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Hotel frenzy

I cheated on my girl
I was back visiting my home town and met up with some old friends for drinks and Alison was there as usual. She is unusually tall at about 6ft  and a huge pair of tits and has long legs, quite well built and I always imagined she has a nice big pussy to match.  She had always made it clear to me that she more than liked me but I always resisted because I have a girlfriend and kids. Things with my girlfriend had gone a bit off the boil recently and we hadn't had sex for 3 weeks because I'd lost my libido and couldn't get an erection through stress at work etc. However, I still thought it would be a bad thing to betray my girlfriend, despite our problems. At the end of a long night drinking, me and Alison ended up walking towards my hotel where I was staying and she was catching a bus home. I stupidly asked if she wanted a coffee in the hotel bar and when we got there it was shut - so I remembered I have complimentary tea and coffee in my room and asked if that would be ok instead. We got to my room and she sat on the bed telling me how much she liked me and I said it was impossible because I'm with somebody else. I gave in towards the end and said that she could stay if she wanted but that I was in no position to start a relationship with her. I drunkenly undressed and climbed into bed wondering what the hell I was doing and how stupid this was. She flicked the light off and undressed down to her bra and panties and climbed into bed. I was too drunk to do a thing and didn't even touch her, I just drifted off into a drunken confused sleep, glad that I was incapable after all. About an hour later I suddenly woke up in the darkened room with a start and was instantly and vividly aware that Alison was lying next to me in just her underwear, it was like every mans fantasy and I had the most incredible erection which I was slowly stroking getting more and more aroused and all I could think about was that nice big pussy and the fact that this was the first erection I'd achieved in 3 weeks. I heard her stir slightly and I just lunged at her and she responded. I wasn't kissing her for more than a few seconds and I moved onto her big breasts, undoing her bra and sucked them greedily and hard and her nipples were stuck out so far that I was almost chewing them. I pulled her knickers down to her knees and she kicked them off the rest of the way herself as I moved myself into position between her long legs, I bent her legs up and my throbbing cock was just resting against her warm, unshaven pussy. Suddenly, she stopped me and said she wasn't using any contraception and we had no condoms either. The tip of my aching penis was now virtually kissing the wet lips of her pussy, it was quaking and throbbong and my whole body was trembling and I was left with a choice of what to do. Should I stop betraying my girlfriend right now and kick this girl out and do the right thing, or risk getting her pregnant and making a complete mess of everybody's lives for the sake of a worthless fuck? I thought about it for about a nano second and then plunged my tool deep into her pussy which was like entering the gates of heaven and I started fucking her really hard. I banged her furiously for about ten minutes, every stroke in and out was like wave of ecstacy all over my body and how I managed not to cum in that time was a miracle. I hammered her so hard and with such fury, it was almost like I was punishing her for putting me in this situation and in my mind I was calling her all sorts of bad names and thinking that this is what she deserved for making me do it. Now I was getting to the point where I could feel my balls starting to erupt and I had to think real quick and get ready to pull out just in time to avoid the rest of my life being wrecked. This was the most amazing tingling and ecstacy I had ever felt and I wanted to embrace the excitement of being inside her pussy for as long as I could, being careful not to risk letting anything leak into her and risking an unwanted pregnancy. Then suddenly I was at the point of no return, about to ejaculate and the spasms had started in my cock, I was going to shoot my load and had to pull out immediately. Then boom! It was too late, I felt the first salvo firing off deep inside her pussy. I could have withdrawn at lightning speed now and hoped she wouldn't get pregnant, but I thought it was too late now anyway. In for a penny, in for a pound! Again I felt another mssive burst flying off into her,and agin boom, boom, boom, one absolutely massive cumshot after the other. The rest of my whole body felt paralysed as I came in her for what seemed like forever and she must have thought I was dying of a heart attack as I gasped breathlessy in disbelief at relentlessly unloading three weeks worth of cum inside her beautiful big pussy. I was flooding her! When I'd finished draining what felt like every last drop out of me I collapsed in a sweating heap on top of her and my now limp cock slipped out of her and I climbed off, rolled over and went to sleep feeling awful for what I had just done. Again I drifted off to sleep. Thankfully she never got pregnant and we've never done it again since.
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