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Hotel Meet Up

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A couple meeting up for one-nighter
We arrange to meet at a hotel in Glasgow a short train ride from where we live; you decide to travel up early so that you can get your hair make up and dress ready for my arrival. I travel later by train dressed in my favorite suit and tie. I arrive at the hotel reception and collect my room card before heading to the room. I enter the lift with my heart pounding, wondering what is waiting for me on the other side of the door.

I unlock the door and enter to find an empty room but the smell of your perfume remains from when you were getting ready. The smell runs right through me and I can feel myself harden in my trousers at the thought of you. I look over and see a note on the pillow telling me that you are at a night club around the corner and to come meet you; a smirk comes across my face at the game you are trying to play. I close the door and head off to the club.

I walk into the night club which is extremely busy with people dancing on the dance floor. I have a quick look for you before heading to the bar for a drink, my heart pounding, knowing that you are in the same room as me, possibly watching me. My phone vibrates in my pocket; the text reads, "Hey there, I can see you, come meet me on the dance floor." I make my way through the busy dance floor before coming across you dancing there in a wee, red, short, silky dress and a pair of killer 6 inch black heels. Your eyes light up when you see me as you know what I am going to be doing to you very shortly.You pull me into you and start dancing round me, grinding your sexy sweet ass into my crotch. You keep holding my eye contact, drawing me dirty looks. I cant keep my hands off you. You then whisper into my ear that you can't take it any more and want me to take you upstairs to the room so we head out of the club and start making our way back to the hotel.

We get into the lift but are, unfortunately, not alone as a woman has joined us. While slowly climbing the seven floors to our floor you back up into me, moving your hand round and grabbing my cock through my suit trousers. You can feel it bulging in your hand. I slide my hand up the back off your short dress and start caressing your ass, feeling a very small g-string. I slide my fingers inside the back of your thong and slide my finger slowly into your ass hole causing you to let out a groan. The other woman clearly knows something is going on and we try to contain our laughter before reaching our stop and run out laughing. We get to the room and you push me against door, forcing your tongue into my mouth, kissing me hard and fast. You force the card into the reader to let us in.

The door slams shut and we're alone, no distractions. You push me against the door and start kissing me again, my hands now sliding up your dress, grabbing both your ass cheeks hard. You rip off my tie before unbuttoning my shirt, slowly kissing down my now sweaty torso. My shirt drops to the floor.You keep going lower and unbutton my trousers, letting them fall to the ground, revealing my rock hard cock showing through my boxer shorts. You look up at me in delight before sliding them to the floor. The first thing you do is take it fully into your mouth as far as your mouth can take it; the feeling of your warm mouth sliding up and down begins to make me groan. You slide your tongue up and down my long shaft, wrapping it round the tip, making sure not to miss an inch. You push my cock up and start wanking me as you suck on both my balls, making my groans sound a lot more intense. I pull you up and kiss you hard, our tongues wrestling like crazy. I unzip your dress, letting it drop to the floor. I stand there in awe at your body; you are now only wearing your tiny black silky g-string and your heels, your breasts so silky smooth with your rock hard nipples, hardening even more as I lead you over to the bed.

I lay you on the bed and tie your hands to the headboard using my tie, tying it tight so you cant get out of it. You lie there and smile at me, longing for me to do everything imaginable to you and your body. I kiss you slowly on the lips, teasing you with my tongue. I move slowly to your neck which I know you love. I slide further down onto your hard nipples using my hands to push your tits together as I suck fast and hard on your nipples. I continue on my journey of your body, kissing your sides, running my tongue down by your belly button until I reach the top of your thong. I look up at you and your eyes are closed as you writhe in pleasure. I pull your thong down, slowly kissing your legs as I do it, right down to your feet and toes. I start running my tongue back up your leg again, now moving into your inner thigh, each movement bringing a shiver and a groan from your body.

I start running my tongue over your clit while sliding a finger into your pussy. Your groans gain more volume and your body starts to arch due to how sensitive your shaved pussy is. I start licking faster; I love how wet you are. You can't take it any more and you manage to get one of your hands free. Your fingers come down to help me out and you play with your pussy as I finger and lick it. You're not far away now as your groans start to get louder and louder, telling me you want me deep inside you, fucking you. I keep going as your body tightens and you try to contain your orgasm but you cant hold it in for long. You squirt over my face and mouth, your body quivering and juddering with pleasure. I continue to lick away with my tongue, lapping up all of your juices.

I move up next to you as I think that you might need a rest after that but you look me in the eye and tell me with the dirtiest of looks on your face, "You're dead." To my amazement, you pounce on me, licking the remains of your juices from my lips and tongue. You sit me up against the headboard and straddle me so that I have your tits right in my face. You slide my hands round on to your sweet ass as I slide into your wet pussy at the first attempt. You grind down slowly while kissing me slowly and passionately against the headboard. You get into a very sexy rythmn with my hands now working your hips.

You sit up straight as you start to ride harder. We both smirk at the noise of my cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy. You tell me that you love the feeling of me being deep inside you as you play with your tits and nipples in front of me. You now start riding hard as fuck, grabbing the head board to give you more momentum and power. You start to groan louder and louder as you near orgasm again. You feel my cock start to tighten and you know I am not far away. I try to hold on as long as possible but it's no use and I explode inside you just as you orgasm again. I feel your juices continue to run down my cock as your riding becomes slower and slower until you collapse on to me, still saving some energy to kiss me slowly before falling onto the bed. We both lie there, recovering in bed, panting and sweating before I get up and grab a bottle of wine and asking if you want to join me in the jacuzzi...

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