How it all began, Part II

By JonnyBoy71

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Continuing their journey....
The two of them quickly tidied up.

“Leave the cum on my ass….I want to feel it as we walk.” She winked at him, as he admired her bare flesh. The goose pimples were rising, the nipples still stiff in the cool air.

“The train station is not far. We can get you back into the city, before it get’s too late. Maybe go for a drink?”

“Sounds good, to me, honey.”

She watched as he buttoned his fly, tucking away the thick length of his cock. Taking her hand, they walked off toward the station. They walked closer now, and she tucked herself into his arm. His hand dropped to her ass as they walked, and tucked into the back of her skirt. Her arm was around his slim waist, feeling his skin, under his shirt. He loved the way her ass moved as she walked. Round, firm and utterly gorgeous.

They reach the station, pay for tickets and wait on the almost empty platform. His long coat was undone, and she stepped into his embrace, feeling his semi-hard erection pushed against her stomach. She smiles up at him, and he kisses her upturned face. Cherry-red lips looking so inviting, tongues snaking out to entwine around one another.

They reluctantly part as the train pulls in, and enter the carriage. Looking about, they see it is empty. The express has no stops until London, some 20 minutes away. They sit in comfortable silence, as he watches her; her lips slightly parted, her pupils dilated. Through the material of her blouse, he can see that her nipples are still aroused. She looks at him.


“Suck my cock.”

She smiles and reaches for his bulging jeans, happy to comply with his demand. Kneeling between his thighs, she slides her hands along them, licking her lips, moistening them. She can see his desire in his eyes, and knows that she is responsible for it. He reaches for her breasts, opening her blouse and taking each breast in his hand. Her nipple is in the centre of his palm; he grips it, his fingers squeezing the nipple hard.

Her hand swiftly unbuttons his fly, releasing his cock from his boxers. The thick rod points upward, inviting her, daring her. Slowly her mouth descends, licking the shaft, feeling the warm flesh pulse as she licks down to the large balls. Cupping them with one hand, she gentle suckles on one.

He feels her warm mouth caress his cock. His hand stays on her firm tit. Her nipple pulsing its need. One hand goes to her hair, as he forces her gently back to the seat opposite, her head on the seat, her ass on the floor. He starts to fuck her mouth, sliding his length back and forth. She gags slightly, but he pulls back, judging how much she can take. Her mouth stretched, her other hand in her own panties, the pace matching that of his cock as he thrusts back and forth. He pulls away from her wet, willing mouth reluctantly.

“Get up on the seat, and turn around. I want your pussy. I want to fuck you hard. Here. Now.”

She turns around, his hands flip her skirt over her hips and he pulls down her panties, as she obediently kneels. She can see down the empty carriage and into the next. There are perhaps six passengers she can see. None of them take any notice, but she is aware that at any moment one might look up.

She is jolted from her thoughts as her pussy is suddenly filled with a single thrust, causing her to gasp out loud. Hands grip her hips, as he ploughs into her wet folds. Filling her, he feels his balls touch her pussy lips, and her hand playing with her clit.

His fingers trace the drying cum on her ass, down to her puckered opening. He watches his cock thrust back and forward, marvelling as she takes it all in, filling her. A finger traces her ass, and then works its way in, finger fucking her, as his cock fucks her pussy.

She can feel his cock pounding and the finger in her ass. His cock squeezes the flesh between it and his finger, causing new sensations. Deep within her, she can feel her orgasm starting to swell; her clit, more sensitive now, her pussy flowing with her excitement. She can feel his cock swelling, as his own excitement starts to grow. With a sudden gush, her pussy soaks his cock, and her thrusts back into him become more and more urgent.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, like that, please, let me come… please! Oh God!”

“Come for me, my slut. Soak my cock. Come hard.”

His words send her over the edge, and waves of ecstasy overtake her. She does not hear her scream, as the feeling takes over her. Her pussy grips his cock like a vice, the spasms so intense and strong. His own cock starts to spasm, her muscles squeezing him backward. He withdraws his cock, and places it against her ass. Her slick juices allow the his cock to slide in, the friction is excrutiating and it sends him over the edge. Thick cum jets into her, and she bucks as the hot juice squirts again and again, filling her ass.

“Oh, fuck! FUCK! Oh, baby, jeez-US!”

He collapses against her, both of them unable to move as they come down from their high.

“Next stop, London, two minutes,” comes the announcement.