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Hot Afternoon

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They went from the pool to the couch.
Dustin's cell phone rang early one blazingly hot August morning, waking him up with a jolt.

"Hello?" came Dustin's raspy and groggy voice.

"Hey Dustin! It's Tyler. I was just thinking. Ain't nothing happening and was wondering what's up with you?”

Tyler was one of his best buds and lived a couple of streets over. “Just beating this damn heat. I was going to spend the afternoon out at the pool. Listen, if you got nothing going on, maybe you wanna come over.”

“Yeah, that'd be great. You sure your mom won't mind?”

“I doubt it. Let me ask her and call you right back. Okay?”

“Pronto, Tonto,” Tyler responded and hung up.

Dustin looked at the clock. It was 9:38. He was a bit surprised his mother hadn't already been upstairs to wake him. She had a thing about “burning daylight.” Maybe she was cutting him some slack since summer was almost over. He had just turned sixteen and was going to be starting his sophomore year at Madison High School. His mom taught upper class English and he knew she was getting ready for the new school year. In fact, she'd mentioned a couple of days earlier that faculty meetings started next week.

He pulled on shorts and a tee shirt after brushing his teeth. It was probably too late for any chance of breakfast unless he could scrounge up a couple of Pop-Tarts. He headed down stairs to check out the fridge. He though his mom would be in the kitchen, but it was deserted. So was the den. Then he saw his mom outside. She was on her knees, working with a hand spade on one of her small flower beds. She hadn't killed all the plants, but there were a couple months left to the growing season, Dustin thought. His father had once said – outside of her hearing, of course - that Deana Rodgers could kill a vase of silk flowers.

Dustin went out the patio door.

“Hiya, mom.”

“Good morning, sweetheart,” his mother said, looking up at him with a smile. She sat back on her ankles and rubbed her dirty hands in the grass. She was wearing a dark blue tee and black walking shorts. Her pale brown hair was tied back with a red ribbon. Although she was getting old, Dustin thought she looked a lot better than some women he could think of. She kept herself up with swimming and tennis and took a lot of pride in dressing well. Except for yard work, of course. “Sleep well?”

“Uh, huh. Thanks for letting me sleep in.”

“I thought you wouldn't mind. There's not much summer left.”

“You want some help with that?”

“No, thanks. I'm just futzing around, getting my hands and knees dirty. Had breakfast?”

“Not yet.”

“There's some toaster pastries in the cupboard. And frozen waffles.”

“Great. Uh, Tyler called.” He scratched his scrawny leg absentmindedly. “I was wondering if he could come over and do some swimming.”

“Sure. I'm not feeding him, though.”

“Gotcha. Thanks, mom.” He went running inside to call his friend.

Deana watched him go. She decided her son was getting ready to blossom into manhood, a couple years late from what she saw around the school. Still, boys matured at different rates and she had taught juniors who looked like they still belonged in junior high school. As far as her son went, all she could say was better late than never. His voice was finally starting to take on a deeper timbre and he was shaving a couple of times a week. Last year he had made the freshman swim team and might make the JV team if he worked hard. That would put some meat on his bones and build up his muscles. Take away his clumsiness and his shy demeanor, too, build up his confidence around girls.

Dustin got the toaster out of the cupboard and the box of parties out of the pantry. While he waited for the Pop-Tarts to heat up, he gave Tyler a ring. “It's cool with mom.”

“Great! See you about noon? Oh, and I got a text from JayBo. He was supposed to go out to the lake, but the boat trailer had a flat.”

JayBo was Jason Beauregard Riley, Tyler's cousin, a semi-rich kid but OK for all that. He was a year ahead of them at school.

“That'll be OK, I guess, but nobody else, Okay?” At least, Dustin thought it would be all right. Actually, it might be a good idea to get to know JayBo a little better. He was captain of the JV swim team and a hell of a swimmer. Dustin wanted to score the JV team this year and it couldn't hurt to get in good with the captain, could it? “Mom doesn't want a crowd over here.”

“I read you, dude. See you in a few.”

Dustin ate breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. Then he headed outside.

"Did you talk to Tyler?" she asked him. She was digging around some plant with droopy leaves that were starting to yellow.

"Yes, ma'am.” It never hurts, he knew, to be a little extra polite when your mom's going along with your plans. ”He said it'd be around twelve. Oh, and he said he may bring over one other guy. His cousin. You'll like him. He's on the JV swim team."


“What's wrong with that thing? It looks like crap.”

Deana flipped a clod of dirt at her son. “Thanks for the glowing testimony for my gardening skills... I think it's got thrips.”

“What are thrips?”

“The buggers that are killing all my plants this summer...”

“Maybe you need some thripticide.”

“For somebody who never heard of a thrip till ten seconds ago, you sure know all the answers!” his mom growled in false irritation. She'd killed so many plants over the last few years, she didn't let another death faze her. The clerks down at the garden center loved to see her coming. The salesclerks were on a first name basis with Deana Rodgers.

“Maybe it's getting too much water?”

Deana jumped up, grabbed the hose that was coiled nearby, and sprayed her son.

“Darn it, mom!”

He ran, but she chased him, keeping the hose aimed at him as he sprinted away.

“I'll water you too much and see if you turn yellow!” she yelled, laughing.

He escaped only by darting inside.


She was just about finished with her work among the flowers, privately, she termed it emergency room triage, when she heard a couple of car doors being slammed. There followed the sound of laughter and the faint chime of the doorbell. Deanna got to her feet and rinsed the dirt off her hands and knees with water from the garden hose.

The laughter got louder as she saw her son and his guests coming through the house. She recognized Tyler, but the third youth was unknown to her. They were dressed alike, in tees and shorts, carrying towels, but there the similarity ended. Tyler was a scarecrow like Dustin. The third teen was anything but. He had the broad shoulders, narrow hips and muscular legs of a swimmer. His head was shaved and as brown as the rest of him.

“Hey, mom,” Dustin said as he and his guests came out on to the patio. “You know Tyler, don't you? And this is Jason.”

“Yes, Tyler, hello. And Jason.”

“Oh, they just call me JayBo,” the new youth told her as he came towards her, actually extending his hand in greeting. His voice was rich and deep. His smile shone against his dark tan. “Hello, Ms Rodgers. Nice to meet you.”

“JayBo,” Deana smiled in greeting as she shook hands with him. “It's my pleasure. So y'all came for a swim?”

“We appreciate the invitation.”

“My son tells me you're captain of the swim team.”

“The JV team, Ms Rodgers, just the jayvees. I hope I get Dustin on the team this year.”

Dustin said, “That'd be cool.”

“It'll take a lot of work, son.”

JayBo smiled again. “I think he's up to it.”

Then he cocked his head to one side and studied the woman. “Don't you teach at Madison?”

“Unfortunately! Just joking. Yes, I teach junior and senior A.P. Lit.”

“I may have you then. I'm scheduled for the honors class.”

“Well, we'll be seeing each other in the classroom... You young men enjoy yourselves,” Deana told them. “I'm going to go clean up a little; I've been working in the yard and must look a mess.”

She headed inside.

“Dudes,” JayBo said, “you didn't tell me your mom was a teacher. You didn't tell me she was a fucking fox, either...”

“Shhhh! She'll hear,” Dustin hissed

“Sorry, man. I didn't mean to say nothing about your mother. It's just, I didn't expect this.”

But Deana had always possessed better than average hearing and she'd caught the older teen's comment.


It was about 1:00 that Deana decided to go back outside. She put on a one piece suit and a skirt that tied at the waist. The swim suit was silver, cut low on top, not only in the front and back, but also dipping low at the sides. The legs, on the other hand, were high up her thighs. The skirt was crocheted out of bright orange yarn and had a ragged fringe. She tied it low over one hip. Deana topped her attire with a wide brimmed floppy straw hat that kept her face in shadow. She slipped into heeled sandals, strapped them up, and headed outside.

“You boys don't mind if I join you,” she asked as she came across the stone patio and settled into a lounge chair. She had a book with her.

“Nope,” Dustin called out to her.

The three teens were playing keep away with a tennis ball. JayBo was currently in the center. He'd been trying only half-heartedly to get the lime green ball till now, but with an audience, he decided to play a little harder. After a half dozen passes, he managed to leap high enough into the air to snatch the ball from his cousin and come down with a mighty splash that threw water up. Then he paddled to the side of the pool, levered himself out, and went over to the woman. He squatted down, dripping water, beside her chair. Although Dustin and Tyler wore baggy swim trunks, JayBo wore a racing speed-o.

“Aren't you going to join us, Ms Rodgers?”

She looked at JayBo from underneath the wide brim. “Oh, I don't think so. I'm just here to get a little sun. And maybe you could call me Deana. At least until I become your teacher.”

“Thanks, Deana.” He wished he could see her eyes. What he could see, he liked. Deana had flawless skin and good muscle tone. JayBo was willing to bet she did a lot of swimming herself. He remembered seeing her around the high school and thought about the severe way she dressed. At school, she looked to be in he mid-40s. Her son was 16. That put her age closer to forty, he guessed, but up close, in the sleek bathing suit she wore, she looked several years younger. “The water's really nice.”

“Do you really think my son has a chance to make your team?” Deana ignored his observation as she stared at his wrists. They were thick. They were a sure sign, she thought, of a powerful swimmer.

“He's going to have to work his butt off, but I think the talent's there.” JayBo wondered where that question came from.

“It's really important to him. I think it's something he badly needs. Since his father and I divorced, I've been worried that Dustin will just drift.”

The teen nodded as if he understood. And maybe he did. ”How long has it been?”

“Almost a year.”

Another nod. “I can work some extra with Dustin. That'll probably get him over the top. I'm pretty good, if I don't mind saying so.”

Deana stood. She dropped the hat on top of the book she never opened. She bent over to undo her sandals and kicking them off, she untied the wrap. With a whoop! She ran to the pool. He leaped into the water, landing between her son and his friend with a huge splash.

The game of keep away became one of two teams, Deana and her son against Tyler and his cousin. The pool was filled with flailing arms and kicking feet, the air filled with laughter and cries of triumph or defeat. Deana was a physical player. She didn't hesitate to throw a body block to get to the ball or keep her opponents from reaching it. Certainly she gave JayBo as much as he dished out. In fact, a couple of times he was shocked to feel the solid contact of her body. He elevated his level of play.

Finally, after an hour, Deana had to call a stop to the game.

“Okay, Uncle!” she laughed as she panted. She hadn't had this much exercise in she couldn't remember when. “You boys are too much for this old gal. I need to take a break.”

“Not so old,” JayBo told her. His chest was pumping, too. “I can use a break myself.”

He levered himself out of the pool, then bent to offer the woman his hand and pulled her easily out of the water. Deana gracefully flipped her body around and sat on the coming of the pool. Playfully, she kicked water at her son and Tyler.

JayBo went over to the chair where he'd thrown his shorts. He lifted them, found his cell phone, and checked the time. He turned back to the group and said, “Hey, we missed lunch. Who's for pizza?”

Dustin, remembering his mother's caution that she wasn't going to be feeding the group said he wasn't particularly hungry.

“It's my treat,” JayBo announced. “So, pizza and drinks all around?”

“That sounds good,” said Deana. “I can make a salad and we can eat out on the patio. It's such a nice day.”

“I'm down with that,” Tyler said and Dustin agreed.

“Okay.” JayBo turned to place the call.

Deana got up and headed inside. Over her shoulder, she said “I'll start on the salad.”

The high school junior made the order. Then he turned to his cousin. “Have you got your license, pencil dick?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“You know where the Pizza Connection is on Commerce?”

“Uh, huh.”

JayBo got his car keys and wallet out of his shorts. He pulled out a couple of twenties. “Talk to Melissa. She's the manager. She'll let you borrow a pizza sleeve to keep everything hot. Stop at the store along the way and pick up some drinks. Whatever y'all want. And if you scratch my wheels, I'll have your cojones for breakfast. Both of you. Got it?”

Tyler caught the tossed keys and started at them. “You mean, you'll let me drive the 'Stang?”

“And I know exactly how many miles are on the clock. If you turds go anywhere except the Connection and right back here, I'll know. No joyriding!”

“We'll come right back here,” Dustin promised as he wiped down quickly with a towel and pulled shorts over his trunks. He took the money JayBo held out.

“Yeah,” agreed Tyler. “Just there and back.”


In the kitchen, Deana heard the car start up and back out of the driveway. The sound of the departing car surprised her. She had expected JayBo to have the pizza delivered. Then she heard the back door from the patio slam.

Deana made another assumption. Thinking that JayBo had probably gone to get the pizza and that it was her son who'd come in from the backyard, she called out, “I'm in the kitchen, sweetheart.”

“We barely know each other,” JayBo said from the kitchen doorway, He had pulled on his shirt, but still wore his wet speed-o. “and we're already sweethearts?”

The woman spun around in surprise. “You startled me. I thought you were Dustin. Didn't you go get pizza?”

“I gave the kids the car keys.”

Deana turned back to the counter. She continued slicing tomatoes for the salad.

“Can I help?” the teen asked, coming to stand close to her.

“Not really, thanks. I'm almost done with the tomatoes. Then I just need to shred the lettuce.”

“I was thinking of some other type of help.” He put his hands on her shoulders.

Deana felt the damp warmth of his body. She finished the last slice and set down the knife she'd been using. She rinsed her hands under the sink faucet and dried them on a dish towel. She didn't look at him, but stared out the window. A mockingbird flew to the top of a crape myrtle and started to sing. His voice clearly carried inside.

“No, I'm fine.”

“After almost a year?” JayBo asked. He slipped his hands off her shoulders to rest around her waist. He pulled her back so her body barely touched his. He pressed his cheek against her damp hair.

She let her head fall back as he nuzzled her neck. “You're very sure of yourself, JayBo. What makes you think I'd be interested in a young man barely older than my son?”

“I'm always sure of myself, “ he said. “And I'm never wrong about a woman.”

“Never?” Deana brushed her derrière against him and felt the stiffening bulge inside his speed-o.

“That's right.” JayBo brought his hands up to her breasts and let their fullness fill his hands. He rubbed gently. “Never.”

“How long do we have, darling?” she asked, pressing more firmly against his groin.

“Half an hour, safe. Fifteen minutes there, fifteen back. And I told them to stop for drinks.”

Deana lifted her hands to her shoulders, put her fingers under the straps of her swim suit, and pulled them down. She stopped as soon as her breasts were bare.

“Damn. Nice tits.” JayBo took her nipples – they were already getting hard – and pulled them gently. He added a slight twist to the pull, eliciting a low moan from the woman in his arms. “You know, I could stick one in my ear and the other in my mouth and talk to myself all night long.”

She reached back and rubbed his swollen cock inside it's tight sack. “We don't have all night... Did you really mean it when you told my son I was a fucking fox?”

“Shit, no. I think you're a dried up hag who'd be safe in the middle of a herd of horny minks.”

Deana laughed. She turned around in his arms and kissed him. At the same time, she ran her hands up inside his shirt. He flesh rippled as her finger tips tickled him. The kiss was deep and long, ending only when JayBo tore his lips from her. He ducked his head to take one of her swollen nipples in his mouth. He sucked lustily at it. Pulled it even harder. He went to its twin. Sucked and gently bit.

For her part, the excited woman wrestled to free his cock. Finally she got the thin strip of fabric down and had his cock out. Jaybo helped her along, using a hand to shove the speed-o farther down. Then he got the swim wear around his ankles and stepped out of it.

Her hand were filled with his cock and balls. Their radiated heat thrilled her. His cock, not yet fully erect, was a good eight inches. As impressive as the rest of his physique. And like the rest of his body, shaved of any and all hair. Sleek. Streamlined. Powerful.

“I want this meat.”

“Not yet, baby.” The horny seventeen year old easily scooped her up off her feet. Deana was impressed. She wasn't a small woman at 5'6” and almost 130 pounds, but he handled her like a doll. “Where's your bed?”

“No. The couch in the den. It's closer.”

JayBo carried his seemingly weightless burden out of the kitchen. In the den, he laid her on her back. He gripped her swimsuit. Pulled it the rest of the way off, down her long shapely long legs. He feasted on the sight before him. Deana was lightly tanned all over, with no hint of paler flesh. She had a sprinkle of freckles over her chest and shoulders. Even in this position, she showed firm breasts with no flattening. Her belly button was deeply indented. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a narrow strip that naturally drew a man's eyes to her swollen labia.

“Damn! Dustin's old man must have been crazy to divorce you.”

“Maybe I kicked him out for being a lousy screw. Ya think?” she asked with a laugh.

“Enough bullshit,” the teen growled. His thrust her legs apart with his strong hands. Dipped his face into her open pussy. Licked there. Used his fingers to open her and find her hooded clitoris, concentrated his tongue there. Licked and sucked while his finger probed her twat. He kept his other hand free to work her boobs.

“Um, yes, baby. That's right. So fucking good, JayBo,” babbled Deana. Then she said clearly, “But I want a little snack, too.”

JayBo took the hint. He pulled his mouth away from her snatch, got off his knees, and lifted a leg over her head. His cock pointed directly at her face. Deana had to shift under him but quickly got his cock close enough to kiss. He went back to his own oral efforts as Deana sucked on his rod. He felt her tongue caress his cock as her lips massaged it as she worked it slowly down her gullet, taking him deeper without any apparent effort, all the way down till his abdomen slapped against her forehead.

Slowly, wondering if she could take it, JayBo began to fuck her mouth. When she didn't protest, he lengthened his thrusts. Picked up his pace. Gave her face a long hard fuck she'd never forget while he ate her clam.

Deana trembled as she fought to take him. Then she trembled as she felt her orgasm build. She grabbed his hips, tried to hold him still. JayBo was insensate in his pumping. Slowly he realized what she wanted and stopped. Deanna worked her bruised lips up and down while clasping JayBo's head between her thighs. He became aware of a thin keening sound as he licked and sucked. He redoubled his efforts. Her noises got louder. Her hips bucked beneath him. She released his hips. Pressed his head deeper to her cunt. Rotated her hips. Jerked them as spastic contractions rippled through her lower belly and her cunt. Flooded his mouth as she came.

Deana's thighs slid open. She turned her head to one side, letting his hard cock escape. Pressed upward on his thighs so she could fight air into her depleted lungs.

Sensing her struggle, JayBo got off her. He sat beside Deana and brushed her hair from her eyes. They were slow to focus on his smiling face. She lifted her hands, touched his cheek smeared with her juices. Pulled his down for a lip smacking kiss.

“Darling, my bathroom is down that hall, to the left. There are condoms in the medicine cabinet.”

“I don't wrap this sausage.”

Deana shook her head. “There's no way I'm going to catch anything. Until you get tested for STDs, you wear a rubber when you fuck me.”

JayBo wanted to argue. He didn't though. If she wanted him to wear a rubber, so be it. He got up and left the den. Deana enjoyed the sight as he walked away. And the sight of him returning was even more stimulating as his cock proceeded him by almost a foot. Fucking athletes had it's pleasures, she decided as she sat up.

“Let me do that,” she told him as he tore open the foil packet and extracted the sheath. Deana took the condom, put it in her mouth, and bulged it out with the tip of her tongue. She sucked him quickly, turning the bulge into an indentation. JayBo stepped forward. Deana pulled his hips closer and fit just the head of his massive cock between her lips. They worked deftly, unrolling an inch of latex around the head. She took him a little deeper. Each time she took in more of his cock, she covered it with the rubber. When it was fully unrolled, she let him free of her mouth. Even though the rubber was a large, it left several inches of his thick shaft uncovered.

She lay back down, one foot on the floor, one on top of the back of the sofa. Spread for her latest lover. Ready.

The teen moved into position. He guided his cock with his hand as it tickled between her cunt lips. Deana lifted her hips so that it edged inside her. She spread her lips with her fingers as he went deeper. Stretched her. Filled her cunt with his length and diameter till he bottomed out. Deana sighed. Although not a size queen, she was a glutton for cock. Would rather have too much than not enough.

She smiled up at him. Closed her eyes in ecstasy as he started a slow fuck. Like a locomotive starting out from the train station. Slowly. Showing almost no effort as he probed deeply towards her womb. Picked up the pace almost imperceptibly until JayBo was slamming against her thighs. Fucking her hard. Shaking her body with his thrusts. Drove in her with relentless purpose. Grunting like an animal as he tried to split her in twain.

Her body shook with each thrust. Deana rubbed her clit furiously as her other hand pulled on her tit. That wasn't enough, so she lifted her shoulders up off the couch and pulled JayBo's face down to her tit. He caught a nipple between his teeth and bit. Deana wailed in painful pleasure. Her nails clawed at his broad back. Drew blood. Let him explain those scratches, her mind shouted as he moved his face away from her tit and sucked at her knocker, leaving a reddening hickey. The fact that she didn't mind his marking her drove him harder in to her cunt.

Her body felt its second orgasm as his rod prodded her. Cuming made her desperate for him to finish, too. She strained to get a hand down his back to her ass. She felt for his asshole. Found it and shoved a finger in to the second knuckle.

“Ah fuck you bitch!” wailed the swimmer as he came. Although his hips kept pumping, JayBo's upper body went rigid as he filled the condom with his seed. Then he collapsed like a pole axed ox.

Deana kissed his ear and whispered fevered endearments. She held on to him when his senses returned and he tried to pull away. The satiated woman wanted to keep his weight on her, keep his hardness inside. Of course, his cock couldn't remain. As she felt it shrink, her cunt contracted to remain in contact with his man-meat.

Finally, though,` she had to release him.

JayBo got off her and suddenly found himself on the floor, landing with a thump. He'd forgotten they were on a narrow couch rather than a spacious bed. Sitting there, he found himself looking directly into Deana's smiling eyes. She kissed him. She trailed her hand over his sweaty chest. Fluttered down his ripped abs until she reached his groin. Deana carefully slipped off the rubber. She lifted the sheath to her mouth. Tilted it, drained it. Bent over him and kissed his collapsed cock.

“I'm going to shower,” she told her young lover as she got to her feet. She wasn't quite steady. She stood over him like the colossus at Rhodes, astride his body like the statue across the harbor entrance. He ran his hand up her smooth calf while she added, “We don't have any more time. You can cool off in the pool.”


Deana was glad to see that he was even shakier than she was. Yet why not? He had done most of the work. She'd have to make that up to him. She had a sudden idea.

“When my son and your cousin get back,” she said, “I'm going to drop some hints. Maybe Tyler can reciprocate for this afternoon by inviting Dustin for a sleepover. If I can dump the boy, you can come see me tonight.”

“You think I'll come back for seconds?” JayBo asked with a wise ass smirk.

“I know you will.” she bent over to pick up her discarded bathing suit. “You know you will, too. It'll be nice practice for when school starts and I have you as a student.”

JayBo reached out and cupped her dangling tit. When she straightened up, he kept his hand there. He kissed her mouth. Their lips lingered. Then she playfully pushed him away. She headed for her shower. Her newest lover found his speed-o and sprinted out to the pool. He threw himself in to the inviting water. Already he was looking forward to the new school year.

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