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Honey eyes

Just the most amazing and beautiful sex ever
It was late, and I kept you waiting. I hate doing that, but the press hounded me because of my talk on stochastic models for predicting suitable responses to global warming. It was really hard to get away, you can even see me in the television interview looking at my watch. I was sure you would be tired of waiting, and not terribly happy with me, but I wanted to be with you way more than I wanted to be sweating under portable TV lights.

As soon as I was out of the conference centre I rushed to my car, and got out of there as fast as I could. I nearly got caught by two speed cameras, my satnav allowing me to avoid them in the nick of time. By the time I pulled up in front of the house, your essence had permeated me, my desire for you was overwhelming, so much that I nearly fell over myself getting out of the car.

I opened the door in palpable excitement, and I could hear music drifting down the stairs from our bedroom. Guns 'n' Roses singing “Patience” to you, them not knowing how true it was that we would “make it slow, and we come together fine.”

“All we need is just a little patience,” which we have aplenty. How your face, eyes intense with arousal has etched itself into my retina, seen vividly whenever I heard that song playing. With that image in my mind, I flipped off my shoes, threw my jacket over the bannister, and took the stairs three at a time.

I walked into the room to find you lying on the bed in your purple satin nightie. You were propped up on your elbows, your legs raised up and feet crossed at the ankles. You looked at me with eyes melt me every time I look into their speckled honey depth. A soft puff of air escaped your full lips as you saw the desire in my eyes, the longing that had built up on the drive home.

I pushed patience aside. I wanted you, NOW!

Your unruly tresses fell over the smooth skin of your shoulders, lying against the soft skin that I loved to kiss and caress. The straps of your nightdress emerged from your hair, and guided my attention down to the promise of your delightful breasts, hidden by the ruffling of the bedclothes. I looked back at your eyes, which gave me the distinct impression that you were already thinking about sex, your glance softened by the dampness of a familiar arousal.

“Hello Desirée,” I managed.

You tossed your head to one side, and looked at me askance.

I was about to say something, when I noticed a thin sheaf of paper on the bed in front of you. I could see that it was one of my stories, and that you were on the last page. The moisture in your eyes and the soft flush on your skin was a familiar delight, and I knew then that if I had not arrived when I did, you would have taken matters into your own hand.

I walked over to the bed, knelt on the floor, tilted your chin towards me, and kissed you, your lips warm and yielding despite some frustration with my lateness.

I put my hand into your hair, and held your neck as I drank the warmth of your kiss, our tongues entwining, mine pushing into your mouth, its tip probing the roof of your mouth. Familiar waves of deep arousal washed over me, and I could feel my cock hardening, precum moistening my green underwear already as our passions mingled in the depth of a kiss that I did not want to end.

We broke the kiss after some time, during which I felt like we were two different colours of sweetness poured into a glass with warm water, strands of colour diffusing together at the molecular level. Sorry, the mathematics of global warming is even entering my sexual metaphors now.

“All I could think of after my talk was getting home, and just looking at you,” I said.

“Look if you want to,” you rejoined. “But you must touch as well. I nearly bursted waiting for you.”

“I see you been reading our story,” I said. “Been doing a little global warming of your own, I can see it in your eyes.”

You gave me that intense look again, and said not a word. You didn't need to.

One of the many things that I love about you is the way in which you celebrate your femininity, and your uniqueness, yet you have a strength that few women possess. It takes strength and courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable with me, to allow me to control your pleasure the way I so much love to do, the way I intended now.

I climbed onto the bed, pushed the papers out of the way, and straddled you.

“Lie down, Desirée. I want to give you a small massage.” I said.

You lay face down on the bed, and I started with your shoulders, rubbing them softly, not so much a massage as a sensual exploration of your skin. I mixed my hands with kisses on any skin that was exposed. Slowly, I worked my hands down over your back, the soft satin material of your nightdress adding to the sensuality of the experience for both of us.

My hands pressed into the small of your back, and followed the curve of your bum, waves of arousal flowing over me from the sensuality of satin on skin at the rise of your bum. I lingered there, moving from the small of your back up your bum and back again over and over.

Moving my hands further down over your bum, to the curve at the other end, where your legs join your body, and I pressed the flat of my palm into your flesh there, parting your cheeks, and creating a movement that you could feel in your pussy.

“Mmmmm, I love that,” you murmured.

“Thats the idea,” I smiled back.

Moving my hands down over your nightdress, I encountered the skin of the back of your legs, and moved my hands back up again to your bum under the material. I pressed into your skin with my palms and continued the sensation that you were liking for another little while.

Moving back to your legs, I let my thumbs spread away from my palm, down the inside of the back of your leg, and I could feel the warmth from your pussy, your arousal already burning before I arrived was now a positive inferno.

“I can feel the heat from your pussy,” I said. “It really turns me on when I feel that.”

You arched your back to try to get closer to my fingers, and I could see the wetness in those frilly purple knickers that I love so much. How that inflamed me. I wanted to feel that wetness more than anything. But maybe this is where patience was good.

“I want your fingers on her,” you said.

“Not yet,” I replied. “I want you aching to almost bursting.”

“I am aching now,” you said.

“Yes, but you know that you love aching, and I am not done yet. I want you aching so that the ache itself is almost as nice as an orgasm,” I said.

“You just made me ache more,” you said, your voice sultry with arousal.

I continued working my way down your legs, massaging and caressing you, and kissing your skin as my hands and lips explored first downwards, then upwards again.

As my hands approached your pussy, your legs parted, and I could not only see your wetness in your purple knickers, I could smell the musky scent of your arousal.

Both thumbs approached your pussy, and brushed just softly against the wet material of your knickers, and then I moved away again. You moaned, and pressed your pussy into the bed, trying by any means to increase the pleasure you felt. Greedy!

“Turn over,” I said. “I want to see your eyes when I touch your pussy.”

You turned over, and sat up, starting to unbutton my shirt, but I pushed your hands away.

“Lie down,” I said. “This one is for you, Desirée. You know how much playing with you makes me ache, and you know how much I love to ache.”

“Erm, yes,” you muttered as you lay back down, and sighed.

I undid a couple of buttons and pulled my shirt off over my head, and kicked off my pants unto the floor.

“Look me in the eye,” I said, as my hand moved over your tummy, your delightful tummy that I love to kiss. I moved my hand over your right breast, teasing your nipple through the satin material. I know how nice that feels, and I could see it in your eyes, as the moisture of arousal built up. I love that look, it pierces me like a lightening bolt of arousal, and I love the way looking into your eyes and touching you makes me ache.

I pulled off my now soaking green underwear, and went back to your breasts, kissing one and teasing the nipple of the other one through the satin material, my tongue exploring softly over your lovely mole down to your nipple.

I kissed you again, drawing your bottom lip into my mouth, and kissed your chin, down over your neck, and up to your ears.

Kissing your earlobe, I whispered in your ear, “I am the luckiest guy in the world to be making love with you.”

My voice and my licking added to the growing intensity of your ache.

Another thing I love about you is the way you can cum so many times. There is no need to take it slow and make the orgasm last, because you can just have another one. When you get to the point you were when I was kissing your ear, you become greedy for that first orgasm.

I also love the fact that you don't just think sex is about sticking a cock into your pussy and riding it. I enjoy the way you like to cum with hands, and lips. It excites me. Not that I mind putting my cock in your wet hot cunt or anything.

So it was that I knelt up, and reached down, no more preliminaries. Kneeling as I was, a great long strand of silvery precum ran from the end of my cock down to the bed. You reached out and touched it, and it sent a wave of pleasure over me, but I pushed your hand away.

“Lie back. I want to make you cum.” I said.

I touched your pussy, wet and hot, through the material of your purple knickers. I loved seeing and feeling the chaotic wetness, long past the first wet spot that I love to see appearing. I pulled aside the material, and pressed the side of my middle finger against your clitoris, your lips swollen and puffy. I remembered the first time I saw you playing with them, pulling and tugging on them, and felt a flush of joy. Your hips moved, pressing towards my hand, eager for the pleasure I was giving.

“Take off my knickers,” you said, lifting your bum to facilitate the action.

Ever the obliging lover, I did so, pulling them down over your bum and off over your feet. Then I went back to your soaking wet pussy, and took your slippery, swollen lips between thumb and forefinger and just enjoyed the texture and feel of it. So did you, judging by the soft moans and sighs that came from your other lips.

I touched your clit then, and you almost jumped off the bed, as with a sharp gasp your hips bucked at the sudden unexpected pleasure.

Using my middle finger, I pressed into your clitoris, and moved my finger side to side, then round and round. With my other hand, I applied a little pressure to the side of your clit, and rubbed you up and down the way you do it when you are masturbating. I love how you do that, greedy to cum.

Your breathing quickly became intense, more than just your sighs of pleasure, the arousal that you had built up before I arrived, and the teasing of the past 20 minutes already had you ready for an orgasm.

Looking at your face, I was overwhelmed to see your pleasure so clearly expressed. Your eyes were out of focus, yet looking at me clearly, moisture welling up in them from the pleasure you were feeling. When I began to move my finger up and down, instead of back and forth in circles, your eyes closed.

“Don't close your eyes,” I said. “If you do I will stop. I won't let you cum.”

You opened your eyes quickly, a look that seemed like panic on your face.

“Desirée, you greedy, beautiful, feminine, sexy woman. I know how badly you want to cum,” I said. “Look me in the eye, and I won't disappoint you.”

You looked me in the eye, our eyes locked together, cemented by your pleasure. I pressed my left hand into your pubic mound and to the side of your clit, and I rubbed you up and down. I could see your eyes lose focus, but you obeyed. You kept them open as the orgasm built up in you, and I could see it approaching as your eyes got wetter and began to lose focus as you struggled to keep them open.

Your hips began moving to the rhythm that I had set up, and it was not long before you grabbed the orgasm and refused to let go of it. I could feel that happening, at some point the control passed from me to you, and there was nothing I could do at that point to stop you from cumming. So I gave in to it, and helped you cum.

Your pretty nostrils flared, your forehead wrinkled delightfully, your eyes narrowed to slits, your mouth opened and your breathing became faster and mingled with moans of pleasure.

“Ohhhh, I'm cumming,” you almost shouted in a voice deepened by orgasm.

My own cock was semi-erect at that point, so much was I concentrating on you, but I was aching so deeply that it felt almost as good as the orgasm that rippled over your body, hardening your nipples and causing copious release of your own lubrication. Your whole body tensed, and your pussy pulsated, as your eyes regained a little focus.

I love the sudden awareness that comes back to your face even as the orgasm is still there, and is just subsiding. Seeing that, my cock hardened, and precum flowed in glistening strands onto the bedclothes.

As you came down from the orgasm I lay down beside you, and ran my hand round and round your tummy, giving you a couple of minutes for the first orgasms to subside before I started working on the second one. After that, it was going to be my turn to get greedy. But first I wanted to go down on you, to taste your juices and drink some more from the fountain of your pleasure.

After a couple of minutes, I moved down to the foot of the bed, and parted your legs which you were so kind as to help with, looking at your wonderful pussy. Your lips were soaking, exposed, reddened from your orgasm, but puffy and ready for more.

I touched them first with my fingers, loving seeing what I was doing and feeling their slippery, silkiness on my fingertips. I ran the thumbs of both hands up and down over your wet pussy like that, then pushed back on both sides of your clitoris, exposing its aroused pink bud to the delight of my eyes.

Softly, ever so softly, I blew on your clit like that, while pinching it gently between my thumbs. You moaned and twisted your hips, unsure whether to pull away or to feel more of what I was doing. I know how much my soft blowing on your clit makes you ache, and how intense the relief you feel when I let go my thumbs, stop blowing and take you in my mouth. So, that's exactly what I did, and my reward was hearing your swift intake of breath mixed with an inspirant moan.

I pressed the flat of my tongue against your clit, and rocked it from side to side, then up and down, before taking your whole clitoral area between my lips and tugging gently on it. Again you moaned.

“Finger me,” you said with a moan superimposed on the words.

Without stopping what I was doing, I inserted two fingers into your pussy, loving the way your hips moved to accommodate them, and the way your breathing changed, increasing in speed and pitch so quickly. Knowing you were greedy to cum again, I was happy to oblige.

"Feel my fingers in your wet cunt, Desirée," I said. “Feel my fingers fucking you.”

“Yes, I love your fingers fucking my cunt,” you moaned. “Fuck me with your fingers. Fuck my cunt.”

I moved my fingers in and out slowly, on the in stroke I pressed them against the upper wall of your cunt, and moved them around a little. I could tell from you breathing that this was pleasant for you, so while doing that, I changed my tongue direction from round and round to up and down. It was thus that I slowly, teasingly built up your second orgasm.

“Feel me now, I am on the edge,” you said in a voice thick with pleasure. “Oh fuck,”

There was no defining moment when you went over the edge, it was just a blur of intense pleasure for you, and it got more and more intense until your breathing and high pitched sounds were completely out of control. I knew better than to delay things at that point, so I just kept licking your clit up and down, and moving my fingers inside you until I could feel the walls of your vagina start to pulsate.

“I',” you managed to say.

With a great sense of accomplishment, I listened to your sounds, felt your hips bucking against me, felt the sudden increase in wetness around my fingers. You grabbed hold of the familiar falling away sensation and held it tight as the orgasm got hold of you and your body convulsed with pleasure.

“I',” you let out, making sure I didn't stop until you were finished. I love the way you laugh when your orgasm is stretched, its the most delightful sound.

Gently, I slowed down the movements of my lips and fingers as your orgasm subsided, and I just lay there for a minute or two with my lips still against your clit, my fingers resting inside you.

Slowly, I withdrew my fingers, and disengaged my lips. I tasted of you, and slowly I came back up to kiss you, inserting my soaking fingers into our kiss. Greedily you kissed me, licking your juices from my fingers. You had another couple of orgasms in you yet, and I did not want to let the urgency for them to subside too much, but I wanted my cock in your mouth.

I straddled you, and ran the wet head of my hard cock over your nipples, soaking the shiny purple material of your nightdress. I pulled down your straps and pressed my cock against each of your breasts in turn, before moving up, and pressing my cock down against your lips.

You opened your mouth, took my cock inside, holding it with your left hand. Your tongue circled its glans, making me burn the way I love. Alternating licking and taking me inside your mouth, your tongue circling round the head of my cock even inside your mouth. You took me right to the edge like that, not that it was difficult to get to the edge given how aroused I was from making you cum twice already.

I pulled away, lay down beside you, and lifted your legs so that they were over mine, my hips bent so my legs were across underneath you at a 90 degree angle. Pressing against your knees, I encouraged you to open your legs, and I could see your pussy from above as I slid my cock slowly inside it, eliciting a gasp from you in the process.

“Touch yourself,” I said. “Make yourself feel nice with my cock inside you. I know you like that.”

“You want me to touch my clit, while your cock is in my cunt, fucking me. Yes, I love that, you know I do,” you said.

You did not need to be told twice, your hand went straight for your clit as I began moving inside you. I ran one of my hands up over your tummy, my curled knuckles circling round and round your belly button before carrying on to your breasts. I played with your nipples, each in turn, while my cock moved very slowly in and out of you.

Your fingers moved over your clit with much greed, you wanted another orgasm and you wanted it fast. So I increased the pace of my movement, varying depth and speed for full effect. Your hips began to move to match my thrusts, and your fingers began to move faster on your clit. You took one hand and pressed it to the side of your clit in the way I know enhances the sensations of your other hand on your clit.

You built up your orgasm, and kind of surprised me a little by holding it back just when I felt like you were going to keep rubbing and cum. It was hard for me to hold back with you, because after making you cum twice, I was greedy for my own orgasm. But so were you, greedy for yours.

“Desirée, are you my greedy shy little horny thing?” I asked.

“I'm ….... greedy......I',” you moaned between panting breaths.

I love the intensity in your voice when you say that. Its like you are also greedy for me to know.

It wasn't long before I felt your breathing change, your pussy muscles grabbing my cock, your hips pressing against your hand. Your orgasm started like that, and I watched your face contort as much as I could with my own orgasm flowing through my body.

“I'm....cum.....ming,” you practically shouted.

We came together like that, the intensity was amazing for both of us, and your body shuddered the way it always does so delightfully on your third orgasm.

As my orgasm subsided, I felt you still pressing against me, your pussy walls still pulsating. I heard you say, “I'm.......stilll.......cumming.”

I love it when you grab your orgasm and hold onto it like that. You pressed hard and held your orgasm for as long as you could. Fuck that was hot.

We lay like that for a few minutes, but I wanted you to go to your orgasm limit, or as close to it as I could manage. I knew that I could not relax too long, or you would lose the ability to have another orgasm.

“I want to go down on you, Desirée,” I said.

“You will taste yourself,” you replied languidly.

“I will taste us,” I replied. “I will taste our love and lust, our desire and our joy. It will be beautiful.”

So I pulled out slowly, and moved around, caressing your hips and kissing your belly button as I went slowly down to your pussy. For a while, I just lay my head between your legs, enjoying the smell of our love, my left hand caressing your belly.

Slowly, I moved my lips until they were over your pussy. I drew one of your lips in to my mouth, tasting our shared cum, the taste making me want you again. I played with your lips with my mouth like that for a couple of minutes, before I heard your voice.

“Fuck me with your fingers again. I am aching to cum again,” you said.

“Beg me,” I replied, still teasing your pussy lips.

“Put your fingers in me. Now!” you replied aggressively.

“Put my fingers where, Desirée?” I asked.

“In my cunt,” you screamed. “Put your fingers in my wet, hot cunt. There!”

“In your cunt, like this,” I said, pushing my two fingers in just a centimetre or so and moving them around.

You arched your back, pressing against my fingers, trying to get them further in.

“Uh uh, Desirée! You haven't begged,” I said.

“Don't do this to me. You know I need to cum again. Now!” came your urgent reply.

“Then beg me,” I said.

“Please finger me,” you said.

“That's worth a little,” I replied, pushing in about another centimetre.

“No, finger my cunt now, or will do it myself,” you said.

“You know you can't do it as well as I can,” I said.

“Please, please finger me. Finger my fucking cunt. Fuck me with your fingers. Please. I want it so bad. Finger fuck my cunt,” you said.

Of course I could not torture you any longer. I pressed my two fingers into you, while pressing my thumb to give pressure to one side of your clit. Then I burried my face in your clit, licking and sucking and flicking it from side to side almost as if I was giving myself pleasure, so much was I greedy for yours.

This was not going to be slow lingering sex. I wanted to push you straight to orgasm, so I flicked my tongue in circles, then shifted to the up and down motion that you love. My fingers were probing you, fucking your pussy like a jointed cock.

I took you where you wanted to go very quickly, and it was not long before your pussy was pumping the juices of our sex all over my hand and soaking the bed. Your breathing told me in no uncertain terms that this was another powerful orgasm. Feeling and hearing and tasting you cum was enough to get me hard again, and as soon as your orgasm was done, I pushed you over and entered you from behind, not giving you a choice because I was afraid that if I did you might just stop at this point.

I grabbed some pillows and pulled up your hips so you were kneeling up, but resting your torso on the pillows. I grabbed your hips and pulled you to me, pushing my cock all the way into you. At first it was uncomfortable for you, you had just cum. But I knew how to give you a slightly forced orgasm, and so I moved consistently, not too fast, not too slow until the discomfort subsided, and pleasure took over.

I reached around and grabbed your nipples, tugging on them, pulling them hard and twirling them as I pinched and tugged. I knew it would hurt a little bit. You like that. I never want to really hurt you ever, but that kind of soft pain is pleasurable to you and I love that you told me. Otherwise I would never know.

By the time it started to feel amazingly pleasurable for you, you were sobbing, real tears running down your face. I tugged harder on your nipples. It added to the confusion of pleasure and pain, and soon you were pumping to match me, once again greedy for pleasure. You were groaning and grunting in tune with your enjoyment, and I was also enjoying the sensation of my cock inside the warm wet cave of your soaking cunt.

You looked so delicious as I held your hips, thrusting into you, your satin nightdress bunched into a loose mass around your waist. I pushed it up, so that I could see the sexy small of your back, which I love looking at because it always makes fucking you from behind so much more intense.

Letting go your nipples, I got my fingers on your clitoris, and began rubbing it as I pumped into you. At this point, I was not sure if I was fucking you for your pleasure or mine. I think I was even greedier than you at this point, and I gave in to my own abandon. Stroking your clitoris I felt your orgasm welling up again, and knowing it was about to explode over your body, I let go, and we just disappeared into the most incredible, loving, orgasm that carried us both away, and I collapsed on top of you.

But I knew I had not reached your limit yet. After a brief period of total collapse, I rolled off of you, and pushed you over on your back.

“Suck my soft, spent dick. Make it hard again,” I said.

“I am tired,” you said. “I want to sleep.”

“You are not giving up yet, I know you have another cum left in you,” I said.

“Perhaps,” you said, looking at me coyly, knowing full well that I was right.

I straddled your chest. You reached for my limp cock, already quickening at the thought of making you cum again. You took me in your mouth, your tongue circling my glans the way I like.

At first it was a little too intense, but I grabbed the back of your head and pressed it into you, your tongue licking around the base of my hardening cock. Moving up and down my shaft, you soon had me hard again.

“Lets 69, Desirée,” I said, knowing how much you like it when we do that. So do I.

I got off your chest, and moved myself in position so my cock was in your mouth, and I was able to access your pussy.

Using my thumbs, I pulled your clitoral hood back, and blew softly on your clit. You moaned, and I knew how much it ached. I pushed the hood back in place and ran one finger down over your slit, playing with your entrance, building up your desire and demand for more.

Again I pulled back your hood, and blew softly against your bare clit, pushing your aching to new levels. You moaned, a cock-filled mouth moan, and I burried my face in your pussy. The relief from the sensual aching was immediate, and the ache changed to a burning sensation, and your lips and tongue on my cock created in me an equally strong burning sensation, so intense that I was on the edge for much of the time, having to squeeze hard to avoid cumming before you did.

I pulled away, used my thumbs to expose your clit to my breath, and again blew on it softly. When you moaned loudly, I plunged two fingers into you and pressed my tongue against your clit. The sudden change of sensation was more than you could stand, and you exploded in a very forceful orgasm. Your moaning and movement with my cock in your mouth soon had me over the edge too, and our orgasms merged and we floated away together in a massive intensity of shared pleasure.

We lay like that for a few minutes, coming down from our orgasms. I love the smell of your pussy after so many orgasms. I could have just stayed like that forever, but after a couple of minutes you stirred, and indicated you wanted me off your body.

I drew up beside you, held you close. You always give me such joy, I loved watching you drift off to sleep beside me. I love it when you fall asleep with the smile that I love on your face. Smiling myself, I soon followed you into a spent and satisfied slumber.


[Now having been reminded of our time together, I hope you are emotionally aroused, and soaking wet. You do remember emotionally aroused don't you? Don't even think of not touching yourself. I want your orgasms, and I want them now. I know how your fingers move over your clit, your fingers getting your wetness from below and rubbing it around. Go to the edge and wait there with me, then let go, and fall over. Feel the falling away, and grab the orgasm and hold it long, and make it intense. Then it feels so good, grab another one. Say it for me, say "I'm still cumming". You are my Nike girl, just do it. I love the recording that you made the first time I sent you this story. I still listen to you often, and I always feel you close then. So close.]

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