Hot girl fucked in a clothes store

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She fell in love with a customer who used to enter the store, a coworker's husband.

I'm a 19yo girl and I work in a clothes store for children, but there was one occasion when a man in his 40's, who was a customer, got in the store to buy something.  He was pretty handsome.  There was something weird about him that made my vagina feel the sensations I had never experienced in my lifetime.  It was at that moment when I saw him saying hi to one of my  coworkers.  I figured out she was his wife, but  wouldn't mind if I'd venture and  do something about my wet pussy,  while this man  was waiting for her wife to finish her morning shift.

Each time he got to the store I did an effort to show off and he could see my bra and imagine   my tits.  I always did this in such a way I made sure he became too excited, having a hard on under his pants.  I got no response, for this Mr.  ignored me,  behaving discretely, until  the moment his wife went upstairs to change and go back home.  I caught him watching me, shameless.  I was wearing a mini skirt and he could guess my small panty underneath as well as   a blouse which allowed him to stare at  the beginning of my breasts.

He inquired about a certain  piece and I headed towards the bottom of the store;  we got there to show it to him.  There was a bend at this place, the most hidden place in the store,  ideal for him to do anything if he had a plan with me.  He asked me for the pieces that were in an elevated shelf, and, as I stretched out to reach them, he got close from behind and touched my ass cheeks, while he lifted my skirt.

This caused my reaction at once and I began to step  down to face him and complain, but at the  moment I tried to do this, I felt something hard, most probably, a penis, exploring my asshole.   I was already too turned on by this so didn't resist,  bent over a little more  instead.  He pulled my panties aside and placed the  cock head  in my opening while I relaxed to get it.  I pushed back feeling how it was poking, penetrating my ass hole slowly, a very hard dick.  That's why it felt so pleasant and mouth-watering.

As I felt the head plunging into my hole, he pushed a little bit more inside until half rod went deeper.  This dick was already wet and dripping a pre cum, so it served as a good lubricant inside my ass hole and began to find its way in,   brushing me deliciously,  in a very delicious and  polished along the path inside me.  I shook my ass cheeks and squeezed  that hard rod between them, while  he moved the dick around, in circles, so succulently, deliciously...   out of the sudden, I felt how it had hardened more, became stiffer, until I felt a hot liquid he spurted inside me. I began to  rocked my ass,  trying  to give him more pleasure and to get more for me too.  He massaged my tits and my clit at the same time, and made me have a big orgasm,  delicious,  again.  Finally, he drew back his rod from my ass hole to kiss me in the mouth.

The lover made his way out of there holding a piece he pretended to buy and headed  to the cashier.  I stayed there with my legs trembling, shaking.  It seemed to me an incredible thing to be penetrated for the first time in a public area,  just reaching a climax within the five minutes.  

Next day, he came to the store, got to the same corner where these shelves were because he had decide to trade this piece for another one he would prefer, a size that best fit.  When I got there to give him a hand, he grabbed me by the waist, lifted my skirt while kissing me and fondled my tits, sucking them whenever he had a chance,   because he was too busy trying to find my vagina with his cock.  He was searching for my pussy hole to penetrate it and poked it with this massive hard rod again, in the same way ha had managed the day before.  He turned to be  accurate and precise, as succeeded on his fist try into me. 

This man didn't mind if his cock missed my  ass hole and pocked  into  the vagina instead, but he equally kept pushing  inside me, while he sucked my tits to bring me to another great orgasm.  This time  he had scored a new  record:   two minutes less than before, and I could milk him,  of course, for he shot his whole thick load into me in no time.  My pussy was flooded  and the cum spilled out along my legs,  mixed with my juices.

In another incident, he asked me for a cloth piece, those in the lower shelves, and as I straightened up, and  turned around, my face run into a big and long dick which was hanging exactly in front of my mouth, what a surprise it was!!  I was not going to miss this piece of cake, so close to me, and I sucked it relentlessly and ate up all the cum I could by swallowing the whole load.  Nothing could be spilled so as the carpet below wasn't stained.  This guy kept coming for three months in a row to have sex with me, quick sex in the spot,  in this store area, until his wife's sixth sense could discern something strange, and she finally resigned. Wll, this had been more slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am; it's referred to as a quicky at the clothes store!!