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Hollywood and First Time Exposure PT3

Young woman does it with slightly older man
He let up on her hand but wondered if she was really ready for something like this as he watched her eyes and face and the expressions she was emitting throughout the personal “exchange” of emotions she was letting him see.

There they were. She sat topless, her large succulent breasts sitting against her chest, and he sat shirtless too. He’d grown horny. He’d grown extremely turned on by it all. Considering that he was a “fair” man, sex wasn’t absolutely necessary if everything came down to that.

He was more then willing to “negotiate.” He was more then willing to wait as well. He didn’t actually need to have sex with her but in his mind Shelly was a “babe” amongst babes. Maybe she didn’t see it that way but she’d understand in time he told himself.

“We don’t have to do this you know,” he told her. “It’s okay. If you don’t want to do this I will understand.” With that he reached over and handed Shelly her blouse. She knew what he meant and held it up against her breasts. “I want you to know something though,” he went on to add. “I like you a lot. I like you more then you know. I want us to have sex but I don’t want it to feel forced, okay?”

She heard his words and said okay in that soft, quiet voice of hers. She felt a little bad but he suggested something a little different. “Let’s do this. Let’s head back to my bedroom and lay down.” He shook his head as he added “I promise we don’t have to do anything. We can lay there and talk and do nothing but that. I promise you that, alright?”

She agreed, nothing happened, and all they did was talk all afternoon long. She had a terrific time and told him too. Life was changing for her. He was the perfect gentleman from there on out.

She knew she wanted sex at some point but told herself it would come in time.

Finally, a month later, it happened, and they weren’t even at home. He’d taken her on a small weekend cruise, alone, and surprised her with something unexpected.

“I want you to know something, Shelly. I’ve thought about this and,” and he went on to tell her a couple other things. “But,” and he finally got down on one knee. She could not believe it. “will you marry me? Will you be my wife? I promise, to god, I will always be there. I will guarantee you that for sure.” He went on and said a couple more things.

“Yes ohhhhhh yes, Charles, I’d love to be married to you!” she said happily, adding a few other comments as well.

Seeing that the boat was manned by a couple of sailors, the two headed to the bedroom. It was their night for sure or so he thought it was. At this point, they still hadn’t had sex of any kind with one another.

He was definitely expecting that for sure.

“I don’t know,” she said in her demure like voice. “I’ve wanted to but well you know. Can’t we just wait?”

Let down, he was not unhappy but he wasn’t happy about it either. She saw the look on his face and allowed him the chance to play around. However, she wasn’t going to allow any intercourse, or anything relatively close to that, at that point.

“What if I let you play around with my boobs?” Shelly said, smiling.

He loved her breasts. He loved them to no end. Big, rounded then ever, and those nipples as well; ohhhhhh those nipples he told himself. They were soooo fat, so darn distinct, and so easy to harden he could not turn down an offer like that.

So he went at them. He got them hard. He played around with them and got them to a point which they stood out soooo easily that it had her “crying” out for more. She “burned” for sex but didn’t allow herself to have any. She thought about it, as he played with her breasts and nipples, and she started second guessing herself on the boat ride.

It was as quiet as the early morning hours, before any traffic hit the streets. Laying there, with her new fiancé, she smiled as the two stared into one another’s eyes, and as he played happily with her large bosoms. She could tell he was having a fantastic time too.

Life seemed good as his index finger rolled about one or the other of her nipples. She’d murmur sweet nothings as she felt pleasured throughout it all. Finally, he leaned in and kissed one of them. She loved that! He took hold of one and sucked on it more charitably then she could ever expect. Her hormones, along with so much more of her, were moving in directions she never knew existed that day.

The nipples, still hard as ever, seemed to “scream” for more attention. By chance, he did more to please her, and he helped the cause along. Charles went on about what she’d offered him and he licked or played on them exquisitely.

He could not get them any harder then they already were but still he kept at them.

What he didn’t know was she was “rupturing” within. She needed this. She needed more then this and she found she needed more then that, badly. Her body began twitching. He never saw it. Her body began tightening up as he toyed around with her tits. Still, his clothes were still on and he’d grown hard as he did his own thing for her. Regardless, her legs, unable to do anything but tighten up more and more, and her hands, due to his tongue and mouth and hands, were reaching for him and bed cloths to “release” the growing tensions within her “soul.”

She started murmuring something. “Charles, uh ohhh, Charles,” she said in a quiet stammer. “I uh I think I uhhh need you. Oh god, I think I need you,” but she stopped short of saying it.

Her nipples were as hard as they were going to get. Her desire had grown to a degree she never knew existed. Her pussy not only tingled but that tingling had ripped through her like nothing had ever done before in her lifetime. She wished she could at least play with herself if nothing else.

Eventually, a hand let go of one of the sheets. It eased over and in between her thighs as he kept on playing with her boobs and nipples. She started playing with herself, more importantly, her pussy. He didn’t know it yet as she fingered her clit, while he kept on with her boobs, but she felt that her pussy needed so much more attention then it was getting at that point and time.

“Ohhhhhhh my fucking god!” she screamed, suddenly, as her body “jumped” off the bed.

Having yelled out like she’d done was totally unexpected to him. Even Charles had never heard her scream out or even swear before. On his knees while on the bed and playing with her breasts, he “jumped” back a ways as he looked at her frightenedly.

“What’s wrong?” he started to say. “What’s wrong Shelly? Are you alright?” he finally asked, stammering. He repeated himself. “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?”

Her eyes were closed. Her face was all pinched up. She was shuttering all over. He saw how she looked but all of a sudden he saw where her hand had been. He noticed how her fingers were inside her thighs, making him wonder what had happened.

“Are, were you touching yourself down there?” he finally said.

She nodded almost timidly, pulling her hand away from her pussy, and once she did she answered him quietly saying “Yes, umm I was.”

She pulled it away, placing the hand beside her and felt unsure of how to deal with her situation as he looked at her, smiling. She finally looked up into his eyes as both stayed silent for a moment.

“I‘m sorry,” she said for whatever reason. “I don’t know why I am though.” She then shut up while he looked at her with a blank stare on his face. She went on to say, in her quiet toned voice “I guess I uhhh, I got a little a more turned on then I expected.” She looked at him and blushed once she said it as she added “I’ve done this before, at home. You know, played with myself.”

Once he heard her say it, he smiled deeply, while looking at her at her. Finally, as he smiled and stared down at her, he leaned in and kissed her lips, and then asking “Did you enjoy doing that I take it?”

She nodded as she smiled a half smiled and closed her eyes.

“Care to have someone else do it for you?” he said.

Nobody had ever done that to her before, other then herself, but when he asked and when she looked at him long enough she was convinced she’d enjoy it. “Do you know how?” she said, almost wishing he was already doing it to her. “I’d like it. Yes, yes I would.”

He licked his fingers but she was already soaking wet as it was and seeing as she was it was easy for him to slide his fingers up against her pussy and easily start wiping them across it and gradually go inside.

She immediately felt the affects as she felt his bigger fingers inside his pussy. Soon enough she was breathing uncontrollably harder and it appeared, to him, that her chest was giving way to all the emotions created by this maneuvering around inside it.

Before she even knew it, she was heaving and moaning and even grunting as her thighs tightened up followed by the emotional affects which surged throughout her upper body. She even felt it in her tits and due to all the “spreading” sensations she felt, she was grabbing hold of sheets followed by trying to find parts of his body which she could hold.

“Ohhhhhhh my god, my fucking god Charles,” she cried out. “Keep doing that! Keep doing that to me! That feels soooo fucking good! Ohhhhhh uh ahhhhh uh ohhhhhh,” she moaned as she held those sheets as if it was the last thing on earth.

He saw cum streaming from within her but he kept on fingering her pussy. However, in time, he did something which she didn’t expect, and that was he went down on her. She felt his tongue inside her pussy for the very first time in her life.

A guy really does that, she asked herself.

“Ohhhhhhh wow!” she shrieked. “Oh my fucking, yes oh yes ohhhhhh my fucking yes!” she kept on screaming as he reached up, while tonguing her passionately, and squeezed both tits notably and repeatedly. She breathed harder and faster as he tongued her. “Ohhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh yes, oh my lord fucking yes, yes,” she went on to call out.

As he tongued her, she orgasmed again, and it oozed out of her all over his tongue and some even into his mouth, which he happily swallowed. He was more then a little pleased and kissed her warmly once “it” was all said and done.

They slid together, facing one another, happily, and she smiled as she stared right at him.

He smiled back as they lay close together and he’d brush her hair back followed by caressing her cheek and shortly afterward even caressing her upper body, which she loved and adored.

“I could do this all the time with you,” she told him softly. “I mean it too. I’d do this all my life. Get married, make love, make babies, and I’d want to be with you all my life.”

“Are you proposing to me?” he said, jokingly.

“Nooooo, I’ll wait for you to do that,” she replied as she smiled back at him and ran her hands through his hair and over his cheeks, followed by a hand easing down to his limp cock. “Mmmmmm, I like it this way too,” she added referring to his limpness.

He laughed and put his hand down on hers, holding her hand on it, and suggesting she stroke it so he could cum for her. She stroked it and before he knew it, she went down on him, and started licking it and getting him hard so that she could swallow his cock and also so he would cum on her.

He came alright and he came fruitfully.

Yes, they got married a year and a half later. As a wedding present, Cam gave them all the pictures he’d taken free of charge. Charles loved those pictures. He loved looking at them what seemed like half the night. As a result, he made full out love to her. She was overwhelmed by all the emotional feelings which had engulfed her. And seeing as it was her very first time having full out sexual relations in that capacity, feeling his cock inside her, she had orgasmed three whole times too.

And she absolutely loved that night and every feeling it created as a result of it all. Of course, no babies were had as a result of it either, she told herself, and thank god for that too. She was not ready for kids yet.

All she wanted was sex, sex, and a lot more sex after that Charles of course. That’s it.

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