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How Snooping Landed Me a Hottie

Teen party snooper gets lucky, really lucky
As a senior in high school, I realized I was becoming quite the pervert. When I say pervert, I mean pervert in the best possible sense of the word. Occasionally, though, I crossed some lines.

I was at this party at a friend's house, and it was an awful sausage fest. Easily eight guys to every girl and it wasn't looking good for me. I had recently gotten dumped and hadn't been laid in a few weeks, and I was feeling very, very horny.

I overheard the older sister of my friend joking about how she didn't have time for a boyfriend with her work and school schedule, but that she 'took care' of things herself with the help of some toys. A few beers later, I was feeling adventurous and the pervert in me snuck to her room to snoop for this toy. I just had to see. I figured getting a look at it would give me enough masturbation material for days.

I had just gotten started on my search when I heard traffic on the stairs. I quickly hid under the desk and pulled the chair in hoping to not get caught. A couple entered (not the girl whose room this was), shut the door and quickly began getting hot and heavy with a steamy make out session. I could see just enough to recognize clothes coming off and I figured, screw it, I'm going to enjoy the show.

A few more minutes went by and I could hear the talk of his dick not getting hard. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This studly jock couldn't get a hard on. This was not for lack of this chick being hot, she was. Brunette, short, skinny, with decent boobs; a preppy dresser who always smelled nice, had nice hair and always had her nails done. She played with it, kissed, it, sucked it....nothing. Dead as roadkill.

He began to get angry with her and was basically blaming this little hottie for his inability to get it up. He jumped off the bed, threw her clothes at her and gave her a not-so-gentle shove, then he left, slamming the door behind him.

She re-dresses, heads out and I sneak out not long after.

I found her in the throws of the party, alone, upset and down. She got up and went outside and I followed. I approached her and asked what was wrong. She gave me the 'oh nothing' speech and we had a small talk. The man in me finally arrived and I said, "Okay, I was in that room, saw what happened. I didn't go in there to spy on you, I just got caught in a bad spot. Don't freak out." When she didn't I said, "So, totally not your fault. You are gorgeous and I would treat you so well, even if it was just a one time thing."

She paused. I didn't know what to do.

I couldn't tell if she was freaked out, pissed or what. She said, "Where do you live? Are your parents home?"

I said, "We can sneak into my basement if you're up to it." (Which was set up as a guy hang out.)

She responded, "Question is, are you up to it?"

I gave her my address and direction and I left. Twenty minutes later, she was tapping on my basement window.

I sat her on the pool table and leaned in to kiss her. She stopped me and said, "This is what it is. You know I have a boyfriend."

I said, "Yeah, I get it, it's our secret."

I leaned in again, she accepted the kiss. There was so much passion there, I honestly had not felt that from a kiss ever. I could sense her needs, her desires.

I was still a rookie at sex, but oral, I had been doing that for a while. I worked my way down, undressing her as I went. I got to her soaking wet, perfectly smooth pussy, and I brushed over it with a whisper.

She shivered, then gently used her hand to direct my head back to her heaven. I licked it, sucked it, nibbled it, but she was still wanting. I slid my finger in gently; the feel of her sugar walls tight around one finger made me harder than ever. I reached in and caressed her G, and I could feel her getting close.

"Oh, Mike, it's been so long." She quivered. "My boyfriend doesn't do this, he thinks it's gross."

I continued to give her the best oral session I could for as long as I could.

When she finished for the third time, she said, "Get up here."

I stood up; she grabbed my belt, undid my pants and freed my eager dick. I wanted to be in her so bad, and I leaned in. She stopped me and told me to get a condom. I was back, and in less than a minute. Entering her was amazing. I could see the look on her face. I was so close, too soon, and I slowed down. She told me to relax, and not to worry, that I could have this as much as I wanted as long as I kept the secret.

Four months later she was still tapping at my basement window a few times a week. I was a lucky guy. She claimed I made her relationship better with her boyfriend and I pretended not to care.

Later that year, I fucked her in a tool shed at a pool party while her boyfriend played volleyball in the pool. Soon after that, she left for college, but I was lucky enough to enjoy her perfect pussy on winter break that year.

We ended up ending our sexual liasons due to both of us entering more serious relationships, but I will never forget that pretty face, hot pussy or perfect little body.

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