plan. A very simple one and I hoped it would work.

A few minutes later Emily came out of the bathroom looking a little flushed, she smiled a weak smile and said sorry for what happened. I got up said it was fine and moved toward her. I took her in my arms and kissed her on her lips. They were so soft connecting with mine. They felt so good intertwined with me and I never wanted to stop it. Too bad. Emily pushed me back and yelled at me, "What are you doing Brian!"

I expected myself to run back to my apartment sad and embarrassed. But for the first time in my life I took control of the situation. "I'm doing what we both want Emily, I heard you in the bathroom. You were just as aroused as I was, and I was just acting on my feelings."

She looked down, "I'm sorry Brian but if we did that we'd be breaking the law and I could go to jail."

"I won't tell a soul Emily. It will be alright. And in a few months I won't be a student anymore."

Again I went up to her and caressed her face, "It'll be OK." I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth again. And this time she didn't hold back. Our tongues twisted together and we kissed for what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes. Steadily our kisses got more heated until our lips were mashed together and our tongues were battling each other.

"I have to have you Brian."

I picked her up and carried her to the couch. But that was the extent of my control. She got on top of me and pulled off my t-shirt. She kissed down my stomach to the waistband of my shorts. She pulled them down slowly with my boxers and a mischievous look in her eye. My hard dick sprang out and she wasted no time. It was in her mouth. Her tongue was circling the tip of my cock and she was bobbing up and down like there was no tomorrow. Her hand was cradling my balls, massaging them.

It felt so nice. I placed my head on the back of her hair guiding her up and down. She was an expert. I felt my 7 inch cock hit the back of her throat with each bob of her head. I wasn't going to last much longer she looked into my eyes and I told her, "Fuck, I'm cumming Emily!" With that she took me all into her mouth as I shot my seed into her throat. She expertly sucked up every drop. Being a teenager my dick barely got any softer.

She climbed up on top of me without a word. Kissing me again. I pulled up her shirt revealing a black lace bra concealing her large mounds of flesh. I easily took that off and threw it aside. They were amazing. I ran my hand over them. Getting a moan from her excited me more. I pulled off her pants with some assistance and all that was left was her black lace panties. Emily was in a hurry. She moved them the side and plunged down on my re-hardened cock. We both moaned together when she did this.

She looked in my eyes and started moving back and forth, rotating on my dick. She was so tight with me cock nestled into her pussy. I saw that she was shaved and had delicate pink lips and an engorged clit. My cock was nestled in between it all rocking back and forth with her hips. She started rising up and then dropping back down slowly. My cock going in and out at such a slow pace made me go crazy. I needed more. I took charge again and held her hips still and started pumping up and down. I was going as hard as possible.

My dick plunging in and out of her. Her tits were bouncing in front of my face and I grabbed one and stuck it in my mouth. She was moaning and screaming with every one of my thrusts. I had her on the verge of an orgasm. I started rotating along with my thrusts. This made her go wild. She was bucking with me. Meeting my hips every time.

Soon she was shouting. "Oh my god Brian make me cum! Fuck! Fuck!"

She stiffened and let out a low moan from deep in her throat. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. The walls of her pussy were contracting around my cock and I couldn't take it anymore. I let out a loud moan and came inside her. This set her into another orgasm. We held each other close until we came down from our extreme waves of pleasure.

After words she looked at me, we cuddled up on the couch and fell into a deep sleep.

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