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Home Comming Queen

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Josh's girlfriend comes home after weeks of hard, long, nights.

Sleepless nights

It had been two weeks since I had seen Nicolle she was away with friends riding horses leaving me high and dry quite literally, but we had kept in touch phone calls and Skype that kinda thing. We were a new couple so everything was so exiting and new. We were young, horny and desperate to touch each other again. Every night our talks would turn to sex and what we wanted to do each other when she got home by the end of the two weeks I felt like I could explode.

Quickly the time disappeared and I was at the airport waiting for her to come through the gates and into my arms. I was early because I had never really been very reliable so I made sure I was there and on time. My iPod was on shuffle and I stared at the clock till the minutes counted down... It was time she should be here any second I walked over to peer through the electric doors to catch a glimpse of her sleek body or strong blue stare.

There she was. Short skirt that showed her sexy legs and perfect ass to the world. She knew how to dress. She strutted over to me and my stomach tightened, my mind went back to all of the things we had said, the things I wanted to do to her. I gave her a smile and an embrace. We talked about how the trip was and how her friend was but all the time I was aching to take of her clothes and be with her again.

The drive home was desperately slow. We sat in the back I put my hand on her leg and slowly ran it up her thigh I could feel the heat from her throbbing pussy I was dying to get home and feel my huge rock hard cock squeeze inside her but I had to wait after all the taxi driver could see us in his mirror and I didn't’t want to walk home. I stepped inside to see mum and dad in the doorway waiting to greet her back from her trip I couldn't’t believe it every cell in my body needed to carry her upstairs and release weeks of dreaming and frustrating nights pleasing myself. But we stayed talked to my parents and played nice. Under the table she stroked my dick with her foot whilst I tried to compose a sentence to my mum I could barely open my mouth as lust took over my body.

I stopped talking for a moment and collected my thoughts. “Are you okay son?” dad asked across the table, 

“Yeah i'm fine” I uttered. Deciding it was all too much I had to be alone with her I thought of a way to finally escape the torture. “Baby, shall I take your case upstairs” the words mumbling from my lips.

“Okay Hun” she replied devilishly as she removed her foot from in-between my legs.

As we walked upstairs she walked in front I could see her pink lacy pants in the middle of a stunning ass that was making my mind wonder again and my cock do the same. I threw open my bedroom door chucked the case on the floor my whole body contracted at the realization of what was about to happen my torment was over. She stepped into my room put her little leather jacket on my desk chair and turned to me with her eyes trained on mine. In a flash our bodies pressed tight against each other as we kissed. Her soft crimson lips could have melted the icy blue stare from her eyes. My pulsing rock hard cock was forced onto her as she pressed back and pulled me into her. We couldn't’t take the pressure anymore and she pushed me off her and onto the bed and unzipped my jeans.

My big cock slid out of my trousers and neatly into Nicolle’s hand. She stroked it up and down slowly... With her other hand she raked her nails across my chest and along my stomach. The head of my dick glistened and so did her eyes as she planed what to do next. The tension inside me was building; my body was writhing while she pumped my solid shaft.

“Suck my dick baby” I whispered.

As soon as the words left my mouth a warm slick tongue slid around my head and up my cock my body jerked and writhed as my throbbing cock went in and out of her lips. I felt my load build, coming quickly I wasn’t ready for it to end just yet. I pulled her up to my face and kissed her passionately and whispered softly in her ear, “your turn....”

I turned over on to her and pressed my weight into her. I kissed her gently on the lips and caressed her body all over. I took off her shirt then kissed down her neck onto her chest. Snapped off her bra and her perfect tits bounced up showing her erect nipples spiking out begging to be licked and sucked. Running my tongue over her nipples I moved a hand under the band of her skirt and into her pink soft lacy pants rubbing my middle fingers up and down her burning hot drenched lips.

She groaned loudly and let out a whimper and one word crumbled from her lips, “please”. I played with her pussy gently while I kissed my way along her toned stomach to the sexy tan line where her bikini pants always sit when she lays out on the golden beach near my house. I ripped of her of her skirt and pink thong to reveal her pulsating red lips. The blood rushing to her pussy, pushing her clit up crying to be tongued and fucked, her tight little cunt was soaked. Warm juices flowed down her lips onto her thighs and making dark marks on my cream sheets. “Mmmmm fuck me... please” the dirty words didn't’t seem right coming from her innocent voice but hinted with a tinge of desperation she really meant them and I wasn’t about to say no.

To be continued....

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