'How Do I Look?'

By SJ2020

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The night our friendship became a little more fun.
Laura and I had been friends for years, really close friends, but there had always been a hint of a certain mutual attraction.

I often go around to her place for a bottle of wine or two and usually the conversation turns swiftly to sex. She loves to tease me about her past sexual escapades before she met her partner, and I try to respond without seeming too eager to hear more!

Laura is 29, 5'2" and a size 8. I only know her size as I can't help but have a look when she leaves such gorgeous lingerie out to dry when I'm around. Tiny wispy panties and luscious lacy bras adorning radiator heaters...

(Me trying not to notice...)

Last night I was at hers.

Bottle of wine, movie, all very innocent. We're Friends!!!!

She answered the door in her cute little night-dress that I've seen a million times before.

After a little small talk, Laura announced it was time for the movie. As she bounced over to the TV I watched the beautiful shape of her legs waltz across the living room. Reaching behind the TV, she seemed to take an age plugging it in.

I certainly wasn't complaining as the current view of her delectable form was much better than any RomCom she would undoubtedly put on.

'Oh, I went shopping today...'

She turned to face me. 'I'd like a second opinion if you don't mind?'

'I thought we were watching a movie,' I joked, 'Hurry up then...'

Now, I know nothing about fashion or women's clothes but I was happy to pretend to like anything she wanted. Or wanted to show me.

She rushed away and quickly returned, dressed in her new purchases!

'How do I look?' she beamed.

I looked up from my wine and nearly spat it back out in shock.

My initial expression told her all she needed to know. I quickly regained composure and thought I'd play along with her.

'Give me a twirl then...' I smiled...

As she spun around on her stocking clad toes, the hem of her new black lace baby doll rose and fell, apparently lighter than air. Her hair flicked up, revealing her naked shoulders that I traced down her arms to her black lace gloves that covered her to her elbow. Truly a mesmerizing sight.

'You spun far too fast there,' I joked.

Laura slowly turned around. Her ass looked perfect 'covered' only by a tiny black (possibly satin?) thong.

She looked over her shoulder just in time for me to move my eyes back up to meet hers but not before she caught me rearranging my ever tightening jeans. Her lace covered fingers rested on her hips and sexily moved down her body over her thighs to her ankles.

Eye contact wasn't broken.

'So... really... What do you think?' She smiled.

'I think Darren will love it, especially those gloves...' I offered, not quite sure of what my response SHOULD be...

'But, don't you love it too,' she purred as she gripped her gorgeous ass.

'I may need a c... closer look,' I stammered, not quite sue of where this was going.

Laura fell to her knees in an exaggerated move, grinning from ear to ear. She crawled towards me until she could reach my legs. I sat motionless.

Her hands gripped my knees and firmly moved up my inner thighs until she could feel my obvious arousal at what she was wearing.

'I think you do like it,' she flirted. She gripped my hard cock through my jeans. 'In fact I think you love it. Don't you?'

Laura stood up and again faced away, gently swaying her hips as she moved closer. With her hands now resting on the side of the chair, she lowered her ass down on to my lap. She pushed her back against my chest and slowly began grinding herself against me. I tried to reach around and feel her stunning body but my hands were quickly moved away.

'Mmm, you really like my new lingerie, don't you Scott?' Her hands were back on my rock solid erection, tracing the outline through my jeans.

I again grabbed her body and this time she couldn't stop me. Her nipples were like tiny bullets in her half cup lace bra. Her chest heaving, showing me how turned on she was too.

I couldn't quite reach her pussy from the position we were in but the musky aroma I could scent told me it was nice and wet. And ready.

I reached below her ass and yanked my jeans down freeing my engorged length. Laura moaned and gave me a lap dance I'll never forget. Her gorgeous ass against my skin felt unbelievable; my cock standing proud while being soaked by her grinding pussy.

I needed to be inside her. Now.

With my arm around her waist I lifted her slightly as she guided my cock to her entrance. She needed it as much as me, I realized. In one swift moment I was inside Laura's very tight and velvety smooth pussy. She moved up and down as I roughly kissed her neck, my fingers eventually found her now throbbing clit, which I rubbed while feeling my hard rod move in and out of her.

The blank TV screen, (she hadn't actually turned it on, remember?) was showing me the reflection of the hottest sex scene I'd ever seen, her little panties moved to one side as she bounced on my dick, her gorgeous tits presented by the half cut bra.


With my right arm, I lifted her in the air and then turned her so she was kneeling on the chair. I slid her soaking new panties down to her knees and savoured the view as I kissed and licked the hottest piece of ass I have ever seen. I again guided my cock inside Laura and then started fucking her as hard I could. She had set the pace before, but now I would.

'Fuck! Scott I'm cumming!'

This was what I needed to hear.

I gripped her hair pulling her back and spanked her ass as I finally exploded inside her. She fell forward in the chair totally exhausted and satisfied.

'Next time, will you at least eat my pussy first?' she panted as we both fell in to post sex laughter.

(I was just amazed that she was suggesting there might actually be a 'next time'...)

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