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Homemade Frosting

I had no idea that she was cooking up something more than cupcakes.

My wife is an enthusiastic baker and is always interested in making complex desserts.  So when I came home the other day to her baking I was not surprised.  I walked in the door shouted, “Hi" to her in the kitchen and went to take a shower.  I had no idea that she was cooking up something more than cupcakes.  

When I got out of the shower I dried off, threw on a pair of shorts, and went to give her a kiss in the kitchen.  When I walked in my jaw almost hit the floor, she was rolling out some dough in nothing but her apron,  glasses, pumps, and some jewelry.  I came up behind her, smacked her scrumptious little ass and asked her, “What are you baking, you sexy chef?”

“Cookies,” she responded in an innocent voice and continued to roll out the dough.

“Need any help?” I asked.

“No,” she said as she put down the rolling pin, “I don’t need any help with the cookies, but I could use a little help with something else.”

She grabbed my face and pulled me in close for a long hot kiss.  I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in close. Our tongues danced together like two ballerinas.  I kissed her neck and she melted backwards onto the counter while arms sprung forward to ensure I stayed close by.

She began tugging at my shorts and before I knew it they were at my ankles. I didn’t have any underwear on so my hard cock sprang free from its fabric prison. “Mmmmm, I love your cock,” she said to me as she slowly ran her fingers across the bottom of my shaft.  I moaned softly and continued to kiss her neck and shoulders.  I reached around and untied her apron and pulled it over her head.  

Her beautiful breasts bounced free and my mouth was on them instantly.  I squeezed them together and sucked on her nipples as she arched her back and moaned with pleasure.  I slid my tongue over each one which made them hard and perky, and it got me extra hard too.  I kissed down her body until I got to her sweet spot.  I gently licked it at first, slowly running my tongue from the bottom of her sweet parting lips all the way up to her clit and back down again.   Soon my tongue was deep inside her wanting hole.  She began breathing deeper and I could tell she was enjoying it.  “I love when you lick my pussy,” she said in almost a whisper.  I increased the intensity and ran my fingers softly up and down her beautiful thighs.  My wife has the best thighs in the world, I know I make every man jealous when they see her with me and she is in a bathing suit.  

I began massaging the insides of her legs and I could feel her tighten up.  I started to suck  her hard clit and her body began to convulse as she came.  She screamed and her knees buckled. I had to catch her from falling over.  She had goosebumps all over her hot shapely body, and I kissed her neck which gave her even more.  She took a deep breath and moaned gently into my ear, “You are the best at that,  you have a magic tongue,” then she giggled and stuck her finger in a bowl of frosting and smeared it across my chest.

I jumped backwards and and she lunged at me and licked off the frosting.  She rubbed more frosting down over my stomach and all over my rock hard cock.  She followed the trail of frosting down with her tongue, licking off every drop as she went down.  She stuck my dick in her mouth and polished it until it was completely clean.  “I wonder how long I have to lick it for until you frost me,” she said and shoved my cock back into her mouth. 

I love when she talks to me while she sucks my dick, not many things turn me on more. “Let’s find out,” I growled out teasingly and she slid my cock in and out of her mouth as she ran her hands over my ass.

Suddenly, she pulled it out, began stroking in those long sexy strokes, and asked, “How did I get so lucky to find a man with such a great ass?” then she smacked it and stood up.  She bent over the counter and popped her ass in the air and gave me the sex eyes.  I entered her slowly, letting her tight little pussy accept my dick.  Before I knew it I was all the way in and I could feel her warmth run up my cock and into my body.  Her pussy was so wet and tight that I thought I was going to cum right then and there.  I fucked her like a mad man right away, plowing into her hard.  Her boobs bounced against the counter with every thrust and I playfully pulled her hair.  She screamed which made me fuck her even harder.  She came again and groaned as she rubbed frosting all over her heaving boobs.

I pulled out of her and she turned around and told me that she wanted to fuck me now.  We headed into the living room and I sat on the couch.  She turned around so I could see her sweet little ass and straddled my cock.  She lowered herself down onto me and slowly bounced up and down.  Seeing her ass as she fucked me was too hot.  I gave it a few smacks and she fucked me harder after each one.  I was going to cum any second and she knew it.  She continued to fuck me until I was just about there, then she hopped off and began stroking my cock. 

“Cum on my tits baby,” she giggled. The look of excitement and determination on her face took me over the top and I erupted all over her beautiful tits.  She laughed as every drop shot out of my balls and onto her, then she licked my pouch and kept slowly massaging my dick just to make sure every bit of cum left my body.  

"Now thats how you make frosting," she said and rubbed my cum into her tits.  She licked her finger which was covered in a mixture of frosting and cum and said, “You were most certainly the missing ingredient.” 

We got cleaned up and finished baking the cookies which turned out wonderful.  They were made with love after all.


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