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Hot Southern Night

He gently sat me on the tailgate of the truck wearing only my bathing suit bottoms.
It was mid-June, around 11 a.m. and the heat from the southern sun was a scorching 102 degrees. I was on my way out the door and the phone rang, it was Danny. He told me he wanted to go camping tonight and asked me to join him. I thought about it for a second, "Danny, it's blazing hot out and you wanna sleep without AC?"

"It'll be fine Crystal, we can camp down by the lake. If it gets too hot we can take a dip," he laughed. I rolled my eyes and decided what the hell, you only live once.

"Alright, Danny I'm game!" I smiled to myself. "You bring the tent and stuff and I'll bring the food."

"Make sure you get some marshmallows and some wieners!" Danny almost demanded through the phone.

"Anything else your highness?" I asked in my most matter of fact voice.

"Yeah some drinks, Coke or somethin'." Danny added to my list.

"Okay, what time you gonna swing by here and get me?" I asked, looking over at the clock. I had a few errands to run before tonight.

"Around 6-ish? That okay with you?" he asked.

"Yeah, I should be done by then. See you around 6." I hung up the phone and headed out the door. I only had a few hours to get all my errands done, take a shower and pack an overnight bag.

I returned home at 4 p.m. and began packing for my camping night and jumed in the shower. I knew Danny wouldn't be taking us into the woods, he usually camps on the hill near the lake. Open sky and beautiful views, I could hardly wait! I pulled out some cut off jeans and a white tank out to wear with a pair of hiking boots. I also bought ten citronella candles to keep the bugs away and some OFF bug spray. I packed a few other things I knew I would need and headed for the shower.

Once I got out of the shower, I generously applied the OFF bug spray and slipped into my clothes. I decided to wear my bathing suit under my clothes to save time. I pulled my hair up in a pony tail and went to the kitchen to pack the food in the cooler. I looked over at the clock and it was 5:45 p.m., Danny would be here in a few minutes and I was ready. I put my bags and the cooler near the door and made one last trip to the mirror.

The doorbell rang and Danny stood outside waving and smiling, he was so cute. "You gonna let me in?" he yelled through the door.

I laughed and rolled my eyes, "yeah." I opened the door for him and he picked me up and twirled me around.

"Damn baby, you look hot!" he exclaimed when he sat me back down. "All that hottness for me?" He licked his lips and smiled a crooked smile.

"Are you kidding me, I always look this good!" I said and laughed.

"You ready?" He looked around at the bag and the cooler and then back at me.

"Let's do this!" I smiled and grabbed my bag, Danny took it as an opportunity to smack my ass.

"Umm," Danny grunted. "Love that ass!"

"Well, if you're a good boy maybe you'll be seeing more of it later," I winked and headed out the door.

The drive to the camp site took about an hour. We parked on top of the hill overlooking the lake near where we were going to set up camp.

"Where do you wanna put the tent?" I asked Danny as we began to unpack the truck.

"There's a flat spot over near the big rock. I usually set up there." He grabbed the tent and we began putting the polls together and stringing the tent. Once we had the tent set up Danny gathered a few rocks and put them in a circle for us to have a fire later.

"What now?" We were both hot and sweaty from setting up the camp site.

"Wanna take a dip in the lake?" Danny half grinned and placed one hand on his hip.

"Sounds like a plan," I agreed. The lake looked so inviting. The moon was so bright, the lake water glistened. I took my shorts and tank off and laid them off to the side on a tree stump and headed into the water. Danny ran in behind me.

"You're beautiful you know that?" Danny said as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him.

"I bet you say that to all the girls." I teased him and cocked my head to the side.

"Yeah, but with you I mean it," his eyes told me he did mean it.

His hand traveled up my back pulling me into him. His lips so close, they lingered for a moment before kissing me softly. I brought my hand up to his face, he kissed me deeper and with more passion. My legs almost went out from under me, I was at his mercy. He untied my top and gently slid it off exposing my breast to the moonlight. His hand made its way to my breast and he gently caressed me. He teased my nipples with his thumb as he continued to kiss me deeply. His body pressed against mine, I felt his manhood grow hard beneath his shorts. Danny was a big guy, about 6 ft 2 and built pretty solid. My 5 ft 7 frame looked small against his body. I lowered my hand and stroked his cock through his shorts. He moaned and lifted me up, and wrapped my legs around his waist. I couldn't get enough of him, I could feel myself melt into him.

Danny held tightly to me as he decided to exit the water. My body still wrapped around him we continued kissing as he very carefully headed up the small hill to our campsite. He gently sat me on the tailgate of the truck wearing only my bathing suit bottoms. He stepped back for a moment and looked at me, he was drinking me in.

"Stay right there," he told me. "I'm gonna get the fire started."

"Danny!" I was a little shocked, "I don't have a top on! You really want me to sit here exposed like this?" Feeling a little embarrassed and confused.

"Are you kidding me?" He half grinned and chuckled. "Crystal you are gorgeous! Yes I want you to sit there exposed so I can admire that beautiful body that I want to get lost in! While I'm over here building this fire I want to be able to look up and see you're beautiful body staring back at me." He answered.

"I can do that with my top on," I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, but then I wouldn't be able to see those big beautiful titties, now would I?" Danny said matter of factly and began building the fire.

"I suppose you expect me to eat like this too, huh?" I asked, not sure what he would say next.

"That depends," Danny looked up at me.

"On what?" I asked.

"On whether or not you want to play before or after dinner." He finished the fire and it was in full blaze. "So?" He asked as he walked in my direction. "Before or after?" He was right in front of me now, he leaned down and gently kissed my neck. His breath warm and his lips so soft. He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me into him again. My legs spread open as he positioned himself between them.

"Both," I stated. "Before and after." He brought his hands to my breast and began massaging them as he kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He lifted me off the tailgate and stood me in front of him. He turned me around to facing away from him and pulled me close. I felt his manhood once again pressed hard up against my lower back. His fingers traveled to my nipples and teased as he continued massaging my breast and kissing my neck. He began to lower himself down, kissing his way down my back and making his way to my ass. He gently pushed me forward onto the tailgate and tugged my bottoms down, I kicked them off to the side.

He gently spread my legs as he kissed his way up and down my body. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and gently ran his tongue over my anus. I let out a soft moan, he found it encouraging and continued his exploration. Soon, I felt him push his tongue against my anus, ever so gently fucking my ass. He then traced his tongue from my anus to my pussy hole. My pussy was dripping wet and he seemed very pleased with himself. He shoved his tongue in my pussy hole, fucking me. I moaned louder and found myself laying on top of the tailgate for support. My feet barely touched the ground as he began to explore all aspects of my pussy. He flicked his tongue fiercely on my clit and placed two fingers inside me. He fingered me hard for a few minutes and then took them out and continued to devour me with his mouth.

I reached around and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing my pussy and ass to him for easier access. He placed his two cum soaked fingers on my anus. He gently slid one finger in and then the other. Soon, he was finger fucking my ass just as hard as he had finger fucked my pussy. Within seconds I was screaming in orgasm, my body shaking with satisfaction. He stood up and dropped his shorts, his cock stood proud and strong. He placed his cock against my pussy and rubbed it up and down my clit, teasing me before he entered me.

Danny was not average by any means, his cock was long and thick. He gently placed the tip of his cock in my pussy and moving in and out slowly, which signaled me to brace for impact. Then, without warning, he shoved his cock all the way in, slamming my body against the tailgate as he fucked me hard. With each thrust I could feel the truck move in unison. My breasts were pressed against the cold metal bed of his truck and my hands were firmly holding the edge of the tailgate tying to keep from becoming a part of the truck itself. I couldn't help but scream as his drove his cock into me time and time again, it was ecstasy. Another orgasm rolled over me as I lay powerless beneath him. He slowed down, enjoying the feeling of my pussy pulsating around his cock.

He moved in and out gently, which gave me time to recover from my orgasm before going in for the kill. I felt him build momentum, once again the truck began moving in union with him. He placed his thumb in my anus, as he continued to drive his cock into my pussy. I let out small moan as he sunk his thump into my ass. I lifted my leg up onto the truck bed, allowing him deeper access to my pussy. He reached around with the other hand and began rubbing my clit. I thought I was going to lose my mind, my body was in heaven. Once again I climaxed and fell almost lifeless beneath him. He slowed down again, and enjoyed the pulsating of my pussy around his cock. I could tell he was ready to let go.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy and backed away from me. I turned around on the tailgate and laid on my back with my head hanging off the tailgate. He smiled at me and walked back over to me. He gently placed his cock in my mouth and began to fuck my face. My legs spread wide, I reached down and fingered my pussy as he enjoyed my mouth. He reached down and played with my breast, moving his cock in and out carefully trying not to choke me. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth and this sent me over the edge. He let out a loud moan and I climaxed as he filled my mouth with his hot cum. He took a step back and smiled at me.

"Damn girl, that was good," he told me.

"You weren't too bad yourself," I winked at him. "I'm hungry!"

"Let's eat!" He said as he pulled his shorts up and headed over to the cooler.

"Where is my top by the way?" I asked him.

"Probably in the lake," he answered and smiled back at me.

"Tell me you're joking," I looked at him, waiting for him to laugh. I jumped down and grabbed my bottoms and put them on. "I'm gonna go down to the lake and find it, be right back."

"Okay, but no skinny dipping without me!" He yelled to me.

"I wouldn't dream of it!" I yelled back.

(To be continued)

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