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His Fantasy

You tell me yours, and I will tell you mine.
Still buried deep inside Kimberly, Johnathon looked into her blue eyes. Both were feeling a bit confused. She had no idea that he wanted her sexually, and he was worried that he had crossed the line.

“What was your fantasy, Johnathon?” she whispered.

Her arms were wrapped around his neck. He brushed a strand of her silky, red hair from her face. Johnathon marveled at how beautiful she looked laying there with a rosy flush across her cheeks and a sheen of perspiration glittering over her body.

“I have always wanted to fool around at the office. Not during off hours, but during the time when I could get caught,” he said.

His cock twitched just from thinking about his fantasy. Kimberly could feel him hardening inside her. She smiled at his reaction and wanted to encourage him more.

“Go on. Tell me more,” she purred.

Shifting out of his embrace, she pushed him onto his back and climbed astride him. She lifted her hips and slid her hand between their bodies. Kimberly gripped his shaft, which was rock hard now, and nestled him between her pussy lips.

Johnathon's eyes rolled back in his head, as his cock was enveloped by her warm slit. He groaned deeply, when she started rubbing up and down his rigid pole. The blunt, plum shaped head of his cock pushed the pinkish hood of her clit back with each of her strokes.

“Um...I would...Oh God. You would come in my office. Uh...only thing between us...blinds and glass. Fuck...what are you doing to me?” Johnathon said.

With every word he tried to speak, his Irish accent got heavier and deeper. She was contracting her muscles, making her pussy suck his on his shaft. The wet, sucking sounds made by her cunt echoed in the quiet room.

Unable to take anymore, he grabbed her hips and speared her pussy in one stroke. Johnathon held her hips stable, as he pounded up into her. Her pussy was so wet, and he could feel the warm nectar dripping down his shaft.

“Oh God! Fuck me, Johnathon. Harder, please. Yes. Yes. Yessss....,” Kimberly wailed.

His strokes were hard, deep, and powerful. It was like he was trying to climb into her body through her swollen cunt. He opened his glazed eyes and tried to focus on the most erotic sight above him.

Kimberly had braced her hands on his chest and was pumping her own hips in tandem with his thrusts. Her eyes were closed, and a look of pleasure/pain on written all over her face. Her breasts bounced with each movement they made, the nipples hard enough to cut glass.

“Play with your clit, Kimmy. Make yourself cum all over my dick,” he moaned.

His cock was super sensitive and every move felt like a thousand tiny shocks. Johnathon knew he was getting closer. His balls had tightened painfully, needing a release.

Kimberly snaked her hand between their bodies again and manipulated her pulsing bead. Capturing it between two of her fingers, she rubbed both sides at the same time. Tiny gasps and pants escaped her, as she tried her best to focus on riding him and trying to cum at the same time.

Johnathon felt her pussy start to pulse. It felt like a moist, velvet glove gripping and releasing him. She had clamped down on his pole so tightly that it was almost impossible to move.

Kimberly felt her orgasm rush over her like a tidal wave. Her arms gave way, as she collapsed down on his chest. Johnathon pumped his cock into her stiff body, bringing himself to his own powerful peak, as she convulsed on his chest.

As she rode the wave down, she felt him explode into her twitching pussy, filling it with his own special cream. With her arms around his neck and face buried in the side of his neck, she kissed and nipped that strong column, as he shouted out his release. Johnathon wrapped his arms around her slender waist, holding her tightly, while the chills rushed over his body.

“Damn! I don't think I have ever actually hollered during an orgasm before,” he panted.

Laughing softly, she snuggled on his chest. Rolling them to the side, he molded his body to the back of hers. The room was heavy with the scent of sex and her perfume.

Over the next couple of weeks, they spent more time together. She learned to believe in her beauty. He learned patience. They both learned every inch of each other's bodies.

It was a slow Wednesday night. Johnathon, having finished his patrol, was in his office, writing up the reports for the night. Mostly, he was daydreaming about their last sexual adventure, when his boss poked his head in the door.

“Hey, have a visitor,” his boss said.

Kimberly slipped in his office from behind Johnathon's boss. Johnathon could see the hustle and bustle of the office behind her. She shut the door behind her, but did not lock it. In fact, she turned the blinds open, where he could see people walking about.

With question in his eyes, he looked at the lady in front of him. Kimberly was dressed to the nines. Her lovely locks were twisted into a messy bun, giving her a sexy, just from the bed look. Scarlet lipstick covered her plump lips, and all he could think about was how good they would look wrapped around his cock.

She was wearing a long, leather jacket, but he was able to see that her legs were encased in silk stockings, paired with black high heeled shoes. Johnathon got up from his desk. His erection was obvious, and he made no attempt to hide it.

“Hey, honey! What are you doing here?” he asked, hugging her tightly.

She molded her body flush to his, pressing her groin to his and rubbing against his cock.

“I just wanted to stop by and say hi to you. Do you mind?” she said, coyly.

“No. No. No. Thank you! I'll be done here in a moment. Have a seat,” he said, pointing to the empty chair.

Kimberly sat down and crossed her legs. The coat parted, and he gazed at her thigh a moment before it registered that she was wearing a garter belt. Another moment passed before he realized that the garter belt should be covered by something, and it wasn't. Quickly looking up at her smug expression, Johnathon was shocked.

His hand automatically went to his groin and squeezed his granite hard dick. Unable to tear his gaze away from her legs, he actually quit breathing when she opened her legs all the way, showing him her bare pussy. She wasn't wearing panties!

“Like what you see, babe? Want to see more?” she said, in a silky voice.

She had him mesmerized, as she unbuttoned the coat and pulled it open. The black garter belt was snug around her waist. The sexy straps held her stockings up, and her black heels made her legs look even longer. Raising his gaze upward, he saw that her full breasts were being cupped by what looked like half a bra. It supported like a bra, but there were no cups.

Johnathon's eyes bulged, as his mouth watered. He thought she had forgotten. A knock on his door broke the spell. Shaking his head, he hastily motioned for her to cover herself, as his boss stepped inside to ask a question.

He followed him out of the office and down the hall for a quick conference. When Johnathon returned, his office was empty, but there was a note on his desk, telling him that she would see much more him later. Shaking his head at the cryptic note, he sat back down to finish his reports.

Johnathon sat there. It was so damn hard trying to concentrate with the images in his head. He could not get the sight of her out of his head.

“Hey man! You busy?” his buddy, Joe said, walking into his office without knocking.

Dropping his body into the chair she had vacated, Joe started talking nonstop about something planned for later that evening. Johnathon half listened, but about jumped out of his skin when he felt two small hands run up the inside of his thighs. His fellow officer never noticed.

“Blah, Blah, Blah,” was all Johnathon heard, as he realized that Kimberly had never left the office. She had climbed under his desk, which in reality was just a table, with a chair. If anyone walked in and looked down, they would see her under the desk.

Unable to say anything as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, he stared at Joe. His breathing rapid and uneven. Her soft, small hand slipped inside his pants and pulled his cock free. He was hard, in fact he had never been this hard before. He could feel his heart beat in the very tip of his dick.

Johnathon tried to smother the groan, as she ran her tongue from his balls all the way up to the blunt tip of his cock. She swirled it around the ridge, surrounding the mushroom shaped head. Flicking across the slit, Kimberly captured the drop of precum that had escaped. It tasted salty and like him, all male.

Kimberly wrapped her lips around his head and sucked gently, as if to tease him. She let her teeth softly graze over the ridge, leaving the turgid head slick and shiny with her spit. She traced the vein running down the length of his shaft to the base.

“Blah. Blah. Blah,” Joe continued.

Johnathon tried to focus on what his friend was saying, but he could barely even focus his eyes, much less try to hear what he was saying. His eyes rolled back into his head when he felt her tongue his balls, then take one into her mouth and suck gently. As she licked and kissed on his sac, her hand stroked up and down his shaft, rotating the palm of her hand over the top, and then back down.

Kimberly sat up higher and sucked his cock into her mouth. Johnathon looked down and connected eyes with her. He watched her mouth descend all the way down his shaft. Her mouth was hot and wet, and he felt his dick push past the hard roof of her mouth and into the moist, soft back of her throat. This time a groan escaped him, and Joe noticed.

“What's wrong, buddy?” he asked.

“Nothing! Nothing! What were you saying?” Johnathon panted.

“Hey...I'll get back to you on that party. I gotta go,” Joe said, and as quickly as he blew in, he was back out of the office.

Johnathon pushed his chair back and pulled her out from under his desk. She looked smug. His cock twitched and bobbed, wanting back in her throat.

“What the hell are you doing?” he said.

“Exactly what you want, need, and will get,” she purred.

Kimberly stood up, leaned over him, and planted a soul searing kiss on his lips, leaving him breathless and dazed. She let the jacket fall off her shoulders and fall to the floor. Lifting her hips, she climbed on his desk and laid back.

“I want you to eat my pussy, Johnathon. Suck my clit. Tongue fuck me. I want to feel your tongue all over my pussy. Make me cum, and I will tell you another fantasy. Cum with me, and we will make the next fantasy come true,” she said to him.

Her voice was silky and smooth, so soft. He was hypnotized. How could he say no to this woman? She had him entranced. Johnathon sat back down in his chair. The sane part of his mind was screaming about the possibility of someone coming in, but his cock overrode any objection.

Hooking his arms under her knees, he pulled her hips to him. He lowered his mouth to her thighs. Kimberly was wet. He could see it seeping from between her puffy lips. He could smell her arousal.

Using his thumbs, he opened those lips and like a starving man, Johnathon dove into her blood engorged, swollen cunt. He licked every inch of her inner and outer lips, before tonguing the tight hole. Pushing his thumb inside her canal, alongside his tongue, he felt her tight muscles grip his thumb.

Johnathon used his knuckles to stimulate her puckered asshole, pushing them inside, causing pressure. One day, his dick was going to feel how snug her ass is, but not today. Pulling his tongue from her pussy, he noticed the pearly juice trying to escape around his thumb.

He knew exactly how that juice tasted, tangy, sweet, and just like her. Switching his 2 longest fingers for his thumb, he began to finger fuck her pussy, slowly at first. Kimberly's gasps and moans were getting louder. They were in danger of getting caught, but it was so exciting.

He saw her clit pulsing, actually watched it twitch. Swirling his tongue around the base, he made a figure eight motion around the hood. Flicking along side of it, he teased her until she was begging. His fingers were steady, neither fast nor slow.

“Please...Johnathon...Please. Oh GOD!!! Please. I'm so close,” she begged.

Not wanting to deny her any longer, he sucked her entire clit into his mouth. He licked and sucked her hood, probing his tongue under it to tease the bare bud. Without warning, he started sucking her swollen nub like trying to get a thick milkshake from a straw. The fingers in her pussy were ramming in and out at a lightening speed.

Using his whole arm to finger fuck her, Johnathon growled down at her, “Cum for me.”

Wanting to add to her pleasure, he pushed his little finger into her ass, all the way to the knuckle. She dug her feet into the desk top and pushed her hips up sharply. Gasping for air, she tried not to scream, as stars exploded behind her eyes.

With his free hand, Johnathon jacked his cock at the same speed as he fingered her. Feeling a rush of cum traveling up his shaft, he squeezed hard before a jet of white, ropey cum shot from his cock and painted her ass cheeks and desk. Several spurts joined a large puddle of her juice on his desk top.

Reorienting herself, she hopped off the desk and reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a wad of moist towelettes. Handing him some and cleaning herself and the desk off with the others, she looked back at him over her shoulder. Johnathon had the most enigmatic expression on his face.

“Are you ready for the next fantasy?” she asked.

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