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Holiday fun

true story

She turned her head towards me and smiled, walking almost on her tiptoes from the pool, her body dripping wet and her brown hair clung to her shoulders. I looked up from my book and struggled to divert my eyes from her beautifully pert behind in that sexy red bikini and the way each cheek bouced slightly with each step. It wasn't the first time I'd checked her out; I'd spent much of our holiday so far trying to disguise the bulge in my trousers that appeared everytime I saw her in her bikini, imagining my hands running all over her perfectly smooth body.

Me and Kate were friends - nothing more, nothing less. We'd decided to book a holiday together as a last minute thing; we both happened to be free that particular week so thought, why not. That's not to say it'd taken until now and seeing her half naked that suddenly the fantasies had started. She'd always been sexy in my eyes, gorgeous in fact. Small and petite with that dark hair and eyes, I remember a hiking trip a bunch of us had taken where I couldn't take my eyes off her slender tanned legs in her tiny denim shorts. Again I had to adjust my stiffness in my shorts as I imagined finding a quiet area with her and peeling her shorts off, putting my head between her thighs and pulling her panties to the side.... How wet would she be? What would she taste like, smell like? I longed to know.

Naturally the weather was scorching and by the time Kate had returned from the bar with her cocktail, she'd just about dried off. She sat on the lounger beside me and put her sunglasses on , looking cuter and sexier than ever. She remarked how hot it was and I winked, saiyng something like 'almost as hot as you katie'; it was normal behaviour for us to jokingly flirt with each other. She flashed me her dazzling cheeky smile again, probably knowing I was being semi serious and lay back in a way that was both elegant and sexual at the same time, almost like a model on a photo shoot. 'Like what you see babe?' she pouted - again, just normal fun flirtatious behaviour.

The day got steadily hotter and my frequent glances to the side had witnessed a pool of sweat culminate in and around Kate's bellybutton with little beads of it dotted around the rest of her torso and breasts. By that time she was napping and I took long gazes through my shades, watching her chest slowly heave upwards and downwards. Her bikini was wet with sweat and I traced my eyes around the mound of her pussy, wondering if it was shaven or not, aching to slip a hand in to find out for myself. My penis bacame hard and I writhed ever so slightly on my sunbed to get the tiniest hint of sexual feeling in my groin. It was a familiar feeling and I knew I'd have to go to our hotel room to masturbate to get rid of some tension. It was the only thing I could do to stop myself doing something that I might regret.

It wasn't long after I'd finished that Kate came back to the room, looking flushed from the heat but still her delightfully toned and sexy self. 'I'm gonna take a quick shower, ok?' she said. Because we were male and female sharing, we sort of had an arrangement where if we were showering or anything we'd take our clothes with us and get changed in there to avoid any awkwardness or embarassment. Ten minutes later - much to my surprise - Kate came out wearing only a towel. A very short towel for that matter, tied just above where her nipples would be and showing off all but the very tops of her thighs.She looked over at me lying on the bed in an almost puzzled, inquisitive way, clearly contemplating something. I looked back at her, curious to know what was coming.

'Wanna play with me?' she said, a little embarrassed look upon her face. Was this a joke, I wondered... More of this flirtatious fun perhaps? 'Ha ha,' I laughed it off, 'maybe's another time eh.' 'No Johnny, now...' I was playing in the shower and the shower head was really powerful and.... I couln't help wonder if you'd help me out...' She looked down at the floor like a lost little girl - that was what made it so hot, she wasn't certain this was right, she wasn't overly confident like some fake porn star. She was real; this was real. She came over and held out her hand for me to take and looked me directly in the eyes. I knew now she was being serious. I took her hand and let her guide me to the bathroom, my wildest desires about to be realised.

After turing the shower back on and before she'd even kissed me, Kate ran her hands downs the sides of my arms and over my hips and then helped me lift my T-shirt over my head. She untucked her towel and let it drop to the floor and I was in awe of her amazing body, her beauitful slim physique, her pert breasts and nicely trimmed pussy. 'Take your shorts off then!' she ordered, giggling and raising her eye-brow when she noticed how hard I'd already become. She immediately put her hand around my cock and massaged it a couple of times before dragging me under the shower with her. We pulled our bodies towards each others and embraced in our first kiss. The warm water poured into our mouths amongst our tongues and the feeling of her soft breasts against my chest coupled with the sensation of my cock rubbing against her torso had me aching with lust and passion.

I grabbed that butt of hers that had caused so much sexual frustration on my part and pulled her further towards me, our tongues passionately entwined, exploring every contour of each others mouths. She then took my cock in her hand once more and caressed it from bottom to top, using a little shower gel to help, before she placed it in between her legs. Just the sght of my manhood down there could have made me shot my load but I wanted this to go on, to last forever. My penis wasn't inside her but she was gyrating on it, slowly back and forth, getting herself off by rubbing her clit along my shaft. She let out a soft moan with each movement and let out a longer, lower groan when I released my tongue from hers and took a nipple in my mouth. I sucked it long and hard before tracing my tongue around the outside and felt it grow inside my mouth as I started flicking the tip.

'Ohh,' she whispered, 'let's go on the bed....' We kissed again and proceded to head into the bedroom; I let her walk ahead and I took a long look at her amazing ass again, stroking my own dick as I did so. She lay down and beckoned me to join her, which I did without any hesitation. Her body glistened with the drops of water that remained from the shower; I lay beside her and slowly licked the ones on her neck and breast, using my hands to rub her body, down from her stomach to her thighs, running a finger along the inside, almost touching her pussy but teasing her for the time being. Her nipples were nicely erect and I took pleasure in going from one to the other, placing kisses on the flesh in between, whilst my hands pushed her legs apart as I this time ran my fingers all the way up to her vagina, feeling the beautiful mosit warmth.

I didn't stay there for long with my fingers but instead lowered my head down there, gently kissing and sucking the insides of her thighs before I put my tongue to the tip of her clit. As it made contact Kate let out a gasp. With that intake of breath she'd lifted her butt slightly off the bed and pressed herself into my mouth 'Fuck...' she moaned. I french kissed her cunt and licked her clit in variable circular motions, savouring the taste and smell. I looked up at her, watched her deep breaths and her heaving chest, her closed eyes. As I started to go faster she licked her lips and bit her mouth, letting out more frequent and urgent moans. Her body gyrated up and down, and she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. I circled my finger around her nipples and licked and flicked her clit faster, sensing she was close. Her hands gripped the bed sheets, her legs wrapped around my back, her moans grew with more intensity.

My cock was so hard still and I so wanted to fuck her but she was to engrossed in this moment; her hands and fingers were now running through my hair, her eyes now in contact with mine... I started really rubbing my hands over her tits and with the increased pressure from my tongue, kate seemed to take a sharp intake of breath. Her body stiffened for a slight second, her toes curled and her fingers took a strong grip on my hair. I stopped for a split second then licked as fast and with as much intensity as I could muster, imagining my tongue was some kind of battery opertated vibrator. It took her over the edge, she dug her nails into my back as she let out a long groaning moan of an orgasm.

We both lay in the same position for a few seconds, both exhausted and panting, her from her orgasm, me from my lack of air. 'That was fun,' she said as she finally regained some composure. I couldn't have agreed more. I didn't get her to fuck her that night but having her come lie next me - with me on my back and her on her side with a leg over me whilst giving me an incredible handjob - was good enough for me. She kissed me the whole time, running her hands over my balls and and shaft until she pulled the foreskin right back and started tugging me like a pro, continuing til every last drop of my cum had seeped over her hand and onto my stomach. Needless to say, it was the highlight of my holiday.

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