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How to say hello

This story was written by me and an acquaintance of mine via email piece by piece. The larger breaks show where one writer leaves off and another begins. It's unconventional but I thought I'd share. Enjoy.

I always thought that trying to rip someone's clothes off the moment you saw them was the best way to say hello. So when she started pawing at the buttons of my shirt as soon as I crossed her threshold I couldn't have been more turned on. As her hands frantically explored my body I pulled her in and kissed her deeply. She responded by pawing harder. I ran my hands up and down her sexy curves, my fingers couldn't get to her hot flesh fast enough. Soon enough she had my shirt off as my fingers nimbly undid her bra, rousing a smile from her sultry lips. "What can I say? I'm good with my hands," I whispered as a sly smile crossed my lips.

She kissed me and stepped back to remove her top. I could feel the blood rush through my body and see it rush through hers as her breasts where released into the charged space between us. I couldn't hold back any longer, my hands and mouth going straight for the targets she presented me. While I sucked, kissed and touched every available piece of flesh she led us into her bedroom. No sooner had we stepped inside then she was grasping for my belt buckle, needing to release me. I returned the favor and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off her hips.

We stood there, exposed in our lust for one another, kissing, touching, groping, wanting...


She reaches for the belt and while she releases it she slides down and gets on he knees. She is so excited her wetness surprises her. Se pulls down his pants and can guess the shape of his cock pressing hard against his underwear. She looks up, asking for permission with her eyes. He lets her do. His cock, hard and strait in front of her face, is beautiful and smells of desire. She gets closer, her lips on the head. She starts playing, as slow as she can, resisting the desire to push that beautiful cock deep in her mouth... but she will take it all, inch by inch, rolling her tongue around it, and tightening her lips. She has pushed it deep, bites it at the base, while she is aroused so strongly that she is thinking of nothing else than taking that hard cock in her... only a few minutes went by since he walked in the door.

As she slowly teases his hard cock, he becomes lost in his desire for her. Her warm mouth, her sensuous curves, her very being. The touch of her lips on his head nearly send him over the edge but he maintains his fragile grip on reality as she slides his length into her mouth. The feeling sends him into a whirlwind of lust and he can't wait to taste her, to give her the same mind blowing pleasure that he is feeling. When he can take now more of her talents he pulls her up and kisses her, more passionately than before. He guides her easily backwards towards the bed and they tumble on to it. He goes straight for the object of his desire, parting her lips with his as his tongue explores her most intimate places...


She lies back, helpless, overwhelmed by the pleasure. His lips, his tongue they are so warm. That heat from his body passing from his mouth to her, through her clitoris, her vagina the pervade her and make her shiver. She knows how close she is to coming, she wants to hold back and then she remembers how wonderfully he had asked her to just let go, be her real self with him... she abandons herself to pleasure. She feels no more pressure or touch, just heat, an intense heat that releases in her, an orgasm so genuine she has never felt one like that before. She would always keep her guard up, frightened that letting herself go she would become vulnerable. She never knew how powerful letting oneself go could be. But he makes her feel safe, he will keep her secret. She comes in his mouth, he feels the warmth of the wetness...


The taste of her wetness floods his mouth as she cums. He can feel her heat on his tongue. His lust takes over as her climbs higher on the bed and positions himself over her. He kisses her so she can taste the waves of her orgasm on his lips. She responds by kissing him back even harder, her tongue probing the mouth that just moments before was propelling her to new heights. As they kiss he positions his cock at her opening, she doesn't seem to notice, instead focusing on the touch of their lips and his hand as it caresses her breast. Suddenly he stops kissing her and looks deeply into her eyes, the sparks arcing between them. As their eyes meet she realizes what is about to happen and at the same moment they both thrust towards one another...


He is in her, she felt his penetration and at the same time was cough by surprise. She stops breathing for a moment, a long moment when she concentrates only on what she feels inside. His hard cock is filling her. This moment, short and painful, when he went all the way inside, hitting her womb hard, and before he will pull back, is when she sees him at his purest. Desire rises, his cock pulses, her muscles squeeze him inside. That moment of quite, of pause, is over. Now she will surrender herself to him and open, offer herself unconditionally, and her wetness will be proof at every stoke of the pleasure he is giving her.


Being in her is almost too much to bear, the sensations of her contractions send waves of pleasure through his body. As he buries himself inside her, he loses himself in the moment, for a time he isn't there in the bedroom, neither is she, they are in a world of there own, surrounded by pleasure, wrapped in sensation, glowing in each other. When he realizes that he is back in the room he begins a slow withdrawal, pumping in and out of her. His hands never stop roaming over her perfect body, touching, grasping, needing. His lips part from hers only enough to take in sharp gasps of breaths...


And still they feel like they can't breath, they don't need to breath. They are alive and pulsing together. His passion is evolving in an animal instinct and again it goes back to sublime passion. Its the same for her. The intervals between these two states of mind become shorter and shorter as he strokes her faster and faster, deep and hard. Sublime passion and animal instinct become one. She is pushing against his cock with all her muscles, he pushes harder and faster, and faster. They are sweating...


As the sweat builds on their bodies, thrusting in time with one another, growing ever closer to what they both want. She arches her back, his mouth lunging for her hot nipples. His body tenses and releases with each thrust, her hands delighting in the muscles of his back. Closer and closer to the ultimate release that they both want so much...


They are both holding back from coming, his strokes get slower, but even deeper. Long smooth strokes. He pulls his cock almost all the way out and pushes it back in again with power. She looks at it, her muscles tensed, her hands on his back slide to his butt, she digs in his flesh with her fingers while she sees his cock coming out, shiny with her wetness and penetrating her again. Her pussy is swollen and tight on his cock. She is ready...


The heat between them and the urgency in her fingers as they dig into his flesh prove to much for even him to resist. He pulls out one last time, kisses her deeply and plunges his cock all the way into her pussy. The force and passion of the moment throw her over the edge of ecstasy. The force of her orgasm makes his that much more intense as his cock tries to penetrate her even further, releasing wave after wave into her...
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