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Hot Night

You gently lay me on the bed while you kiss down my neck. I can feel your hands between my thighs as you plant little kisses all over my body. Your breath is hot on my bare skin. You run your tongue over my breasts, and take one of my nipples in your mouth. My breathing deepens as you begin sucking and biting it hard. I suddenly feel a hand slide back down my body and settle between my legs.

One..two..three fingers in. I’m so wet. You start kissing my stomach again, biting it occasionally. I close my eyes and can feel your hot breath on my thighs. I breathe in deeply. As I exhale your tongue hits my clit. I gasp and you begin sucking. I let out little moans and run my fingers through your hair. I never want you to stop. You continue fingering me slowly as you lick the most sensitive part of my body.

You take your fingers out of me momentarily, replacing them with your tongue. As you lick the juices flowing between my thighs, you give me your fingers. I suck them eagerly; I can taste myself on you. You take them back and begin fingering my pussy as fast as you can. My clit is under your tongue once more and I cannot control the sounds escaping my mouth. I beg you not to stop.

“Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh I’m cumming.”

I begin trembling. You stop and smile up at me, still fingering me slowly. When I catch my breath, I push you down onto the bed and straddle you. I lean down and bite your lip. Hard. You let out a loud groan that makes me wetter than ever (if that’s even possible.) You gaze up at me and place your hands on my hips. I start grinding my wet pussy against your cock and I can see the want in your eyes.

I bite my lip and begin moving down the bed. I take your cock in my hand and lick slowly up the shaft. I take the head in my mouth and suck ever so gently. After a minute or two of sucking the head, I allow your cock to slide down my throat. I gag a bit but don’t stop. You grab a handful of my hair and begin pushing me down and thrusting at the same time, forcing me to take your entire length. I know how much you love this so I never complain. After a while I stop you and start pumping your cock in my hand. I can feel your cock getting extremely hard and I know what’s coming next. I suddenly take you back in my mouth and start sucking. Seconds later I feel strand after strand of your hot cum. I swallow every bit, not letting any of it go to waste.

We lay there naked, holding each other. You kiss my lips, and I can feel my pussy getting hot all over again.

"Bend over the bed for me, let me get a good look at that ass."

I, of course, oblige. While bending over the bed I can feel your eyes on me. Suddenly there's a stinging sensation and a loud slapping sound. You then push my upper half down onto the bed, and grab me by the hair. Your cock is now buried deep in my pussy and I'm moaning uncontrollably. You fuck me in this position for a good half hour. I somehow manage to ask in between moans if I can ride you. You pull out quickly and lay down. I suck some of my juices off your cock before climbing on.

"Mmmm, you're so tight."

I smile, and start riding you faster. I can feel myself getting close. I lean down and kiss you. I feel your tongue in my mouth, and you suddenly flip me onto my back and begin fucking me harder than before. You fuck me so hard my moans turn into squeaks. Your groans and grunts get louder. My pussy tightens around your cock and I cum. That's all it takes to get you there. All of a sudden I'm full of your hot cum.

You pull out, we clean up, we get in bed, say our "I love you's", and fall asleep.

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