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Him In Control

She surrenders control to him...

For a friend who I offered to write a story for...            
            The hotel room is large and luxurious.  The word expensive comes to mind.  You tremble, standing to the side of the king-sized bed, but not in fear, well maybe a little.  No, you’re really trembling with excitement.

He stands a few feet in front of you, eyes traveling over your body.  You can feel him, drinking in every curve and line, his face filled with lust… hunger.  As he walks up to you, you feel a small trickle run down your thigh from your panty free crotch.  He of course told you not to wear them.

He smiles at you as he places his hands on your shoulders, not letting them linger though.  Instead, they trace the straps of your blue dress, over the swell of your breasts.  Cupping them in his hand, he squeezes, making you let out a slight moan.  Fingers run over the tips of your nipples, before he slides his hands down to your hips.

He slides one hand up and grips your chin, turning your head to the side as he buries his face in your neck.  He takes a deep breath, in and then out, while running his free hand up your back until it’s resting against the back of your neck.  Right at your spot… where the shoulder, meets your spine.  You can’t contain the shudder when you feel his finger nail, softly scrape against it.

“Are you read for a fun night, my little whore?” He whispers into your ear.

All you can do is moan in response, as your juices are now freely dripping down you thighs.  He smiles as his hands return to the straps of your dress, gripping them and sliding them down your shoulders, pulling it down to just below your round breasts, freeing them but leaving your arms trapped in the straps.  The hands return to your breasts, pinching the already hard nipples, and kneading the soft skin.

“Did you leave your panties at home like a good slut?” You nod when he asks you this.  “Good, show me.  Lift your dress to your waist.”

Your hands slide down to the hem of your dress and slowly pull it up to you waist.  Your juices are now running down your thighs and legs like a river.  One of his hands leaves your breasts, sliding down to cup your mound, middle finger sliding between your wet lips, pressing against the entrance to your hole.

“Tell me what you want,” he tells you, sliding a hard to the back of your head.

“I want it…,” you answer, knowing that’s not what he wants to hear, but unable to form the words.

“Tell me what you want bitch!” He grabs you hair tightly and pulls, extracting a slight yelp from you, but also making a fresh drop of juice run down your leg.

“Your cock!” You scream as he pulls slightly.  “I want it shoved down my throat! I want it deep in my pussy!”

“Is that so?” He says with a slight chuckle.  “You want me to use you like the dirty whore you are?  Fine then, on your knees slut.”

You drop to your knees, hands going to his belt without him even needing to say anything.  You quickly get his belt undone and open his fly before pulling down his slacks.  You eyes fall on the tented bulge in his boxer shorts, running down his left thigh.  Licking your lips, you grip the waistband and pull them down.

You gasp as his cock springs into view, all eight, thick, inches bobbing in front of you.  Your hands grasp it, one stroking the length, the other cupping his balls.  A drop of precum oozes from the tip and you can’t help wrapping your lips around the head, sucking the cum into your mouth.

“Mmm, suck that cock slut,” he moans just before you release the head and start flicking your tongue over the head.  “I said suck it!”

He grabs the back of your head and pulls your mouth back to his cock.  You open your lips, letting his head slide past them to the back of your mouth.  He pushes your head further down on him, shoving his cock down your throat.  You let out a small muffle of surprise as his cock slides in, filling your throat, stretching it out until your nose is pressed against the thin tuff of pubic hair.

“Ah fuck… that’s it slut,” he groans holding you on his cock.  “That’s how a good whore uses her mouth.”

After several seconds, he finally releases you, letting you slide his cock out of your mouth.  You get a few gulps of air before he suddenly pulls your head back, shoving his cock in your mouth again.  This time he holds you still, thrusting his cock in and out, making you gad each time the head pushes into your throat.

“Fucking use that dirty mouth whore… mmm,” he moans shoving himself in over and over.

“Guk, guk, guk,” is the only thing that you can say in response.

“Good, take over now,” he says releasing your head.  “Show me how much you want my cock.”

You quickly start bobbing on most of his cock, stroking the rest with a hand as you do.  His shaft is glistening with your saliva making it easy for you to jerk him hard.  Your other hand, cups and massages his balls, helping them build the load that you want emptied inside you.

“Stand up and turn around,” he tells you, pulling you off his dick.

You do as he says, taking the moment to free your arms of the straps of your dress.  You let out a small shudder as he pulls your hair away from your neck, pushing it over your left shoulder and out of the way.  One hand grabs one of your breasts, pulling you tight to him as the other slides down to furiously rub your clit, extracting cries and moans from you.

That’s when you feel his lips on the back of neck, right at that same spot, sending jolts of pleasure through your body.  Your legs are shaking already but now you can barely stay on your feet.  When he starts using teeth, you legs become jelly and you can no longer hold yourself upright.

You would’ve fallen were it not for him letting go of your breast to wrap his arm around your body, supporting you.  The assault of his lips and teeth on your neck and his fingers on your clit continue with him not missing a single beat.  Soon the combined ministrations start to build your orgasm.

“Cum for me whore,” he stops attacking your neck just long enough for his to say that.

His voice stays in your head as his mouth returns to your neck and his fingers push inside your hole, curling to stroke your g-spot.  You can’t take it anymore and let out a long groan as an orgasm shoots through you, your body shuddering in pleasure.  You hear a splattering sound as your juices pour from your onto the floor.

You mind goes to that hazy post orgasm place as his hands release you.  Your find your feet for a few seconds, but then just as your about to fall he shoves your forward making you fall face down on the bed in front of you, legs hanging over the edge.  His hands grab the top of your dress and pull it down over the swells of your ass, down your legs and off.

‘Stay there,” he said just a second before you start to hear the sound of clothing being removed.

There were a few seconds of complete silence, during which you could feel his hungry eyes traveling over your body, before he suddenly climbed on top of you.  Pulling your hair to the side his lips quickly found your neck again, but only for a second before he climbs off.  Grabbing your hips, he tosses your further on the bed so you’re right in the middle of the king size mattress.

Grabbing your hips again he pulls you up on your knees, spreading your legs with his knees as he does.  You moan in approval, thinking you know what’s coming next, but you’re wrong.  One of his hands starts caressing the wet lips of your pussy before he slides two fingers inside.  His other hand slides up your back until he can grab a handful of your hair.

“Mmm, that pussy’s all wet and ready for me,” he groans shoving his fingers in and out.  “You ready slut?  Are you ready for my hard cock?”

“Oh god yes!” You scream.  “Fuck me please!”

His fingers slide out of your pussy, replaced by the head of his cock pressing against your folds.  His other hand still grips your hair as the head pushes inside you, filling you as he slides inch-by-inch inside.  Your mouth opens in a silent ‘o’ as your pussy expends to accommodate all eight thick inches until his balls are pressed against your clit.

He starts with a few slow strokes, giving you a little time to adjust… but after those two his free hand grips your hip and he starts pounding into you.  You start screaming out with every thrust as he starts slamming his cock deep inside you, pulling your hips back and forth so he can fuck you harder, breasts swaying with motion as your body moves.  His balls slap against your clit with each stroke as his grip tightens on your hair.

It’s a sensory overload for your body and soon you explode in climax.  Your pussy squeezes his cock, pouring juices all over, making him groan as he feels you cum.  He doesn’t stop, but instead pushes harder and faster into your hole.  He lets go of your hair so he can grip both hips, the slapping of your bodies echoing into the otherwise quiet room.

With you head no longer being held up by him it falls forward, along with your shoulders.  Your mind is ablaze with the pleasure of your orgasm and his continued pumping inside you.  His hands leave your hips and grip your ass cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart, no doubt so he can watch your pussy swallow his cock.  You’re barely recovered from your last orgasm when his hard pounding suddenly brings you to a second, getting another groan a approval from him.

He suddenly stops, burying himself inside you and holding himself there as he bends over to lay his chest against your back.  His hands grab your breasts, massaging the mounds and nipples as his lips kiss one of your shoulder blades.  Suddenly he starts to sit up, pulling you up with him so that you’re sitting on your knees.

His right hand grabs your left breast, supporting your body as his left pulls your hair to the side so his lips can find that special spot on your neck.  As soon as his mouth finds its mark, lips sucking, teeth scraping, his left hand slides down your body to start stroking your clit.  He starts to grind his hard dick into you, sometimes giving you short thrusts.  Your juices pour from you, body on fire as he strokes all of your sensitive spots, especially the scraping of your neck, to the point where you feel another orgasm coming.

You can’t contain the scream that erupts from this orgasm, juices flowing in rivers out of you.  He takes the hand that’s stroking your clit runs down to your mound, rubbing his fingers over your juices before the hand up to your mouth.  You suck them into your lips, tasting your sweet juices as you suck his fingers as you did his cock.

He suddenly lets go of your body, and you fall forward unable to hold yourself up.  His cock slips out from you, despite your protest.  An arm wraps under one of your legs and another wraps around your waist.  You squeal in surprise as he lifts you up and drops you back down, twisting you so you’re on your back with your head just below the pillows.  He crawls between your legs, lifting them into the bends of his arm before shoving his cock back inside you as deep as it can go.

“It’s my turn to cum now,” he says to you as he starts to thrust deep and hard into you.  “You want that slut?  You want me to fill that dirty pussy?”

“Oh god yes!” You scream as he pushes hard inside you.  “Fill my dirty cunt baby!  Oh god I want it so bad!”

To your astonishment, he’s able to start pounding harder inside you, pushing your body into the bed with each stroke.  The sounds of slapping skin and the splashing of your juices each time he pushes inside fills the room, as does your cries and his grunts.  You run your fingernails across his chest, the skin of his body like yours, covered in sweat.  His teeth are clenched, his eyes closed in concentration as he fucks your pussy.  At the sight alone, you start to feel another orgasm approaching.

Suddenly he raises his head and starts to thrust faster, letting out a loud growl just as soon as you feel his shaft pulsing.  He buries his cock fully inside you, just as you feel the first blast of warm thick cum pouring inside you.  You feel the second, and then the third and so on as his body shakes on top of you.

The warm thick fluid filling you up suddenly triggers your building orgasm, causing you to groan and start shaking underneath him, pleasure clouding your mind again.  When you come out of your orgasmic haze, he has his head buried in the crook of your neck, lips giving you light pecks.  His softening cock still buried inside you, his cum leaking from your pussy.  His lips leaves your neck and finds yours, shoving his tongue inside, giving you a deep kiss before rolling off you and lying on his side next to your exhausted body.

Your whole body is tingling, warm and sore.  When you try to move you find that you can’t find the strength to do so and just give up trying to do so.  You moan slightly as he lowers his lips to yours again, pushing his tongue inside gently this time before helping you under the sheet, lifting your body when he realizes you can’t move.

“Thank…,” he puts a finger to your lips stopping you from finishing what you were going to say.

“No thanks needed,” he says stroking your chin.  “It was my pleasure Emmy.  You were wonderful darlin.”

He climbs off the bed and walks into the bathroom.  As you hear the shower start, your eyes start to get heavy.  You know that when you wake he’ll be gone so you try to fight it.  You body doesn’t let you fight for long.  The last thing you remember before drifting off to sleep, is the warm sensation of some of his cum, dribbling out of your well used pussy.  You love it when he’s in control.


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