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We are in bed together. I am lying on my back with you on my right, lying on your side facing the window. We have come away on holiday together and have found ourselves in a double bed instead of singles as we expected.

My heart is racing so fast I can almost feel it beating out of my chest. Every time I shut my eyes all I can hear is my heart banging in anticipation of what I am going to do next and what your reaction will be.

Reaching across, I put my hand on your hip and slowly start to draw circles in the cloth of your pajamas, big thick pink pajamas that you have to keep out the cold. My heart is racing, bang, bang in my chest. I was half expecting you to brush away my hand but you do not react. I trace the same circles on the smooth round arc of your bottom and down your leg, as I move my hand back up I trace the seam that runs up your inner thigh until I feel the warmth between your legs. You move slightly, lifting, allowing me to touch you. With my hand between your legs I can feel you, how hot you are and the dampness that has soaked through the material. I slowly trace a finger across, feeling you swell as you push down slightly to increase the pressure of my hand. I start to finger you through the material, your warm slit, wet and swollen, waiting to be entered.

Rolling over, you face me. I move my hand and slide it up your belly and cup your breast as we kiss hard for the first time, your pert breasts topped by hard stiff nipples that I run over with my hand springing back when the pressure is released. My hands reach around the back of your neck now as I pull you closer, running my fingers through you hair, biting your throat and neck as you tip back your head to allow me to kiss and bite you. As I do, I make a fist and grab a handful of hair, pulling your head back to expose you further.

Fumbling with the buttons on your top, I eventually undo them to reveal your naked chest, two perfect mounds which I kiss. I make sure your nipple is wet before blowing across, watching the skin pucker in the cold air. Your hands at the back of my neck pull me to you so you can kiss me hard.

Your thighs part as I my hand reaches down into your pajamas and once again I can feel how wet you are as I finger effortlessly into you. Putting my fingers on your lips, you take them in your mouth and slowly suck, tasting yourself.

You are pushing at my boxers trying to get them off. You raise yourself off the bed slightly as I pull down your pajamas, your legs rising to kick them off and to the floor. You lift one leg a bit, bending at the knee. My hands work on you, sliding fingers inside you; when light pressure from my fingertips makes you wriggle and exhale, I know I have found something that you like.

While one of your hands is at the back of my neck pulling me into you, the other searches out my hardness. You wrap your fingers around the shaft and squeeze, feeling the heat in your hands and how solid I am for you. Slowly you begin to massage me, moving your hand up and down the length, squeezing and pulling as I slide my fingers in and around your swollen mound.

I move and sit astride you, your hand still holding me. I lean forward and kiss your neck and then each breast in turn, pausing a while on each nipple before moving down to your belly button where I take your piercing in my mouth and tug a little. Moving further down I can smell you and then taste you as I run my tongue up and inside you, tasting your bitter sweetness as your hips rise. As you push me deeper inside you, I lap and play with you; little shivers run down your back and into your hips as you begin to shake every time I play my tongue across you.

As I move back up, I take your wrists in one hand and put both hands above your head, holding them against the wall. Your legs raise, opening to accept me. I hold on to your hair and pull slightly as I push into you. Muscles tense as I enter, your back arches. I pull your hair tighter, holding onto your wrists with a little more force, pushing my hips forward. I hear you gasp as you take in air and start to whimper slightly as I push in and out of you, your hips rising as I push, trying to get me deeper inside you.

I breath through my nose, heavier, snorting as the rhythm develops, headboard banging on the wall. I can hear you squeak, trying to suppress yourself. The couple in the next room must have woken earlier as I can now hear their bed start to creak through the wall, and this drives us on. We can hear the girl next door being pounded into the bed, gasping each time his cock pushes deep into her, skin slapping together to announce he has driven his length as deep as it is going to go.

I am fucking you harder now, not making love or having sex but just pure fucking. Harder and harder we fuck. I can see my knuckles turn white and your neck going red as the blood flushes your skin. We can hear the couple next door fuck. I drive into you with as much force as I can.

As your back arches, grunting and moaning, we come together; leaning forward, biting your neck and kissing you, I empty myself into you, each thrust pushing more hot fluid into you. I can feel your muscles tighten on to me, milking me every time you spasm.

Smiling, I kiss you and relax my grip on your hair and wrists, a best friend indeed.

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