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Hitching a lift

Jennie learns there is more than one kind of ride
Jennie was really regretting not bringing a coat; her pink vest top and denim mini skirt seemed skimpy in hindsight but were hardly out of place in the August heat.

It was nearly 11pm now and the temperature was cooling, goose bumps were appearing on her long slight legs and she was aware of the male glances at her hardening nipples (Jennie had nice c cup breasts but never felt the need to wear a bra).

She and Matt had argued again, and this time, was the last time he would ever raise a hand to her. Her cheek was still stinging from his slap and mascara was running down her face from her tears of anger. She couldn't work out who she was angrier at; herself for staying so long or him for getting drunk again and embarrassing her in public, again.

So there she was heading to the highway alone, she wanted to go home and pack some things but he might be back by now and manage to persuade her to stay, again.

If this was going to stop she had to get away and fast, applauding herself for wearing flip flops instead of heels, she reached the highway and started walking backwards down the side of the road with her thump out.

Hitch hiking was dangerous but more dangerous than Matt in a drunken stupor? She doubted it.

Car after car drove past her, some college kids slowed down and asked her how much for a quickie. She quickly told them where to get off.

Eventually a truck pulled up and wound the window down.

‘Where you heading?’ A male voice called but she couldn’t see a face.

‘Far, far from here,’ she replied.

‘Hop in!’

She opened the door; suddenly feeling nervous then reminded herself that, by now, Matt probably wanted to kill her, so she climbed her way into the cab, struggling not to flash her panties in her short skirt.

‘Jeez are you ok? Did someone hurt you? You need me to take you to a hospital?’ The driver asked, concerned.

‘No, no, I’m ok,’ Jennie grabbed her mirror out of her clutch and looked at her cheek, ‘he didn’t even break the skin,’ she said absently. She moved the mirror up to her eyes.

‘Jeez, I look a state!’ she put the mirror away and started wiping the mascara away with the back of her hand.

‘So someone did hurt you?’

‘Husband had a few too many, hence needing a lift,’ She smiled sadly.

The driver leaned back into the cab, Jennie flinched slightly, he brought something out.

‘You look cold,’ he handed Jennie a fleece jacket.

‘Oh thanks,’ she said gratefully.

The jacket dwarfed her, but she instantly felt warmer and more relaxed now she was covered up.

They made small talk as they drove; the drivers name was Louis, he was 38, had three children he never saw and an ex-wife that wouldn’t speak to him.

‘Usual Story’ he said, he used to be in the army and came back “changed.”

He wasn’t bad looking, Jennie thought, going from the size of his biceps he still kept in army shape. He had short salt and pepper hair and was tanned more on one side of his body than the other from driving. His face, though handsome, looked haunted in some way; his dark eyes looked almost hollow even when he smiled.

They lulled into a comfortable silence, just the sound of the engine and the occasional crackle of the radio. Jennie had curled her feet under her and was resting her head on the window.

‘You look young, to be married I mean,’ Louis finally said.

‘Not as young as I should be to be walking away,’ Jennie said cryptically, shaking her head.

‘oh’ he said, he wasn’t the prying type so just left it.

‘I got married at 17, high school sweetheart. He starts to drink more and more, I get the blame more and more. Six years later here I am, like you say, usual story,’ she explained in a single breath.

They both stayed quiet, looking out into the night, then, out of nowhere, Louis started laughing.

‘What’s so funny?’ Jennie said looking at him quizzically. He didn’t reply just gestured at the two of them.

‘What?’ she said, starting to laugh too.

‘Us! Peas in a pod,’ he said, they were both laughing now. The laughter fades naturally and they slip back into their comfortable silence.

At about 2am Louis pulls into a truck stop.

‘Need to get some rest,’ he said climbing into the back of the cab.

Jennie just sat there not quite knowing what to do; she unzipped the jacket and laid it over her as a blanket.

‘You’re fine to sleep out here,’ Louis poked his head back through, ’there is a spare mattress, it’s kind of cramped but like I said, you’re fine to sleep out here.’

It sounded like an invitation but Jennie wasn’t sure, alarm bells were ringing in her head, what if he tries to do something to me? She thought this over, then thought about his biceps and decided she wouldn’t actually mind him doing something to her. Besides it’s not as though those alarm bells had worked so well for her in the past.

She made her way back. He was right; there wasn’t much space. Thin curtains filtered the street lights; she could just about make out Louis. He was in some kind of hammock spanning the width of the cab, under that must have been what he referred to as the mattress, it wasn’t as long as the hammock, there was a heap of clothes at one end.

There was a towel strewn over the mattress and a jumper at the top which she supposed was a pillow and blanket.

She placed the jacket at the top near the ‘pillow’ then wriggled under the hammock and ‘blanket’; there really wasn’t much space.

As her eyes grew accustomed to the light she could admire Louis’ figure really well from underneath him. He had strong shoulders and a large chest; he was sleeping in just his boxers.

She flinched as she turned on her side (an old rib bruise) she turned over noticing as she did that her hips grazed Louis’ through the hammock. It sent a tingle through her.

She moved again, moving her hips back and forth while trying to make it seem accidental.

Louis moved above her, he turned on to his side, she could see a tent shape in his boxers, a large tent shape.

She gasped, Louis opened his eyes, looked down at her then at his bulge, he mumbled an apology, turned too sharply and fell from the hammock right on top of Jennie.

He managed to put his arms out to protect her from the majority of his weight. She can feel his hard on against her leg, his ripped chest on her taught stomach. His face is inches from hers.

‘Can’t sleep?’ is all he says, she can feel heat growing between her legs, her body wants to lean up and kiss him but her head tells her to stay where she is.

‘No,’ with her reply he places his legs either side of the mattress and sitting up on his knees.

‘I’ll give you a back massage, relax you a little,’ he deftly flips her on to her front, straddles her, ass on ass, she can feel his hard on pressing into her pert butt cheeks.

His large hands are more gentle on her back than she expected, she finds herself letting out small moans as he rubs her shoulders, moving down her back, over her top.

Jennie is getting more and more turned on, moving her hips beneath him. As he reaches the bottom of her back he slips his hands under her top massaging up, he moves round to the front and handles her breasts. A louder moan escapes as his rough skin grazes her nipples.

Feeling his hands on her breast makes her pussy ache, she is sure her panties are wet through.

She feels his weight shift, suddenly there is no weight on her, no hands on her, she waits, not sure what is happening. When she can wait no longer she tries to turn around but a hand on her back stops her.

The weight on her lower back returns as he straddles her again, this time something feels different.

He pushes his hands up her back again, taking her top with them, up and over her head.

Now she can feel what’s different. His long hard cock was on her skin, the flesh of his balls at the top of her ass.

He was naked.

She felt a ripple of electricity run through her.

Jennie tries to turn round again but he holds her down with one hand; she feels his body come down so she can feel his bare chest against her bare back.

She feels his breath on her neck then his teeth gently nibble her earlobe, her whole body melts.

‘Feeling more relaxed,’ he whispers huskily. She is so relaxed all she can do is nod.

He runs his lips down the back of her neck; Jennie turns her head so he can continue his path round.

‘Want to feel more than relaxed?’ He says, she nods again.

‘Want to feel me,’ he nibbles her other earlobe, ‘inside you?’

She smiles and nods. He starts to remove his weight from her back.

‘I can’t hear you,’ He whispers taunting her.

‘Yes,’ Jennie whispers back just as hoarse.

‘I can’t hear you’ He says in full voice, sitting up.

‘Yes’ Jennie practically shouts, she is throbbing with how much she wants him.

‘Sorry?’ His voice teasing her further.

‘YES, I want you. I want you inside me.’ Jennie screams at the top of her voice, missing the feeling of his body on hers.

‘SHhhhhh,’ within a second his mouth is next to her ear again, trailing his teeth down her ear.

Suddenly she feels him move his body back, trailing his cock over her ass, he lifts her skirt and runs his hand over her pussy, feeling the soaking wet material.

He pulls her panties to the side and without warning slams his whole 9 inches deep inside her.

She screams out in shock and thrill, his cock feels so good, further inside her then anything ever before. She’d only ever slept with Matt and he was hardly adequate.

Louis starts pounding away at her, holding her down with one hand on her back. Jennie can't do anything; all she can to is lie there and take the pleasure he is giving her.

‘Oh god,' she screams ‘Harder’

‘HARDER’ He slams into her, grunting above her with each stroke.

Jennie is just about to come when he flips her over. She tries to reach for his hot muscled chest, to kiss his lips but he holds both her hands above her head with one of his.

He slams his cock it to her again, writhing under him, she has never had anything this big in her before; bending her legs for more leverage, rocking her hips in time with his stokes.

The feeling of his balls slamming against her ass is making her moan with every breath, he roughly squeezes her breasts with his free hand, running his thumb over her nipples.

He runs his hand down her back and reaches her pert ass, he smiles slightly then she gasps has his thumb enters her asshole.

The double stimulation sends her over the edge. Her pussy clenches around his cock, she starts to come, he keeps on pounding, pushing his thumb further into her tight asshole.

‘UUUHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ The most intense orgasm of her life racks through her body.

When she starts to jerks with every slight stroke he knows she is in post orgasm and shoots his load right in her pussy.

He lies on top of her still playing with her nipples, Jennie goes to say something but he puts his hand over her mouth.

‘Shhhh,’ He whispers in her ear, ‘just enjoy it.’

He puts his mouth over her breast then bites her nipple and pulls it with his teeth, she screams in joy.

Jennie can feel his cock twitching still inside her, starting to harden again; he pulls out and somehow swivels round shoving his cock deep in her mouth.

Easing himself down, he licks up the sex mess of her pussy, he licks down her lips and up again finding her clit, his tongue moves quickly from side to side making his way back down to her entrance.

His hips move as she let out a moan, he starts to fuck her mouth, Jennie is gagging on his cock and he loves it, he shoves his tongue deep inside her and twists one way then the other.

Jennie starts to come all over again.

He gently nibbles her clit, her hips rocking against him, her hands pushing his head into her.

Suddenly he pulls his cock out of her mouth as he bites down on her clit.

Jennie lets out the loudest scream, as another orgasm rocks through her.

She looks up sees his cock twitching, and grabs it with both hands pulling back and forth until he groans into her pussy as he spurts his load all over her face, desperately she tries to lick it all up.

Louis moves forward and without a word he throws her a towel and climbs back into the hammock.

Jennie isn’t sure what to do; she is still so turned on she makes herself come again with just her hand before drifting into a deep cum filled sleep.

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