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His Scent

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The intoxicating smell of cum, perfume and persperiation on the sheets
I missed his touch and scent on my body so much, that I needed to see him that night after work. He never minded that I just stopped by whenever I felt like it, whether it was to talk with him or fuck him, which was really nice and comforting to me. I stopped by my house first to pick up a few things to put in my overnight back to take over. I made sure to put at least one piece of sexy lingerie. It didn’t stay on long but it was fun playing together and he loved it on me so much, he just could not get enough of it, which made me feel very sexy.

I finally got to his home and began to get things ready. I knew he was working but was going to be home soon since he had to fill in for another officer, which in turn allowed him the rest of the night off. I thought that maybe he might want to get some sleep but I was being a bit selfish, I wanted him to devour me and I do the same for him, which meant not much sleep for either of us.

I walked into the bedroom and noticed that the bed was not made and I could smell the sex from the other night. One of the things that bothered me was he never changed the sheets after we made love. I questioned him about it and he said that he loved the smell of my perfume mixed with the scent of my pussy and his cum. He always felt comforted by the smell while he slept, which was a nice complement. I decided to change the sheets anyway; a fresh set of sheets on the bed would be nice. I wanted everything to be perfect so I lit some scented candles and sprayed my perfume that he loved so much in the living room near the front door leading to the bedroom.

I inserted the sponge into my pussy, so that he could cum inside me as often as possible, I just loved it when he ejaculated in me. I then proceeded to put on some body lotion all over me. He often told me how much you loved to touch my soft body and smell my scent all over him and the bedroom. I went to my overnight bag and pulled out my black teddy. I must say it did look good on me. I fluffed up my hair and added a bit more eye makeup with a light shade of pink lipstick. I positioned myself on the bed in a provocative pose and waited for him to come home.

It was not long before I heard him come through the door. The minute he entered the house he could smell my perfume. I heard him chuckle a bit in the living room before entering the bedroom. He knew I was waiting for him, so no surprise there. He was pleasantly surprised to see me in the teddy waiting for him in bed. He was still in uniform when he came into the room. He was about to get undressed but I told him to stop right there and wait for me. I wanted to look at him in his uniform, with that big smile on his face. I just loved his smile and beautiful teeth and I always told him that. He often smiled and got a little embarrassed by it.

I told him that I wanted to undress him and that he was supposed to stand there and enjoy it. He nodded yes and so I proceeded to slowly undress him. I looked into his eyes, while I started to remove his belt buckle that held his gun and bullets and put it on the dresser. I licked his lips as I was unbuttoning his shirt ever so slowly. I inserted my tongue in his mouth and just on cue he sucked my tongue and then started to kiss me passionately. He put his hands around my face and kissed me ever so gently, lovingly, and enthusiastically. I knew he was falling in love with me; just by the way he looked into my eyes and caressed my face. I was already in love with him.

I got down to the last button of his shirt and pulled it off. He wore a bullet proof vest underneath which hid his beautiful body, but kept him safe. He helped me remove the vest. Underneath the vest he had a white undershirt which was a little damp from his perspiration, which mixed with his cologne made me just roll back my eyes and give a sigh of welcome home, my love. I thought that it was so sexy, a bit of sweat and a horny cop just for me. I started to remove his shirt all the while kissing his belly then his chest and worked my way onto his back. I could see he loved every minute of it so I continued. I worked my way back to his chest then down his belly.

I started to unbutton his pants then the zipper and I pulled the pants down to his ankles and he then stepped out of them. He had on those bikini type briefs, navy blue in color. He looked so sexy; his cock was already hard from all of my kissing. He watched every move I made and ran his fingers through my long dark curly hair. I blew my hot breath on his cock while rubbing his balls. His legs started to quiver a bit, so I knew he was enjoying himself.

I sat down on the bed and pulled his body towards me. I could see his cock peeking through his briefs and it looked so yummy. I could see the pre-cum on the tip of his cock so I could not resist but to lick it all up. As I was licking the pre-cum, he said to me “you love my cock, don’t you baby, you love the taste of my sperm, yeah…I know you do.” He knew me all too well, he was right, he had a beautiful cock, with sweet cum oozing from the head and all that attached to an incredibly sexy body. He was surely a handsome man who stimulated me not only by his body, but his mind and soul.

I slid back on the bed and motioned for him to join me. He took off his briefs and I could see his cock, so big, so hard, and ready to fuck me for hours. He began to kiss me ever so gently on my lips and worked his way down my neck, I could smell him all over me and it was intoxicating. He started to kiss the tops of my breasts. He slowly pulled each breast out one at a time so he could lick, twirl his tongue around the nipple, and then give me a light suckle. I started to arch my back, he knew that was one way to get my pussy all stimulated, just suckle on my nipples.

He began to pull the teddy off, slowly while kissing me every step of the way. I was feeling fantastic, he was such an awesome lover, and his foreplay techniques always got me going to the point where I would beg for him to slide his cock into my pussy. He pulled the entire teddy off and then started to sniff my pussy, then lick it on the outside. He slid his tongue in between my folds getting closer to my clit. I kept arching my back in anticipation of his next move. He then spread my legs open so he could give me one big lick from the bottom of my pussy to the tip of my clit, wow that tongue was amazing, and just enough pressure that I could feel his every lick and nibble.

He slowly rolled me onto my belly all the while kissing me and touching my body all over, lovingly. He started to kiss my back, which was always my weakness and he found that out very quickly. He licked and kissed me some more, I asked him to bite me and he did ever so tenderly. He worked his way down to my ass and kissed and licked it too. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up ever so slightly onto my knees. He continued to kiss my ass, then he spread me cheeks ever so slightly and began to lick my asshole, wow, that never happened to me before and I was not sure what I was feeling, so I just went with it. He then proceeded to lick the tip of my clit, to my vagina, and ended it at my asshole. That was so erotic that I actually loved it. I was no longer a goody too shoes; I was a woman with this man. I was willing to be more open with my sexuality. He made such beautiful grunts and moaning sounds all the while I was moaning and enjoying all the pleasures he was giving me.

He asked me, “if he was a good boy and did what he was told, could he have my ass?” I was not too sure about that, and I said that we will see since I have never done that before. He did not judge me and said he did not want to hurt me and we would go at my pace and if I didn’t want to he would be ok with it.

I was so drenched with pussy juice and at the peak of my orgasm that I asked him to fuck me doggie style for a while and he did. The minute his cock entered my pussy, I thought I saw fireworks, he filled my pussy with his luscious cock, and he was a man who knew what he had and how to use it. Never once did he want to cum first, he always said he wanted to pleasure me first. I asked him to fuck me harder, so I could feel his entire cock in my pussy, he did not stop and continued to fuck me, before you know it I started arching my back, grunting, moaning, and breathing very heavily. I could not believe it but I was going to orgasm.

I never got an orgasm from a doggie style position before, but he drove me crazy and I just let go of all my inhibitions and yelled to him to “fucking cum in my pussy”. I needed to feel his cum deep in my pussy so we can unite as one in our pleasure, so he did. The sounds he made when he came was amazing. He pounded me harder, he grunted and moaned and as he was cumming he yelled a slight scream and deep heavy breaths, which I thought was sexy.

We both just passed out on the bed, him lying on my back with his cock still in my pussy. I did not mind one bit, I loved it when he lay on top of me after cumming inside. We finally rolled into our comfortable positions to go to sleep. His kisses were so sweet, his eyes glassy and his touch was wonderful. I laid my head in his chest and we were intertwined together when we finally fell asleep.

A couple of hours later, we both got up to use the bathroom. I was still horny and I noticed that he had a hard on. We never let a hard on go unnoticed, it had to be satisfied. This time he lay flat on his back and I crawled on top of him to ride his cock. My breasts were in his face and he began to suckle them. At first gently, then more intensely, and I must admit at times I do like it rough. I wanted to feel his mouth on my nipples all day. I wanted my nipples to ache knowing my man just took care of me and did it right.

I continued to ride him hard and I could feel my orgasm approaching so I let him know. He knew my body so when that he could easily tell by my movement and where to find me g spot that I was going to orgasm soon. I asked him to cum inside me again, but he declined and said he wanted me to cum first but then he wanted me to give him a blowjob. I did not argue and said, “yes, yes whatever you want babe”.

I kept riding him hard and finally my arms were in the air saying “that is it, oh my god, you got it, you are one amazing lover, don’t stop”. I kept riding him faster than slower and slower until I came, it was intense and glorious. After I came, I kissed his lips, told him I loved him and I slid off his cock and lay beside him. He on the other hand had a raging hard on and wanted me to blow him. I did not want him to lose his erection so; I positioned my head over his cock and began to lick my pussy juice off his cock along with his cum. It actually tasted really good, so I was very enthusiastic about the blowjob. His cock always turned me on so sucking him was always a pleasure. I licked the head of his cock and then down the shaft.

He knows how much I love to suck his balls so I did one at a time, very gently. I put one ball in my mouth at a time. He only quince once and I said I was sorry but that I was very hungry and he looked so delicious. I was a bit gentler. The scent of his cologne mixed with my juice and his cum and perspiration was intoxicating. I continued to suckle his cock and then I squeezed as much of the pre-cum I could out of the head of his cock. I could see it was just a matter of time before he shot his load down my throat. He said to me, “are you ready baby, do you want to swallow my hot cum down your throat?”

I nodded yes and continued to suckle his cock, and then he came into my mouth with such moaning and grunting force like never before. I just kept the cum in my mouth and he looked at me and he said “it is okay to swallow it now baby”, so I did and he kissed my lips passionately he put his tongue in my mouth.

He always said that he loved the smell of his cum on my breath. He was so hot and uninhibited which made me even more attracted to him. His scent on the sheets and on me was unforgettable. I finally understood why he wanted to hang onto those sheets for so long after we made love. He wanted to continually smell the sex all day and night. How sexy is that.

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