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Hottie at Work Pt 5

Finally, the payoff!
It took me a couple of days to recover completely. Katie and I had talked and scheduled a good time for us both, I told her we would need about 10 hours and her eyebrows went up. The planning had already begun. I had made the plans, purchased the items I wanted, and everything was set.

Katie arrived at my house around 9AM. Right on time, I thought to myself. I was actually surprised she showed, but true to her word, here she was. Opening the door, she was dressed casually, jeans and a plain top. The top did nothing to hide the fact she was braless, as per my request.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes, my pussy has been wet for three days”, she replied.

I had her stand in the middle of the living room. She kicked off her shoes and I made her stop.

“I am going to savor every second of this and we have all day, slow down! I want to undress you.” I said.

I reached and caressed her neck, and began slowly removing her top. Pulling it over head and tossing it aside, her breasts fell free. And they were beautiful, full 36C’s with quarter size areolae. I slowly grazed both of her breasts, very light touches, as her nipples hardened. Protruding about a quarter inch, they were just perfect. Her skin was velvet smooth, not a bump or blemish anywhere.

Admiring them for a few minutes, I moved to her jeans. Opening them, I slid them ever so slowly down her hips, stopping at her knees. No panties, also as instructed. As I dropped to my knees, I put my face right up to her pussy. Very closely trimmed in a “V” up top and completely shaved all around her pussy lips. She had one of the best pussies I’d ever seen! Smooth, shaved, lily white, you could just cup it in your hand.

I reached out and brushed my tongue lightly along her outer lips, picking up some of her wetness. She tasted as good as she looked. Katie had started breathing heavy, so I stopped. I got rid of the jeans and stood, walking behind her.

I kneeled back down, taking in her perfection. Nice flair of the hips, same great blemish free skin back here too. I don’t think you could classify her ass as a bubble butt, but it was close. I stood back up, reaching down to cup her ass cheeks in both hands. I caressed her back and ass for a few minutes, savoring it all. Reaching around to cradle her tits in my hands, feeling her still hard nipples, she moaned slightly. I was already hard, but I had all day right?

I reached under the coffee table and came up with a box. Opening it, I handed her a matching bra, panty, garter belt and stocking set, all in black.

“Put these on”, I said.

My video camera was running in the background capturing every second and I grabbed my still camera and began taking photos. She got all the lingerie on and I had her pose in a variety of positions. Giving her instructions that intentionally left her naked again, while took lots of pictures. Putting the black lingerie away, I reached in the box and handed her a matching pink set. We did it all again, her getting dressed, then undressed; all the while I took photos.

I had her put on the black garter belt and stockings once again.

“Now, on your knees, bend over the couch. I want pictures of your wide open ass and pussy.” I said.

Katie went through a whole series of motions so I could get all the pictures I wanted. I then produced a small vibrator from the box.

“Masturbate with it”, I commanded.

Katie started fingering her clit, sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was gripping that small vibe so tight; I could see her inner lips every time she pulled it out! If her pussy was that tight, my cock was going stretch her to the limit. Thrusting faster and harder, her moist pussy was producing of lube; it was starting to run down both legs. I was giving that camera a hard workout!

I told Katie get up on the couch, missionary style, so I could see her pussy better. She did, never ceasing to slide that vibe in her. I got a few more pictures and figured my cock had been hard long enough. I put the camera down and stripped. Once I was naked, I leaned in close to Katie, stopping her hand, removing that vibe, and gently licked her clit.

Raising her ass of the couch, trying to get her clit closer to my face, she moaned, “Fuck me”.

I responded, “You will have my dick until you are tired of it, I promise. But you are going to have wave after wave of orgasm until you are so exhausted, you can’t move.”

Her eyes looked at me lustfully, almost begging me. I was thinking, tough shit, I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get here, and we are going to do what I want. I went straight back to her pussy, only this time, I was cleaning her cum from her legs, grazing her pussy lips with my tongue, covering and sucking her clit. It didn’t take long for her to start bucking, legs shooting straight out.

“I’M CUMMING”, she yelled.

I let her ride that wave and lined her up for another. I ordered Katie to pull her stocking covered knees to her ears, so her pussy was completely exposed. I reached up and circled her clit with one index finger and slid my tongue from the very bottom of her ass all the way up to her clit. When my tongue hit het clit, she jumped.

As I went back down to lick her ass again…..”CLICK!” “CLICK!”

Katie sat straight up, “What the fuck?” The first thing she saw was Jennifer.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Katie demanded.

I told her to lay back down.

“You loved getting pics of me, and Jennifer has agreed to get my first time fucking you on film. She is already in on all this and agreed to help."

Jennifer just giggled and said, “Damn honey, relax. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, I’ll gladly take your place.”

Katie said, “Fuck you, I’m having fun!”

I went back to eating Katie’s pussy. Katie had another orgasm.

I made her cum seven or eight times and she was getting tired. I told her to put her arms inside her knees, spreading her pussy to their widest. That’s when I moved up, and massaged her clit with the head of my cock. Back and forth, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I eased inside her.

You ever heard that song, “Cadillac pussy”?

It was written about Katie’s. This was the Wimbledon of pussy. She was so tight; it felt like soft, tight velvet. But at the same time, she was so wet; my cock felt like it was showered with 1000 shower heads. Damn, Katie was hotter than I had ever dreamed she would be. “CLICK!” “CLICK!”

Jennifer was capturing it all on film. True to my belief, I was about to cum, but Katie needed to cum again. This time on my cock. A few strokes later, she was squirming and bucking, moaning, “Yes, Yes... OH GOD, IM CUMMING”

I felt her pussy spasm on my cock. I was satisfied and started ramming my cock faster and faster. I felt the cum boiling to the tip of my cock and pulled out. My orgasm hit and rope after rope of hot, steaming cum splattered all over her. The first stream landed inside her pussy. The next hit her clit. I finally quit coating her with cum and pulled back to have a look. A cum shot for the books! My cum was in her belly button to her pussy, and it was starting to run down to her ass. Thank God, Jennifer was getting it all with my camera.

“Make sure you get this, Jennifer!” I said, as I lowered my tongue to her ass and scooped my cum from her ass and pussy.

Licking it all up, I rose up to Katie and kissed her. Those lips were made in heaven for sure. I shared my cum with her, forcing it into her mouth.

Pulling back, I said, “You didn’t really embarrass me after all. I LOVE to eat cream pies!”

Both of them seemed shocked and I just grinned.

I rose up and straddled Katie, offer her my cock.

“Lick our juice from my cock. We are just getting started.”

Katie devoured my cock all at once, sucking our cum from it. Once it was clean, I leaned back and told Katie, “Now strip. We are done with the lingerie and I want you naked for the rest of the day.”

Standing, I thanked Jennifer for wielding the camera.

“I got it from here. She may need a ride when I get done with her. I really don’t think she is going to be able to walk later today.”

As Jennifer left, I noticed Katie was naked and told her to head for the tub. “Now to get cleaned up for round two!”

I watched that perfect ass stagger towards the bathroom, thinking how much fun this was going to be wearing her out...

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