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hotel room

I blindfold you and explore your body...
We were staying in a hotel after seeing a concert together... I showered, came back out of the bathroom and you’re laying there in just black underwear and your tank top, mmm, I love black against your smooth skin… I walk toward the foot of the bed and smiling, your legs spread slightly without you even thinking.

I crawl up the bed straddling you, my legs dragging up the outside of your legs and arms. I reach into my back pocket and grin, pulling out a blindfold . I pull your head up off the bed so I can tie it around, holding your face against the hard bulge on my crotch while I do.

As soon as you can’t see, I help move you so you’re laying close to the edge of the bed, I swing off the bed and you don’t feel me at all. I wait… letting you fidget in anticipation as you try to guess where I will touch you first.

My lips kiss your forehead, then gone. A finger slowly drags a triangle from your left hip up to your navel, to the right hip, then gone. My tongue circles your elbow, then gone. Hand pulls the strap of your tank off your shoulder, a kiss there. A finger traces the bottom curve or your left breast. Then nothing.

You feel my warm breath on your face, on your lips, you lick them ready for the kiss you know will come… closer… almost touching… a finger slides up your inner thigh and the breath is gone… so close.

A hand on your left knee then away, you flinch as my whole mouth sucks in your big toe tongue swirling around it then gone. Two fingers “walk” up your right leg, stomach, between your breasts, neck, chin where my thumb and finger hold on and pull down to open your mouth slightly… my mouth is suddenly on yours kissing you hard, my tongue fighting with yours.

I ask you to slowly pull your tank top up and off. My tongue slides back and forth across the front of you covering every new spot of skin as its revealed, lingering slightly longer to circle your nipples and take them between my lips. My hands firmly cup your breasts now as you lean up to pull the top off.

Still in total darkness you feel me take your hands and move them to your breasts, you start massaging them eagerly. You feel my tongue lick hard right up the front of your underwear, pressing into you through the fabric. My hands are at your waist and your panties are being pulled off so fast, you barely lift your feet in time to kick them off.

You want me to touch and lick your pussy, but I don’t yet, instead taking your arms and pulling you to your feet. Your arms around my neck, we kiss, your breasts smashed against my chest. Then something unexpected, you feel one finger push up inside your wet pussy and I use that finger to pull you, making you walk forward where I lead.

I pull you across the room, turn you around and push you back against a wall. My finger leaves you, rubs a quick circle around your lips, then you feel my tongue retrace the circle, tasting your pussy from your own mouth.

I put your hands on my head, you push me to the ground and I waste no time licking your pussy, my tongue inside, then out, all across its surface tasting and sucking every spot. As you start pushing against my face, I move back and away, not letting you finish.

Not gently, I spin you around, push you forward against the wall, one arm reaches around and fingers your pussy and clit. The other stays behind you, you hear my zipper and the sound as my pants hit the floor. Almost as soon as they do my cock is inside you, thrusting hard.

You were already close and it’s building fast. My hand is on the back of your neck, pushing your body forward, smashing your breasts against the wall. As I feel you start to squeeze around my cock and hear you begin moaning, I rip the blindfold off, you’re shocked for a second with all the light in the room, and as you cum hard on my dick, you notice your breasts are pressed flat against glass… I’ve been fucking you up against the window for anyone and everyone to watch…

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