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Holiday Hook-up

Tags: oral, straight
They spy one another from across a crowded room and the sparks fly.
The holidays are my favorite time of year. Not that we need one, but it is another excuse to throw a party. This is especially true for New Year’s Eve, reminiscing about the past year’s events and looking forward to the promise of new beginnings. The champagne toasts are plentiful as we celebrate our health, wealth, friendship and love.

The clock nears midnight and we make eye contact. As acquaintances, you approach and we exchange a friendly greeting on sight. Your strong palm presses at my lower back, bringing our bodies together. My pulse quickens as you lower your lips and lightly place them on my cheek. Drat – how I was hoping for more. I swing my arms up around your shoulders and bring you in tighter, thrusting my breasts into your chest. We release one another and I proceed to continue my duties as hostess for the evening.

Periodically, we spy one another and flash a grin across the crowded room. You catch me in a lengthy glance, causing one side of your mouth to turn up exposing a dimple. I quickly look down, escaping your gaze. Raising my head again, you catch me biting my lower lip between my teeth. The result is a full-tooth smile revealing your interest in me. This exchange is interrupted by the crowd announcing the countdown to midnight.

I scurry around making last minute preparations and filling champagne glasses for the momentous occasion soon approaching. The countdown begins. Ten, nine, eight…I begin to scan the room for you. Seven, six, five…I move around, scouting your location. Four, three, two…Where are you? I so want to kiss you in this next second, greeting the New Year with your lips on mine, wrapped up in your arms. One…suddenly, I feel your presence behind me and feel your hands on my hips. You turn me around and I look up just in time for you to lower your face to mine. I tilt my head to meet yours and our lips meet. Grabbing the sides of my face, weaving your hands into my hair, you tenderly part your lips and lay them against mine. Our mouths work together, tongues caressing and hands grasping onto one another. We break the connection of our kiss and begin to greet the rest of the party goers, keeping an eye out for one another.

The stereo speakers fill the room with “Auld Lang Syne” and I have a renewed interest in the excitement of what’s to come. The music plays on, combined with sounds of laughter and visions of my friends enjoying themselves creating a warmth inside my heart. Yet, all I can consider is what is to come once they all leave. After a while, people begin to head toward home with the ones remaining helping to tidy up the remnants of our fun. The crowd further thins and I see you across the room, leaning against the wall with a cocktail in your hand, twirling the ice and staring me down lustfully. Finally, we are the only two remaining – thank God!

I pour us another cocktail and we cozy up in the chaise next to the fireplace. The conversation is easy as I press my back into your front. After some time passes, you reach around to take my drink and set it on the table. I feel you nuzzle the back of my neck and I sigh deeply. Sweeping the hair away, your lips lay gently where my neck and shoulders meet. I adjust my head to give you more access as I close my eyes and once again take my lower lip between my teeth as I hear you say through our heavy breathing, “I want you, babe.”

You slide out from behind me and maneuver yourself over me. Again caressing my face with your hand, your lips again touch mine. With the electrically charged air filling the room around us, I press into your kiss, licking and biting your lips. I can’t get enough of you. My hands roam and I move to strip you of your shirt. You nudge my dress up to crook my leg right leg up, grazing the inside of my thigh and I moan. Ultimately, you remove my dress, leaving me in my black lace bra and matching thong. You dive into my neck, dragging your lips and tongue down to one of my breasts as you suck the hard nipple through the lace. Your hand and mouth work in conjunction to worship them.

I lift my hips against your groin and feel your erection press against me. Your face returns to mine and I look deeply into your eyes and beg, “Please take me. I need to feel you inside me.”

You encourage my patience by using your hand to still my hips as I grind into you. Travelling down my body, you straighten my leg to slip off my thong and lay against me, skin on skin. The kisses increase in intensity and our hands continue to roam and touch and grab.

I manage to flip us over so I am astride you and shimmy down to remove your pants. I am wearing nothing but my black lace bra, stilettos and a smile. There I find what I have been after, the silken covered steel of your cock. I lean down to worship it, taking it in my hand and then into my mouth. I tease the head with my tip of my tongue and gently stroke the shaft with my soft hand. I take your length into my mouth slowly, inch by inch. In and out until I stretch my lips to the base of your cock and feel the head nudging the back of my throat. I use my hand and my mouth simultaneously, sliding in and out, gently massaging and scraping your balls with my fingertips. These actions reward me with a shot of pre-cum and I relish the gift.

While I am sucking you deep into my mouth, your hands move my hips around and I straddle your face with my thighs. Sinking your tongue deep into my weeping slit, I release my mouth from you and groan loudly. I once again cover your cock with my mouth and suck deeply as you drag your tongue up and flick at my clit. This time I do not remove my mouth from you, yet still moan noisily. You feel the vibration from my vocalized pleasure deep through your balls and into your core. My pulse quickens as you sink a finger deep inside me and continue to tongue me. I spiral into pleasure. I grind my hips into your mouth and cum from regions deep within my soul, so powerful that I need to feel you inside me.

I maneuver myself around you and again climb on top of you. Facing away from you with my back to your front again, I slide your cock into me. You feel my desire, hot, wet and swollen. You thrust your hips into me as I lower myself. Your hands grab my hips, fingers digging deeply as you guide me up and down. I am able to maintain a pleasing rhythm in a seated position and you move your hands up to massage my breasts. After removing my bra, you take my nipples between your forefingers and thumbs, gently rolling them. This motion makes me gasp with pleasure and sends an intense rush into my pussy and increasing the already plentifully moisture present.

One hand reaches down, taunting and teasing my pussy, pressing at my magical nub further hardening my nipples. Increasing the pace to near punishing, my ass slaps against your thighs. You grab each arm and hold my wrists together, driving my breasts out. The thrusting and restraint is amazingly exceptional and I begin to climax with my channel tightening and pulsing around your rock hard length. My back is against your chest and my head rests on your shoulder. I scream your name as I turn toward your face and kiss you. Focusing on the barrage of sensations, our sex, our skin, our lips, tongue and teeth, I come down from my pleasure and focus on yours.

Wanting to assume control, we reposition as you stand up with me. Leaning me over the arm of the chaise, your cock finds my wetness and slides in with one long stroke. So deep, you grab my hips and slam into me. Deep, hard and fast, you continue to fuck me. The force of the thrusts cause your balls to slap against me and my tits to bounce almost uncontrollably. You easily massage my g-spot with this position and I prepare for yet another mind-blowing orgasm. Crying your name, my sugar walls begin to clench, as do your balls as I reach for them. Cumming deep inside me, I feel each ridge of your cock as it explodes. The friction and wetness is a heady combination as we both surrender to the pressure.

As we come down from the intensity of the exchange, we grab a nearby blanket and relax into one another in front of the fireplace. We begin to kiss again, exploring one another with our hands and I know immediately that this New Year is going to be the best ever.

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