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How I met My lady friend - Part One

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A fantasy which I would like to come true
It was a Sunday evening and as usual nothing was on the television so I decided to switch on my laptop and check out the latest pictures of naked women on a certain website I use.

And there was this stunning blond haired woman revealing her breasts from under her top. She had her bra on but the picture was so hot. I thought she was a stunner. I had to make a comment on her picture. I sent her a private message and she responded thanking me. This was my challenge. I had to find out more about this stunning woman, I did not even know her name. Most guys go straight for the jugular when they use that website, thinking they will get sex off of the women straight away.

I decided to use a different approach, I wanted to get friendly with her. Over the next week or so we sent messages to each other. She teased me by telling me she had put a video up which I was unable to see.

After a while I plucked up the courage to ask for her name. She replied, "It is Katya."

I said, "That's a lovely name, it suits you," thinking what a loser I must have sounded. We carried on messaging each other until one day I had to ask her where she lived. She first said, "I would rather not say," but being the typical man I kept on and eventually she gave in. She told me where she lived and to both our surprise we lived less than 3 miles apart.

That was it for me I had to see her but how was I going to go about getting her to meet up with me?

We continued to talk through the messaging system online until one day she let slip she was going out one evening to a bar, so I thought this is it, I have to make sure I am there when she arrives.

She had no idea what I looked like but I knew what she looked like. That evening I went to the bar. I was alone when in she walked, this vision of loveliness.

I watched her make her way to the table where her friends were sitting. They greeted her and she sat down. I could not take my eyes off of her, she was every bit as stunning as her pictures showed.

I had a darker secret, her pictures were of her naked so I knew what she looked like under her clothes. As I sipped my drink I kept looking over in her direction. Once or twice she looked round and caught me but I looked away quickly. Her friends were laughing and giggling and one of them pointed to me and said quite loudly that I had been watching her from the moment she walked through the door.

Katya looked round at me and smiled. I smiled back and turned away and sipped my drink. After a few minutes one of her friends came up to the bar and asked if I wanted to join them as she had noticed I was looking at her friend.

I said, "No, I wont interrupt your evening."

She said, "Trust me, you won't, we are leaving but my friend will stay."

So I wandered over and sat opposite her. I introduced myself and said my name was Graeme and they went round the table telling me their names. When it was Katya's turn I said, "That's an unusual name, where does it originate from?"

She laughed and said her mum and dad. We all laughed at her little joke and continued the evening, when about 10 minutes later her friend said, "Right, we are off to a night club. Do you want to come?"

Katya said, "No, I have to be up for work." She said she would go home after her drink. Her friends got up and left and after she had finished her drink, Katya got up and said she was going home now.

I offered to walk her home. She said she hardly knew me but accepted my offer. It was then when she stood up and the light shone on her I noticed she had a nice lace blouse on and a sheer bra on underneath, which I could clearly make out the outline of her areola and nipples. I just stood and stared. She remarked, "What? Haven't you seen a woman's breasts before?"

I said quickly, "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare but you have an amazing body."

We set off out of the pub and walked along the road heading to her home. As we walked I thought I need to get her to tell me about herself and what she does online, but how was I going to do that? Then it came to me when we saw a young woman walking towards us in a really revealing top and skirt up to her waist. I said, "You would have problems wearing that top. You would not manage to cover it all up, then you would be on show for everyone to see," and laughed.

She said, "If you got flaunt it."

Quick as a flash I said, "Well, do you flaunt it? I have once. I went online and posted a pic of myself naked. Have you ever done that?" She said that yes she does now and again. I said to her, "I would like to know the website please, as I would like to see for myself."

She never told me the site but said, "If you play your cards right you might see for yourself."

As we walked I said, "It's a nice night. Can we take a short cut through the park to your house?"

She said, "Yes."

I was thinking, this is it, I am going to have her in the park. As we entered the park it was dark. She grabbed my hand and said she did not like the dark. I then started to rub her wrist with my fingers as we walked. I made some excuse to look up at the stars, as we did the moon was bright and I checked out her breasts again and said to her, "You look amazing under the moonlight. Have you ever made love outdoors under the moon?"

She replied, "No but I think I am about to," and giggled.

With that I took hold of her and kissed her gently on the mouth. My hands wandered round to her nice rounded backside and pulled her to me. We looked round to see if we could find somewhere we could lay down. I found a nice area behind some bushes. We laid down and were kissing passionately, I slowly started to unbutton her blouse knowing what she looked like beneath it, but when I had taken her top and bra off she was even nicer in the flesh.

I started to suck on her hard nipples as I was trying to lift her skirt to remove her panties. She was starting to let out gentle moans of pleasure. That was when I thought, I am going to remove her panties with my teeth. I slowly moved down her body kissing as I went. I lifted her skirt and saw her lacy panties which I removed slowly with my teeth. She was already very wet because as I pulled at her panties I felt the dampness of her on my face. I looked up at her and she was pinching her nipples and rolling them around, pulling at them, moaning gently.

I spread her legs as wide as I could and started to lick at her swollen pussy. I teased her by gently pushing the tip of my tongue between her pussy lips and touching her clitoris. Each time I did this she let out a louder moan. Eventually I pulled her pussy lips open and pushed my tongue inside her pussy and nibbled on her clitoris. I was pushing my fingers inside her as I was licking her clitoris.

She screamed, "Stop I want your cock."

I stood up and she almost ripped my trousers open and pulled my stiff cock out. She took it so deep into her mouth I almost came then and there. I stopped her and said, "Lay down so we can 69." She told me that was her favourite position I said mine too. We continued to suck each other for what seemed like ages until she tensed up and let out a real load scream that she was cumming. I buried my head in to her pussy and tasted her sweet juices. She took my cock in to her mouth and sucked me so deep I exploded deep into her throat. She continued to suck me dry. We lay there exhausted and she said, "Now when we get home I want you to tie me to the bed. I have silk scarves. I want to be blindfolded and you can do what you like to me."

This story will be continued...

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