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How It All Began Ch.14

How It All Began Ch.14

The aftermath of Jack's time in Rome plays out at the office in a confrontation with Tanya.
To describe Jack's predicament as an uneasy situation was understating the tension in the office on Jack's return from Rome. Since his return a few days ago, Jack was on edge expecting repercussions from his forceful renegotiation with Nancy.

Monday had been and gone, it was a dreadful day, the revised contracts had arrived with the improved terms and Tanya was delighted. His delight was an act but he was now a 'star negotiator' and Tanya wanted to use his 'skills' to build better relationships with their customers.

Sitting at his desk, Jack wondered if Tanya had noticed how much he physically balked at that statement. If being a star negotiator meant blackmailing one of the most powerful women in Italian media, he doubted Tanya would be that impressed.

Maintaining the aloofness and feigned nonchalance to Tanya's requests and approaches was wearing him down. He was also certain that Tanya was also play-acting that everything was rosy between them. She had a woman's intuition on her side, not forgetting the wisdom of her years.

Lodged in his mind were Nancy's revelations about Tanya, Fay, Brigitte and Rainer and how they conspired to snare him into their web of deceit and lies. It had ignited a deep resentment within Jack, and, in the cold asexual light of day; it had unleashed a crisis of trust within him and deep confusion.

Jack wasn't sure whether to feel used, cheated, or degraded. Used because he was a very willing volunteer to their games under possible false pretenses, and cheated for the same reason. The degrading part was the fact that Jack needed convincing that Tanya had replaced him for her husband with Fay acting as her talent scout.

Jack wasn't sure if he was just their toy to play with, and to then throw away when they tired of him. He felt vulnerable, very vulnerable and he hated that feeling more than the combined sum of his other emotions. He wanted to believe that all their sensuality and desire was real, he did only a week ago and he was very happy.

Of the alleged protagonists, it was Fay's role in this that troubled him the most; Was she a dupe, or actively involved? It played on his mind that Fay was infinitely more streetwise than him, and she certainly had the ability to lead him on. It was this that was breeding a destructive resentment inside him that he could not stop.

It was too much for Jack to countenance that Fay had been in on this all along; he did not want to believe it was possible; yet he could not help but entertain the dreadful thought that she was.

Seeking any signs that she was as complicit as them, he lacked the courage to ask her outright. She was enjoying her time with her friends in Ibiza and totally unaware of what Nancy had said and done. Jack had opted to keep their conversations on the phone frothy and care-free, and it was getting more and more difficult each time.

Yet Fay admitted to him that she had gone through plenty of men to find one to fit her requirements, and her Aunt's. All those sexual situations he found himself in with Fay had been a test, everything staged to get Jack into a position right where they wanted him.

It stung Jack that it was so plausible, and their plan had worked so perfectly. Jack's thoughts lashed uncontrollably through the events of the last year; the sex, his sexuality, the situations engineered for him, the job, and the new life in France.

He felt like a fool, a massive libido-fueled, bollocks-for-brains idiot.


As he endured another moment of mental torture, he blinked at his computer screen and reality washed over him. Jack eased out a deep sigh, he'd easily lost countless hours this week through taking long contemplative walks at lunchtime, gazing emptily at his screen, and vacantly looking out of windows whilst in meetings.

A vengeful girlfriend, years ago, told him that his cock would get him into trouble one day. As much as he scoffed at her bile at the time, he felt humiliated now that she was right. Skewered by his own emotions was disturbing and unfamiliar territory; he was scared that his inexhaustible well of self-confidence had ran itself dry.

He gazed at his desk clock again, another ten minutes had passed.

This was becoming insufferable; Jack pressed the intercom button to his PA. He was going to arrange to see Tanya and have this out.

"Fiora? Fiora!" Releasing the intercom button, he looked at the clock on his desk; it was 10.30am and she hadn't shown for work. 

He thought better of it in an instant and thought that he should try and keep himself busy; he readied some papers for his departmental meeting after lunch.

The door to his office opened, it was Tanya. Jack's mind swam on a melancholic sea of indifference at first sight of her. Tanya owned the business, she didn't need to ask permission to see him; she could come in here anytime she wanted.

Opting to maintain his façade, Jack sat up pole-straight to maintain his cold aloofness again. Jack looked at Tanya for the first time in almost a week and realized she had done something with her hair.

It was straighter, cut in a bob, a fringe cut just above her eyebrows.

"Hello," said Tanya airily with a hint of hesitation, closing the office door and placing her shoulder bag onto his desk.

"Hello," replied Jack.

There was a pause from Tanya, it was an uncomfortable one.

"You've done something with your hair, it looks good," added Jack as an opening gambit.

"Thank you."

There was another uncomfortable pause.

"Ok, Jack, come on," asked Tanya her tone rising from feeble to something more steely. "What is it?"

"Sorry?" Jack tried to feign innocence – badly. 

Tanya saton the corner of his desk. His initial thought was this was a typical Tanya power-play to take the higher ground and he wasn't going to submit to it. Immediately Jack chided himself, Nancy's persona had poisoned his thinking; Tanya was probably just trying to be friendly.

As he looked into her eyes, he could see a reddening around them and the pure white of each of them was pink. Tanya had been crying, there was no mascara on her eyelashes.

"Tanya?" asked Jack. His concern betrayed his otherwise emotionless demeanour. 

"I know about Rome," replied Tanya sorrowfully. "I know about what happened with Nancy."

"You do?" asked Jack quizzically.

"Brigitte has just got off the phone with me. Nancy told Brigitte what she did," added Tanya, visibly upset.

"Oh really?" added Jack, "So what did she say?"

"She boasted that she gave you a total mind-fuck, and got you to cuckold her husband," replied Tanya. "I've seen Nancy's manipulative powers at work, that's why I am here."

Jack let the faintest of smiles ease over his face. Nancy might be a few things, but their deal was holding up so far, it was a cold comfort.

In those contemplative moments, Jack played this situation out many times, he knew that he should listen and read the signs. He wanted the truth, but it was also tempered with his sense that he had been wronged into the bargain.

Tanya paused, she knew Jack had not been his normal self, his ebullience and confidence he had taken with him to Rome had not returned.

"We fucked the first night we got there, only she called herself Adelina. I thought it was just a casual fuck," admitted Jack. "That is not the half of it though."

"What you do is none of my business," responded Tanya with a deep sigh. 

"I admit, we cuckolded her husband in full sight of him," confessed Jack.

Tanya let out a deep sigh, "I know that Patric and Brigitte had an affair."

"Oh?" the statement piqued Jack's interest.

"Nancy has had her share of affairs too," added Tanya. "Their marriage is based on lies; Brigitte and Rainer's isn't. Rainer always knew, and that is their arrangement. Brigitte was under the impression Nancy knew, too. Yet, Nancy did not know, that was the deceit."

"And that was the source of her anger; you do not deceive a woman like Nancy," replied Jack completing the love triangle between them.

Tanya smiled weakly, "No, you do not deceive a woman like Nancy."

"I was stupid," supposed Jack with an air of sadness, "I let myself be manipulated: She said some really upsetting things about you, Fay, your motives."

Tanya was silent and unwavering, Jack could not see in her eyes or her expression anything of note, she was impassive.

"Nancy told me that you and Fay had snared me into being your plaything. That I was expendable and there to be shared around you all." added Jack.

He looked at Tanya again and saw a look of sadness and quiet contemplation; Jack couldn't be sure of the truth, only of her ambivalence.

"You sent me there, a piece of fun for her. You knew what she was like, I didn't!" snapped Jack, his anger swelling up inside him. "What was I to think? My return ticket was days after negotiations were planned to finish. I thought there I was there to sweeten the deal."

Tanya shifted uneasily on her perch, her face etched with a growing sadness once more as a tear welled in her eye.

"No, no, It was for you to see Rome, to have a break." pleaded Tanya softly.

"Bullshit," spat Jack in return.

Jack stood up to assert himself over her, he embraced his anger choosing to keep it tightly under control to maintain his focus of finding the truth.

Tanya's eyes welled up and quietly whispered, "No."

"No?" asked Jack.

Feeling the frustration and hurt welling up from him; Jack did not want to reveal his emotions but it was all becoming too much.

"So the people that saw us on that webcam, the seductions, the parties, my sexuality and that was all a game too?" Jack's voice wavered a little and he checked himself.

"It is not what you think, it was meant to be fun for all of us, including you," pleaded Tanya again.

"And you pass men around as playthings all the time, too?" replied Jack cruelly. "Like you did when you were younger?"

"No," croaked Tanya as more tears ran down her face.

"No? I am not the first though, am I?" inquired Jack with an uncontrollable thick air of menace.

"You are the first for many years, think on that," replied Tanya with a hint of steel to her voice.

Tanya looked crestfallen and Jack did not see a face wracked with guilt but one of sadness. He chose to remain silent and impassive to try and regain his self-restraint.

"Nancy's plan for you was nothing to do with me," stated Tanya with sorrow.

Tanya paused, dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief.

"I bet Nancy did not tell Brigitte that I had got her pregnant and in exchange to buy Brigitte's silence. Nancy wanted me to be her lover," retorted Jack.

His wounded pride threatened to spill out once more as unbridled rage and looking at Tanya, her expression was one of shock.

"Oh my God, Jack," gasped Tanya, "now your text message makes sense."

Jack nodded, his expression full of hurt, fuelling his angry tone.

"What about your husband, Tanya, and the porn movies?" inquired Jack.

Maintaining his self-restraint had failed and his brooding malevolence made his body tremble. He took to pacing the room as the frenetic energy coursing through his mind created a restless tension inside him.

"My husband?" asked Tanya quietly.

"Yes, how Fay sought a man out like your husband, a young man to replace him and share in your vices," hissed Jack in a violent tone waving his arms uncontrollably, "That me, isn't it? Me! "

Tanya said nothing, and the only reply was a shake of her head; the silence between them was only augmented with more of her tears.

Jack paused and waited for a stronger rebuttal, the sounds of her quiet sobbing bounced off the quiet office walls.

"My husband left me because Nancy twisted the excesses of my past, and Rafael could not deal with it. I loved him so much." whispered Tanya quietly weeping. "I know what she did, I know."

His resentment threatened to surge again and yet a wave of relief welled up inside him and Jack embraced it. Jack could feel his anger was no longer real, it felt false and synthetic but he had to show something to get Tanya to seek her consolation. Yet, the fight in him had gone, for the first time in a week, he felt calm.

"I feel used Tanya, properly used. I..."

Jack's shoulders, the cornerstones of the burden he carried, slumped in abject defeat.

"I have been scared of her for years, I should never have sent you there," sobbed Tanya in consolation.

Checking himself, Jack could not continue, he was not in the habit of making women cry.

"I don't know what to say, I don't know what to believe anymore," added Jack in a mixture of self-doubt and accusation.

Tanya reached to grab his arm, pulling it harshly to make him stand still. As he span round to look down on her perched on the end of his desk, Jack froze and looked contemptuously into Tanya's eyes.

"And what do you want me to admit, Jack?" retorted Tanya.

Tanya felt Jack's anguish as he looked hard into her eyes; inside them she saw the tortured soul and the crumpled beauty of her young lover. She wanted to save him from this pain, she knew that pain intimately and it had remained as a contorted knot inside her for such a long time. It was time to exorcise it and her hope was to wrench it from him as she did; to pluck them both to safety from such poisonous treachery.

"Sorry?" asked Jack.

"You want me to admit what?" demanded Tanya more forcefully.

It was Jack's turn to be silent as he watched the cascade of tears running down her face.

"That I adore you? That I like the beauty of youth?" said Tanya delicately as she wept, "These are not things to be ashamed of. So what if I do."

Jack's silence strained his body, the tort of the last week was draining from him and it shook his own belief in Tanya's intentions to the core. For the first time in his relationship with her and Fay, he had doubted them both, his trust had hung by a thread and his face was etched with the solemn gravity of a man backed onto a precipice of no return.

"And that I did stupid things when I was young too, that I did things that I wanted to and I enjoyed them too," retorted Tanya. "That fucking bitch cost me my fucking marriage, Jack!"

"I just don't know Tanya, I just…"

Jack's voice was denuded of any more anger; it carried a heartfelt message full of hurt.

The source of his hesitation came from Tanya's words; I t dawned on Jack, that Nancy had spread her poison to destroy a marriage. Jack had to bear only Nancy's lies and manipulation as Tanya pleaded to save him from achieving the same outcome that Nancy wanted by proxy. Jack had given Nancy that sanction by listening to her and by doubting himself.

Tanya vividly knew how Jack's naivety could be manipulated any number of ways and she knew she could have done just that if she chose. She did not choose to do that because in Jack she saw a vivacious young man who was full of life and good humour. She saw in Jack and Fay what she saw in her husband and herself. She cherished that immensely, she wanted them to have a chance where she had failed.

Tanya had reproached herself bitterly for sending him to Nancy and for letting her competitiveness in business cloud her personal judgement. In doing so, she had allowed history to repeat itself.

"I just want to know the truth," Jack stood still, looking at pattern of the herring-bone parquet floor.

"What do you want to hear?" added Tanya, "That I am nearly forty, and that men your age do not want me anymore? Is that the kind of self-pity you want to hear?"

She looked to Jack's face to see his anger dissolved and as her inner strength returned, her indomitable spirit rose in her as she dried her eyes. As her words, their rationality, their logic and the reality of them came sharply into focus, that sanction was destroyed.

"Consider what Nancy wanted to you to do? How do you think she got you to do that?" asked Tanya, "By blowing sunshine up your arse?"

Jack did not move, he did not flinch or blink. He showed no anger, no wrath, only an expression of defencelessness.

"And in your anger, she exposed all your vulnerability and used that to get precisely what she wanted? And you think that was my design?" added Tanya coldly.

"What do you think she did to me? What do you think she did to Rafael?" added Tanya.

Jack was still motionless. He knew the truth now, he knew who to believe. He had watched, and read and listened for every sign he was looking for – he had not found it. Nancy had lost another battle with him, the one inside his mind against himself.

"Fuck you!" exclaimed Tanya in defiance, "And you think you are the only person in the world she has done that to!"

Tanya's sadness had given over to anger, her lips pouted provocatively.

Jack lunged down, grabbed her arms and planted his lips upon hers, as a searing flash of emotions exploded through them. She could feel Jack's strength upon her with each forceful kiss. Each succulent kiss exhilarated her; his strong hands pulled her face to his and his assault overwhelmed her. Feeling her sexual ire ignite fuelled by her emotions; she gave herself to him.

Instinctively, her legs spread as she pulled him towards her, her hands fumbling urgently with Jack's belt to free what she wanted from him now. Jack had his answer in words and deeds as the torrent of lustful, covetous kisses from her overwhelmed him too. Jack's hunger for the truth that churned in his stomach unleashed a voracious sexual need for her body.

Overpowering her, he wanted her and wanted to have her his way and if her response was her last truthful answer; it would be the most compelling of all.

From her perch on the edge of his desk, her hands could feel Jack's burgeoning stiffness in his underwear as his trousers slid from his waist; Jack tugged at his underwear to free his cock. Stroking it urgently, Tanya was taken by its powerful strength and heat, if this was Jack's verdict, she was deeply enamoured by it.

Jack took one last survey of Tanya's face for signs of trickery and deceit; instead he saw the unvarnished truth before him. It shone in her eyes as he pressed his hands on the orbs of her clothed breasts. The expression of lust written large over her face, her eyes half-closed and her full lips half-open demanded that Jack take her now. It was the signal that Jack had craved for so many days, a signal she could not feign; it was her longing for him, her heartfelt need for his body.

Gasping as his hand slid wantonly between her thighs, she wanted his touch her sex. Finding the fabric of her sheer, flimsy panties, it was only a few seconds of torture for her as he pulled at the gusset. Her relief came as his warm fingers pushed mercilessly into her moist cunt; Tanya whimpered instinctively and submissively to him in satisfaction.

Taking what he wanted, his tongue slid into her mouth, moaning as his fingers pressed hard and urgently on her incredibly sensitive clit. Shifting her weight against the edge of his desk, she pulled his cock towards her and brought Jack's body with it. Tanya had held Jack's cock many times and yet she could not recollect when it felt so truly formidable in her grasp.

"Put it in me, put it in me now," demanded Tanya ravenously.

Strong hands yanked hard at her skirt, freeing her upper thighs to accommodate his body, she guided him to her slit. Using the swollen tip to cleave her labia, she spread her copious slick juices onto her clit as she rubbed him up and down her slit. With one deliberate push from his hips, Jack impaled her upon it. Her face at the moment of being penetrated conveyed the ecstasy of feeling him inside her once more. As she saw her sultry desire for him, he forced himself deeper inside her until he filled her to the hilt of his cock. Tanya squeezed her muscles as tightly as she could around him making Jack's face reel with astonishment and lust.

"Yes, yes, put it in me, come on, punish me."

With a slow stroke inside her to coat his cock with her wetness, he thrust firmly and made her whole body scream out for gratification. With another hard thrust from him, her diaphragm tightened to expel air in an involuntary moan. Tanya's yearning need for him began to be meet, she craved him and wanted him with a consuming passion that was his to give.

Tanya opened her eyes to meet with Jack's, as they locked together she smiled warmly to Jack's earnest seriousness.

"Forgive me?" asked Jack.

"Fuck me," demanded Tanya.

And with that, Jack pushed hard again; a soft groan left Tanya as her body yielded completely, the expression on her face was a countenance of her total beauty. Her alluring pouting lips half-parted begged to be kissed, her eyes revealed her exotic sensuality. He pushed hard into her again as she smiled into his eyes.

"Yes, I've been very bad, haven't I?" whispered Tanya provocatively.

With another forceful thrust, the wooden legs shifted on the parquet floor, creaking, and it was loud enough to be heard from outside. She smiled welcomingly; she wanted that danger and she wanted that more than the risk of being discovered. Building up a determined and passionate rhythm, he began to fuck her with the visceral need of a beast.

Jack pushed powerfully into her again, and as the wooden desk groaned again on the floor it occurred to him that the office door was unlocked. He wanted them to hear it and to know he was fucking her. It made Jack's cock flex hard inside her at the thought of his PA stumbling in to see them wantonly fucking like animals on his desk.

In that moment, they experienced the exquisite and intimate beauty of their empathy for each other. It was the full restoration of their sublime passion for each other, salving absolution they had craved.

Stab after stab of his cock drove into her, fuelling the sublime sensations flooded through her nerve endings. Her cunt felt the continual violence of his swollen shaft and he felt magnificent inside her. Each whispered moan from her at the apex of each intense stab from his cock drove him on; each thrust constant in its repetitiveness. The sensations rising of her abdomen electrified Tanya's body, moaning slightly as small tremors rippled through her. Each of his thrusts shook her and made the desk creak against the floor.

"Yes, fuck me, let them know it outside. Let them know that you are fucking me. Do it."

He felt almost weightless against her and his heightened testosterone had given him extra strength as Tanya accepted him with a luscious enveloping friction. Her heat and the muscular tightness of her sex grasped harder at his straining cock. He drove it into her again and again with a violence she craved from him.

The creaking of the wooden legs against the floor continued with each delicious, forceful stab from his cock.

"Pound my cunt... yes... fuck me....." panted Tanya as she snatched small bites of breath.

Her words deeply aroused him and the powerful velocity of his cock into her sought to give her the satisfaction she demanded. As the force shook Tanya's clothed body she lowered herself onto his desk. She pushed the objects from his desk making them crash to the floor. It did not deter Jack and as the racket reverberated off the walls, the heightened sense of danger of being discovered only aroused them more.

Locking her fingers of her hands over her head, she pushed her constrained breasts upwards, she revealed herself to him in homage. She squeezed her breasts taut against her bra to reveal the heave of her ample chest.

"Take me, you bastard, fuck me."

It drove him on with more determination as his cock throbbed inside her. The friction and heat of her sex on his cock made Jack's balls heat and his perineum tighten. His sexual abstinence made the revelation of her enveloping tightness all the more profound. The potency of his cock throbbed brutally inside her as he thrust himself into her. Its ruthless ferocity had ignited the muscles in her body into a litany of fitful spasms. Jack was unleashing the fury of her arousal to its inevitable conclusion, she wanted it to consume her and him together.

"Yes, yes, use me," whispered Tanya, her voice shaking with each thrust.

Jack looked down to see her stocking tops and the hem of her black skirt pushed up around her hips. Their need was heightened by the confinement of their clothes, adding their own caress to their bodies as they contorted against each other. He could feel the tension of her black silk panties rubbing against his cock adding its own friction to his ministrations inside her.

He could also feel her response as she grasped and held him inside her with an intensity he'd never felt before. The tension of her muscles around him and her willingness to be fucked hard made his cock pulse inside her again. It affirmed her desire for him and his need for her and they smiled into each other's eyes lustfully. Their response to each other that conspired to present this vivid reaction between them made their smiles widen. Stabbing his cock hard and full into her again made Tanya tremble; each hard thrust met with a moaning scrape of table leg on the floor.

Jack knew that he would not be able to maintain this for long, the lengthy, deep plunges into her and his own enflamed lust would soon make him yield. She felt that familiar swelling inside her, the zenith of him sent her into delirium as it cannoned deep inside her

"Cum in me... send me back to my office your cum in my panties." hissed Tanya sordidly.

In response, Tanya wrapped her stockinged legs around him and trapped his cock to bury it inside her to its hilt. Jack groaned as he felt her orgasm begin to build, clasping his cock firmly for the inevitable release of his seed. Pushing with more frenetic force, the lack of latitude added to his need to yield into her. Reciprocating, his strong hands grasped her hips to pull her onto him as each pounding thrust drove her closer to the edge.

"Cum for me, and I'll cum in you," bargained Jack breathlessly.

As he pushed himself into her powerfully again and again, the delectable assault on her body was pushing her closer and closer to her climax. As her muscles began to undulate on him, he received his answer and he shoved his cock into her again without finesse.

From the untamed adrenaline and deep emotions surging through their bodies, this was the catharsis of their fight. At the apex of their fucking, they careered towards the liberation of their souls with abandon. Tanya gasped as she felt his hardness expand inside her, the absolute solidity of his shaft inside her sent flashes of light blasting hard against her closed eyelids.

"Cum in me, paint your whore."

The ferocity of her orgasm tore through her vaginal muscles and tightened around him violently. The amplitude of her spasms destroyed her self-control and she yelped uncontrollably and loudly. Feeling her arms shake, her shuddering muscles delivered a fear of being unable to contain herself. Instinctively, he pulled her to him and they embraced; crushing silk against cotton as she muffled her anguished cries on his clothed shoulder.

Lurching hard against his cock, Tanya spasmed again ferociously on his steely hardness with intensity she had seldom felt as she shook at her very core. She gave herself to him, her body trembling majestically as her orgasm battered her.

Her cunt grasped and squeezed him with such brutality, he groaned deeply only once and pushed his lips to Tanya's own savage mouth. She responded by kissing him aggressively as he pounded her hard. Her cunt contracted in undulating waves around his thick, swollen shaft pushing him to that point of delirium.

Moaning deeply, she felt his first yielding spasm and he buried his cock into her to its hilt. She felt his pulsating cock thump in spasms deep inside her as his hot seed filled her depths. They sobbed for air together as they yielded to each other fused together in passion. With each smothered groan, his warmth spread inside her as she glowed in the rich satisfaction of her climax.

Their congress was complete and her tongue slid into his mouth in happy satisfaction. Feeling a tear running down her cheek, she knew he had bared his soul so that she could feel her own again.

They embraced tightly, the strength in their arms refusing to yield as their two bodies heaved against each other fighting for air. The intimate accompaniment of their ragged breathing and pounding hearts comforted them both. The solace of their union made quiet tears run down Tanya's cheeks, for the first time in a long time, she felt whole again. She was indebted to him, to his youthful innocence that rescued her from her own self-imposed cynicism and bitterness.

Breathless, they looked to each other; Tanya's joyous smile was matched by Jack's warm eyes suffused with tender forgiveness. As Jack wiped her tears from her face, their elation filled laughter was smattered with soft tender kisses.

Withdrawing his cock, he placed the gusset of her panties over her enflamed sex. Tanya felt them wetten deliciously as his seed began to soak them and enveloped her labia with warmth. Tanya purred with satisfaction and the sordid pleasure of his warm sperm trapped inside her

"Thank you for believing in me," stated Tanya comfortingly.

"Forgive me, I should never have doubted you." asked Jack dolefully.

"There is nothing to forgive," replied Tanya, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

Jack bent down to retrieve his clothing and attend to his naked bottom half. Tanya laughed at his predicament, and the still fresh novelty of that sound filled them with happiness.

Tanya pulled at her hemline and adjusted her clothing. She brushed herself down and used the partial reflection of the windows to straighten her clothing and primp her hair.

Jack's arms wrapped around her front and cupped her confined breasts as she lent her head to one side for him to place a soft kiss on her neck.

"We should fight more often." whispered Jack playfully into her ear.

"We don't need to anymore, and tell me the whole story of what happened in Rome, ok?" asked Tanya solemnly.

"Ok," replied Jack, softly kissing her neck again.

Tanya let out a tiny gasp at the feeling of his strong hands clutching at her ample breasts. He released them and he wrapped his arms her cinched waist, she closed her eyes to his embrace. They looked together out over a view of Old Beziers. In this serene moment, she felt peace, he held her as moments passed into timelessness.

"You ok now?" whispered Jack.

"Yes, darling, more than ok."

His strong hands left her and they turned to smile at each other.

"Jack, they probably all heard us, I bet your new PA is creaming in her knickers." said Tanya.

"New? Well, maybe she'll get something similar." replied Jack smiling.

Tanya flashed another smile at him, "Maybe she will."

Her comment passed Jack by, she smiled, he could be so naïve and trusting at face value at times, and she liked that.

Tanya looked to his desk clock; they both noticed that it was lunchtime.

"Now, you will take me out for lunch with your cum in my panties?" Tanya returned, putting levity back into their conversation.

"Ok," replied Jack, his voice low and masterful.

"Cancel your department meeting this afternoon, and I will explain just what I used to do in my youth. The hot sexy bits," added Tanya.


"Yes, and you will be so hard," whispered Tanya provocatively. "You will want to fuck me there and then. I am going to be very graphic."

"Maybe I will." Jack replied assertively.

"And maybe I will want to fuck you there and then," countered Tanya, "I might want you to take me to your flat and fuck me in the ass."

Turning around, she adjusted Jack's shirt and eased his jacket onto him, she pulled on his lapels playfully.

"Or, I might fuck you in the ass." added Tanya coyly, making Jack melt into her sultry kiss on his lips.

Returned to his desk, Jack addressed the mess of paper and dropped bits and pieces strewn all over the floor by their passion. He pulled the desk back to where he thought it should be making it groan again in complaint. They both giggled as Jack tried in vain to address the state of his office.

As Tanya used her compact to replace her smudged lipstick and she inspected Jack's face to wipe some it off. She smiled knowing she would not require any rouge, her chasten glow was the signature of their passion.

Walking to the office door, Jack looked to Tanya in a mix of apprehension and mischief as he held its handle and with a nod of her head he opened the door.

Holding the door for Tanya, she was smiling from ear-to-ear. Jack could see the rest of the office staff were no busier or idle than normal as the office chatty hub-bub carried on. The realization of that danger that spurred them on did not materialize.

"Jack, this is your new PA; you remember Avril?" asked Tanya with an amused tone.

Looking to his PA's desk, Jack was utterly floored by the devastatingly beautiful redhead sat at there. The vixen from Tanya's housewarming party that had completely beguiled Jack and Fay looked up and fixed a sensual smile at them both.

"Holy fuck!" murmured Jack quietly in shock.

"You two having fun in there?" Avril inquired, fidgeting a little in her chair.

"Erm, hi, Avril." replied Jack, a little flustered.

"Hi, Jack! Tanya thought it would be good experience to start at the bottom and work my way up," replied Avril coquettishly.

Tanya giggled loudly.

"We're talking work now, right?" Jack asked, still a little ruffled, but smiling widely.

"Well, we can talk work if you want to," replied Avril teasingly.

"Shit!" exclaimed Jack under his breath, "Does Fay know you are here?"

"I emailed her, you should see what she e-mailed back," replied Avril with an alluring smile.

With a couple of clicks of a mouse, Jack looked at her screen and there was Fay, totally naked on all fours. At an oblique angle, she was on all fours flashing her pert bum and smooth sex to the camera for all to see.

"She's so cute," whispered Avril.

Tanya could not help but let out a dirty chortle, closely followed by Avril and Jack. What with his cock still glowing, the surprise of seeing Avril and now Fay's outrageous pose, Jack laughed a little louder than them both.

"Fay said I could bunk with you guys until I find a flat," added Avril. "I know you'll both look after me."

"Okay….." returned Jack, slowly emphasizing the word with his eyebrows raised. "I'm off to an important meeting, and I will not be back until tomorrow. Take the rest of the day off."

Avril smiled sweetly.

"Ok, you heard him, he's your boss," added Tanya.

"Yes, boss," replied Avril, sliding a biro in and out of her mouth in a provocative act of innuendo.

They walked across the office floor, arm in arm and headed towards the lift.

"So, do you still like my surprises Jack?" asked Tanya referring to his new PA.

Jack smiled happily, "Of course, do you like mine?"

Jack pulled out his Blackberry and showed Tanya the picture of Nancy extremely compromised.

In a shriek of surprise from her, followed by copious laughter from them both. Jack smiled widely as he felt his self-confidence coursing through him once more.

As they waited for a lift, Jack regaled a little of his travails in Rome.

"Mio Toro?" asked Tanya letting a small giggle.

Jack response was instinctive, he returned short smirk before laughing as he looked at Tanya's quizzical expression.

"Si, Si," replied Jack in a high-pitched voice mockingly. 

And with Tanya pushed playfully on his shoulder, they laughed riotously some more.

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