Home Sweet Home

By maximumspeed

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A woman welcomes her hero home like only a woman can
It had been over a year since they’d seen each other. She never knew when they said goodbye if it would be for the last time. She didn’t even know now whether he would in fact be getting off the plane or not.

When she finally saw him, walking by himself at the other side of baggage claim, a shot of electricity went right to her stomach. He was still in his uniform. That always turned her on. She ran to him and he opened his arms for her. She fell inside him and he lifted her up and spun her around, as thrilled as she was, she wiped his dampened eyes and kissed him all over his face, she felt his soft sweet lips, gentle as always against hers. It felt so good, she sighed and relaxed her body deeper into his. They fit so perfectly, she couldn’t help but notice as he pulled her towards him that he was already hard.

The drive home was a long one, but they had a lot to talk about. He drove as usual, and the whole time she kept her hand between his legs, pulsing gently from time to time. They were only half way home when he turned off the highway. She had no idea where they were going, but she knew why, she put a little more pressure between his legs and felt her own stomach drop again as he pulled off the rode and onto a side street.

He parked the car behind some trees and she was on top of him before the engine turned off. Her legs spread wide across him, her head pushed up against the roof of the car. His strong hands cupped her breasts under her silk shirt and her mouth pushed close to his so she could feel his breath as he moaned with the weight of her body. He took off her top quickly and lifted up her skirt to find that she hadn’t worn underwear, she smiled, she’d been planning this moment for a long time. She sunk her hands under his belt and felt him for the first time, his hot shaft throbbed in her hands and she felt herself getting wetter as he opened his mouth to hers. She bit his lip lightly and began to move her hands up and down his cock, circling the tip with her thumb until she felt a little bit of extra warmth there, she swirled her thumb around in it and quickly brought her hands down to the base while he writhed beneath between her legs, sending chills up and down her spine. It had been so long, she felt like she could come right then.

She pulled his pants off and put him inside her. She rode him slowly at first while they breathed together. He put his hands on her hips like he used to and began to move her faster and deeper. She pulled his hair and they came together, more suddenly than she’d planned. She rested on top of him shuddering and sticky.

They listened to the radio the rest of the way home and didn’t talk much, but she could see his hands shaking on the steering wheel.

He didn’t open the trunk for his bags when they pulled into the driveway. He ran around to the passenger side door and before she could get out of the car, he picked her up, she screamed and laughed all the way to the front door. Lucky she had put the keys in her pocket. She kicked the door open with her feet and he looked around for a minute as they stood in the doorway, and then carried her straight to the bedroom. He threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her.

He began to kiss her lips so tenderly while his hands moved up and down the length of her body, sending shivers all down her spine. She arched her back to bring herself closer to him and felt herself growing wet again under his touch. He took off her shirt again and her skirt and took a look at her lying naked before him. She could see his hard cock through his pants and squirmed a little. He smiled. Then he was on top of her again, his ring finger stroking her pussy, slipping gently back and forth while she trembled and took deep breaths. She reached for his pants and undid his belt while he pushed deeper into her pussy.

She ran her fingers over his dick and he pulled her towards him so they were face to face while they played with each other, heat and steam building between them. She could see beads of sweat on his forehead “I missed your body” he panted her ear “I missed fucking you so much.”

She pulsed a little faster, “I thought of you every night” she said. He cupped her pussy in his hand, swirling his finger around her swollen clit. She moaned brought the tip of his dick to her pussy. He let his dick slide across her wet slit and around her clit slowly back and forth while she pushed her hips into him. She wanted him, but he wanted to tease her. He pushed her onto her side and held her, his left hand cupping her breasts, tickling and pinching her nipples. She could feel his throbbing cock sliding between her legs from behind, as he caressed her wet pussy with this left hand, his mouth at her ear “you like that?” he whispered. “God, yes” she could hardly get the words out. She couldn’t take it any longer, she spun around and pushed into him, his cock slid inside her and filled her like a bolt of lightning. He grabbed her butt and she wrapped her legs around his back. He lifted her up and pushed her against the wall. She remembered this feeling. She circled her hands around his neck and he pushed into her, his hands gripping her butt, shaking her up and down against the wall, waves of heat ran through her body every time he pumped her. He threw her back on the bed and got on top so he could push harder and faster. The weight of his body was too much, she could feel herself losing control. She writhed and arched her back and bit him on the neck. He put his hand over her mouth and she grabbed his hair. He knew that meant she was close, and he sped up. “Come for me baby, I love you” he said and she did, every muscle in her body tensed around him and he came with her. She kissed him on the cheek and they lay together watching the ceiling fan spinning. They didn’t get out of bed for six hours.