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Hole in the Wall

Here I am sitting in my room with nothing to do, so decide to watch a porn which got me excited because I haven’t rubbed one out in four days so I pull out my collection scanning threw them deciding which one to watch. I pull out Sexy Girls of Summer one that I haven't watched in along time as I open the DVD player on my computer sliding the disc in. I lean back against the bed which is just a mattress on the floor, clicking play with the mouse and start watching as it goes threw the opening scene introducing the stars I pull out my bottle of baby oil and grab a spanking rag (that's what I call them its just a wash cloth). Grabbing a pillow to prop my head up to get totally relax.

The first scene starts up its a sexy dirty blond haired, tan goddess in a blue bathing suit. My eyes are glued to the screen as she dances around rubbing her nice big breast threw the suit. As I watch, my member starts to get hard so I reach down stroking it over my shorts, as she continues to do so I unbuckle my belt then unbutton my shorts as I pull them down leaving my boxers on. I look up at the screen again shes standing in a fountain with her beautiful tits out playing with her nipples which are hard I just stare as I was a person walking threw the yard watching this beautiful chick playing with herself. My cock gets a full erection as I look on she turns around and bends over as the camera gets a close up of the ass I could see the out line of the pussy threw the suit she runs her hand up her inner thigh all the way to her pussy and rubs it letting out a moan, my cock is so hard I can see it throbbing in my boxers with the beat of my heart.

She moves to a lawn chair where she grabs a big bottle of baby oil. She leans back pouring some on her chest while rubbing it in with the other hand running her fingers in the inside of her top pinching her nipple as she does she puts the bottle down and takes off her top picking up the bottle again pouring a lot more oil on her breast. She massage into her skin she starts to put some on her long sexy tan legs she slowly runs her hands up her leg as she gets to her vagina she stops and moves to the other leg. My cock is so hard at this point that it hurts so I slide my boxers off the room is dark only the light from the screen I could see that my juices were running down my hard shaft I go back to watching the movie.

Behind her was a guy pretending to clean the pool she was sitting by still massaging her big breast. He drops the pole starts to walk over to her picking up the bottle of baby oil pouring some more on the tits and starts to rub it into her skin as well, they start to kiss as his big hands are over her left tit rubbing her hard nipple moving his hand down to her slit wishing I was the one that was doing that to her I move my hand down to my swollen member slowly rubbing the head using the pre cum as lube. I start to moan a little as I watch, he stands up pulling her to the sitting position as she reaches for his pants unbuttoning and unzipping them, he helps her pull them down releasing his hugh cock. She grabs the shaft slowly sliding her pouty pink lips around his head she starts to slowly suck his cock as I watch I open the bottle of oil pouring some on my hard cock grabbing it with my left hand matching her pace as she sucks his cock thinking that she is sucking my cock. They stop he helps her up and both move inside of the house where there is a tan couch in a big empty room.

He sits back stroking his cock as she gets comfortable bending over his lap she grabs his cock starting to suck it again I continued to match her strokes of his cock, thinking that its my hard shaft she doing this to. He moves his hand down to her ass rubbing her vagina threw the material of her suit moving his finger inside the waist band of it pulling them down so we could get a better view of her wet slit which made my balls tense up but I didn't want to cum so soon I slowed down my strokes trying to contain myself, as I watched he starts to finger he wet pussy as she sucks his cock she moans, I begin to increasing my pace of my strokes again, as she sits up with his cock in her hands straddling him she sits down sliding his hard cock in her wet pussy slowly sliding down then up taking a little more every time she does it her tits bounce as shes doing this. I continue stroking at the same pase as she rides him I start to feel the tingling in my balls as I arch my back watching her ride up and down on his cock I shot my load all over my stomach.

I lay there still watching with my hard cock in my hands surprise that its still hard, I keep watching as I feel my cock throbbing in my hand, so running my finger around my engorged head I felt some of my cum running down my shaft I start to use it as lube rubbing my hard shaft again as I do my body flinches with pleasure as my head is sensitive from my orgasm. Returning my eyes to the screen she is now facing the camera still riding his cock pinching her nipples as she rides up and down I start to rub my member a little faster not rubbing my head because it's still sensitive, as she rides him she starts to moan louder, my juices start to flow more as I stroke my cock faster knowing that it wouldn't take long to blow my second load. He flips her on her side as he holds her leg up I could see him sliding his hard cock in her as my pace matches up to him my balls start to ache slowing down so I wouldn't cum for the second time so fast I slow my breathing down still stroking it slowly she goes into a set of moans as she going to have a orgasm. I watch but couldn't help but quicking my pace so I could finish with her as she went into a loud moaning orgasm I stroke my head of my hard cock shooting my second load in the air. As I watch her on the screen I saw my load fly up to eye level landing on my hand and softing cock.

I lay there catching my breath I grab my spank rag cleaning up a bit I lay there in just my under shirt and the rag on my softing member continuing to watch the rest of the scene I wanted to see him shot his load all over those big sexy tits. As I lay there I hear a noise from the window behind me I pause the movie standing up I go to the window moving the curtain I see my next door neighbor walking to her house threw our yard thinking to myself did she see me pleasuring myself.

“NO” saying out loud to myself.

I return to watching him giving what she has been wanting all this time as she plays with it the hugh cum load on her big beautiful breast. I turn off the movie and start to shut everything down as I finish cleaning up myself, passing out in an orgasmic coma. I get woke up the next day by my dad telling me what he wants me to do today.

“Cool I'll do that” as I answered him.

I get up knowing that I have to do the yard I just throw on a pair of shorts and head outside getting everything ready, I start to do the yard about half way threw it I notice my neighbor standing there staring at me on her front porch I smile at her as I pull my shirt up wiping the sweat off of my forehead she smiles back. I get done with the lawn, putting the lawn mower away I grab a rack heading back to the front yard starting to rack the yard she walks over to the fence.

“It's a hot one today huh?” she ask.

“Yeah it is.” I replied.

“Could you help me out when you get done?” she ask.

“Got a pretty full day ahead of me!” I answer.

“OH, that's Ok then.” she says back.

“Maybe tomorrow I could help you don't think i'll be doing anything then” I say as she smiles back at me.

"Well its kinda something I've needed help with for a long time." she said looking back at me.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Ok heres the thing, I have a hole in one of my walls and it's really getting on my nerves so I was going to see if maybe you could help me fix it, your folks said you were pretty good at that stuff." she smiled sweetly.

"Ok let me get done here and if it's not to late i'll be over to help." I replied and got back to work.

" Ok, Thanks." she waved and walked back to her house, as I watched her sway her sexy ass back and forth back to her porch. I think damn if she saw me staring i'm screwed.

Once things were done around the yard I went in and got cleaned up some. changed my shirt and headed next door, as I knocked on the front door there was no answer. Looking around as I walked to the back porch and knocked on the sliding glass door still no answer. Not sure if I should go in I tried the handle and the door slid open.

"Hello?" I called out still no answer. Walking in I checked all down stairs, no one was there I was sure she was here since I told her I would be here as soon as possible. I decided to check upstairs and took them softly 2 at a time, I got to the top and looked around to the right was a bed room that looked to be the master and to the left was a bathroom and what had to be the other bedroom but the door was just cracked open. Walking over I peaked through, there she was sitting on a bed in a sexy white see threw bra and thong set, her sexy round tits barely fit in the bra, as she rubbed lotion on her stomach and biting her lower lip. With each slide of her hands on her stomach her body flinched making her tits bounce, her hands would get a little lower as her head fell back when she reached her hip, and she sucked in a shallow breath.

She slowly leaned back on the bed propping herself up on a few pillows, I couldn't believe my eyes this was so much hotter then any porn I could have ever watched. As she grabbed the lotion and placed her legs on the bed letting them fall open leaving her completely open for me to see I could feel my member getting hard and fast. She squirted some lotion on her hands and rubbed them together to get it even coat on both hands and then ran her hands up her inner thighs towards her wet slit, letting out a small moan when she got closer, running her hands back down her legs on the outside she made the same motion up her inner thighs, this time she moved the thong to the side and let her slippery fingers run over her swollen clit, letting out a louder moan as she slid her clit between two fingers. Her hand slid lower as she slide a finger into her wet eager pussy, she gasped and arched her back making her tits bounce. By this time my shorts and boxers were tight from the hugh boner I had so I started to rub it threw my shorts in time with her fingers.

She would slow down and so would I, moving her other hand to spread her wet lips so she could slide another finger into her wet hole she kept sliding her fingers in and out of her she collected some juices with the other hand and started to rub it on her hard clit, I could see some of her juices running down the crack of her butt. I slowly undid my shorts trying not to make a sound, as I ran my hand to the top of my hard member then around the head collecting the pre cum helping me with the strokes of my hard cock, I watched her spread her legs more still play with herself. My hand matched the pace of hers, as I watched in disbelief of what I am seeing. She slid her fingers out of herself and brought them up to her mouth licking them clean, letting out a low moan as she did that, it was like I could feel the vibrations run down my shaft.

As I continued watching her she reached up above her head and grabbed a medium pink vibrator clicking the button 3 times were it was pulsing just like my member in my hand. She slowly ran it down around her hard pink nipples stopping on her clit as her legs clinched together she moaned with pleasure as it tickles her hard clit, then slowly running it up and down her swollen wet lips gathering her juices so she could slide it into her wet awaiting pussy. As she pushed it slowly into her wet pussy, her back arched with each inch that she slides into her awaiting pussy, she then clicked the button again so that it was in full mode. It starts to vibrate and pulse at the same time, spreading her legs further apart and started to slid it in and out of her juicy hole. My eyes still locked on her I matched her strokes wishing it was me inside her instead of that vibrator.

The thought made me moan biting my lip hoping that she didn't hear me. I though with the way she was going at it I doubted she could hear me. Still watching her, her hips were shaking and trembling as she spread her legs wider, she moved her other hand faster over her hard clit as she pulled at it and flicked it with her fingers. Her moans only got louder and turned me on to the point that I was going to blow my load right there. At that point she pulled the vibrator out and started finger herself, pinching her clit, arching her back her breathing got heavier as she started the moan, twisting her left nipple she starts to buck her hips wildly up in the air giving herself a hard long orgasm as I watch my legs started to shake I wasn't going to last much longer.

"God yes, Faster please!" her voice was shaky and breathy as my hand did what she asked on my member as she speed up to. Her juices were flowing so much that I ached to taste them which only made me harder. She starts to moans again rubbing her hard clit. "I need you in me!" She said loud enough for me to here. "Jax I know your on the other side of my door please get in here."

I stopped everything stunned that she was calling out to me. I stepped out of my boxers and shorts pushing the door open with my member in my hand at full attention looked at her, she staring at my hugh cock with a smile.

“Enjoying the Show are we?” she asked licking her lips.

“HELL YEAH!! how did you knew I was here?” I answered still holding my hard on.

"Please," As she moaned "I watch you all the time at night when you have your alone time and all I can think about is you being in me. “Please fuck me." her words only made me harder. I walked over to her bending over kissing her passionately pushed her back on the bed. I start to kiss her neck, down to her warm breast hitting her hard nipples grabbing them with my teeth flicking my tongue across them, then working my way down her flat belly as I run my tongue leaving a wet trail of saliva to her vagina, I spread her legs kissing the inner thigh as she moans. I open her legs as wide as possible licking her wet hot lips up to her hard clit I flick my tongue over it she gasp at the feel of me enjoying myself licking her hot wet pussy, I slide my middle finger in her hole as it tightens around my finger feeling around finding her g spot she moans as I slide my finger slowly across it I slowly slide another finger in rubbing the spot more as she gasp air in harder “Get up here I want your hard cock in me”. As she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me to her. Instantly the head of my member was in her hot wet vagina.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned, accepting every hard inch of me. “You feel so good.”

I dropped my head to her shoulder and grunted as I drew back, then plunged even farther than before. "Gabie you fell so good."

“Fuck me now talk later" she moaned wrapping her legs higher around my back. With each push her tits bounced as we moved closer to the head board. Her vagina started to contract around my rock hard cock as I slide it in and out of her moist hole her juices running down my balls as they slapped her inner thigh. As we humped each other hard and fast she digging her nails into my back. That made me lose control I moaned into her eye “I'm cumming!” she replied “I want to feel you explode deep in me”, As I pumped faster starting to suck on her nipple I feel my balls tense up beginning to shooting my load deep in her, she moaned loud in my ear, as I started to pull out of her she let out a loud moan as I pull the head out I looked into her eyes, both of us trying to catch our breath.

“Thanks for filling the hole in the wall. You are so good at that” She said with a wicked smile.

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