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His Best Friend's Girl

She's his best friend's girlfriend . . . she's off limits - right?
This is one of those "almost true" stories. It's something that should have happened, even though it never did . . . or did it?

“Hi Pete, its Lisa; Matt’s girlfriend.” I said into the phone.

“Hi Lisa, How are you? You do know Matt is out of town right?” You said.

“No, I know he and his dad are out of town. I was just wondering if you had any plans tonight. My parents are at a concert and I’m home all alone. I figured you might want to hang out or something.”

I was so nervous. I knew you had mentioned having problems with your girlfriend Annette, and probably would want some sort of excuse to get away from her for the evening.

You laughed to yourself; I still don’t know if it was because you thought it was funny that I had called or because your intentions were as naughty as mine were that night. Matt and I had been together for about a year and a half, and while everything was going good, we were only 16 and things were only as good as a relationship between 16 year olds could be. Plus, Matt and I had known each other since we were two; we had gone to nursery school together and our moms were friends. He was an adventurous lover and always left me screaming in pleasure when he would go down on me, but when we were having actual sex he left a lot to be desired and I often faked my orgasms with him.

“Yeah, I guess I can head out there tonight. Annette did want to go see some movie, but I really don’t feel like dealing with her. I’ve got to admit though; it’s pretty strange that you would rather hang out with me than some of your friends on that side of town.” You said.

“I’m only using you for your car.” I said, laughing.

I was only half joking. You and Matt fixed up old cars to use as your daily drivers. Matt had a cherry-red 1966 Corvair Corsa and you had a bronze 1967 Chevelle. No one else had cars like those and you both turned heads everywhere you went. I didn’t want to hang out with someone with a car like everyone else; I wanted to be noticed. I also knew that your Chevelle had an enormous backseat which would provide plenty of room for us if things went my way that night.

“Aw babe, that’s not nice. What would Matt say if he knew you were using us for our cars instead of for our good looks?” You joked.

I giggled; if you had only known the thoughts running through my head at that moment. “Isn’t that better than using you both for sex?” I said.

Your voice changed, almost as if we were thinking the same thing. “Lisa, you can use me for sex anytime.”

“I just might take you up on that offer.” I said.

“Alright then; I’ll see you in about an hour.” You said as you hung up the phone.

I rushed into the bathroom to jump in the shower. The drive from your house to mine was only about 45 minutes if there was traffic and this was late Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer; there probably wouldn’t be any traffic. I only had about a half hour to get ready.

Fifteen minutes later I emerged from the steamy bathroom, my hair wrapped in a towel. I rubbed lotion over my freshly shaven skin. As the lotion rubbed against my clean shaven lips, the tip of my finger brushed against my clit and the electricity shot through my nerves like fire. I knew it was wrong, trying to seduce you, but I didn’t care. Matt was a great guy, but I was getting sick and tired of faking orgasms and 5 minute fuck sessions; just because we would have sex 5 times in a day, it didn’t mean we had sex for a half hour.

As my skin dried, I pulled my hair down, gently untangled all the curls, and pulled it up just enough that my auburn curls would cascade down my back. I put on just enough makeup to even out my skin and add some depth to my emerald green eyes. I walked over to open my closet to decide what to wear, and the perfect outfit jumped out at me. Pulling out the micro-mini Daisy Duke shorts and half peasant top my eyebrow raised. Oh yes, this will get his attention. Laying the outfit on my bed, I opened my top drawer to decide what to wear underneath it. Nothing looked good to me; the shorts were so tight on my size 3 frame that even a teeny tiny g string would show through the fabric. I made the executive decision to forgo any panties this evening. I slowly slid the tight shorts up my freshly shaven legs and zipped them closed. I pulled the top over my perky 34B breasts and tied it tightly enough to prevent it from slipping. I buckled my sandals just as I heard you pull into the driveway. I could feel my pussy grow wet with every rumble from your engine. I suddenly had a change of plans. My parents wouldn’t be home until at least 1am and I knew it would be easier to seduce you here.

I ran down the stairs and out the front door. Closing the door behind me I saw your face as you notice my outfit. It is obvious that you liked what you saw. Your eyebrow arched over the frame of your sunglasses. Your eyes followed me as I walked up to the driver’s side and leaned into the window. I could feel your eyes on me even though I couldn’t see them. I rose up on my tip toes to lean in and give you a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for coming all the way out here to spend time with me.” I said.

“Sure, you’re worth it.” You said taking the car out of gear and pulling the parking brake.

I could see that your cock was hard through your jeans; you obviously enjoyed my outfit as much as I hoped you would. I knew my plan was working; I was positive that you were jealous of Matt as soon as we had met. We were at a road rally at a hotel overnight and you kept trying to find something for Matt to go do so that would leave you and I alone together. I remember the way you looked at me that night in the pool when I walked out of the locker room in my tiny white bikini. It was obvious I had an effect on you. I was hoping I had at least that much effect on you tonight as well.

“Okay, so I thought about heading to the beach tonight to hang out and maybe play some miniature golf, but why don’t we just hang here instead. We can watch a movie or something.” I said, looking innocent.

I saw your eyebrow rise again. I knew you were trying to figure out my angle and why I wanted you to come in. I only hoped you wouldn’t resist.

“Or something?” You said flirtatiously. “Did you have anything in particular in mind?” You asked.

“Maybe, but you will have to come inside to see.” I said as I turned and walked back to the house. It was now or never. If you didn’t follow me in I wouldn’t ever get the chance again; if you did, then I knew there was a good chance that I would get my wish tonight.

I heard the car door slam behind me and before I knew it; your hands were on my waistband, pulling me against you.

“Hey! Wait up, you can’t just run away from me.”

As you caught up, you pressed yourself against me and I could feel your hard cock against my back.

We walked into the house and I debated whether to direct you to the family room with the couches and fireplace or to my room at the top of the stairs where the bed was. Remembering my parents just installed a gas fire pit in the backyard that was surrounded by a 6 foot privacy fence I made my decision.

“Do you want to sit out by the bonfire?” I asked, giving you a sly smile.

Squinting at me as you thought about it, you quickly responded. “Sure, why not?”

I grabbed a blanket so that we had something to stretch out on and we walked out to the yard. You tentatively reached out and grabbed my hand. I felt my heart jump as your skin touched mine. I was feeling really confused, I wasn’t sure if it was just hormones or that I was really falling for you. I felt a connection the first time we had met and I was pretty sure you were interested in me too. I laid the blanket out on the grass and flipped the switch for the fireplace. Shortly thereafter, flames rose and danced in the slowly fading sunlight. As we sat on the blanket watching the fire, we were talking about all kinds of things but avoiding the obvious discussion of what we were both thinking. Knowing you were too scared to be the “bad guy” and make the first move, I decided I would. As the darkness fell, I gathered my courage and leaned over to you.

“Pete?” I said.

“Yes Lisa?” Your eyes locked on mine. I could see you trying to fight the feelings; you were always a loyal guy and stealing your best friend’s girl was the last thing you wanted to do.

I leaned even closer and kissed you.

You hesitated at first, and then slowly kissed me back. Your hand cupped my cheek as you pulled my face closer to yours. I felt the butterflies start in my belly. I wasn’t sure what was more exciting; kissing you or the fact that I was about to cheat on Matt with you. My lips parted and you slowly pushed your tongue into my mouth.

Our tongues danced together as you gently rubbed along my back. You suddenly paused for a minute and broke the kiss. “Lisa, I don’t feel anything under this shirt. Are you even wearing a bra?”

I blushed, looking down. “Umm, no.” I said softly.

You shifted uncomfortably as you tried to adjust the growing erection in your jeans. The thought of me next to you with nothing between my breasts and the open air but the thin cotton of that shirt was almost too much for you. I could see the outline of your cock strained against your jeans as you imagined what was underneath that thin layer of cotton. I saw the look of confusion in your eyes as you tried to decide which urge was greater; the one led by your hormones or the one anchored in your dignity and loyalty to your friends.

This was totally out of character for me; I was always the loyal one, even when I dated guys who went to different schools, I would never date anyone else. Despite my normal devotion, there was something deep within me that needed to have you and needed you that night. I slowly placed my hand over the bulge in your jeans as my eyes locked on yours.

You looked at me, a pained expression on your face. “Lisa, you know we can’t do this. I mean you’re with Matt and I’m with Annette. What are we going to tell them?”

A sly grin erupted on my face. “I wasn’t planning on telling them.” I said. “I was planning on it being our little secret.”

I rubbed you harder as I gently bit your lower lip.

“Are you trying to tell me you haven’t wanted this to happen since we met last year at the hotel during the road rally?” I said pouting. “It really seemed to me like you were pretty jealous of Matt.”

You looked shocked as you realized I had figured you out. Stumbling over your words you tried to explain.

“It’s not like that. I mean Matt never brought any girls around before, and then when he does, it’s you. Plus you came out of that locker room with that tiny little bikini on and it was just really hot okay?”

I kissed you hard. “Yes Pete, it’s okay. I don’t have an issue with the fact you think I’m hot and I doubt that Matt would either. I don’t really want to talk about him anymore tonight though. I can feel your resolve melting the harder I kiss you. It’s not like I really wanted to be the aggressor tonight, but until you stopped fighting it I had to.

You cocked your eyebrow at me again. “Oh you don’t want to talk about him huh? What is it you wanted to talk about then?” You said as you pulled me closer and began biting my neck and shoulders.

“Do you want to talk about the fact that with one little pull of this string that this shirt will basically fall off of you?” You said as you pulled the end of the bow with your teeth.

I could feel the shirt growing looser by the moment and knew very quickly my breasts would be exposed.

I giggled again; pushing you on your back, I straddled you. “Oh, is that what you want to talk about?”

As I leaned down, the peasant shirt pulled away from my flesh, offering you a glimpse at my unrestrained breasts. I caught your eyes wandering toward them as the shirt slid lower down my body. Leaning down further I gently kiss you and ground my hips against yours. I wanted to keep the intensity up; I didn’t want to risk either one of us losing our nerve.

As I rubbed against you I could hear your breathing getting quicker and I knew you had finally given in to the hormones, damn the consequences. My internal cheerleaders did a victory dance.

“I don’t know if I can wait any more Lisa. I should have done this that night in the hotel, you deserve so much better than Matt. I mean he’s a great guy and all, but you need a man, not a boy like him.”

Your eyes had changed as well; they were sharper, hungrier, and almost animalistic. I knew that the wet spot in my shorts had to be obvious at this point; I couldn’t stop thinking about you giving in to your desires and bringing me to climax multiple times over the next few hours. You rubbed your hands down my body and cupped my behind. Squeezing it gently, you pulled me harder against you and I could feel your cock rubbing against my cleft through our clothes. It was obvious you were about to burst and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could resist.

As you sat up, you reached up and pulled the loose shirt over my head. My nipples grew harder in the cool evening air. Almost instantaneously, your hot mouth was on them; licking, sucking, and biting them as I threw my head back and moaned. Your tongue was tantalizing me and I was having a hard time staying quiet enough not to alert the neighbors. I quietly moaned your name as I pulled your shirt over your head. My hands traced your skin as you kissed back up to my mouth. Your tongue probed my mouth as your arms pulled me tightly against you.

“Why did you wait so long to invite me over?” You asked as you slowly slid the zipper down on my shorts.

“Why did you wait so long to come over?” I asked, unbuttoning your jeans and sliding your zipper down.

“That is a really good question.” You said. “I should have just bumped Matt off a while ago and taken you for myself.”

I smiled at you. “No you should have just snuck into my hotel room that night and had your way with me then instead of being too scared and waiting until I throw myself at you.”

You push me off you and down onto the blanket. Laying over me, supported on your elbows you kissed me and said “Too scared huh? Who am I supposed to be scared of?”

You grab my shorts and pull them off of me. As you do, you notice there were no panties beneath them. “No panties either? You planned this didn’t you?”

I blushed, my plan was discovered. “Hey, I was home alone; Matt’s up north, my parents are at a concert, and I was horny, why not?”

Your face fell. “So you weren’t kidding when you said you were using me for sex? That’s so not cool.”

I sat up with a start. “No Pete, that is not it at all. I am not using you for sex, for God’s sake I want you and I have since that night. It’s just taken me a year to get up the courage to go for it. Your friend may be a great boyfriend but he’s a lousy fuck and I’ve got this wild idea that you might be a bit better.”

You chucked at me. “He’s that bad huh? He made it sound like he was king of the bedroom or some shit like that. He said you two were always in bed, even when your parents were home.”

“Yeah, that part is true, what he left out is that he can’t last longer than five minutes and I have to fake it just to stroke his ego.” I said.

“Five minutes? That’s it? Wow! And you have to fake it? That’s not fair.” You said. “I guess I owe it to you to prove that us car guys aren’t all that bad.” You said as you kissed your way down my body. You stopped to pull your jeans off.

I put my hand on your chest to stop you. “Pete, I am not saying this because I don’t want to do this; I do, I really do. I don’t want you to do this just to prove a point, or one up Matt, or because you want to prove something to me. I want you to do this because you want to, whatever the outcome is.”

You pulled your boxers off, exposing your hard 9” cock. Grabbing my hips and pushing yourself slowly into me you looked me deep in the eyes.

“Lisa, if I didn’t want this, or didn’t want to be here I wouldn’t have cancelled on Annette tonight, I wouldn’t have lied to my parents about where I was, and I wouldn’t have skipped out on heading up north with Matt and his dad. If your parents hadn’t been gone tonight I would have just gotten a hotel room or something. Matt said you were ticked that work gave you this weekend off because they thought you were going up north with him so if you hadn’t called me, I was going to call you.”

I gasped. It was a combination of feeling you deep inside me and your admission that I wasn’t the only one with ulterior motives tonight. “You mean, you knew; wait, you planned this too?” I said, shocked.

“What? I’m not allowed to use you for sex?” You said giggling.

As I blushed and smiled at you, you leaned in to kiss me again. “Okay, enough talking. You are too sexy to chat with when I am trying to do this.” You bury yourself deep inside me, and I can feel you rubbing against my g-spot. I feel my first real orgasm building slowly and I rock my hips in time with yours.

“Mmmmmm Pete, you feel fucking amazing.” I said.

You knew exactly how to move inside me to drive me wild. My back arched with every stroke you made. I had no idea that sex could actually feel like this, could feel this good. You were spoiling me for Matt that was for sure. I could tell I was on the brink of orgasm and tried to let you know.

Breathlessly I said “Pete, I think I’m about to” before the orgasm exploded inside of me. I saw stars as I tried to catch my breath. Before I could say another word, you began pounding even harder into me and I felt another orgasm building. I tried to focus on the stars above us in the sky, but my vision was fuzzy from both the orgasm I just had and the rapidly impending one.

One by one, you brought me to orgasms for over an hour before you finally exploded inside of me. Fighting to catch your breath, you collapsed on top of me. “Damn it Lisa, why was it we waited so long for this again? Are you sure I can’t tell Matt about this? I’m not trying to be mean, but I would love to rub this in his face.”

I laughed quietly as I ran my fingers through your hair. I knew what we had done was wrong, but I couldn’t wait to do it again. I tried to remember the next time I knew Matt was going to be out of town, and if it was even worth it to try and continue with him. Then again I didn’t want to be the reason you and Annette broke up, even though I knew what the outcome would be if either Matt or Annette ever found out.

All of a sudden I heard a familiar voice and knew my ship was sunk.

“Trust me Pete, you don’t have to worry about telling me a thing, I think I’ve got the picture.” Matt said as he walked out of the backyard and the gate slammed behind him.

“Wow, that’s going to be hard to explain . . .” Pete said.

“That’s an understatement.” I said.

It goes without saying that Matt was less than happy with what he saw and heard that night in my backyard. I don’t know how I did it, but I convinced him not to leave me. Pete and I had to be a hell of a lot more careful, but this wasn’t the only time we were together. There were many other weekends at car shows and road rallies where Matt’s parents made me get my own hotel room because they were so afraid of what Matt and I would do together if we shared one on our own; if they only knew what was going on underneath their noses.

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