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House Call

A Masseur struggles with his conscience
This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at



House Call


An original erotic work by Doanto



"Really Eve, you have got to try this. This guy has magic in his fingers and with your lower back problems, I guarantee you will feel better."


Eve looked at her life long friend Rachel and thought about it. Rachel was describing this male masseur she met at a dinner party recently and had set up a standing weekly appointment with him. What made him unique was he made house calls. "And Eve, is he ever cute! I just wish he would make a move on me but he's totally professional, shit!"


"Rachel, don't you feel a little odd inviting a strange man in your house and taking off your clothes in front of him?"


"Honey, don't even think about it. Its so damn business like its not even funny. He comes in, asks where there's a room to set up his table, goes there, sets things up and then comes back and asks you if you want it nude or in your underwear. You must take it nude as  his hands are divine. He tells you to go into the room, disrobe and get on the table and under the sheet. He actually never sees you naked. The lights are low, he burns some incense and has soft music on. You get one hour of a heavenly experience. And its only a hundred bucks! C'mon Eve, go for it!"


"Wellll.....since you make it sound so innocent, I guess I will, Can you set it up for next Tuesday?"


"You bet hon, in fact, my treat!"


"Wow, that's kind of you."  Eve paid the check and they left.




It was Tuesday and Eve was nervous as a cat on a hot stove. She had been having misgivings about this for several days and even started to call Rachel to get her to cancel but couldn't. Now he would be there in five minutes and she could tell she was sweating from nervousness.


The door bell rang and she jumped, "Oh, God, its him." She walked to the door and opened it. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He was gorgeous, the proverbial tall, dark and handsome! And the physique, he stood there with his portable table under his arm in white pants and a skin tight white tee shirt. What a hunk, she thought.


"Please come in, you must be Terry?"


"Yes Mrs. Stone, I'm Terry. Do you have a room where I can set up?"


"Yes, down the hall, last room on the right." Terry disappeared down the hall and into the spare bedroom.


My oh my, she thought, now I see what Rachel means. God, I think I got a little wet just looking at him. Oh well, I guess I'll just get to enjoy his strong hands.


Terry came out of the spare room and said, "I always ask my clients if they would prefer a nude massage or with some clothes on. By nude I mean there will a sheet covering your private parts to permit some level of modesty."


"Yes Terry, Rachel told me about this and I think I will opt for the nude massage. OK?"


"Fine, you will enjoy it more, I assure you. Shall we get started? Please go into the room, remove your clothes and get on the table on your stomach and under the sheet."


Eve went into the room and found the lights were very low (they were on a dimmer), soft music was playing and there were several votive candles lit and placed around the room. The table looked very sturdy. She only had sweats so they were off quickly and she got on the table as she was asked to do, face down.


Terry entered a moment later and said, " I am going to begin on your shoulders and go very lightly. You tell me how much pressure you would like. OK?"


"Mmm, that's fine, let's get started."


He lowered the sheet to just above her firm ass and began to slowly massage her shoulders. His fingers were strong and she felt the pressure was just right and told him so. He continued down the center of her back slowly kneading all the muscles around her spine. It felt wonderful to her and she closed her eyes and listened to the music. It was almost romantic to her. A young man's strong hands on her body, nice soft music, what more could a girl want? To get laid, that's what, she thought, giggling inwardly.


Terry marveled at the softness of Eve's skin. He was fighting with himself inwardly over her as he found her extremely attractive and made it a point not to be forward  with any of his clients. But, if they made the first move.....All he needed was one complaint and that would mean the end of his license. But Eve was different....he thought. He looked down at smooth outline of her ass under the sheet and wondered if he should massage her cheeks. It was usually taboo but maybe, with this one if he worked up to it.


He decided to focus on her hips, work them really hard and then let his hand just drift to her ass. He would see how she responded.


Eve meanwhile was having her own fantasy about Terry. Umm, he's working down to my ass, wonder if he'll massage my ass. Probably not, A little too much to hope for. Umm, his hands are so strong and they are very close, maybe.. and just then she felt his hands glide over his ass, linger for a moment and then were withdrawn.


"Uh, excuse me, I didn't mean to do that," said Terry.


"Oh, that's fine, it felt good actually, please continue."


I knew it, he thought to myself. Well, lets see if she's as hot as I think she is and his hands started to caress her ass rather than massage. Eve murmured a little and he took that as sign to continue so he let his hands wander under the sheet. Now she was enjoying it he thought as he could feel her tighten her muscles as he rubbed them gently.


Eve reached down and pulled the sheet from her and said, "I hope you don't mind but I like the feel of your hands on my body and the sheet was just in the way."


Terry grinned and said, "Your skin is beautiful and I enjoy touching it," and continued to caress her ass while he let his other hand move down to the back of her right thigh. He noticed that she spread her legs just a tiny bit as he did this.


God he is getting me hot. His touch is divine. Oh, there yes, I'll just spread a little and maybe he'll get the hint. Rats, he didn't go for it, guess I'll have to wait a little longer but I know he wants a piece of me.


Terry was fighting a battle inside himself. Part of him wanted to seduce this woman and the other part was telling him to cool it. He didn't know which way to turn. She seemed so hot but there had nothing really overt on her part, but, the sheet....he would ask her to turn over in a few minutes and then he would know for sure.


Meanwhile he continued to caress both her legs know, softly, using a little oil to help his hands glide over them. He worked her feet and her toes and then began to run his hands up her legs. She opened her legs a little more so he could fully envelop each of her thighs with his hands. First the right thigh, he caressed it slowly and moved his hands higher and higher. Eve was really hot at this point and was positive she might be dripping a little so she opened her legs wider hoping he would notice.


Ah, there, the legs are wider now and he a clear view of her pussy and it was wet! He wondered, should I touch her there? No, best wait until she rolls over.


God Damn, what's wrong with him? Can't he see I'm wet as hell and need something more that a massage?


"Would you mind rolling over now," he said softly?


Eve rolled over on her back and looked at him with hunger in her eyes. Maybe now he would make his move, she thought.


Terry gazed at her breasts with a look of lust in his eyes. They were perfect. He figured about a D cup and very prominent nipples that he yearned to suck.


Eve could see the look on his face and noticed also a bulge in his pants and thought, fuck it, it's now or never and said "Terry, I want your hands all over me, everywhere, do you understand?"


He looked at her and began to slowly caress her breasts.


"O God, yes, that's so nice mm, keep it up, yes, ...." She whispered to no one.


He caressed her nipples taking each of then between his thumb and forefinger and slowly manipulated them. They hardened even more at his touch. Emboldened he lowered his head and he began  to suck one gently.


This almost brought Eve off the table and she moaned loud and long. He then switched to the other nipple and sucked it to extreme hardness.


All kinds of things started to race thru Eve's mind. Will he fuck me? What about STD? God, I'd die if he gave me something. Do I have any rubbers nearby? Fuck, no, I don't. But I can't let him fuck me without one, shit, what am I going to do?


But Terry was far from that point. He was enjoying her body at this point, fucking would come later, if ever, as he didn't know if she would let him. Some women had gone this far with him but most stopped after some oral sex. The AIDS thing had everyone scared. But, he had condoms with him just in case.


Her nipples were hard now and she was moaning audibly so he turned his attention to her pussy. He could smell her sex and one look told him her pussy was hot with wetness and desire. She had a small triangle of cunt hair above her pussy. Just enough to tickle your nose if you chose to eat her which he certainly would do but first a little caress and some finger fucking to get thing going.


She felt his hands move toward her pussy ever so slowly. He was driving her wild with desire. She rose slightly off the table to urge him but remained silent. He wanted her to reach a point where she just screamed to be fucked and then he would do it. But first he intended to drive her into a frenzy of lust. He moved his fingers lightly over her pussy just brushing her pronounced labia. Her labia was swollen and wet with desire and he yearned to eat her but he could wait. Her murmurings were becoming louder now but still unintelligible.


He lowered his head to her pussy and inhaled the smell of her sex. He loved the smell and taste of hot pussy and this babe was really hot. He blew his breath softly on her cunt. She moaned a little louder. He took his tongue and just flicked it across her clitoris and she exclaimed, "Oh Terry, yes, lick my pussy, now, please!" But he was not ready to give her that pleasure yet. She must be hotter, hotter than she's ever been in her life and screaming to be fucked.


He slowly circled her pussy with his wet fingers making the circles smaller and smaller as she moved her hips trying to catch his fingers with her cunt. She started moaning very loudly and he could tell she was on the verge of orgasm so he backed off slightly but not enough so that she would cool off. He wanted her orgasm to be titanic and to hit her as he emptied his load into her.


He took his index finger and ran it up and down the slit of her pussy but did not enter it. She reached down to push his hand into her but he withdrew it. She pleaded with him, "Oh Terry, please touch me, I want to feel your hands on me, I need to feel you, please..."


He took his index finger and massaged her clit lightly and then inserted it into her pussy up to his second knuckle. He moved it from side to side and she moaned loudly. He blew on her cunt with his breath as he moved his finger in and out of her and she rose up off the table in an attempt to bury his finger within her but he would not allow it. Her breath was coming in short gasps and he could tell she near the brink so once again, he backed off.


She lay there, panting, wondering what would come next. This man was driving her insane with desire; all she wanted was to cum at this point but he would not bring her off. What did he want? Her mind was reeling with the passion she was feeling. Her thoughts wandered from her pussy to his cock. What was he like? Will he fuck her? God, she wanted to be fucked do badly. What did he want to do? At this point she would do anything for him.


She said breathlessly, "Terry, I want your cock, please show me your beautiful dick...".


He thought for a moment and then stood up and loosened his pants. He never wore underwear in anticipation of clients like Eve and let his pants drop to the floor. There he stood, in front of her and she beheld his beautiful cock that she craved so much. He was hard as a rock and fully erect at eight inches. She reached out to touch him but he backed away. "Please Terry, please, let me have your cock, I need to touch it, hold it, put it in my mouth to taste you, oh God, stop teasing me, give it to me...".


But she was not hungry enough for Terry. He wanted her to beg for his dick, to cry out in a lust filled anguish, then he would give it to her. He stepped further away as she sat up on the table. She sat on the table, legs hanging over the edge with her hands on her pussy. He stood in front, just out of reach slowly stroking his cock in front of her. Up and down his hand went on his turgid member as she licked her lips watching him while furiously frigging herself. He loved to stroke his cock in front of a woman. It was a turn on for both. He liked the soft feel of his cock skin and he used the tiny amount of pre-cum that was always at the tip to lube his shaft so his hand could slide effortlessly up and down. He would do this over and over and stop just before he was ready to cum. He always saved that for his partner as he was capable of ejecting long, thick jets of cum that most women loved to see.


Eve could stand it no longer and lay back on the table, legs spread, her hands furiously working her cunt seeking release. He moved closer and dropped to his knees and removed her hands and covered her sweet, wet pussy with his mouth. A shock went thru her body as she felt the warmth of his mouth on her. She felt his lips and tongue as he licked and sucked on her very gently. His mouth was as soft a touch as his hands and it was driving her insane with desire.


She tasted sweet to him. He loved the taste of pussy particularly when the woman is very hot. They seemed to gush somewhat. He explored the inside of her labia with his tongue; going very slowly and savoring the delicate flavor of her. He pushed his tongue gently into her love hole, probing , seeking, as if he expected to find something there. His top lip was pressed firmly against her clit and he slowly withdrew his tongue and it traveled toward her love button. He twirled his tongue around it and gently sucked on it. He thought he could feel it harden somewhat and had to go slow. She couldn't cum just yet, only a little while longer and he would give her the fucking of her life.


Eve's body was a quivering mass of hot flesh as he she felt his tongue fuck her pussy. She was gushing completely now as her juices were pouring into his mouth. Suddenly a shock wave ran thru her as he sucked her clitoris. God, she thought, finally, I'm going to cum. Oh now, yes, here it comes, but it was not to be. Just as she was about to pass over the brink, he stopped. She ached inside from the pent up emotion that was flooding her mind. She need cock, she needed release. When would he do her?


She opened her eyes and looked at him as he inserted his tongue into her wet, hot, juicy pussy one more time and said, "Terry, I've got to get fucked, I mean now, I can't stand any more of this, please let me have that gorgeous cock of yours, I'm begging you, please fuck me!"


Ahhh, he thought, finally, she's all mine. "Eve, I want to fuck you badly and I want it to be the best fuck of your life so let me take you off the table and place you on the floor. My dick aches to be buried in your hot cunt. D you want that?"


"Oh fuck yes! Stick your raging prick in me, fuck my brains, just do it!"


He lowered her to floor and picked up her legs and spread them wide. She noticed he was wearing a lubed condom but it really didn't matter she was so hot at this point she would have done him bareback. He pushed her legs over toward her shoulders and she grabbed her feet. Her ass was up in the air and her cunt was stretched wide to receive him. He stood over her and slowly pushed his cock into her. He loved the feeling when his cock first entered a hot pussy. There was no other feeling like it on earth, of this he was sure. He could feel the walls of her pussy grabbing him as she contracted her vaginal walls around his cock. He pushed into her ever so slowly as this position would give him depth into her that she had never experienced before. He had fucked many women in this fashion and they all said the same thing to him when it was over.


She was lying on her back with her feet in her hands and her ass up in front when she felt the first part of his cock enter her. Oh shit, she thought, does that ever feel good. Oh yeah Terry, stick that big hog all the way in, C'mon, quit teasing, yeah, there's some more. Ohhhh. God, how big is he? He's still pushing and I love it. Oh yes, this is wonderful!

"Ohhhh", she exclaimed involuntarily.


He continued to push and then, there, he was in, all eight inches and he began a short stroke into her. He pulled an inch or two out and then pushed back in. In and out he went, slowly pacing himself as he was near his point of no return as she had been several times. He wanted her to feel the maximum effect of his cock as he shot his stream of cum into her and wanted her to cum at the same time.


He was so deep in her that she couldn't believe it. His cock filled her with a fantastic feeling as it went slowly in and out. She felt him reach down and begin to massage her clit with his velvet touch. Oh yes, she thought, this is it, I can feel myself and this cock is so wonderful.


He began longer and even deeper thrusts and worked her clit with care. He wanted simultaneous orgasms and he had one more surprise for her.


He went in and out and her hips pushed up at him wanting more. He could feel his balls start to contract and knew he was near the end. In and out went his cock, faster and faster.


She cried out, "Oh yes Terry, make me cum, now I want to cum, fuck me, fuck me hard, now, harder!"


He suddenly pulled his cock completely out of her, ripped off the condom and re-buried himself deep within her. She was so close to orgasm that she didn't notice, He pumped harder and massaged her clit harder.


The two were lost in the ultimate passion, fucking each other wildly, each seeking the magical release and then they came. He felt his balls spew forth with the torrent of cum and her wave hit her as he cock exploded into her. She could feel his cum filling her insides as wave after wave rolled thru her. Her pussy ached from the contractions and her hips heaved up at to engulf his prick deep within. They fucked each other long and hard.


She dropped her legs as he sank to his knees and fell on her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kept the furious rhythm of their fuck. Each was lost in their own thoughts and lust as there motion continued but somewhat slower now.


He wanted her to do one more thing and he rose up on his elbows and said, 'I have one last gift for you,"


Eve had barely come off the  biggest orgasm she had ever had and dreamily opened eyes and said, "Please give me whatever you've got."


He slowly rose up to his knees and withdrew his cock streaming cum from her pussy. She was somewhat shocked when she his cum covered cock and no condom but she knew what he wanted and she rose to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, She wanted to taste his cum and suck his cock and could care less about safe sex right now. She had just had the fuck of her life and wanted more. She sucked long and hard on him and he pushed his prick in and out of her mouth and suddenly he stiffened and released another silvery load directly into her mouth. She couldn't believe it, she had never heard of a multi-orgasmic man but here he was filling her mouth with his cum as he had just filled her cunt!


His flow was immense and overflowed her mouth and ran down her chin onto her breasts. She pulled his cock from her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the shaft savoring the last remnants of his powerful cumshot. She swallowed as much as she could and then rubbed the remainder over her body. She then fell back, fully satisfied.


He looked down at her and said, "I hope you enjoyed it, it was my pleasure to be of service to you."


"Terry, you could be become a very expensive habit but I am a little worried about the condom."


"Not to worry, This is my business and I am very discreet about my clients and health and have had a vasectomy so you are very safe. I ask you not to share this experience with anyone. If you recommend me, make it only as a masseur. OK?"


Why that little bitch Rachel, I bet she fucked him also!






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Copyright © This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at

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