House Party

By PaleMoonShirudo

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Jack convinces Lauren to indulge in his fantasy at a house party.
Lauren was never one to go to wild parties, even when theywere hosted by friends. The idea of watching her friends get shit faced was just not for her. The only reason she even decided to go to this one was because of Jack. Her boyfriend insisted all day that it was going to be the best night of her life. So far she has only been hit on 5 times while Jack went to get some drinks and look for the host. The color code that evening was black and red almost everyone was wearing some sort of sweat suit to fit the colors, but Jack and Lauren did something a little different. He had on black jeans and a dark red hoodie with a plain white T-shirt on underneath. She had on glossy red 2” heels, black thigh high socks, lush red panties, and a black and red checkered skirt, with a tight black long sleeve shirt. Jack insisted she wear this specific shirt, even though she wanted to do stripes, perhaps because he knew this shirt forced her to go without a bra. Lauren just gravitated towards a comfortable side of the bustling room and waited for her lover to return. He had a Fat Tire in one hand and a can of Cherry doctor pepper in the other as he pushed his way to her.

“Here you go Babe; sorry it took me so long.” Jack returned handing her the can of pop and looking around for an open seat. There living room was large, three couches and a small love seat were pulled in a circle along the walls. There was a coffee table in the center, but most of the guests moved it to the back yard to free up some standing space. It was ass to elbows practically everywhere in the house but the yards and the bedrooms. Jack grabbed Lauren’s hand and led her through the crowd to the love seat, currently being occupied by a beef stick in a football jacket. Jack shook the guy’s hand and asked nicely if he could take the seat, the guy pointed out his knee was bad and couldn’t stand for too long. After a considerable amount of talking, and more attempts by passerby’s to hit on Lauren, Jack managed to shift the entire crowd over one spot. Jack carefully plopped into the love seat and pats his lap for her to sit with him. She pushed his legs apart and he pushed himself back into the chair a bit more for her to sit in between them. Sipping the pop and trying to relax with the drunken atmosphere she rested her back on Jack and tried her best to speak to him through the noise of the crowd.

“So why are we here Hun?” Lauren asked with the nicest smile, trying not to show her discontent. Jack couldn’t hear a word she said and decided to bring her closer to talk. He handed her the beer and she just looked confused, not knowing he had no idea what she said. He slouched down a bit and pulled her up by the waist to rest on his pelvis. Jack closed his legs and allowed her to lean back to rest against him again, this time her face came much closer to his. He took back his beer and took a long gulp before setting it down on the end table to the left of the chair.

“Say that again, I can barely hear you.” Jack said, leaning in close to make sure she could hear.

“Why are we here again?” Lauren responded with a minor frown, more at the smell of beer on his breath than her current situation.

“I’ve wanted to come to a house party for a while, and I didn’t want to go without you.” Jack responded, practically shouting in her ear.

“How come… you know I don’t drink and I don’t know anyone here?” Lauren replied, taking sips from her can of pop and scanning the room for any sign of familiar people.

“I didn’t want you to think I came here to cheat on you…” Jack responded sincerely, trying to speak away from her face as much as possible after noticing her reaction to his breath. Lauren sighed and although she trusted him enough it was in the back of her mind. She constantly saw couples going up the stairs and others coming back down with a disheveled and freshly fucked look on them. The thought of Jack being here to screw someone else drove her insane. “Is there anything I can do to make your time here a little better?” Jack asked eliciting another scrunched face from Lauren who dreaded the smell of beer on his breath.

“Stop drinking and get a mint.” Lauren responded, sticking her tongue out at him as she finished. Jack knew better than to argue and he simply turned to the jock they were talking to earlier.

“Hey, Keith was it? You got any gum?” Jack had to practically yell because they were almost 3 feet apart but the guy finally nodded and handed him a stick of peppermint gum. Jack thanked him and sat the beer down while popping the gum in his mouth. “There Hun, anything else?”

“You could get the guys to stop eye-fucking me.” Lauren commented, grinning as much as she could knowing this was a request he couldn’t do. Almost all the guys here were single, frustrated, drunks hoping to get lucky and a sexy figure in the room was almost irresistible.

“You asked…” Jack said playfully and she barely had the time to react as he picked her up and twisted her around just enough to get her to straddle him. Jack sat up a little more and allowed her to sit directly over his crotch with her legs on either side and a very flushed face staring him down.

“And how did that help?” Lauren asked with embarrassment and shock, trying to retain her composure.

“Well now only I am ‘eye-fucking’ you… at least that you can see.” Jack responded with the biggest grin he could muster, pulling her in for a couple of kisses while she was still trying to gather her response. She noticed he was right though, the only other guy she could see was Keith who was completely engaged in a conversation with someone else standing in front of him.

“Fair enough Babe, but now what?” Lauren responded trying to put on a happy face in this irritating atmosphere.

“Just relax and enjoy the atmosphere…” Jack said after a moment, not really sure how to answer the question.

“Ok what about something for me to do?” Lauren said playfully nipping at Jack’s neck.

“Well there is something I’ve always wanted to do at one of these.” Jack said with a grin, holding her against him to whisper as quietly as he could over the volume. “I’d love to screw you in secret, right here right now.” Jack pulled away and bit his lip in anticipation.

“Are you insane!? We couldn’t stay unnoticed for long; the entire room probably has their eyes on my ass constantly.” Lauren said, trying to keep her voice down as low as she could and stifling her surprise at the request.

“I don’t hear a no…we can use your safe word again.” Jack said, trying to salvage the opportunity. Lauren only managed to let out a long and drawn out sigh. She figured that worst case scenario someone would find out and just cheer them on; half the other guys here were fucking someone upstairs anyway.

“Where is the bathroom…?” Lauren said, partially clinging to the sigh as she spoke. Jack pointed to a door near the entrance and Lauren hopped off him to move towards it. Thankfully there was no one in it, though it stank of beer and sex. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She mumbled to herself, bending over slightly to remove her panties. With a quick tug she had them around her ankles; she stepped out of them and bunched them up in her hand. She spun around in the mirror making sure her normal movements wouldn’t grant anyone view of her nether region. Lauren slowly made her way back to the seat only to find her lover engaged in a conversation with a rather pudgy guy wearing a black sweat suit. Jack gestured for her to come closer and she stepped by the guy, taking the smallest steps she could muster. She sat in between Jack’s legs and let them continue their conversation for a little bit, pushing out of the way so he had a clear path to talk. While he was talking she managed to slip the bunched up surprise into Jack’s sweatshirt pocket, blushing as soon as they left her hand. He noticed it but ignored it at the moment and finished his conversation. Jack slipped his hand in his hoodie to see what she put in there, feeling the soft panties occupying the space. He donned the biggest grin possible as she constantly scanned the crowd to make sure no one was staring at her. Jack decided to try and give her some much needed cover before they did anything.

“Hey Keith, how long do you think you can stand up for?” Jack yelled to the jock on the couch.

“Maybe 15 minutes, why do you ask?” Keith yelled back, wondering what he was asking for.

“I’ll give you 100 bucks to stand in front of this chair for as long as you can. Once you need to sit down you can take our spot.” Jack replied, pushing Lauren to her feet and gesturing her to turn around and straddle him like before. She did and the moment she was in place Keith stood directly behind her, facing the crowd. He gave Jack a thumb up and continued to try and make conversation with the people pushing around him. Lauren leaned in close and whispered into Jack’s ear.

“How much time we got Babe?” She kissed him in between her words, trying to get him going. With her free hand she un-zipped his jeans and pulled his member out, keeping it hidden under the fabric of her skirt.

“Not enough…” Jack responded to her words and kisses and he pulled her closer. Her hands were occupied on the head underneath her skirt while his were occupied on the head in front of his face. He kept his hands on either side of her face, keeping her from looking at anyone else as he kissed her long and deeply. Anyone that looked over would only see two lovers making out in the chair with Keith taking up one of the few empty spaces in the room. She lifted up slightly now that Jack was standing at attention, the bulge slightly visible in her skirt. Lauren’s hands glided between her legs, trying to get going herself, the atmosphere really hindering her arousal. Jack gave her another kiss, this time giving her the gum in his mouth and squeezing her breast joyfully. She gave him a bit of a sneer as she lined him up with her entrance. Lauren desperately wanted to just tease Jack as much as she could, but they were on a short clock and the least she could do is indulge in his fantasy. She slid the tip in and stopped, feeling Keith step a little closer to let a large man move around him. Fear pulsed through her mind and desire flushed through Jack’s. She wanted to call it off, finally realizing what they were doing. She felt Keith push a little closer once again and she looked back to try and tell him to give them some space. As she turned another guy pushed him out of the way and he reflexively put his hand on Lauren’s shoulder to break his fall. The weight of the thick jock weighed her body down, causing both Jack and Lauren to gasp. Her face flushed red at the sudden penetration and she couldn’t help but lean in and moan into Jack’s face. Keith gave her shoulder a minor pat as he moved to stand back on his own, unaware of the extent of his actions.

Jack knew that any moving on his part would be a lot more noticeable than if Lauren moved. Instead he decided to use his hands to rub against her legs and ass as she recomposed herself. She decided that rising up too much would be noticeable and stuck to grinding and twisting on his pole. He didn’t protest as she swayed her hips back and forth, left and right. They sat there, kissing and feeling each other while Jack was buried to the hilt in her sex. Time passed so quickly, neither of them was anywhere near ready when Keith pressed a hand onto Lauren’s lower back. She knew that he knew what they were doing, and that was the most subtle hint he could give that their time was up.

“Fuck babe, our time is up.” Lauren whispered to Jack, unsure of what to do now. With Jack still rock hard there was no subtle way to get him out and back in his pants. Her attempts at it only made him harder as she rose to his tip and couldn’t bring herself to go the final inch. She lowered herself back down to his base with a long and rather loud moan.

“Hand this to Keith, I have an idea.” Jack responded through his groan as he handed her a roll of twenty dollar bills. She tapped Keith on the back and he turned slightly and leaned down so he could hear her.

“Thanks enjoy your night.” Lauren said, subtly handing him the money as she spoke. He only nodded and stepped away from the chair for a moment. Jack took off his hoodie and let Lauren put it on; she wasn’t sure why until she noticed that her nipples were practically glaring through her black shirt.

“Hang on tight Hun…” Jack said calmly as he gripped Lauren’s torso from under her arms. She reflexively squeaked and wrapped her legs around his ass as they mutually got up from the chair. Lauren put her arms around his neck as they slowly made their way out of the house. Every step and bump into someone caused sensations of fear and desire to spike through them both. They got out of the house and were surprised to see that no one was outside. The party must have completely shifted to the back yard, and it was late enough so that anyone that was going to show up had shown up. Jack could barely contain his lust as they walked, using his arms to keep as much of her weight off his prick as possible. She had her face buried in his collar with the hood over her head, constantly letting out soft moans with every step he took. She longed to be taken powerfully and properly by her lover, but she knew it would have to wait. Jack had parked on the street not too far away; they walked along the sidewalk for a short amount of time before Lauren even noticed they were completely alone. She had been completely preoccupied with the sensations pulsing through her love box that all she could do was moan and claw at Jack’s body. He had a naughty thought on his mind and decided to surprise his lust filled lover rather than tell her. Jack stepped in front of his deep blue corvette and laid Lauren on the hood. She was in her own little world until her back pressed against the angled surface. Her eyes refocused and she noticed the devilish grin on Jack’s face. He opened his mouth to ask her if it was alright but she interrupted him with a comment of her own.

“I still have my safe word…” Lauren let go of his neck and rested completely on the car, relaxing her legs and with the car this low to the ground she had no problem finding a spot on the ground to rest them. Jack pulled his member back for the first time since they joined, keeping the tip just inside her entrance. He leaned forward and pressed his hands into hers, they joined fingers and lips as he began to give her the ravishing they both longed for. He powerfully pistoned his prick in and out of her sex, keeping his lips locked with hers. Whenever their lips disconnected Lauren would moan long and loud, forcing Jack to kiss her more and more to keep her from waking up the neighborhood. She writhed underneath his weight, twisting her hips with every thrust and crushing his hands within hers. The car began to give and rock slightly beneath their powerful love making but they were far too preoccupied to notice. Lauren’s walls clenched around the throbbing member, Jack groaned with the sudden squeeze and decided to pull completely out of her. She stopped returning his kisses and he pulled his face back to be greeted by the saddest face he had ever seen.

“Were you close Hun?” Jack whispered devilishly, worried she might not hear him over her whines and moans.

“Pleeeaaassseeeee….” She responded, wrapping each of her legs around his. Jack held up one finger as a gesture to pause for a moment. Once she acknowledged it he unzipped the hoodie and threw it off to the side. Lauren’s hands slid down to fondle the throbbing rod pressed against her belly button. This drove Jack to move a little faster with his actions as he stopped for a moment to twist her erect nipples through the black fabric. With a practiced gesture he pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it up onto the windshield. He pulled her closer; the sound of skin squeaking on the hood filled the air. The fondling of his member grew more and more intense as he pulled her along the car, but Jack decided to do something naughty. He grabbed her wrists in one of his and pulled them above her head, using the other to wrap around her waist. With a powerful turn he flipped her over and pressed her breasts hard onto the hood of the car. Jack spread both of their legs at his shoulder’s width, which caused Lauren to be completely splayed out for the taking. He leaned and rested his chest across her back and moved her chin towards his face.

They gave each other long and lust filled gazes as Jack lined himself back up with her entrance. Jack slid his middle finger into her mouth, she responded by sucking and playfully grazing her teeth along it. The excitement was too much for Jack to bear, he wanted to tease his lover longer but he was at his limit as well. With one powerful thrust he impaled her on his rod giving her a moment to catch her breath as she exhaled a loud and long moan. He wasted no time continuing his ministrations, pulling back to her opening and pushing back. Starting with quick deep strokes he gradually stopped shorter and shorter making his thrusts shallower and shallower. He felt teeth hit his finger more and more as she began losing full control of her mouth muscles. He pulled his finger out of her mouth and ran the saliva covered digit along her spine. Lauren clenched around him once more causing Jack to stop thrusting, even though they were both ready for the final push over the edge. She looked back and pouted at him, not wanting to be denied a second time. He responded by leaning forward to give her a kiss. He kept his hips back and used his height to his advantage as their lips met. He pushed his twitching pecker deeper and deeper into her sex as they kissed. The pace of the thrust was slow and vexing for them both, the sudden gentleness caused Lauren to moan and grind against his pelvis. She longed for the final push, but he only teased her walls with light grazes and distracted her lips with soft kisses.

Her moans of pleasure started to be replaced with cries of frustration. They were both loving the slow sensations but being so close to a climax it only served to torture them. After an eternity of slowly dragging his member back and forth across her walls he pulled completely out and backed away from her enticing lips. She almost broke into tears, his hands keeping hers from moving to finish the job herself. She tried to slide her body closer to him as his groin was still within reach, he only responded by moving back further. Lauren had put up with it enough, she wanted to cum and it was going to happen.

“Jack …” She started, trying to stifle the whimpering tone “If you don’t make me cum right now--” She was interrupted mid-sentence by his response, one powerful quick and deep thrust from tip to base, filling her completely. She screamed in pleasure and surprise, rocking her ass in every direction as he repeated the thrust. Pulling to her entrance and forcing his way back in repeatedly he worked Lauren into a frenzy. He decided enough was enough and he kissed her deeply while power fucking her as hard as he could. With the constant denial it didn’t take long before they were both panting and moaning from their orgasms. They came at the same time and practically collapsed on the hood of his car.

“I fucking love you… Thanks Hun…” Jack said, trying to regain his composure as he pulled out his rapidly relaxing pecker. Lauren turned to respond but was so out of breath from her gasps and moans she barely managed to get a word out. Jack picked up the clothes and sat them on Lauren, who had passed out from the fucking session. After some interesting movements he managed to get her in the car and headed home. “Best house party, ever.” He said, over at Lauren whenever he got the chance.