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How I met Liz - Part 2

The attraction was simply too much
Half way up the hill there is a lamp post. It is just after midnight on a frosty October evening, so I know the pole is going to be chilly. My cock wants to erupt just from the 500 yards I have been watching her ass as she hastily pulls me up the pathway. A main roundabout is at the top of the plateauing incline and the club is at the bottom. People aren't really around so without hesitation I yank her arm to stop her power walking.

I push Liz against the lamp post but she doesn't feel the cold straight away. The way she kisses is so sexy, it's passionate and teasing. Once again her hand glides into the top of my jeans as if she is telling me that it is now or never. If she keeps tugging this hard it probably will be never I think to myself. The attraction is simply too much.

"Fuck it!" I exclaim as I pull her vest top over her head (in our haste we had forgotten to collect our coats).

In front of me was a set of physically perfect tits. It was a sight I would never forget, a shapely 34C rack just begging to be groped. I spin her around so her bare chest touches the cold metal of the pole. She shrieks with delight.

I start to kiss her neck and whisper how badly I want to get between her legs. Having already had a cheeky feel at the bar, I have a very good idea of what is hiding beneath those tight little shorts. With both hands I reach around and fondle those perky boobs, her nipples are aroused and pointing between my fingers as I massage and squeeze and fondle. She turns to kiss me again but this time it's different as she bites my lip and looks me in the eyes. I stare straight back and see the burning lust intensifying. Liz leaves her top where it lays as she starts to sprint to the top of the hill.

The roundabout is huge, there is a bridge over it and a few traffic lights around but not a single car. The several trees and carefully sculpted foliage will provide sufficient cover she convinces me. We climb through to the middle of the greenery and Liz almost tears my shirt clean off me. I drop my jeans and Calvin Klein's. Her eyes light up as she stares at the swinging meat before her.

Instinct takes over and she gets as much of my cock in her mouth as she can. Sucking hard and pulling and twisting with both hands. Liz goes at it like she is angry! She pushes me on my back, unbuttons the shorts and they slip to the floor. It's too dark to see clearly but I know her twenty-year-old pussy is special. She climbs on top of me and flips around. I'd never done a sixty-nine before but I sure as hell wanted to with her.

Her mouth feels like velvet on my tip. I'm still in shock at how smooth and beautiful her pussy is. Not one grain of hair, the sexiest realization that she takes good care of herself. I slap her ass before parting her little lips and giving her one long lick from bottom to top. Even her juices are amazing. It's like there are no flaws to this girl. I suck hard on her clit, creating a vacuum whilst exploring with my tongue. Her moans vibrate my cock in her mouth, inspiring me to work harder. I slip my middle finger into her well lubricated; tight little hole, putting pressure on her G-spot. I finger and tongue fuck her for what could only be a few minutes before I feel myself getting close.

I stop. "Liz, I haven't had sex in a while. I think I'm gonna..." she jumps off me and gets on her back.

"Then I suggest you make me cum, NOW!" she says with that same look in her eyes.

I am in no mood to disobey. She spreads her long, soft legs. I could stare at her completely naked body all day. My large head squeezes inside her, she holds her breath and grits her teeth. She grabs my ass and pulls me closer, forcing my cock to stretch her as far as she can go.

The walls of her pussy are hugging my cock, I start to thrust a little as she screams my name. Her feet are on my thighs for support and leverage. She knows exactly how to position herself to get the most from my cock. I can contain myself no longer; her warm, soft, tight pussy is pushing me over the edge. I fuck her hard and fast, her tits bouncing everywhere and her breathing heavy as she begs me to go faster.

"Yes, yes, YES!" she comes once.

"Clit!" she demands.

I make rapid little circles with the first two fingers of my left hand, clutching her thigh with my right.

"Here it comes," I tell her.

"Don't come inside me," she pleads at the very last second.

I panic and pull out, she grabs my cock and jerks hard and fast.

"Oh my god," I cry as I shut my eyes. My sphincter tightens and she directs my cock as I blow a huge, hot load of cum all over her pussy.

"That is fucking sexy," I tell Liz.

"I love the feeling of satisfaction on my pussy! Next time it might be inside instead," she teased.

"Next time?" I smiled.

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