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Hold On

Before dinner appetizer
Grabbing his cock in her hand she began to lick it feverishly as if she couldn't get enough of his hard member. Letting her lips smack against the head of his cock, as she inserted it in her mouth that was hot and wet just like her pussy. She looked up at him as she knelt there on the floor, his pants pulled down to his knees and he had the look of full bliss of the sensation of her mouth on his cock.

He ran his fingers through her hair dark hair, keeping it away from her face so he could watch every move of her mouth. His cock disappearing into the opening of her mouth, feeling her tongue circle and lick it as her lips tightened around his shaft with each movement. He couldn't wait to feel her hot wet pussy wrapped around his shaft. The way she would tighten her pussy around is cock, so she could feel every inch of it entering her. All these thoughts only made his cock even harder.

She grabbed hold of his legs as she just let his cock fuck her mouth and it moved with ease in and out from all the saliva of her licking it. Looking down watching her made him want to ram his cock deep into her hot mouth, but he held back enjoying this sight, taking it all into memory. The pleasure she was giving him was intense and he felt it through every muscle of his body.

Taking her one hand away from his leg she reached down between her legs and began to finger the folds of her pussy that was hot and wet. She played with herself knowing that his cock would replace her finger and fulfill her need of sexual satisfaction and the deep craving she had inside. She pushed her finger into her wet slot up to the knuckle and let the juices begin to flow from her as her thumb massaged her clit.

The head of his cock was starting to get bigger in her mouth and she grabbed hold of the shaft to stroke it and began licking it again. She knew he couldn't hold on much longer and she loved giving him a blow job, but she so wanted to feel his hardness deep inside her, she wasn't going to waste all that pleasure on her mouth.

Without saying a word she pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked it looking up at him. He knew what was “needed” and she wanted it now.

Standing up she turned her ass to face him and grabbed hold of the kitchen counter and stood behind her. First he let his fingers push through the lips of her pussy and she let out a moan of surprise as he forcefully pushed two fingers inside her wetness, as if testing a piece of hot meat to see if it was ready to eat. Pulling them back out he had to taste her, so he licked his fingers clean.

Pushing the head of his cock against her swollen pussy lips, he toyed with her at first letting his head rub up and down them and her breathing was heavy and loud. She pushed her ass back at him in a non-verbal begging motion that she wanted his cock now. He wasn't going to deny her.

With one full thrust, he pushed his cock in to her hot pussy up the balls and she let out a cry of surprising pleasure of the full shock of his hard shaft. She immediately came with an intense orgasm that let the flood gates open of the juices that were pent up inside her, they flowed like a gusher from deep inside her cavern. His cock filled her tightness as her pussy began to spasm with her orgasm and she held onto the counter top like a life preserver. Her knuckles white from the grip she held on to the edge.

He held her hips tighter as he pulled back only to thrust his cock in her again and her pussy dripped of cum. She was filled with juices that needed to be released along with the sexual passion that had been building in her all day. He gripped her soft fleshy skin and made it pink from his fingers and hands. He repeated to thrust his cock deep inside her and she wailed out in pleasure, not in pain as he impaled her over and over again.

His cock throbbed from the heat of her pussy and the wetness. The intense sucking and licking session she had given him before he penetrated her, had him close to climaxing and now feeling the heat from her pussy made it difficult for him to keep his cock from spewing forth its own hot liquid. He began to slow his pace down. Purposely he pulled his cock out of her hot wetness and than slowly pushed it back in.

Still gripping the counter top, she could feel the build up of another intense climax and she pushed her ass back to him, meeting every movement of his cock as it penetrated her deeper and deeper it seemed. Feeling his balls smack against the lips of her pussy, as he moved back and forth, in and out, and she felt every inch of his cock. Her legs began to feel tired even though it had only been a couple of minutes. All the sexual energy that was being released from her made her legs feel weak. Hold on, she told herself, as the she could feel an orgasm building deep from inside her again and it was rushing to the surface to be released.

“Fuck!” She screamed as he thrust his hard cock deep inside her. Her breathing so heavy and fast, like she had just run a competition race. He pushed deep inside her again, still gripping her hips that now were almost a hot pink from his hands. He let loose and smacked her ass with one hand and the sound rang out in the kitchen and she hollered one more time as her pussy released more hot fluid from her orgasm. .

He couldn't hold on much longer and he penetrated her again, deeper and longer as he expelled his hot fluid into her. Only to pull back to do it again, as if trying to drill his cock inside her pussy like looking for the well of all those hot juices that flowed from her and covered his shaft.

Finally spent of all their pent up raw sexual frustration, he leaned onto her back, her hands still tight on the counter top. He kissed the back of her neck so gently, his cock still inside her hot pussy and he could feel her body beginning to relax under his. Wrapping his arms around her waist to hold her close to him he whispered so softly in her ear, “What’s for dinner hon?”

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