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Home alone

A wife sets up a night to celebrate her husbands birthday
It felt like a normal day. I went to work, the day moved by in centimeters, and I longed to come home to my husband. I couldn’t stand being away from him for more than a minute. I was so passionately in love with him, that even after 3 years of dating and marriage for 4, I still get the butterflies. Yes, even when he calls me. As plain as it is, we are young and in love.

But on this particular day I wanted to hurry home before he did. It was his 26th birthday. He loved when I threw him parties and loved all my gift ideas, but tonight I had something special in mind. The thought of it made this electric vibe run though me. I had several plans and I couldn't wait to see the look on his face.

Time couldn’t go any slower. I felt like I was in high school again. Staring at the clock counting down the seconds till I was able to leave; each second took an eternity. Finally, it had come; 4:30. “I have one hour,” I thought to myself. I sprinted out of the office like a teenage girl would if her favorite celebrity showed up outside her house.

“What to do first?” I questioned over and over in my head. The very thought of tonight made my heart beat faster and faster.

Everything was ready for his return home, the cake (both of them) was ready, the light lit room for dinner (if there would be any) was set, and the house was clean (not for long).

I could hear him pull into the driveway, close his car door and walk up the steps. Right on cue I lounged across the sofa with one arm resting on the arm of the sofa holding a glass of champagne, and the other gently laid down my body. My heart was thudding in my chest and I could feel my nipples harden a bit while I faced the door anticipating when he would open it.

The setting was romantic, lights low and a humble place that would set the mood if anyone walked in. The knob twisted and he walked in, with a look of exhaustion. Until he saw me.

I sat still with the glass and a smile across my face as he looked me up and down. I knew he couldn’t resist when I was in my tight, skimpy, short, red dress. Taking a sip of my champagne, I smiled and asked with a seductive and sensual hint in my voice , “How was work, dear?”

Nothing came from his mouth. Speechless; his jaw hung to the floor as he looked at me and not around the room that I had spent time cleaning when I had gotten home. “Happy birthday,” I said staring deep into his eyes trying to get some kind of response out of him. He stood in the door way still unable to reply, I looked down his body and noticed his cock was nearly completely erect.

Even after 4 years of marriage, I was still amazed and turned on by the thought that I still turn him on like that. I stood from the couch. My long thin legs and tiny waist were emphasized with the dress and the matching 6 inch heels. I saw him swallow hard, and could feel the warmth in between my legs begin to grow.

“Th-th-thank y-you,” he stuttered as I walked closer to him to wrapped my arms around his neck. I stared in his eyes with the I-want-you look and I knew he could see it because his cock was fully erected and pressing against the front of my dress. I felt exotic. Like a goddess seducing the clueless human.

I kissed him passionately and felt his arms wrap around my body pulling me closer. My breasts pressed against his chest, his cock pushed up against the side of my leg, and his strong hands ran up and down my back.

Purposefully, I placed a gift on the floor. I pulled away and walked over to the gift. Bending over I revealed to him that I had forgotten to wear panties that night, and I heard him moan a little. I gave him the package. He seemed to have no interest in it since he was undressing me with his eyes and that is all he wanted.

I pulled him by his chin, told him to open it then meet me in the kitchen. I strutted off feeling his eyes watch me all the way out of the room.

I heard the package rip open, and laughed at the thought of his face this moment. I could hear him set down the box and walk quickly to the kitchen where he found me totally nude (except for my heels) holding a cake that read, “We can save this for later.”

I set the cake down as he approached me, his face was flush, and his cock stuck straight out of his pants. Instinctively, he picked me up; I wrapped my legs around his body, as he kissed me hard and long. I like playing rough, and I know he finds it kinky that I am like that. Forcefully, he pushed me up against a wall. I could feel him grind his rock hard cock on my tiny, tight, wet pussy.

He began to breathe harder and harder as I started to undress him while in mid air. I kissed on his neck and the clang of his belt made me realize he couldn’t wait any longer. But he will. I pulled on his hair, moaning so slightly while he pulled me closer and kissed on my neck. His dick was pulsing; my pussy was soaked.

His hands began to explore my thighs, moving closer and closer to my drenched pussy. I pulled his shirt over his head, not missing a beat in our rhythmic kissing. His hot body pressed up on me, and ecstasy flooded my body. My nipple stood at full attention and he carried me over the kitchen counter and he sucked and buried his face in them. The cold counter was a shock to my system, and was rather refreshing because I knew what was about to happen.

He dropped his head down my body. Putting my legs on his shoulders he continued to move down, until he met the outside of my pussy. Anxiously, I squirmed on the counter, as he teased my pussy, kissing each side, the top, the bottom. My breathing increase as I longed for his warm tongue to massage me. I moaned loudly when I felt him flick my clit with his warm tongue.

“You like that?” He said with such an evil yet taunting grin. “Fuck yea,” I said breathlessly. I couldn’t take the teasing any long so I pressed his face into my pussy, forcing him to suck hard. I propped myself up on my elbows and threw my head back in pleasure. My breathing increase and I grabbed onto his head. I was so wet. I could feel my own juices on my husband’s face.

He couldn’t take it any longer either. He stood up and pulled his pants that were already half off. He pulled his boxers off and picked me up by the hips to the edge of the counter. Lifting my legs, I placed them back on his shoulders.

“He’s a fucking tease!” I thought while he rubbed his fingers on the outside of my pussy. Two can play that game. I grabbed my toes and pulled my legs completely horizontal. He loved it! His hands moved from my pussy to the top of his cock. I slapped his hand, “No!” if you’re going to touch it. You might as well…” He didn’t give me a chance to finish my sentence and he pushed his huge fat dick into my tiny tight pussy.

The way he was grinding me was erotic in and of itself. I loved this man and we were making love in our own house on our kitchen counter. Nothing could be any more sensual. He continued to fuck me pulling my hips into his dick with my legs on his shoulders. I couldn’t help but scream, feeling his dick deep inside me and his grunts and groans of pleasure. He picked me up and all in one motion, stood me on my shaking legs, turned me around and bent me over the counter. I spread my legs a little and he pushed his dick in me again, pulling my hair and spanking my ass.

There is something about the way a man takes charge, knowing you’re the reason he lost his self control.

I let out a light purr and his speed picked up a bit. I gripped the counter for balance and screamed his name, demanding more and more. He let off a vibe that he wasn’t done and I was about to have it. Through the hard hits of his dick I managed to grunt out the words. “Bed room?”

He stopped picked me up and I straddled his waist again. He pressed my hips down on the tip of his dick, but I held my place and demanded to take me up stairs. We kissed passionately while we made our way to our room. He threw my on the bed. I was breathing heavily, and he laid his fit body down on me, and pressed his lips on my neck, grinding ever so slightly. “I love you,” he said spaced through each kiss. I wanted more. I pulled him to my lips by his neck, and sat up slowly to switch positions. His legs lay off the bed as he put his hands behind his head, almost like he knew what was about to happen.

My eyes wondered his body and froze in a particular place. His cock was fully erect at a large 10” and almost looked like it was pulsing. I couldn’t resist my wandering hands and moved them up his thighs. I could hear his breathing pick up. He wanted me even more. I kissed around his hips slowly, purposefully avoiding his raging dick. I began to kiss gently up his shaft moving closer to the head. I played with his balls a little in my hands, as I licked his dick. I pushed the hair out of my face open my mouth wide and pushed my head down his dick. My pussy started pulsing for attention to the sound of him gasping as my tender lips moved up and down his dick. My eyes were fixed on him as I looked up so innocently with his dick in my mouth. He moved his hands and pushed my head in a steady motion. Faster. Faster.

My juices began dripping from me. The look on his face made me realize he wanted it hard now. I straddled him and pushed my soaking wet pussy over his cock, and began riding him. He moved my hips up and down. I was getting close.

“Baby? I’m getting close.” I breathlessly forced out. He took me off his dick turned me over on the bed and started fucking me doggy style. I moaned and groaned as his dick hit the perfect spot. “Not yet, baby, not yet. Don’t cum yet. Hold it,” He said moving his dick in and out faster. My muscles were tightening in me. He turned me over on my back and pushed harder pumping faster. I knew he was getting close too. I could tell the look in his eyes. I was in pure ectasy, pulling the sheets, screaming at him to go faster.

Finally, I felt it. His warm cum was filling me, and my body was tense as my cum shot out with his. The current in me flooded my body, tingling, and possible the best feeling in the world.I went limp and his light thrust told me that he was about done too.

We laid there for several minutes, his arm around me as I fit perfectly into his chest. He gripped me tighter to show he would never let go . He broke the silence. “You are amazing. I couldn’t love anyone more than you.”

I turned and faced him, kissing him passionately on the lips with his arms still around me.

“Happy birthday.”
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