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Home from war

Matt has returned home from war and is desperate for his wife
She couldn’t take her eyes off him - standing tall and proud in line with his fellow soldiers. Afghanistan had really taken its toll on the heroes of the fifth regiment. Standing in line at the homecoming parade it was plain to see the desperation of the men to get off the showground to their wives and girlfriends.

“Men… you are dismissed” bellowed the major.

The ground cleared in an instant as the men raced into the crowds to reunite with their families.
Matt threw his strong arms around his beautiful wife. He had longed to feel her warm skin against his since the moment he left her six months ago. He pulled her in close and placed a kiss upon her soft lips. His stubble rubbed against her smooth skin as he whispered in her ear “I love you.”

Heat spread through Jess’ body and came to rest between her thighs. She could feel how much he loved and physically needed her as his hard, thick cock pressed into her abdomen. Jess tried to pull her head away from his embrace to look into his eyes but he held her closer. Jess knew that Matt would be embarrassed for Jess to feel his need for her so she stayed put. Matt was a strong, masculine hero but when it came to intimacy and feelings he could be very shy at times, even though they had been together for long time.

“My brave hero!” called Matt’s mother from over Jess’ shoulder. She stole him away from his wife smothering him in motherly kisses. Matt tried hard not to cuddle his mother too closely for fear of her feeling his huge erection.

Matt turned and grabbed the hand of his wife tightly as they were ushered away to a local hotel for a welcome home party. Matt was never a party animal and right now it was the last thing he needed. Small talk with friends and family when all he wanted to do was take Jess home, to bed and fuck her. The nights he had lied awake in the thinking of all the things he would do to her when he returned home and what he may get in return. Unable to touch himself to relieve his body from the torture of being without his wife. Thinking of her warm wet pussy sliding up and down his cock, bringing him closer and closer to erupting inside her body. Although he could never pleasure himself in the communal dorm, he often woke up and had to sneak around to change his sheets before the other lads woke up.
Jess and Matt burst through the doors of the hotel bar to be greeted by cheers and cuddles in every direction. Jess stood gazing up at her tall, dark hero. The urge to take his rock hard dick out there and then and take it in her mouth was unbelievable. She could feel the wet patch in her French knickers beginning to grow as her bulging clit began to pulse with the beat of her heart. Matt and Jess had a lot of friends to catch up with separately but neither of them could concentrate on anything but when their bodies would finally be together. Jess flashed seductive glances at Matt until he could take no more.

Right, I’ve waited long enough for this
, he thought and made a beeline across the room to his sexy wife.

“You’re coming with me,” he said as he dominantly took her hand and led her out of the main room and into the corridor.
Matt pushed Jess against the wall and began to kiss her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth whilst his hands explored her beautiful body. Jess could feel her pulse rise as Matt’s trembling hands pulled at her top, desperate to release her huge tits. He pulled down her matching red silk bra to reveal her small bullet hard nipples. Matt couldn’t resist licking her breasts and caressing her nipples until she begged him to take her somewhere more private. Matt reluctantly stopped to pull her into a nearby linen cupboard to finish what they had started. Once in the cupboard, Matt slammed the door and ripped at her knickers.

“Stop!” she shouted. “It’s your turn,” she breathed.
Jess pushed Matt onto a pile of neatly folded sheets, pulling at his camouflage trousers. Blood was pumping fiercely into Matt’s cock and he was desperate to feel how much his wife wanted his cock inside her. Jess ripped Matt’s boxers open to reveal his huge aching cock. She took it in her hands and slowly put it between her plump wet lips. Matt groaned loudly with pleasure. This was the first sexual contact he had felt in so long and he felt he would burst any second. Jess licked and sucked the length of his shaft whilst Matt writhed in ecstasy.

“Jess, I wanna come inside you,” he groaned. “I’m not sure how long I can last.”

Jess pulled her soaked knickers to one side and mounted her warm wet pussy onto Matt’s huge throbbing cock. The couple were finally united and both groaned with pleasure. Jess slid up and down feeling him fill her completely.

They were in heaven, coming closer and closer to ecstasy. Matt held Jess’ thighs and thrust into her making her scream as he hit the spot repeatedly. Matt gripped tighter and tighter as he felt the warmth rise in his body. Suddenly they both went past the point of no return and Matt exploded into Jess’ aching pussy both reaching heaven at the same time. Jess fell into her husband’s arms having finally both relieved the ache inside them. That was worth waiting for and she didn’t want him to go away again in a hurry.

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