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After a long time away from home, a surprise was there waiting for him

She nibbled her lip, nervous, wondering yet again if she had made the right decision. She checked the mirror one last time to be sure she looked okay. Her green eyes stood out against the black eyeliner and double coat of mascara she had painstakingly applied. Her lips were coated with a burgundy stain covered with a shimmering gloss. She had spent a lot of time working on her hair to give it that "effortless" look. Softly hanging to her shoulders, a deep brown with streaks of blonde added here and there. She checked one more time. "This is as good as it gets," she said to her reflection as she turned, clicking the bathroom light off as she walked thru the door and headed to the bedroom.

She glanced around the bedroom, checking to be sure everything was ready. There where candles flickering on the dresser giving the room a soft glow. The bed was turned down, showing the freshly cleaned sheets and at the foot of the bed, the fluffy blanket was folded, ready to be pulled up, wrapping the recipient in its soft warmth. The pillows were piled at the head of the bed, clean and fresh, ready to rest her head on. 

She looked into the floor length mirror, tightening the belt on her dark purple satin robe, again wondering if she was doing the right thing. It's probably good that she wasn't sure if hell existed because if it did she would surely be going there for so the lies she had told this week. Not only had she lied to her parents and her in-laws, but to her own children as well. What kind of mother does that? Lies to her children about when their father would be coming home. "Apparently, you do," she said to her reflection, shattering the silence.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. She didn't even understand why she was nervous, this was her husband, after all, the man she had vowed to spend her life with, the man she loved. But as she opened her eyes and saw herself in the mirror she was reminded that she might not be the same woman he had married. The woman looking back from the mirror at her was oozing sex appeal, from her tousled hair to her painted pout she looked like she knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it.

"Baby, I'm home..." 

Startled, she jumped at the sound of her man's voice. She was so caught up in her thoughts she had missed the sound of the door in the other room opening. "I'm coming!" She called back as she took another deep breath and headed for the living room.

"Where is every... " The question died on his lips as he saw her coming down the hall. Her painted mouth was turned up on one side creating a dirty little smirk that matched the heat that was coming from those dark-edged eyes, shining like gemstones in the evening light. She sauntered down the hall, her robe opening to reveal her bare legs with each step she took, her breasts wiggling as she neared showing him they were not contained under that thin satin robe. 

"Welcome home, sweetness!" she said as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on his cheek. Stepping back she saw that his expression of confusion had not changed.

"Where are the children?" he asked, swallowing hard.

"Staying with friends," she replied. "Please don't be angry, I wanted you all to myself," she whispered looking at him through her dark lashes. "I lied to our parents, too, " she continued, "I told them your flight had been delayed and you wouldn't be returning until tomorrow night."

"We are alone?" He asked letting his eyes wander up her curvy body, smiling when he saw her nipples, hard pebbles pressing against the thin fabric.

"Yes, baby, for twenty hours there is only you and me," she replied as she slowly untied the robe belt, shrugging it off of her shoulders and allowing it to fall until it is a puddle of deep purple at her feet revealing she was indeed naked under the robe.

"Are you angry?" She asked, smiling, already knowing the answer as she sees the growing bulge in his pants.

"Nooo," he replied stepping closer.

"Oh, baby, I've missed you so much," she whispered as she launched herself into his awaiting arms. Lips finding lips in a hungry passionate kiss, she moaned as his tongue slipped into her mouth as he pushed her a step backward until her back is pressed against the wall. She barely noticed the coolness touching the back of her body. She had buried her fingers in his thick dark hair, loving the way it felt in her hands and using it to hold him to her face as she ravished his mouth with hers.

"Hmmm," slipped from her mouth as he pulled his mouth away to plant kisses from her ear to her collarbone, his facial hair tickling her bare skin all the way. 

"How could you think I would be angry with a greeting like this?" He whispered in her ear as he pulled her earlobe into his mouth with his teeth.

"I just needed to be alone with you," she replied breathlessly. "I need to be fucked, and hard," she whispered back into his ear as she wrapped her leg around him pushing his hard bulge against her hot warmth.

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her from the wall, pushing her towards the bedroom as he went.

"You don't have to be in a hurry, we have all night," she giggled while allowing herself to be pushed to the bedroom. Enjoying the obvious excitement in his eyes and in his pants, knowing she had made the right decision to surprise him with this night.

"We will take our time next time. Right now I need you, quick and hot," he whispered harshly in her ear, "It's been a long time, baby... "

"I'm here for whatever you desire," she said as she began undressing him. "Your wish is my command," she said, winking at him as she let his pants drop to the floor.

He pulled her to him roughly, attacking her mouth with his as he slipped his hand between her legs. "You are so wet," he said with a combination of surprise and desire in his voice.

"I've been thinking of you and making preparations all day," she whispered in his ear, "I wanted to be ready when you got home." A sound that can only be described as a growl came from deep in his throat as he picked her up and dropped her to the bed. She lay back and placed her legs over his shoulders and he stood at the edge of the bed, placing his cock at the entrance to her honey pot.

"I love you, my sweet prince," she whispered as she wiggled her hips feeling him hovering at her entrance. "Ahhh," she cried as he suddenly drove into her as far as he could, balls slapping her ass.

"I love you, too," he said breathlessly as he begins to pump into her hot, wet pussy. Groaning as he felt her inner muscles clench and release his cock making her already tight hole tighter.

"Oh, my damn!" She cried as she felt the beginning of her orgasm building inside of her. "Don't ever stop," she yelled as she feels the pleasure beginning to overtake her.

"Oh, baby," he cried as her muscles begin to spasm around his cock indicating she has had her pleasure. The pressure in his balls is too great to hold back and he releases into her. Filling her hot tight pussy with his stickiness.

"Welcome home, my sunshine," she says pulling his head down to where she can kiss him, "I've missed you so much."

"That was one hell of a welcome home," she laughed as he laid his head on her chest. Nuzzling her breasts as he does.

"And baby, the night is young," she giggled as he rolled them over so he can tuck her against him, arms holding her tight, trapping her against his body.

"Oh, baby, I'm nowhere close to being done with you yet!" he growled in her ear as he moved his hips so she can feel his hardness against her backside.

"Let the fun begin!" she laughed as she moved her head to the side to give him complete access to the smoothness of her neck

He nibbled her earlobe, sucking it into his mouth and then slowly releasing it, dragging his teeth against it.

"Mmm, I've missed you so much," she moaned as his hands reached for her breast. He took it in his hand, pulling her back tightly to his chest. He pulled his fingers together until they have a hold of her hardened nipple, slowly rolling it between his fingers, applying delicious pressure.

"So how long do we have alone," he whispered close to her ear, his facial hair tickling her neck.

"Until tomorrow evening baby, I wanted you all to myself for just a little while... Does that make me selfish?"

"Delishly so my love, and I'm so glad you are. I have spent weeks thinking about things that I would like to do to you." With the last word he grabbed her hip and pulled bringing her flat on her back next to him. The sudden change of position caused a giggle to escape her lips as he brought his mouth to the nipple he had been playing with. Starting by gently nuzzling and sucking until her hands found his hair. Her gentle twirling of his hair quickly changed to a handle to pull him closer to her body. He responded by taking the whole nipple in his mouth and gently scraping his teeth against it, feeling it harden even more against his teeth and tongue.

She seemed almost cat-like as he ran his hands down her body and she arched her back to meet his caress. His hand stopped at her hairy mound, twirling those curls of hers between his fingers. The sound she made was very similar to a purr as she threw her leg over his hip eager to have him deep within her again.

"Who is this insatiable creature in my bed?" He laughed as she rolled him onto his back, poising him to enter her hot heat again.

"I'm YOUR slut sweet prince, use me as you wish, as I plan to use you." With that, she lowered herself down his shaft until he was buried completely in her. She threw her head back enjoying the feeling of him completely filling her.

He exhaled quickly as he became completely plugged into her. He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of being in his favorite place, deep in the woman he loved. Her inner muscles feeling like individual fingers applying pressure to his cock.

She slowly began to rotate her hips, eyes closed, head back, hands on her own nipples pinching and pulling. Watching her enjoy herself so fully created a sudden need for him to consume her, completely. He grabbed the top of her thighs to stabilize her as he suddenly drove his hips up. This sudden move caught her off guard and had her falling forward to grab hold of the headboard, leaving her beautiful tits to swing above his face, his own personal pleasure pieces there for only him to enjoy.

"Open your eyes," he ordered. Startled, her eyes opened wide looking down into his. "I want to see the pleasure in your eyes as I take you over the edge" with that he began to thrust deep into her while grabbing her beautiful breasts in his hands. A sexy smirk lifted the corners of her lips as she matched his rhythm and intensified the ride.

He felt the tightening in his balls as he knew the tsunami was growing close. Head back he releases a long groan as he felt her thighs begin to quiver under his hands. "Baby, I'm gonna cum. Oh please don't stop," she yelled as she threw her head back and her inner muscles tightened around him as the pleasure erupted from deep within her coating his cock meat buried within her.

The feeling of her pleasure and sounds of her passion where all that it took the make him lose his last hold on control. Grabbing her legs tightly he drove up into her with one last thrust, unleashing his own juices deep inside to mingle with hers. An animal like growl erupted from his throat as he looked deep into those glowing green eyes that seemed to look all the way to his soul.

"Oh, my damn," she gasped as she collapsed on his chest, completely spent.

"My little slut, how I've missed you," he purred as he wrapped his arms around her holding her tight as their rapid heartbeats began to slow back to a normal pace.

"I should go call to check on the children," she said, in a sleepy sexy voice while attempting to untangle herself from his hold.

"They are fine, angel. Remember, tonight is for us," he said as he reached down and pulled the blanket over them. "You are not getting away so easily," he laughed. "I believe I have another twenty hours before I have to share you with anyone."

With a content sigh, she laid her head on his chest and cuddled close wrapping her arm and leg around him. The combination of their juices slowly running out of her making a sticky glue to hold them together. He held her tight and drifted off to sleep wondering what he had done to deserve such a wonderful homecoming.

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