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Hoping this becomes true

We been chatting on the internet and I'm hoping this happens for real

Hello all.   I usually write stories that are true.   I decided to write a story that is partially true.   The beginning is true however we have not met in person yet and that part is fantasy.   Hopefully you will enjoy this story.  Names and cities have been changed to protect the innocent. 

I’ve been a member of Lush since the beginning of Oct. 2008.   I enjoyed reading the stories written at lush.   Anyways, I’ve been corresponding with a younger woman on the internet for a few months now.   I happen to see her profile and I decided to write her.   To my luck, she wrote back.   We continued to exchange emails and soon we were chatting via instant messenger.   We would talk about everything.   Nothing was off limits.   Of course we chatted about sex.   However, we never had cyber sex, since both us didn’t see the point.  

Now let me describe myself and Tina.   I’m Asian, 48yo, 6’, 200lbs, athletic build, mostly salt and pepper hair and brown eyes.   A lot of women find me attractive.   Tina is 24yo, Asian , 5' 4", black hair down to the middle of her back, big beautiful brown eyes, and a body that most women would die for.   Everywhere she goes, she makes heads turn, both men and women. 

So like I said we would chat on the internet and almost every time the subject would turn to sex.    It seems like the both of us had a very high sex drive.   She would tell me that she would masturbate to the stories that I wrote her. Tina had a rule, not to meet anyone from the internet. She has been burned in the past and she didn’t want it to happen again.   However, like I said we have been chatting on the internet for months, I gained her trust.     So now fantasy is going to turn into reality.   I decided to visit her in Boston .   Boston is famous for their St. Patrick’s Day parade.   So with a few co-workers from the department, we decided to walk in the parade with guys from the Houston fire department.  

The week before I arrived in Boston , we chatted on the internet.   We discussed on meeting at my hotel after the parade.   She told me what hotel I should stay at.   Now Tina told me she slept in the nude, but on those cold nights she would wear a t-shirt.   I told her I would bring her an official fire department t-shirt to keep her warm on those cold nights.   She also finally gave me her phone number.

I finally arrive in Boston .   I check into my room.   Unfortunately, it was too late to call Tina or so I thought.   The next morning I call Tina to let her know that I arrived.   She asked and I told her what time I got in.   I told her I would have called but it was late.   She told me she was hoping I would call because she was horny.   That was my mistake.   I told her I when I was going to the parade and what time I would be back from the parade.   Most of the guys that I came with were planning on drinking the whole day, but not me.

I went to the parade and had a good time marching.   It’s always a pleasure meeting fellow brothers from other fire departments.   However, my mind was on meeting Tina in person and seeing that everything we chatted comes true.   After the parade I caught a cab and went back to the hotel.   On the way back to the hotel I called Tina.   I was surprised to find out that she was already in the lobby.   I told her I will be there as soon as possible.   When I arrived at the hotel, I saw her.   I recognized her from her photos and the photos did her no justice.   She was even more beautiful in person.   Not only that, she oozed sex.   She wore a black, tight, spaghetti strap mini dress.   BTW – She loves wearing mini dresses.   Damn this woman has legs.   Also she showed enough cleavage to make any man drool.  

When she saw me, she called out “Uncle Ted” a running joke between her and me.  

We hugged and I kissed her on the cheek.   I wanted to kiss her on the lips, but she yelled out “Uncle Ted” I didn’t want anyone watching thinking anything funny was going on.

We walked to the elevator.   Once we got in, we were finally alone.   I pulled her close to me and I gave her that kiss.   Our mouths met; damn this woman really knows how to kiss.   I could have fucked her right there.   We finally got to my room.   Damn this woman is really beautiful.   How did I get so lucky that she wanted to be with me?   We go inside and I again grabbed her arm and pinned her against the door.   I kiss her again on the lips.   I reach down with my hand and I discover that she’s not wearing any panties.   Not only that, but she’s already wet.   I pick her up and carry her to the bed.

I laid her on the bed.   I stood there for a minute.   I was just admiring her.   Tina is so beautiful and sexy.   She looks at me with those beautiful eyes.  

The eyes are telling me  “What are you waiting for”?  

I drop to my knees and spread her legs.   I lend up to her face and we kiss for awhile.   My hands play with her natural breast.   Than I work my way down and I suck and gently nibble on her breast.   Than I kiss her thighs.   Finally I kiss her box and she’s drenched.   I want to make her cum.   I take my time, kissing, sucking and playing with her box with my fingers.   Her hands play with my hair.   She gently pushes my head down to her box.   She’s close to Cumming.   Than she yells out, “I’m Cumming”.   I continue to eat her out.   Than I make my way up to her face and I kiss her again on the lips.   She tastes her juices on my mouth.   Than we stand up.   She takes off her mini dress and she’s standing there in the nude.   She than undresses me, first taking off my uniform shirt than my pants.   She kisses my cock through my boxer briefs.   After that she finally pulls down my boxer briefs.   We are now both in the nude.

I push her down onto the bed.   I get on top of her.   I kiss her again and I spread her legs.   As much as I want to enter her, I first have to protect the two of us by putting on a condom.   So I break the kiss and reach over to the night stand and grab a condom.   I quickly put it on.   Now I’m ready.   I guide my cock and I enter her pussy, slowly at first and not all the way in either.   I tease her, but not for long.   Now I go in deeper and harder and faster.   Her breathing picks up and her legs wrap around my hips.   I go even deeper now.   She moans louder.   I pick up the pace and I give her everything I have.   I’m close to Cumming, but I want to wait until she cum’ s first.   Again she screams that she is Cumming, but I’m not done yet.   I continue to thrust in and out while she Cumming.   Finally, I can’t hold out any longer and I cum.

I roll off her and I kiss her again.   She is very sexy.   I tell her to give me a minute to recover.   If I was in my younger days I would get hard quickly with a woman like Tina.   However, I needed time to recover and she was being a good sport about it.   But not to lose the moment I asked did you bring the toys like I asked.   She nodded and went to grab her purse.   She pulls out a vibrator.   I take it from her and turn it on.   I look at her and again I kiss her.   While kissing her, I guide the vibrator toward her pussy.   I gently rub her pussy with it.   She again moans with pleasure.   I rub her pussy up and down with the vibrator and I can tell that the vibrator is doing its job.   Her eyes close and I can tell she is enjoying the moment.   Could it be?   Is she going to cum again?   I didn’t think she could cum again so quickly.   I rub the vibrator harder against her pussy.   She grabs my hand and holds it.   She starts to moan loudly and than cum for me yet again.   She looks and smiles at me.   Her eyes tell me, now it’s your turn.

She tells me to lie down on the bed.   She climbs onto the bed and between my legs.   She looks up and our eyes meet.   Than she grabs my member and kisses the tip, all while looking at me.   She takes the head and puts it in her mouth.   Damn, that feels good.   I must have died and went to heaven because this woman is amazing.   Now she takes it all in her mouth, going up and down.   It feels so good this woman is amazing.   Her oral skills are the best.   She continues to go up and down my member.   She licks and sucks like no other.   I warn her if she doesn’t slow down, I’m going to unload in her mouth.   She just looks up with those beautiful eyes of hers.   It tells me to unload in her mouth.   I try to hold out as long as I could, but with such a beautiful woman going down on me I knew that I cannot hold out much longer.   Finally, I grab the back of her head and I unload into her mouth.   She doesn’t gag and she swallows all that I give her.   She looks up at me and licks her lips.   I have the biggest grin on my face.   She moves up and places her head on my chest. 

Than she looks up and says,  “We’re not done”.   “We’re not?”

I tell her "I think my member thinks we’re done."

She laughs, “We’ll see”.  

“At least let me rest a few minutes before we start up again”.  

She just gives me this look that says “Only a few minutes”.  

We chat about how we met.   I tell her she’s even more beautiful in person.   She blushes a little, but I know she likes to hear that.   Any man would be happy to be with this woman and here I am, with the sexiest woman I know.

Tina starts to get restless.   She kisses my chest and neck.   To my surprise my member starts to react.   She starts to stroke it and she moves up to me and we kiss.   Tina loves to kiss and we explore each other’s mouth with our tongues.   My member starts to grow.   I can’t believe it, will I be able to do round three.   She pulls away and smiles.  

She says,  “I see someone is happy to see me again.”  

I tell her “It’s because of you”.  

I knew it will take awhile to cum again, if I cum at all.   So I knew I would be able to do several positions with her.   I was hoping to make her cum more than four times. I already made her cum three times so I had to make her cum two more times.   Something we chatted about in our chats.

So now that I was hard, I told her to bend over so we could do doggie style.   I grab another condom from the night stand.   I enter her box from the back.   She feels so tight in this position.   I pull on her hair and spank her ass while I go in and out of her box.   She moans, but I know she’s not close to Cumming.   However, she is enjoying herself.   We stay in this position for a few more minutes.   Than I lay down, what a sight, she position herself and gets on top.   She grabs my member and guides into her box.   Damn, she’s so wet and tight.   She bounces, up and down, she arches back.   She feels so good and again she moans.   However, this time, she’s about to Cum.  

She keeps going and she grabs my legs and finally she yells  “Uncle Ted. Yes”.   

She puts her head on my chest again.

This time I tell her, “I’m not done” and laugh.  

She says  “I surrender” with a small laugh.  

“No surrender”  I tell her.   I push her onto her back and I climb on top of her.  I look into her eyes.  
“I’m going to give you number 5” I tell her.  

At least I will give it the old college try.   I move up to her face and guide my member to her mouth.  "Suck it and make it hard.”  

She sucks on my member and she gets my member nice and hard.   Than I withdraw from her mouth.    She lies on her back, sweating from all the sex.   But she looks so hot; I spread her legs and guide my member into her.   This time I start going hard, deep and fast.   I want to make her cum quickly and hopefully I can cum with her.   I keep up the pace, but I know I can’t hold out for much longer.   If she doesn’t cum soon I know I will.   Than she starts to moan louder and her legs wrap around my hips.   I think she’s going to cum.   I go as fast, as deep and as I hard as I can go. 

Than she yells

“I’m Cumming”.  

When I hear that I explode, I give her a couple of more thrust than I collapse.   I slip out of her and lie next to her.   I know I’m done now, hopefully she is too.   She leans over and kisses my cheek. 

“Thank You Uncle Ted”.

Hopefully, one day this will become reality.   In the meantime it’s just fantasy and I will continue to chat with Tina until she’s ready to meet with me.    


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