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Hottie at Work Pt 6

The payoff continues......
Walking into the bathroom, I saw Katie had already got in and had the water running. She had that post sex look of satisfaction on her face. Her legs were straight out, eyes closed, letting the warm water run over her feet. Sitting flat in the tub, her ass was squashed flat, making her hips flare out a little more. I had her sit up a bit, so I could slide in behind her. My legs were spread around her, and she leaned back onto my chest. I could feel her ass cheeks and lower back pressing against my cock. I would be hard again soon.

She reached up, turned the water off and leaned back once again. Her head came to rest on my left shoulder. I cupped my hand to gather some water and gently pouring it on those perfect tits. Katie seemed to enjoy it so I continued for a bit. She had gotten comfortable, almost dozing off. Running both of my arms under hers, I started massaging her breasts in my hands. She moaned softly and had reached down to play with her pussy. I let her continue and asked if she was ready for some more fun. “Oh, Yes”, she replied. I removed her hand from her pussy, used my left hand to spread her lips; my right hand found her clit. She groaned, slightly moving her hips to my fingers rhythm. It didn’t take long until she was bucking against me, making my cock stand up again.

She came, hard. Legs straight out, splashing water everywhere, I let her come down just a bit. Then I sat on the edge of the tub, offering her my cock. She took it in her mouth, her warm, wet mouth. Katie would take it all in, pull off to lick the shaft, graze my balls with her tongue, and then back up. I was really enjoying myself. Determined to make me cum, she got to her knees and really started sucking me. Up and down, down to my balls, faster and faster. One of her hands reached up and cupped my balls, that did it. I shot my sperm into her mouth. She greedily swallowed it all.

Katie sat back down in the water and motioned for me to sit too. She then washed me, then herself. Once she was clean, I told her to get out, dry off, and head to the bedroom. I did the same, and headed to the living room to retrieve the video camera.

Entering the bedroom, I sat the video camera up for the best view. Katie was in the middle of the bed. “Lay with your head off the side” I instructed. When she did, I quickly walked over and put my cock in her mouth again. She took it and started sucking it back to life. When I was half hard, I pulled away.

“Get on your hands and knees” I commanded. Katie did and I lay down under her, my mouth directly under her pussy. She got the hint, lowered her cunt to my mouth and started gyrating against me. She was wet and I scooped my tongue across her pussy lips like they were an ice cream cone. Back and forth, slowly, savoring every moment. Every 4 or 5 strokes, I would probe deeper to graze her clit teasingly.

My hands came up to cup her ass cheeks, gently guiding her hips back and forth. Eventually, my tongue came up to her clit and I circled it over and over. Her wetness was starting to build up and my chin was covered with her juice. My hands soon couldn’t control her movements, rocking, grinding her clit onto my tongue.

She came, hips bucking, pussy clamped down on my tongue and lips. I couldn’t keep a steady lock on her as she bucked and rocked from her orgasm. Katie had grabbed the headboard of the bed to steady herself.

After her orgasm had subsided, I told her to slide down. “Ride me. I want to see you cum on my cock.” I said. Katie slid her legs down, those wonderful breasts in my face for a fleeting moment. Reaching between her legs, she reached for my cock and guided it to her pussy. As she sat down, impaling herself on my cock, I thought of that Cadillac pussy again. She rocked back and forth, lubricating my cock with her pussy juice; then set a steady rhythm. It was complete bliss. I loved the way her tits were swinging, gently swaying just inches from my face. I reached up, taking one in each hand, caressing them. Every time she came up off my cock, her breasts were close to my face. I pulled them close, licking the nipples, alternating right, left, right.

Katie was softly moaning and started to pick up speed. I could feel her wetness running down my balls. We are going to have a hell of a wet spot, I thought. I would relive it, the video camera was capturing every second.

Stopping the back and forth, Katie sat down on my cock, burying it completely inside her. She started grinding her clit against me, back and forth; her speed was increasing by the second. I knew she was about to cum. She sat up, grabbed both of my hands off her breasts, holding them for balance. That’s when she started convulsing, loudly groaning, “Oh, God, Oh, Fuck” I could feel her pussy contract around my cock. I held her hands so she wouldn’t lose balance and just let her ride the orgasm wave.

Katie leaned forward, collapsing those breasts on my chest. Panting, gasping for breath, soaked in sweat, she finally came down. I told her to let me up. “Where you going?” she asked. “Just to turn the fan on, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere!” I said. She rolled off, releasing my cock from that wonderful pussy and collapsed face down on the bed. I jumped up, hit the fan, and jumped back onto the bed.

“I want you doggie style. I want to see your fine ass cheeks bouncing as we fuck”, I told her. Katie pulled herself up on all fours, offering her exposed pussy and ass for my viewing. Still wet as hell, it wouldn’t be long before her juice would be running down her legs. Hmmm, just the way I like it. Getting behind her, I lined my still hard cock up with her pussy and drove it home. All the way to my balls in one thrust. She gasped at the shock, and then started moaning like a wild cat in heat. I took the moment in, looking down. My cock buried to the hilt, her cute rosebud asshole, those ass cheeks spread wide. I would cum soon and I knew it. Placing my hands on her hips, I began thrusting, deep and fast. Her ass cheeks were bouncing around, her asshole contracting and expanding with each thrust. She was soon cuming again. This time, I didn’t stop, faster and faster, I plunged my cock into her. She was pushing back just as hard as I was thrusting. Then it happened.

I came hard; burying my cock deep inside her pussy, spasm after spasm racked my body. I don’t know how much cum I had left, but it was deep in her pussy now. Katie collapsed forward and I went with her, my cock still inside. We lay like that for a few minutes, my cock finally starting to soften. I started to get up off of Katie, pulling my cock free from that fine pussy. There was a small “pop” when my cock head left, almost as if her pussy lips had puckered to blow my cock a goodbye kiss.

Katie slid her left knee almost up to her shoulder. Her arms were straight out, head turned left, right leg straight out, but skewed slightly to the right. She looked very comfortable, but realizing the opportunity, I ran to the living room for my camera. Returning to the bed room, I repositioned the video camera for a close up, and started snapping pictures of Katie’s ass. My cum was leaking out of her pussy, running down over her clit, and starting to drip off of her mound onto the bed. What a beautiful sight she was, drowsing off to sleep, legs open, totally naked, with cum running out of her pussy. When her pussy looked like it would not release any more of my white love juice, I repositioned the video camera for the next round. The wet spot on the bed was getting bigger, I knew these sheets were done when we finished.

I went and retrieved the necessary item for the finale, placed them on the bed. I went to the bathroom and got some warm cloths, cleaned myself up, and staggered into the kitchen. I got Katie and me some water, headed towards the bedroom, picking up the warm cloths as I passed.

I set all the items down. Sitting on the bed, I gently caressed her face, asking if she would like some water and a warm cloth.

“I can’t believe you are still ready for more. I know what you want next. We need to talk about that…….” Katie murmured, as she drifted off to sleep again.

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