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How to Cure Insomnia

Again you cum, that is three times in fifteen minutes.
You are just out of the shower, lying on your stomach on the bed with the covers pulled off and onto the floor. The bottom sheet is fresh out of the dryer, the scent of the clean sheet a refreshing smell. The lights on the bedside tables are dimmed. The windows are opened and the curtains are waving gently as the breeze from outside carries in the songs of the birds playing in the trees as the sun is about to set.
I move over you, brush your hair off of your neck, and start kissing you slowly across the back of your neck and shoulders. Then I work my way down your back and just brush the top of your buttocks with my lips and mustache. I move lower, starting on your right thigh and kiss down your leg, making sure I get the inside and outside, but only touching your leg. Then I work my way down to the back of your knee and finally over your calf and to the bottoms of your feet. I take each toe one at a time and suck it into my mouth. I drop your foot gently and start working my way up your left foot, starting with each toe and moving up your leg instead of down it like I did the right.

As I get to your buttocks, I just move up the left and kiss all along it, then move over to the right, starting on the outside and working my way in. Just as you are relaxed, I place my tongue at the brown star that sits perfectly between your cheeks and start licking. You clamp your cheeks together and start to squirm, but I hold fast and soon you relax again. Then even though you have never had this done before, you start feeling the tingle and warmth spreading between your legs. You start rocking your hips and pushing your ass as hard against my face as you can in order to get my tongue deeper. I work my hand under you and find your clit with my fingers. You immediately shudder with a climax. I stop, raise up, and watch as you catch your breath.

I gently roll you onto your back and start kissing you again. This time, I start with your forehead and work down along your face, to your neck, down and up each arm and then to your supple breast. I take and kiss all around the nipple and touch each part of your breast before taking in the nipple and sucking it into my mouth. You moan and arch your back as I do and your hand moves down towards the pot of gold you have between your legs. I grab your hand and tell you I will get there in due time, for now just enjoy the journey.

I move down to your stomach and as I kiss each of your sides, you giggle a bit as my mustache tickles you. I then move to your belly button, and it is like I am making love to it with my tongue. From there I move to the bend of your legs which also makes you giggle. I nuzzle in the soft pubic hair you have above your pussy, but I ignore your clit for now. I move down your right leg, just as I had done when you were on your stomach, then I move to your feet and toes. Now it’s off to the left leg and I work my way up. As I near the top of your thigh, you start moving your hips, trying to hurry me to that pot of gold. What you don’t realize is that makes me move even slower. Soon your whole body has been kissed and now I move to what we have both been waiting for.

I take your clit in my mouth and start sucking on it. You cum immediately. Now I take my time and work my tongue as deep as I can inside you. I also place two fingers in you and start working them in and out. Again you cum. That is three times in fifteen minutes.

Now I start kissing up your stomach, between your breasts, up your neck, across your chin, and finally to your lips, where I force my tongue inside your mouth and we start dueling with our tongues. As we are locked in this ferocious kiss, I move and push my penis to your waiting lips. In one motion I shove the entire length deep in you. You kiss harder and start rocking your hips as fast as you can until suddenly you arch your hips up, squeezing your muscles around my penis and we both cum.

You slowly relax and I again start kissing my way down your body, using the same direct path I used earlier. I cover your entire pussy with my mouth and suck and nibble, use my tongue on your clit and don’t let up until you once again climax. Then I move over so I am lying next to you. I roll you over on side and we spoon. My arm comes across your side, holding on to your tit. As I lay kissing your neck, I hear you start to gently snore.

My cure for insomnia.

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